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"Pikmin 2: Making genocide and slavery fun!"

This marvelous game, Pikmin 2, is my all time favorite Gamecube game, and my 3rd favorite game overall(only seceeded by Banjo-Tooie and Shining Force: Legacy of Great Intention). It had much differences between Pikmin. One of the more noticeable differences is more pikmin colors. There are now white and purple pikmin. White pikmin are poison resistant, can see underground, and when they're eaten, they cause damage to the enemy(sometimes it's worth sacrificing them in boss fights, especially against the Raging Bloyster). Purple pikmin are the new strongest pikmin. They have the strength of 10 pikmin.(sounds like a superhero, eh? And Purple! With the power of 10 pikmin!)

Unlike normal pikmin, these different colors don't have onions. You must obtain them by throwing red, blue, or yellow pikmin into the purple or white flower thingies. This leads me to a strange philosophical question: Do white and purple pikmin really exist in the wild, or are they just man made creatures, malformed by these flowers. Are these flower's mutating the pikmin, or what?

Anyway, before i get off track, another difference is the inclusion of Louie. Louie is your co-worker, who your boss tells you to take with to the planet to get more treasure to get your company out of debt(those kooky business men and their schemes to use plant-animal slaves for personal profit...)

Also, yellows have different abilities. Instead of carrying bomb-rocks(I never liked those bomb-rocks anyway), they are immune to electric currents. The blues can also save drowning pikmin, by throwing them onto land. First time I saw this, i was very surprised and amazed.

They also added a Piklopedia. The Piklopedia is like a enemy guide in Paper Mario, or Tales of Symphonia. It has information on each creature you have discovered. It also has humorous descriptions, like in Katamari Damacy.

Graphics: 10/10
Very impressive. It is simple, yet very unique and deep. The environments look amazing. It's almost like you're actually there on some planet. The animation is smooth, even when you're fighting a giant horde of creatures. When creatures pop out of the ground, it looks real and sort of frightening.

Control: 8/10
A little clumsy sometimes, and sometimes it goes too fast. But what angers me the most, is that pikmin are pretty slow. Unless they have flowers on their head, you have to pause every few seconds for them to catch up. This is annoying, but you can cope with it. It actually makes the game for challenging, and makes you want to go out of your way for nectar.

Sound: 9/10
Great sound effects. The ambiance is so realistic and it fits well with the environment. I like how the pikmin sometimes hum songs(like the theme from Luigi's Mansion). The music is unmemorable tho, and is usually drowned out by the ambiance and sound effects. It strikes fear into your heart the sounds of the pikmin's screams when they get eaten, which is, to me, pretty damn good sound work.

Gameplay: 10/10
Very addicting and fun. You raise and grow pikmin, and build an army of them. It's like an RTS with more cuteness and slavery. Think of it as slavery with a lollipop and a nice hat. Anyway, you must find treasure pieces, and get them to your ship, to pay off a company debt of 100,000 Pokos. Louie clearly caused this, yet they don't fire him. Weird planet, Hocotate is. You don't really control they pikmin, you control the captains. The captains can throw the pikmin, and command them, but otherwise, they're pretty independent.

Story: 7/10
The story has its flaws, but stories don't really matter in most games. Saying this game sucks, due to it's lack of good story is like saying Doom 3 sucks because the story sucks. It makes no sense.

Replay value: 10/10
The new multiplayer and challenge missions make you want to play this game more after you beat the game. Also, you want to collect all the treasure and finish your Piklopedia.

Buy or Rent?'s pretty cheap now, so you can buy it for like, $20.

In conclusion, Pikmin 2 is a great game to own if you love RTS's and have a Gamecube.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/10/06

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