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"Sequels can be good things."

Hello again, review reading people. Today we're looking at Pikmin 2, sequel to Pikmin, one of the strangest games I've ever seen. You have to give Nintendo a hand, since they are able to create such interesting things, despite things like the Pokemon series: a once respectable video-game, now the things people despise and claim to be the work of El Diablo. Who knows how a series may turn out… Getting away from that, those of you who've never heard of Pikmin, well, here's the rundown on Pikmin 1: You played as Captain Olmar, who crash-lands on a mysterious world where strange creatures exist. His ship was torn apart, yet still able to lift off and orbit the world at night. With the aid of Pikmin, you had to find all thirty missing parts of your ship in thirty days, or you'd run out of oxygen and die. Now, I'm not too sure about some people, but I like a good challenge now and then, but that was not one such time.

Here, you are the commander.

Okay, now you've got the history, here's the way this game works. You're like a army commander, you order your little men about, tell them to attack, stay, or pick things up. Got that image in your head? Good, now, your units are separated into different squadrons: Infantry (Red), Heavy-arms (Purple), Marine (Blue), Gas-mask units (White), Shock-resistant (Yellow), and the Elite Subterranean units (Bulbmin). You can catapult them, send them into battle, pick things up, and order them to rest. This series is different from the rest, and this one has no limit.

10/10 for originality.

Look at the pretty colors…

Don't get me wrong: the graphics are amazing. From the bird-serpent hybrid to the surroundings, this is just a couple steps away from realistic images. Well, background-wise at least. Still, this is a stunning piece of art. Not much more is needed to say…

This deserves a 10/10.

It's the music that we choose.

Not much to be said about the sound. Their voices are rather cute, and the music's nice, but the music fades from memory rather quickly.

Gift of a score of 7/10.

Pete and Re'Pete were sitting in a boat…

I rented this game, to try it out ere I could make the decision of the purchasing. I played it for about a week, but my interest in it had begun to lack. It grew… redundant. The same thing, the same limits, though the Pikmin trying to make more of themselves with me and Louie was rather humorous… Depending upon the person, they may find themselves playing it over and over again or playing it once and never touching it again.

Here comes the 6/10.

And the Oscar goes to…

I'm not too sure about others, but I found this game lacking something: most likely something to hook the person. Aside from the commanding of the Pikmin and the hunting of “treasures”, there was nothing to hold my interest. Sure, it's original. I just had no real reason to repeat it.

The total is a 8/10.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 09/19/04

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