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"To arms my Pikmin minions! Revenge shall be ours!"

Ah, Pikmin 2, the game that resurected one of Nintendo's best ever strategy games. Not only does it have good lucks, charm, cuteness, happiness, and a lot of lovability, it has the exact opposite too. That's right, just like it's predecessor,Pikmin, this game is not just a kids game. As a matter of fact, young kids who aren't that good a developing strategies, tricks, and skills in game and just smash random buttons will very easily get annoyed. This game has some death elements involved in it. Almost every detail from the original Pikmin game is still there. Even some old levels were reconstructed. As usual, you have to lead your Pikmin army and conquer the animal realm. But here's the twist, you have a partner with you now, and you don't have a time-limit, which is basically 90% of the reason I bought this game. Trust me, even freshly picked Pikmin veterans will have a toughy-doodle playing this game. But don't take my word for buying this game, take my REVIEW'S word. See, big difference there.

The story isn't that great in this game, but it isn't utterly failure. It's just not straightforward. The main story of the game is that the company Olimar works for, Hocotate Freight, has just been buried alive in debt. 10,000 pokos (Pikmin universe currency) to be exact. When Olimar realizes that the "junk" he collected on the planet is actually worth something, he is sent back with his new partner and new employee, Louie, to find and recover all of the treasures on the Pikmin planet, which oddly resembles Earth. In fact, you'll find that ALL of these treasures you're collecting are, in fact, can I put this...."Earthly". You'll see what I mean when you play the game. But the fact that you have to do mostly the same stuff as before cost a point.

Pikmin 1 veterans and rookies should remember the basic controls of the game. X is to disband your Pikmin, B is to use your whistle, A is to launch a Pikmin or fight a monster when you don't have a Pikmin with you, C is to swing your Pikmin around (very useful is you want all of your Pikmin to attack an opponent with a barrage of plants), and L, R, and Z are still used to move your camera around, zoom in, and zoom out. The new controls here are the Y and start buttons. If you press the Y button, you'll switch from Olimar to your second captain. The start button is now used to access the menu. Easy to learn, hard to master. You're gonna have to master all of these to beat all of the bosses. There is also one boss where you have to constantly keep switching buttons. 2 other buttons that I didn't mention yet are the up and down directional pad buttons. Very near to beginning you'll encounter berries. 10 of these berries will create a potion. There are 2 potions that will do something to your Pikmin, and something even better to your opponent, no matter what their size is.

Pretty basic like the last game, but with much, MUCH more twists and turns as you'd expect. Well, at least if you didn't read the back of the game cover. In the beginning, you meet the red Pikmin. Then you meet the yellow ones later. And blue Pikmin are last in line...or are they. Obviously what I'm about to say isn't a spoiler because, if you've read the back of the box, it's pretty obvious. Okay, hold your breath....are you ready?.....okay...the big secret extra is the.....ADDITION OF THE PURPLE AND WHITE PIKMIN!! Yu[, now you have 5 beautiful colors of slave plants to do your bidding for you. Yes, I know what you're thinking,"But InfernoCrossing, won't that make this game a lot easier?" Well my dear Pikmin fan, it won't. In fact, co-ordinating all 5 Pikmin colors would actually make it harder for those that are new to the game. In addition to that, the critters have gotten faster, stronger, and more creepy than ever. You even have the final boss of Pikmin one be one of the first bosses in this game. You'll need to use your brain more than ever to actually beat this game.

Now time for the second part of the gameplay review-dungeons. That's right, now you've got a hole bunch of dungeons spread across the Pikmin world for you to explore and collect poko from. More creeps live in these dungeons than you think. The final dungeon you encounter has, probably, half of the baddies you'll find in the whole game. The bosses aren't half-witted either. Each requires a different strategy to defeat them. Most aren't obvious do depict either. This game requires skill and knowledge, which is why this department gets a 10/10.

Pssh, those folks at Nintendo earned their name with their great appeal to all. This game is no exception. Just like Pikmin 1, the graphics own so much. They are simply mind-blowing. All the time and labor that Nintendo has spent on perfecting the graphics for this game can't, and won't go unnoticed here. The water graphics drowned in it's brilliance, the electric graphics zapped my attention, the fire graphics are smoking hot, the air graphics are fundamental, poison graphics looked like a cloud, but stung like a bee. In short, the graphics department would completely blow your mind off, even your pickiest game-players.

The music in this game is very cute. I'm not one to judge by the sounds, but this game's music content is simply amazing. The simplicity of the sounds plus the wide array of fresh and brisk backgrounds is like watching an enviromental program mixed with a hypnotizing message. You just can't stop watching it. But nobody can resist the urge. They HAVE to listen. It's just addictive.

As with the music section, the sounds part is so kawaii. It's just too cute to not hear an eventual,"Awwwwww!" Even when the Pikmin have are being drowned, you hear a lots of confusion. The only sound you don't wanna hear is Pikmin dying. It's just so sad. Overall, this department shall be granted a 10/10.

Child/Adult Enjoyment~9.5/10
As I said before, children can and will menjoy this game, only very, very young people will not like this game. Those people, and the others who can't think of a strategy to save their lives. Although this may seem like a child's game, it's mostly suited for ages 10 and up. The only detriment to the other-wise perfect score for this part of my review, is the fact that only kids who can develop a strategy instead of just mindlessly bashing buttons can play, which lready removes a large part of the human popultaion.

This game has an exhilarating atmosphere for any age to enjoy. Everything about this game will blow you away-the graphics, music, sound, fun, etc. I highly recommend buying this game to add to your own collection of Ninendo's golden treasures. You just might be so inspired about this game to write a review about it, just like I did. InfernoCrossing, out.

Child/Adult Enjoyment----------------9.5/10


Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/10/07

Game Release: Pikmin 2 (US, 08/30/04)

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