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"Guess who's back? Pikmin, of course."

You must be wondering…what is Pikmin?
Pikmin is a game created by Nintendo's genius, Shigeru Miyamoto, which became a craze to all parts of the U.S. Although it may seem Pikmin 2 is the same as Pikmin, you're wrong. Just wait until you find out the joys of Pikmin 2!!!

Story: 10/10
Simply put, a wonderful story. The story picks up right after Captain Olimar escapes from the treacherous planet on which the pikmin live on, heading back to Hocotate. During the time he was on the planet, his employer, Hocotate Freight, got into a mess which had never happened before. Upon arrival to Hocotate, the president greets him and tells him the story: Hocotate Freight…is over. Louie, a new employee to the company, had to cover for Olimar during his absence. He had to carry Hocotate's golden PikPik carrots to a distant planet, but on the trip there, a space bunny attacked his precious cargo and ate all of the carrots! Now, the company had an unplayable debt…and the only asset the president could sell was Olimar's beloved ship: The S.S. Dolphin. The company still had a big debt of 10,100 Pokos! And at that moment, Olimar dropped an alien platter he brought for his kids as a souvenir. The ship scanned it…and it calculated its worth to 100 astounding Pokos! Then, there was a glimmer of hope; there's much more on the planet the pikmin live on. So, Louie and Olimar(again) blast off and head for a better future! A very simple story, as with many Pikmin games, yet detailed as well.

Graphics and Sound: 10/10
The graphics are great, but not perfect. The levels look awesome, with detail to everything. In the morning time, you can actually see mist! The sunshine that is shone on the ground is very realistic. The sound perfectly matches whatever's going on. For instance, if you're playing a tranquil level, the sound just makes it seem to make it even more tranquil.

Gameplay/Controls: 9/10
This game is very fun. You control pikmin, tiny creatures with either a leaf, bud or flower stuck on its head. They are bred with use of a pikmin mother ship, otherwise known as the onion using nutrients. There are five different pikmin colors, red, yellow, blue, and the new additions, purple and white. They each have different traits, and can be controlled in hordes of 100. Red pikmin are immune to fire and have better battle capabilities; yellow pikmin can be thrown higher, they're electronically charged; blue pikmin can wade in water; purple pikmin are the slowest, but have ten times the strength of a normal pikmin and can stun enemies when thrown next to them; white pikmin can dig up treasures invisible to the human eye, and they are also very fast and poisonous. You can literally do anything with them, whether it be to make them carry treasure, breed more pikmin, attack enemies, or even drown them. A new addition to this game, switching between the two captains, gets work done, and it gets work done twice as fast as what you could only do with one captain. This is a very fun game, and very easy to learn how to play. As for controls, they are perfectly laid out. The c-stick moves the pikmin around you to see if there is anything to pick up or destroy. The control stick controls your movement, the Y button switches between Olimar and Louie, the X button disbands your pikmin according to color, the A button makes Olimar/Louie throw a pikmin, and the B button blows his whistle to catch the attention of pikmin, L controls the camera angle, R zooms out the camera, Z switches to overhead camera, and the control pad allows for spray usage. Sometimes your pikmin lag behind, so when you want to throw a pikmin, you have to wait for them to catch up, and whenever you disband your pikmin, one or two seem to still follow you. Other than that, there aren't any flaws.

Play Time/Replayability: 7/10
In exchange for good gameplay, comes bad play time. A quick run-through to beat the game may take up to 5-10 hours of gameplay, while going for total completion takes about 10-40 hours of gameplay. The replay value of this game is okay, because it gets kinda repetitive doing the same thing again, but it's still worth it to try to beat the game faster or for any other goals you might want to set.

To Rent, or to Buy…that is the question…
Well, question answered! Due to its short gameplay time, you might want to rent it first, but if you like it and want to play it over and over again, then consider buying it. Overall, this is a game that you have to at LEAST play it once, otherwise you're missing out on fun, fun, fun! Pikmin 2 won't fail to entertain game fanatics of all ages.

Final Score: 9/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/22/04, Updated 09/22/04

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