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Reviewed: 08/22/08

Well, Miyamoto, you did it again.

Recently, I lost my Pikmin 2 game. After tearing up the house searching for it, and not finding it, I've decided to invest 40 bucks to buy another. Here's why.

In the game, you have to breed the half-plant, half-animal creatures called Pikmin. There are five main colors- red, purple, white, yellow, and blue. The Red Pikmin are fireproof and have a little extra power behind their attacks. The Yellow Pikmin are immune to electricity and fly higher when thrown. The Blues are able to breathe in water, and sometimes, they'll even save your drowning Pikmin. Purples are big and slow, but cause more damage, can stun enemies, and can carry heavier stuff. Whites harm predators that eat them (although you should NEVER try to have this happen!), are immune to poison, move faster, and can dig up treasures buried underground. There's a host of predators just waiting to take a bite out of your horde. You have to kill monsters, bring back pellets and dead monster bodies to propagate more pikmin, and find treasures to repay the 10000-poko debt that Hocotate Freight has gotten itself into. But this time around, there is no day limit, you get the Ultra-Spicy and Ultra-Bitter Sprays, and you have two captains to control your Pikmin!

And also, there are caves. In caves, time stops, so you can think out strategy for completing the floor you're on. But the monsters are much more formidable! Since your onions don't go down with you, monster bodies are converted to Pokos instead. And at the end of most caves is a boss.

STORY: 10/10
Just when poor Olimar thinks he can relax after getting off that planet, Hocotate Freight gets into a major debt thanks to a... ravenous space bunny. Olimar just drops some random junk he found, and the ship flips out because it's a treasure worth more than a year's salary. So Olimar and his coworker, Louie, return to the Pikmin Planet to pay off this obnoxious debt...

It isn't Final Fantasy 7, but does it have to be?

In Battle Mode, you pit Olimar and his Red Pikmin against Louie and his Blue Pikmin. You win if you capture four yellow marbles, capture the opponent's marble, kill all of the opponent's Pikmin, or kill the enemy Captain. But that's not all- they threw CHERRIES into the mix, which either give you something nice (like an extra Spray or more Pikmin) or terrorize your opponent (like a rockfall or an exploding bug). And there are still monsters (and even lightning traps and Bomb Rocks in one area!) to kill your Pikmin!

In Challenge mode, Olimar and Louie have to find the "Key" in each level. It's much like a cave- just find the Key and go on. The big difference? You can play this mode with two players. It's quite fun, actually.

The hilarity of watching one hundred little carrot men following a space man is priceless. The scenery is very well-done, some boss monster deaths look incredibly awesome (especially after said monsters kill off lots of your Pikmin) and the graphics are realistic. The "treasures" look exactly like they do in the real world. In short, good graphics.

MUSIC: 10/10
The music conveys the atmosphere of the area you're in. From Valley of Repose all the way to the final boss, you can't help but appreciate the music.

OVERALL: 10/10
Worth buying. Plain and simple. Worth buying. If you like how it sounds, buy it. Trust me. It rocks, and definetely merited getting Olimar in Brawl.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Pikmin 2 (US, 08/30/04)

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