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"The epic Sequel to a great franshise."

Pikmin 2 is the epic sequel to Pikmin, in Pikmin a quarter-sized man named Captain Olimar is going on vacation. He sets his ship on auto-pilot then relax while having a spot of tea. Suddenly, a foot sized space rock knocks his ship and it goes bonkers. Quickly, the middle-aged Captain tries to regain control of his ship, the Dolphin. He was thrown against the control panel and blacked out. He woke up on an uncharted planet and noticed that the Dolphin was missing 30 of its parts. He then discovered a tall bulb supported by sticks, resembling the onions at his home planet, Hocotate. He approached it and a miniture seed popped out. The middle-aged explorer plucked it and a strange being with a stem on its head was staring at him. It looked like a carrot from his own planet and named it a "Pikmin". He then discovered he had 30 days to collect his ship pieces. He tossed it at a flower (Pellet Posy) and it brought back the pellet on it. It made more Pikmin. The captain then collected 25 of them then found the main engine of his ship. He launched off now having a new hope of finding them.

After the Captain triumped over an Emperor Bulblax he took his Secret Safe and said goodbye to his fellow Pikmin. The Pikmin confused watch him take off. The Pikmin saw a wondering Red Bulborb then took it down.

Olimar got back to his home planet and found out that Hocotate Freight owed 11,000 pokos! The President had sold the Dophin subtracting 900 pokos from it. Olimar, in shock dropped his souviner for his family which landed infront of a older model of the Dolphin then its treasure sensors went wild. It took the souviner and repeated that it was worth 100 pokos! The President in immediate shock, commanded Olimar and a new employee, Louie to take the old model of the Dolphin to go to the Pikmin planet and collect more treasure to pay off the dept.

The controls of this game are simple. Press the A button to launch a Pikmin at anything. Press the B button to whistle a Pikmin back or to wake up sleeping enemies. Press R, L and Z to control the camera. Press the X button to disband the Pikmin into color groups and to let go of the second captain. Press the Y button to switch between Captains. Press Left or Right on the Control Pad to use sprays. While holding down A, if you press the up button you can change the Pikmin you want to throw.

There are five types of Pikmin in Pikmin 2 you can control, there is a sixth but I won't mention them. Red Pikmin are the first Pikmin you encouter, they are immune to Fire and have the second best power. The second type are bulky, brawly, Purple Pikmin they can carry as much as 10 Pikmin and are the most powerfullest Pikmin. They are extremly slow so watch them with care. The third are White Pikmin, White Pikmin are immune to Posion, able to see treasures underground, if they get eaten they poison enemies, and are the fastest but weakest Pikmin. The fourth are Yellow Pikmin. In Pikmin there special abilities were carrying Bomb-Rocks and have the highest throwing height. In Pikmin 2 they lose their Bomb-Rock carrying ability, instead of being able to carry Bomb-Rocks, they are immune to electricity. The final Pikmin you find are Blue Pikmin. They are immune to Water, can go in water, and save drowing Pikmin. Just because you have lots of Pikmin doesn't mean you can throw any one. Electricity can kill on contact so throw in Yellow Pikmin, not a different colored Pikmin.

There are is a limit to how many Pikmin you can have. The maximum is 100 while the minimum is 1. Pikmin are used for many things such as collecting treasure, killing enemies, and gathering pellets. Taking on enemies is difficult because of there collosal size. The most common of enemies is the Dwarf Red Bulborb. They are easily killed, just toss one on the right spot and they die on contact. Harder enemies such as Cannon Beetles take a while to beat. You must avoid its rocks then toss them on. If they die there spirits fly up. It is a sad site but make sure to try your best to protect them.

The levels are very realistic, the lush green grass and the floating pellets make the game feel like a paradise. The way the water sparkles and the details on the tree stumps makes the game feel like you were actullay there.

The main objective is to collect these things called "treasures" which are everyday items to us humans. There is a wide variety of treasures such as the Insect Condo (Apple), Monster Pump (Water Faucet), and the Love Sphere (Small Marble). Underground if you bring enemies' corpases back to the ship they are worth some pokos but not very much.

Caves are at least sixty percent of the game. Caves are undergriund holes in which there are various hazards and enemies there. You must put on your thinking cap to pass certain caves. Thinking and quick reflexes are main pieces in mastering caves. You must think ahead before tackling a floor. In a certain cave you are given a certain amount of time to complete the floor or a monsterous Waterwraith will come in and try to kill your Pikmin and you.

Fighting is a mandentory skill you must master to complete the game. There are many enemies in this game as well as bosses. There is a thing called a Piklopedia where you can study some creatures and see what happens if you toss a carrot at it.

There is also and Unlockable Challenge Mode where you must collect treaures and pass sublevels in a time limit. You get a certain amount of Pikmin and sprays in this mode. You can play 2 player mode in this which lets you control Louie. If you make a Pink Flower on every one of them (Lose no Pikmin) you unlock a special movie.

There is a battle mode which lets you battle a second player. The main objective is to collect four yellow marbles or collect the opponents marble. There are also cherries you can use to have a route wheel will appear and you can choose an item at random. You can save up to four cherries at a time to use. An example of one of them is a Fiery Blowhog, they are summoned to go after Louie's Pikmin. They spit out fire trying to burn them. If all your Pikmin die or if you do, the opponent wins

The audio in this game is great but there is one problem, the treasure radar. It makes and annoying beeping noise when a treaure is near. I wouldn't collect it until the end of the game but you can go ahead and get it. The music is great, I want them on my MP3 but I can't find the downloads. The walking affects and the whinning Pikmin are very fitting.

This game has a lot of replay vaule so if you beat it once, go ahead and try again and try to get the eight day challenge or zero death challenge.

I give Pikmin 2 a 10/10 because of the graphics, replay value, multiplayer, and gameplay.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/12/07

Game Release: Pikmin 2 (Player's Choice) (US, 04/24/06)

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