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"Another Masterpiece from Nintendo has arrived!"

*Warning.. Please complete the first game before playing the sequel..

Pikmin 2 has finally arrived. The first thing you will notice is this game has multiple covers.. There is a tree cover where the pikmins are holding fruits and the blue pikmin is hanging down and the purple one is holding it up.. Tough guy.. Eh? The 2nd one is the Lobster or otherwise known as Mr. Pinchy from the simpsons but it's not him..

Pikmin2 brings you back to the wonderful world of Pikmin where you command soldiers to do your bidding like pick up objects, kill enemies and breed. Also it's cool to throw em.. They love it for some reason..


Pikmin2 starts right after the first game where Captain Olimar has blasted away from the planet of Pikmin after finiding all 30 parts including this ancient alien object. Arriving to his homeplanet, Hocotate, he is expecting a homecoming party but it's nothing like that.. He lands and find his employer Hocotate Freight and his partner, Louie. His employer tells him that the company is in big debt because Louie had a big problem while delivering Pikpik Carrots with a space bunny. Also, they had to sell the Dolphin, the same ship Olimar returned in. Strange enough.. The debt is massive and they need 10,100 pocos to pay off the debt. Soon enough, Louie eyes pop up and asks Olimar about the object he's holding.. Olimar was going to give it to his kid as a sonvieror. However, the ship then went crazy and sucked in the object and scanned it and it came out as 100 poco. Hocotate went crazy and said that planet wehre Olimar came fromsurely has wonderous treasures. So he gave Olimar a new job.. Take his partner Louie and this old ship back to the planet and find treasure to help pay off the big debt.

Soon after they arrive, they were landing through trees and one of the branches hit Louie section and knocks him out.. Now, Pikmin2 has begun.. Explore the world once again and pay off the debt!

Gameplay: Pikmin2 plays exactly like the original one but there are some new things added. You have the d-pad to use this time where up and down of hte dpad will select a potion to help either pertify your enmies or power-up the pikmin. While holding the A-button, you can use the left or right d-pad to select which color pikmin you want to change. The Y button, instead of going to the radar screen will change your leader either Olimar or Louie. If you want to seperate your group you use the X button and Louie and Olimar can split up and be more efficent. One group can build bridges while one group carries objects. Its all stragety and that the kind of game this is. Pikmin2 isn't really hard to play, it takes practice.
Next we have the world of Pikmin. There are 4+ massive regions in Pikmin2 and we also have caves where you will explore. The 30 day limit has been elimated meaning you can set your own pace this time which is a good thing. However while on the surface you still have the day-night limit but that's not a problem. The good thing is that while exploring the dangerous caves, the time will freeze due to a maganetic force. The Pikmin are all back, the red,blue and the purple one. However we have 2 new pikmin colors to help us. The purple one is fat and strong and will help lift even the heaviest objects where the white one is smaller but faster and can be resistance to poision. The red is immune to fire, the blue cna breate underwater and the yellow is proected by electricity. New stuff for the old pikmin. The challange of the caves is there is no way to make new pikmins so be careful while in the caverns however any treasure or enemies you picked up can be stored into this pod where the ship retrieve once you return to teh surface.

Graphics: 10/10
The graphics may look identical but it looks much cleaner and more clear than in the original. The fmvs and cutscenes are good and makes this game good to play and watch.

All the sounds of the pikmin has return including singing they have now. Some of the old music has return along with the original but this review will not reveal how to play the original theme.

Replayability: 10/10

This game is longer and more challanging but however this game includes it's very own book where you keep a track of every enemy, item and etc you seen and you can read the info that Olimar wrote. Useful stuff and can be helpful to learn about the world of pikmin. You also have a treasure screen where you can view all the treasure that you found. There is a 2player battle and challaneg mode where you and a friend can play together or against.

Overall score :10/10

Pikmin has been one of those gems that you have to play and keep. It's something only Nintendo could come up with. I may give ever ything a 10 but the reason why I did is because I love thisgame. It's just good.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/02/04

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