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"What an amazing game!"

This is the kind of game I have been waiting for since Super Mario Sunshine. Granted I missed the first Pikmin game, but I saw a demo of this inside a store, and decided to pick myself up a copy. Boy was I happy I did.

In the game you play as Olimar and Louie. The company you work for is in dept and in order rescue your boss, you must fly to this strange planet that you had once crash landed on, and find treasure to bring back home. In the game you go around growing Pikmin and defeating monster and finding valuable artifacts, such as rings, marbles, cookies, etc. There are four different areas that you can explore, and within each area there are caves that Olimar and Louie can take the Pikmin into, but be careful, you can't grow Pikmin in the caves, which in turn, makes the game challenging. Now in the gave, you do have these flowers that you can toss your Pikmin into, and depending on the color of the flower, that will depend on what kind of Pikmin you get back. Now another cool feature that you can utilize, is the fact that if for whatever reason you are stuck in the cave, and you can't go deeper, you can leave the treasure you found and escape via the computer that is on the rocket. Now there is no time limit when you are in the cave, however, above ground, you only have from dawn until dusk to grow Pikmin, search for treasure or just have fun, so make sure you use the time wisely. There are five different types of Pikmin. There are the normal red Pikmin, the electrically charged yellow Pikmin, the water bound blue Pikmin, the tiny white Pikmin, and the big Purple Pikmin. Each Pikmin have their own special traits, so before you enter a cave, make sure you have the right number of each Pikmin in your party, or you will find yourselves stuck.

What I like about this game is the sheer simplicity. There are no fancy button combos that you have to learn, you just lead your Pikmin around looking for treasure. That is one thing that I miss, and that is the type of games where you go looking for stuff. If that is your type of game, then Pikmin 2 is the game for you.

As for the graphics, I don't think Nintendo could have made this game look any better. When I first started playing the game I was distracted from the game play with how beautiful the landscapes are.

The sound for this game was also great. After awhile it did get a little annoying, but the way the Pikmin would hum or squeak, was funny. All the sounds they had for the other creatures and insects was cool too, done very well. And the music very interactive as well, went great with tone of the game.

For the replay value, this game is great. Not only is it a sequel, which is normally hard to come up with a decent sequel, but it, is also hard to come up with a game that has replay value to it. I won't give anything away, but even after you beat the game, there is still a whole part of the story left, which makes me feel even more satisfied. I love the challenges that this game has too. And I still haven't even tried the two player part of the game yet.

This is a great game, fun for the whole family!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/07/05

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