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"Accursed Grubdog! You destroyed half of my army!! Revenge shall be mine!!!"

Shigeru Miyamoto has made a lot of games over the years. He's made Mario, Zelda, Kirby (one of my favourites), Pokemon, Donkey Kong, Metroid, the list goes on. But none of his games have ever been as surreal, as wonderfully weird, or, in my opinion, as good as the Pikmin games. The Pikmin games are a mix of beautiful and bizarre that combine to make greatness.

The story is fairly lackluster: Olimar returns from "The Pikmin Planet", only to discover that on his planet his company is on the verge of bankruptcy. His boss sent a new employee, Louie, to deliver a shipment of pikpik carrots (which Olimar named the Pikmin after) but Louie was attacked by..some sort of...rabbit creature which ate all the shipment. The boss had to sell off company assets to pay the loan, but the only thing he could sell was Olimar's ship, which sucks, because you spend all of the first game fixing the freaking ship. Olimar's ship is replaced by a rusted, ugly one with an ego. Olimar is so shocked that he drops a bottle cap from the Pikmin Planet which he brought back as a souvenir. The ship scans it and goes crazy!!! It's worth 100 pokos!! (piece of junk.) Your boss nearly has a heart attack when he finds out how much it's worth. He sends you back to the planet with Louie to collect more treasure to pay of the company's debt, which is 10,000 Pokos!!!! (GASP!!!) Pretty lame, Nintendo. BOOOO!!!

Although the graphics aren't outstanding, the character designs are. I sometimes wonder what kind of drugs Shigeru might have been on when he made the Pikmin games. The pikmin themselves are so cute, yet such effective killing machines, and they look like flowers. Uh.....yeah. The enemies are even weirder, if possible. My personal favourite is the Swooping Snitchbug, probably because it's one of the only freakin' things that can't kill you. The waterwraiths are also sweet, but they're very easy to kill when you figure out how (I won't tell you, cheaters!)

The sound gets a 9 solely for the fact that the Pikmin hum their own theme song. The other music is good too, but you hardly ever notice it. It's just there in the backround.The creatures make good sound effects, though.

Controlling Olimar is a cinch. You hardly ever throw your controller in the furnace because of the bad controlls, but you might throw it in the furnace for other reasons (see gameplay category). The Pikmin follow your every command, and fortunately the commands are easy to execute. After all, how fun would it be to control a vast army of slaves if the controls made them fall into a ravine?

This a session in the school of Pikmin: there are three main types of Pikmin: red, blue, and yellow. red can withstand fire. blue can go in water without drowning. Yellow, although the can no longer throw bomb-rocks, can withstand electricity and can be thrown higher that any other Pikmin. But, there are two new types of Pikmin that can only be bloomed through flowers in underground tunnels. There are the purple pikmin, which are ten times stronger than the others but a lot slower, and the white pikmin, which are faster than the others and can withstand poison. Class dismissed. The two new Pikmin types are a great addition to the series, and the new underground tunnels are very good. But there is a problem for casual gamers that remains from the first one: it's really hard and demands strategy. If your not careful, you can easily get all your pikmin killed by one tough creature. But on a more positive note, the time limit is gone, making the game less frantic.

There is a really fun two player mode to play, and after you find the key in story mode, there is a challenge mode which lives up to it's name. Plus after you pay off the debt you can go back and get the rest of the treasure, which unlocks a really hard extra level.

Overall:The Pikmin games aren't that popular because they appear to be too cute. That couldn't be farther from the truth. Although the Pikmin themselves are sickeningly cute, they are super-effective killing machines. When they swarm on an enemy, all hope is lost for it. They are Deadly assassins that should be taken seriously. So buy this game, because I can't control my Pikmin for long, and soon, they'll be coming for you. You've been warned......

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/15/05

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