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A-Life System ArtistKazuko Ito
A-Life System ArtistSachiko Kawamura
A-Life System ArtistMakoto Yonezu
A-Life System DesignerYoshihisa Hashimoto
A-Life System DesignerSachiko Kawamura
A-Life System DirectorYoshihisa Hashimoto
A-Life System ProgrammerYoshihisa Hashimoto
A-Life System ProgrammerTakaaki Saito
Art DirectorYuji Uekawa
Character DesignerTomonori Dobashi
Character DesignerKazuyuki Hoshino
Character DesignerMasahiro Hoshino
Character DesignerYasutaka Maeki
DirectorKenjiro Morimoto
Executive ProducerHideki Sato
Executive Sound CoordinatorYukifumi Makino
Field ArtistTsuyoshi Enomura
Field ArtistHideaki Moriva
Field ArtistMutsumi Oda
Field ArtistYoichi Takeda
Field ArtistTakashi Yoshida
Game DesignerHiroki Atoji
Game DesignerKentaro Kiyono
Game DesignerTakaaki Kodera
GBA Minigame ArtistSachiko Kawamura
GBA Minigame DesignerKenjiro Morimoto
GBA Minigame ProgrammerTakahiro Hamano
Graphic Engine ProgrammerYoshitaka Kawabata
Graphic Engine ProgrammerShinya Matsunami
Graphic Engine ProgrammerTakaaki Saito
Graphic Tool ProgrammerKoji Ogino
Lead Character DesignerYuji Uekawa
Lead Field ArtistMisako Ikoma
Lead Game DesignerKenjiro Morimoto
Lead Music ComposerJun Senoue
Lead System ProgrammerMasanobu Yamamoto
Lead Visual ArtistYuji Uekawa
Minigame Collection DirectorHisatoku Yamada
Mission Mode Game DesignerHidenobu Hasebe
Mission Mode Game DesignerMizuki Hosoyamada
Mission Mode Game DesignerTakashi Iizuka
Mission Mode Game DesignerKazuyuki Miyamoto
Mission Mode Game DesignerDaisuke Mori
Mission Mode Game DesignerKenjiro Morimoto
Mission Mode Game DesignerYojiro Ogawa
Mission Mode Game DesignerEitaro Toyoda
ProducerYuji Naka
Product ManagerCord Smith
ProgrammerMakoto Ikeda
ProgrammerYoshiharu Kanai
ProgrammerHiroyuki Kikui
ProgrammerMasashi Kitamura
ProgrammerKenichi Koshida
ProgrammerTakeshi Maeda
ProgrammerHitoshi Motoda
ProgrammerMakoto Shimoda
ProgrammerTakashi Taketa
ProgrammerTakanori Yoshioka
Sound CoordinatorKouzaki Tatsuya
Sound DirectorJun Senoue
Sound ProgrammerYoshiharu Kanai
Sound ProgrammerMakoto Shimoda
Surround System ProgrammerShigeharu Isoda
Technical DirectorMasanobu Yamamoto
Technical SupportTetsu Katano
Visual ArtistMasatoshi Yasumura
Voice Actor for AmyJennifer Douillard
Voice Actor for BigJon St. John
Voice Actor for Dr. Eggman/RobotnikDeem Bristow
Voice Actor for E-102 and Tikal's fatherSteve Sheppard-Brodie
Voice Actor for KnucklesMichael McGaharn
Voice Actor for SonicRyan Drummond
Voice Actor for TailsCorey Bringas
Voice Actor for TikalElara Distler
Voice for Sonic (Japanese)Junichi Kanemaru

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