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"As good as the first"

So you played the first pikmin and thought, "What a fun game. I wonder what the second will be like?" Ok maybe you didn't think that, but you must at least be considering Pikmin 2, right? Well read on =D

Our good friend Olimar returns from his first adventure in Pikmin. Olimar is ecstatic, but upon landing senses something is wrong. His precious ship, The Dolphin, is taken away. The president of his company tells Olimar that the company is bankrupt. HOW COULD THIS HAVE HAPPENED? Well, another worker, Louie, was bringing back some golden carrots. All of the sudden, a giant space rabbit attacked and ate all the carrots. The prez had to borrow 10,100 pokos, and now he can't repay it. Olimar is so sad that he drops a bottlecap he brought for his family as a souvenir. A junky ship analyzes it and says that this "treasure" is worth 100 pokos. The prez instantly tells Olimar and Louie to head back and find more treasure to repay the company debt. And the journey begins...

Gameplay - 8.5
The gameplay is pretty similar to the first. There are two new pikmin types (white and purple) and some small tweaks to the current pikmin. Purples are super heavy (they can stun enemies), super strong, and super slow. Whites are immune to poison, able to see buried items, and super fast. These two additions add a lot more strategy to the game. That's not all though. The game also adds an extra captain. This allows you to do much more in a day. You easily control two groups of pikmin, as well as have a few groups digging up treasure or knocking down a gate. Another addition (aside from the large amounts of new enemies and levels) are the caves. Each level has sublevels known as caves (which have sublevels as well =D). There is no day or night in these caves, so you can spend as much time as you want. There are a few surprises here and there, and each cave ends with a boss. Now, the challenge mode has been completely redone. There are 30 levels ( you can play 5 unbeated ones at a time). These play just like caves except with a time limit. You start off with a set amount of pikmin and your two captains. You must find the key to delve deeper. Eventually the final key lets you escape. The final addition to the game is a RTS like two player mode. You get a base and must capture your opponent's marble to win. Maybe your passive and hate attacking? Then just collect 4 yellow marbles to win. Enemies and cherries (these are just power ups) inundate the stage. It's pretty fun, especially if you and your opponent are pretty good. The only reason I didn't give this a 10 in this area is the lowered difficulty. Purples allow you to kill enemies swiftly and easily, and this reduces the difficulty significantly. The additions of sprays (spicy's and bitter's) makes the game much easier. Bitter's freeze enemies for 5 seconds and spicy's make your min attack much faster.
Story - 4
Olimar and Louie must find treasure to save the company. Not too much, but some interesting events occur that keep the story alive.
Play Time/Replayability - 8
This game is really fun. It could easily take plenty of time to complete the story and the challenge mode. If you are ambitious, you may set goals for yourself. Perhaps you want to beat the story in 8 days. Maybe you want to win without losing any pikmin. You might even want to do both! The game should last at least a week (if you are very good and play a lot), and with the 2 player mode, it may last even longer.
Final Recommendation - If you just want to rush through the story and the challenge, or if you didn't really like the first pikmin, you should just rent it and check out the story. If you enjoyed the first pikmin, buy and enjoy the second!

Final Score-7

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 08/22/05

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