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"Much, Much better than the first!"

Welcome to my review of Pikmin 2. Olimar has finally escaped out of the Pikmin planet and now can return home. But the surprise he finds when he comes back home is a debt needed to be repaid. Olimar's company were broke and the only thing they could sell is his ship. All was ended until Louie's ship analysed Olimar's treasure and discovered it was worth 200 POKOS! Now Louie and Olimar are going back to the Pikmin planet to repay the debt.

Graphics: 10/10
The graphics are cool and is very well made. The Pikmin are improved, the enemies are improved and so as Olimar. The graphics don't stuff at all which is good and also some of the treasures are real life tools! This makes it funny.

Sound/Audio: 10/10
The sound is funny and cute. The noises that the Pikmin make are cute when they are carrying or attacking. Characters speak in this game except, it is in Hocotatian so you won't understand it. There are subtitles so you know what they are saying. The audio is great because it is in every level and caves. The tunes get in your head because they made it sound magnificent.

Game Play: 10/10
The Game Play is awesome! It is much better than Pikmin 1. There is more to explore, new levels and best of all, new Pikmin! Pikmin 2 has new features such as new caves to explore and very challenging levels.

Red Pikmin was introduced in Pikmin 1 and they are tough. They are immune to fire type objects and cannot survive in water or electricity.

Yellow Pikmin were introduced in Pikmin 1 and they have abilities to jump high and destroy anything with electricity. They have long ears as well and they cannot survive water and fire.

Blue Pikmin were introduced in Pikmin 1 and they can swim! And destroy with anything got to do with water. They have gills and are a bit strong.

Purple Pikmin are a new breed. They are extremely heavy and extremely strong but they are extremely slow. They can cause sudden quakes which immobilises enemies and when they lift objects, the counter shows that a Purple Pikmin are worth 10 ordinary Pikmin. They can drown, lose against electricity and perish from fire.

White Pikmin is a new breed. They are immobilised to poison and cannot survive fire, water and electricity. They are the most weakest but swiftest Pikmin of them all. They have large red beady eyes which allow them to see anything underground.

Olimar is a character that controls the Pikmin and is a good leader. His friend Louie also goes along with him as well.

Louie is a new character who is always hungry! He is also very clumsy and can also control the Pikmin.

Shyacho is a president of the corp. and tags with Olimar because his friend Louie has mysteriously disappeared. He can control the Pikmin as well.

The new feature about Pikmin 2 is that now you can explore underground caves. They are challenging and tough as you go on. Olimar will meet the most vicious enemies and so he and Louie must co-operate to overcome anything.

There are 201 treasures to collect which makes them challenging to find. They can be in water, underground in caves and inside the grounds. Some of treasures help Olimar on his adventures such as suites that allow Olimar immune to electricity or fire. Some of the treasures are weird such as batteries or strawberries.

Controls: 10/10
The controls are simple and should not take long to learn. It is novice to learn and shouldn't be a problem. It is not one of those controls were you have to press 2 buttons at a time.

Rent or buy:
I recommend you buy this fabulous game. It is so cool and should be up to your expectations and should not be a problem at all. But if you want to try it I suppose you should rent it.

Overall: 10/10
Pikmin 2 is a great game and is not crap. These little Pikmin are cute and tough. You won't really like this game unless you played the first one. Otherwise you would not understand the story. But believe me, this game is one of the best games Nintendo have created. It is fun and entertaining.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/13/06

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