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Reviewed: 01/03/05 | Updated: 01/09/06

Pikmin 2; a true masterpiece

This is the follow-up for the marvellous original game that is known as Pikmin. A basic summary of the first game goes like this: Captain Olimar crash lands on the pikmin planet and his ship breaks apart. He befriends the pikmin and uses them to escape. (That was a very brief run-through of the story of pikmin.)


The story of this game projects a much different atmosphere than the first one did. It mainly revolves around paying off the debt your company has made because a "space bunny" attacked the ship Louie was flying. The president sends him with you back onto the pikmin planet to pay off his loan after he finds out a bottle cap is worth 100 Pokos!(more than a years wages) This excites him greatly and he forces Olimar and Louie to go back to the planet he was stuck on, except this time with an annoying ship that is bent on annoying them. He also has infinite life support to last him as long as he wants to gather the 201 treasures that remain on the planet of the pikmin. We should sell them OUR junk, and skip dying out! Will eat for pokos!

Story: 8/10


The graphics seem to have been tweaked a bit from the first game, and the white and purple pikmin are done brilliantly. The water is the same, as it was extraordinary in the first place. The new enemies are done in the same style, except with some cooler effects like pulsations, colour changes and dramatic deaths. Some of these animations are executed quite well, and are frankly amazing. Some of the good deaths are those of the puffy blowhog, careening dirigibug and raging long legs. The graphics are all I could wish for in this game, and even more than that. The surroundings are based on the four seasons, and you can tell the effects on each of them. Such affects include snow and falling leaves. They really did a great job here!

Graphics: 10/10


The sounds are the same as the first one, with a few added tunes and sounds, such as the pikmin victory song, success song and grunts and groans from your pikmin. Not much can really be said about most of these, except for the little tune they hum when you get all the treasures in an area. I think this is actually quite remarkable how strange this sounds. The pikmin have a secret sound effect from the first one, which I will not talk about (check cheat codes and secrets). They say the characters name that you just switched to in a funky way that just seems to sound like a demented giant grunting like a lunatic if you press the Y button repeatedly (Ohlihimer! Luhouie!). Do not do this, as it could permanently damage your systems.

Sounds: 9/10


The gameplay of this game is better than the original in a few parts, such as the adjustment of the speed the pikmin break down walls or build things. No more waiting the whole day for the pikmin to do a small thing! The pikmin fall down sometimes, which leads me to sacrificing them to the gods of electricity, water, poison or fire, depending on what sort of mood I am in now. This game also just seems to generally work and play better than the first one. One of the big improvements is the caves, which Olimar and Louie spelunk in. The challenge mode is very fun, trying to "pink" all the courses sets off my creative and constructive mind, while I try to find ways to get around the task of beating them the hard way. Yes, I have found multiple ways to beat certain levels that are not listed in the guide. The challenge mode in this game makes up for the flop in the first one.

Gameplay: 9/10

Replay Value:

This is a high point of the game. You can go back on it and try to break your high scores, gather all the treasures or just relax and build your pikmin army to unknown greatness. There is also the 2-week challenge, but you have to find out about that in the official strategy guide or Gamefaqs. Nothing lacks here, especially the challenge mode (here you are probably picking up my obsession about this part of the game) and the two player battle mode, where you (Olimar) and a friend (Louie) take it out on each other in some crazy courses that will boggle your mind to an extent that you will be massacred by the hoards of enemies in some of those levels and the roaring enemies and calamities caused by disasters in the harder courses.

Replay Value: 10/10

Recap: A great game, now with a two player battle mode to fight your friends in and a cooperative challenge mode if you feel like working together to accomplish the task of completing all the courses, and then doing it without losing any of your precious pikmin. This gives the game a lot longer life time than you can imagine possible. The bonus videos are quite interesting, especially the last one after you gather up all of the long sought treasures. The final boss will have your pikmin dying like mad in a mad rush of chaos induced by the ultimate warlord ever to emerge out of his hole under the ground; he shows no mercy to pikmin, Olimar or anyone else you can possibly think of. All that can be said is that you should not waste the lives of your pikmin rashly.

Scores: Story: 8/10 Graphics: 10/10 Sounds: 9/10 Gameplay: 9/10 Replay Value: 10/10 Overall: 9/10

Rent or Buy?

You cannot beat the game with just a few days. This would definitely tip opinions about this question. Buy would probably be the best choice for you, and then you do not have to worry about racing through this game. You will easily enjoy it much more if you can play anytime you want, you will appreciate it. Plus, it's always fun to improve your challenge mode scores!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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