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"Dust off that whistle, and grab that's time to make Pikmin do your dirty work"


The first Pikmin was an amazing video game, which made the jaws drop of those who did not believe in Nintendo. Now, in Nintendo's prime, here comes the sequel to 2001's chart topping hit, Pikmin 2. No, this game does not need a subtitle, that's how great it is.


IMO, the sole factor to decide if this game is worthy or not. I'm proud to say, Pikmin 2 has everything it's predecessor had, plus more. Let's get off to the basics. A is for throwing your Pikmin, when you don't have any with you, you can punch those enemies square in the face (watch out Mike Tyson, Olimar's got a mean punch). The B buttons is used to Whistle, to round up those little critters, and if you whistle to a sleeping enemy, you'll wake him up. The Y button switches between characters and the X button disbands your players and Pikmin. The L, R, and Z button are mainly used for camera controls. The C-stick commands your pikmin, while the control stick moves you. As with all sequels, there are also new additions. First off, You have a partner, Louie. He's a guy who works at the same place you do, and he has eaten some Golden Pikpik carrots that has caused the company to go into debt. You now have to help the company repay a loan they took by gathering items on the Pikmin planet. There are also two new pikmin colors; purple and white. Purple is the heavy sumo wrestlers, they stomp on everything and defeat enemies in a flash. You'll want to use them to down enemies. Plus one purple pikmin counts as 10 regular (don't be fooled, as they're much slower, but they can carry much more heavier objects). White pikmin have the ability to resist poison, run fast, sneak into small crevices, and if they are eaten, enemies are poisoned. A sort of offensive defense type maneuver. Nintendo also took out the 30 day time limit. So enjoy wasting some days to just relax and enlarge your army of Pikmin. There are also many bonuses and unlockables to be had.



The sounds are beautiful, and fun to hear. They can be catchy at times, and very dramatic towards boss fights. Although it's hard to hear the sound, the tracks are very good.



The graphics are very detailed. From the swaying grass on the ground, to the depth of the details on the two spacemen, the graphics are very smooth and run at a decent framerate. There's no hitch of slow down or anything. Depending on the camera angles however, you will experience more details or less.


Replay Value

Pikmin 2 has a very high replay value. After you're done repaying the loan, there are still many items to collect. Once you do that, you have challenge mode. If you finish with everything, there's always 2 player mode, which consists of battling and co-op Challenge mode (sorry, no Story mode Co-op)


Final Score 10/10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/05/04

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