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"And Nintendo creates another masterpiece..."

Well, here it is, Pikmin 2. Most people would consider this a kiddie game. I would agree on that but what most people don't know (and what nobody would know without playing this) is that this game is truely great. Sure, the Pikmin are a bunch of ant sized plant-creatures with leaves/flowers on their heads but does that make the game bad? No it certainly does not. Come on a game where you control plant people and throw them around...priceless.

Story: 9/10

The story for this game is great for what it is. The game starts kind of quickly and if you haven't played the first Pikmin (I never did actually) you may be wondering what is going on. But I got the bulk of the story so even though people say so, you don't necessarily HAVE to play the first game to get into this one. Though I would recommend it.
Captain Olimar has returned to his home planet Hocotate from Planet Pikmin to find his employer Hocotate Freight and Louie waiting for him. Hocotate Freight fills him in on how the company is in trouble and has gone bankrupt because Louie had some trouble delivering Pikpik Carrots. They also had to sell Olimar's ship to pay some of it off. The debt to be paid is a whopping 10,100 pocos. Nobody knows what to do, that is, until Olimar drops a little souvenir from Planet Pikmin. The only ship left "grabs" the object and it pays off a whole 100 pokos of the debt. So Hocotate Freight sends you back to Planet Pikmin to find more things to pay off the debt. Pikmin 2 has now begun so go on and explore the planet again to pay the debt off.

Gameplay: 9/10

The gameplay is pretty simple (sorry I never played the first game so I can't compare it to the first but I am sure it is very similar with osme improvements here and there). The controls are easy to get used to. You have A to throw the Pikmin when you have them in your party. While holding A you can press the D-Pad left or right to switch between the color of Pikmin you want to throw. Press B and you blow your whistle to call the Pikmin to you. The longer you hold B the further the range. The Start button brings up the pause menu/map. Press the Y button and you can switch between Olimar and Louie. Press X and you split up Olimar and Louie which is much easier since you can cover twice as much ground. Pressing X also splits all the Pikmin up and they separate into color groups. You may wonder why you would want to do that but trust me, it's really efficient. There are also 2 new color of Pikmin. White and Purple (I call the Purple Pikmin, "Fat" Pikmin). The 3 old colors: Red, Yellow, and Blue make their return in this game. That brings the grand total to 5. But the catch with the new Pikmin colors, is that they don't get their own ships. The Red, Blue, and Yellow Pikmin get their own spaceships or "Onions." White and Purple Pikmin are made by tossing up to 5 Pikmin of any color into a certain flower you find in caves to get 5 of one of those Pikmin. Also, regular Pikmin are made by making a certain color carry enemies, or other items to their corresponding spaceship. Each enemy or item spawns a different number of Pikmin so you have to experiment. The gameplay in this game is fun and addictive and while it may sound kind of complicated, it really isn't.

Graphics: 10/10

The graphics in this game, while very cartoony, are excellent. They really show what the 'Cube can do. The cutscenes look very nice and crisp. That's all there really is to say about the graphics. It makes the game great to watch too.

Sound: 9/10

The sound is great. The music isn't that great but it fits the mood of the game and the level you are in. The Pikmin sounds I guess can get annoying when they get tossed or when they die etc. I never really got annoyed by it for some reason. I got into the game enough to not notice that as much. That is how good this game is.

Replayability: 9/10

As for replayability, I guess after you beat the main game you have all the multiplayer stuff which is actually quite fun. And you could do 1 player again a few more times to see if you can get higher scores and lose less Pikmin and stuff. If you are creative you can find ways to make this game fun even after you first beat it.

Overall Score: 9/10

The game is great and highly addictive and I recommend it even to people that haven't played the first one. Though I also highly recommend playing the first one too. If you don't have this game you should either go out and buy it or rent it. This game is good but that is really based on preference. Especially since this game is a wierd genre of game. You have to like this kind of game I think to get into it. It's almost like an Action/RTS (Warcraft, etc.)/Puzzle game so it's kind of wierd so I recommend renting it first or waiting until it drops in price. But definitely if you liked the first one or like these kinds of games go for it. It's a great game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/05/04

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