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"MWAHAHA! My slaves have returned! *Dusts out his whip*"


My slaves have returned! MWAHAHAH! Ok time to be serious. The first Pikmin was a unique game. I was very...well....I wasen't too sure that I should run out and buy the game. But then I looked at my gamecube library and then i said "What the hell"! And I went out and bought it and I wasen't disappointed at all! When I heard Pikmin 2 was comming out, I was soo excited and I got even more excited when I heard the time limit was out the window and Co-op mode was introduced! I couldn't wait until it came out so I imported! And I wasen't disappointed.


The story is alright! Here it is in a nut-shell! Your company is highly in dept and you have to somehow come up woth 10,000 pokos! So Oilmar decides to go back to the planet of the pikmin and get the treasures on the planet. But this time he ain't alone! He brought a partner named Louie (sp?).


Pikmin 1 had great gameplay! And this one improves upon it in everyway. The first notable thing is that there are 2 new Pikmin! Purple and White! I'll give you a run-down of their special "powers". Purple are sorta like "sumo" Pikmin which means they are fat but that also means they are strong. White Pikmin are small and fast and poison doesn't hurt them. The other 3 Pikmin groups haven't changed much except yellow are not resistant against electricity. Also the game is divided into randomly generated dungeons! Each with its own challenging puzzles. Those of the most noteworthy features. There are many other things that they added but I won't name them all, but one more feature is noteworthy. You can now control 2 "sets" of Pikmin. Oilmar takes 1 group and Louie takes the other and this makes for some interesting gameplay.


The graphics are as good as the first Pikmin! Graphics don't matter to me much so not much more to say.


There really isn't much music or sound effects but the sound effects and song they DO have are decent.


That's right folks! There is multiplayer and its good! There is co-op which is very fun and versus which is also just as fun and it adds even more to the replayability.


The Story is fun enough to play through it more than once and the co-op and versus will keep you busy as well. This game kept me busy for a whole week which is a big deal for me.


I say buy this game when it comes out. I would have given this a 10 if I understood Japanese but I don't. This is an amazing game and if you liked Pikmin, dust out those whips and get those slaved moving!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/30/04

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