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"Out does the original, and more!"

Pikmin 2. This amazing sequel does what it's predecessor tries to do, multiplies the fun-level of its multiplayer mode, has an amazingly interesting but simple story, and is just an intriguing game. This game, involving going back to the world of Pikmin and with their help finding artifacts to sell, is honestly one of the most beautifully created games I have ever played.


When Olimar returns home after his venture in the first Pikmin game, he finds misfortune. His company director has created a 10,100 dollar deficit, and he has told you that you and another worker, Louie, are to repay it. He has no idea how to do this, until he realizes that one of the bottle-caps you brought back as a souvenir is really worth 100 pik piks and sends you back! Also, the new challenge mode has a very intriguing feel, and can be a very fun thing to do with two people or on your own.

Gameplay (10/10)

The gameplay of this game is brilliant. The controls are perfect, the amount in time in each day makes planning hard sometimes and easy in others, the pikmin are as easy to handle and move around as in this game's predecessor, and the newly acquired ability to switch between Olimar and Louie gives the gameplay extra value. Without the gameplay, Pikmin 2 would not be what it is.

Story (9/10)

The story of Pikmin 2 involves a couple of rabbits (or so we're told) eating a bunch of golden pik pik carrots, causing a 10,100 pik pik debt that you have to pay off. You do this by returning to the planet of the Pikmin and finding artifacts that can be sold for money. These can be anything from bottle caps to chess pieces, and gave a light happy feeling to the game. The only strange thing about this was the fact that the company manager decided to invest EVERY penny he had in some carrots… right, moving on.

Graphics (10/10)

The graphics in this game were truly amazing. The whole interpretation of what life looks like that close to the ground was unbeatable, and I thought that it would have been difficult to make the graphics any better. Everything was extremely detailed, and, what the heck, it made the pikmin look cute, so what's the problem?

Sound (10/10)

There wasn't really a lot of music in this game, but what was there was very good. More importantly there were the sound effects. These outdid themselves, really making the game something to write home about. For everything that happened, there was always some sound that rang out to alert you, an aspect of this game that I really liked. Not to mention the adorable singing that could be heard when no more enemies remained near by… Oh, I'll never forget it.

Play time/Replayability (10/10)

This game was rather stretched out, (which was a good thing), and like the Zelda series had a lot of things that didn't have to get done, but could get done if you wanted an easier time later. To play this game from start to finish could take someone fifteen to twenty-five hours, not to mention five to ten more hours when you consider the challenge mode. Also, this game is the ideal game when considering replayability, as nothing is ever the same when you play through it again.

Final Recommendation (9/10)

The previous scores are as follows:
Gameplay – (10/10)
Story – (9/10)
Graphics – (10/10)
Sound – (10/10)
Play time/Replayability – (10/10)
Overall (9/10)

This game was an amazing game. For anyone who owned the previous Pikmin installment, you have to try this one. If you liked the last one, you will be amazed at how far this game has progressed. If you didn't, this will change your mind. And if you have never played the original Pikmin, as tempted as I am to say buy it!, I suggest renting it first, and buy it if it is to your liking.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/13/04, Updated 10/14/04

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