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    Chao FAQ by tnman

    Version: Final | Updated: 04/28/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Sonic Adventure: DX Chao FAQ for the GameCube, by tnman.
    Copyright 2008 Dominic ‘tnman’ Stroud.
    Final Version.
    1) Introduction.
    2) Copyright Information.
    3) Version History.
    4) Chao.
       i)    Caring For Your Chao.  
       ii)   A Chao's Lifecycle.
       iii)  Chao Descriptions.
       iv)   The Chao Transporter.
       v)    The Tiny Chao Garden.
       vi)   Porting Your Chao From SA2:B.
       vii)  The Black Market.
       viii) Chao Racing.
       ix)   Special Chao.
       x)    Special Eggs.
    5) Chao FAQ's.
    6) Special Thanks.
    PLEASE NOTE: For quick reference, it's best to look at Section
                 5 first.
    1) Introduction.
    Hello friends.
    Welcome to my SADX Chao FAQ - I am here to provide you with
    the best Chao FAQ possible for this fine game. Some of you may
    know of my previous Chao work with TCRS (The Chao Research
    Squad), and that little team is the one that has inspired me
    to make this FAQ.
    I love Chao, and I want to spread my knowledge to anyone who
    needs it, which is, I assume, you, because you're reading this.
    Enjoy the FAQ, enjoy the game, enjoy Chao!
    2) Copyright Information.
    No part of this FAQ may be duplicated, stored in a retrieval
    system or used as part of another book, database, program or
    other commercial application without my express permission.
    While we're on the subject, I am in no way related to Sega, or
    Sonic Team, or any of the people involved with them.
    Basically, don't steal my stuff. ^_^
    The only websites at the time of the Final Version with permission
    to use my FAQ are:
    Any other websites should not have this document on them.
    3) Version History.
    The 2008 Final Version - Copyright Information update. Hello 1UP
    Sent in - 22nd April 2008.
    The 2008 Final Version - Five years! Renovation of text given.
    Sent in – 19th April 2008.
    Version 1.5 - Added onto a few sections. I'm hoping to be able
    to add a lot more soon.
    Sent in - 23rd July 2003.
    Version 1.0 - Most sections done, but while saying that there
    is still a lot more to do.
    Sent in - 15th July 2003.
    4) Chao.
    Welcome to the world of SADX Chao. Please enjoy your stay
    and remember to clean up after your Chao. ^_^"
    To find your way to a Chao Garden, directions are listed below:
    Station Square - Enter the hotel and walk into the lift on
                     the left. The door will close and you will
                     be taken to a Chao Garden.
    Mystic Ruins - Walk into the cave to the left of Tails' Workshop
                   and look right. Hop in the mine-cart to be whisked
                   away to the second Chao Garden.
    Egg Carrier - This time you need to find your way into the 
                  main part of the Egg Carrier - monorail is a 
                  popular choice of transport. Once you're there,
                  walk past the lift which will take you to the
                  deck, go up the stairs and press the switches
                  in order so it spells "E-G-G-M-A-N", the door
                  should open. Walk inside and step onto the transporter
                  to enter the third and final Chao Garden.
    Each Chao Garden holds up to 8 Chao, and should not be over-
    crowded! If a Garden is over-crowded, one Chao may travel to
    another Garden for space.
    i) Caring For Your Chao.
    Chao are creatures that will pretty much rely on you to feed
    them and raise them for their whole life.
    In the Chao Gardens there are many trees which coconuts 
    grow on, you should regularly feed a coconut to all of your
    Chao, or buy a fruit from the Black Market to feed your Chao,
    as, often, the coconuts are quite slow growing.
    If you manage to forget to feed your Chao, and if there are
    any pieces of fruit on the floor, a "!" will appear over your
    Chao's head where it will then go over to the fruit and start
    to eat it of its own accord. When you give your Chao a fruit,
    its Stamina Meter will rise.
    Now it's all well and good just feeding your Chao, but you'll
    notice the Stamina bar is just one of many. Note the ASCII
    diagram below;
    |M   r   .   C   h   a   o| Chao names can be up to 7 characters
    |                         | long.
    |Swim                 3266| 
    |Lv.99[][][][][][][][][][]| The maximum level without "hacking
    |                         | Chao" is Level 99.
    |Fly                  3266| 
    |Lv.99[][][][][][][][][][]| There are 10 dots to fill before
    |                         | your Chao levels up in that area.
    |Run                  3266| 
    |Lv.99[][][][][][][][][][]| It has been mathematically worked
    |                         | out that the maximum amount of stat
    |Power                3266| points a Chao can have is 3266.
    |                         | When a Chao levels up, a "+X" will
    |Stamina              3266| appear beside the stat box. The X
    |Lv.99[][][][][][][][][][]| indicates the number of stat points
    +-------------------------+ that level has gained.
    To raise the Swim, Fly, Run and Power bars (which will ultimately
    decide the attribute of your Chao), you will need to find some
    animals for your Chao.
    You will probably have noticed that whenever you kill an enemy
    in SADX, an animal in a green bubble pops out which you can
    then pick up. These animals when given to your Chao, increase
    one attribute, and may decrease another.
    Animals in particular can be found in stages that "relate" to
    them. For example, swimming animals can be found in plenty in
    the stage "Emerald Coast", because of its vicinity to the
    sea, and water etc. Another example are power animals, which
    can be found in "Red Mountain" - a tough environment calls
    for tough Chao! Flying animals could also be found here, because
    of it being a mountain, and being high up. Clever, huh?
    There are different coloured types of animals, which match
    the attribute. Swimming is yellow, flying is purple, running
    is green, power is red, and there is a special blue colour
    which raises a bit of all stats - handy! For a Chao to be
    "normal", the Stamina stat has to be the highest.
    All the animals in the game are:
    |Attribute.       |Animal.  |Found At:     |
    |Swimming (Yellow)|Otter.   |Emerald Coast.|
    |                 |Penguin. |Emerald Coast.|
    |                 |Seal.    |Emerald Coast.|
    |Flying (Purple)  |Parrot.  |Windy Valley. |
    |                 |Peacock. |Windy Valley. |
    |                 |Swallow. |Windy Valley. |
    |Running (Green)  |Deer.    |Speed Highway.|
    |                 |Kangaroo.|Speed Highway.|
    |                 |Rabbit.  |Speed Highway.|
    |Power (Red)      |Elephant.|Red Mountain. |
    |                 |Gorilla. |Red Mountain. |
    |                 |Lion.    |Red Mountain. |
    |Blue (All-around)|Koala.   |Emerald Coast.|
    |                 |Mole.    |Windy Valley. |
    |                 |Skunk.   |Hot Shelter.  |
    Other things animals do is to give your Chao their "parts".
    For instance an elephant may give your Chao its HUGE ears,
    a Lion may give your Chao its tail and so on. The other thing
    gives your Chao something special to do - a speciality, if
    you will. An instance of this is a Koala - which will make your
    Chao play a cool, little ditty on a trumpet. Aw.
    Of course, caring doesn't stop at giving items to your Chao.
    Chao also loved to be petted, picked up and hugged, taken for
    little walks in your arms in the Chao Garden and the like.
    Chao need to be protected too. More often than you'll like a
    Chao will probably fall into the Garden's pool, and, if it
    isn't able to swim, will flail about violently. Save your Chao
    from the pool to stop its mood from decreasing!
    The Chao's ball is also a slight indication of its mood - but
    a very toned-down one. The Chao ball may morph into a "!", which
    means that your Chao is perhaps surprised at something, or
    has spotted something. A "?" means your Chao is wondering what
    to do now. And finally, a love heart symbol will appear when
    your Chao is pleased at something, or, when it goes into Mating
    Season, your Chao has a permanent heart symbol over it for
    the duration.
    However. If you hate Chao then you'll probably not do any
    of the above...but how could you hate Chao?! :O
    Well, if you do, you can hurt your Chao in many ways. Even
    if you don't beat Chao, this is worth reading to avoid any
    accidents. ^_^
    Jumping on your Chao will hurt it, so will using any attacks
    on it (i.e. Knuckles' punches - ow). Starving it from food will
    make it annoyed and sad, and if it sees you treating other 
    Chao nicely, and giving them food, your Chao may even walk
    up to that Chao and nick the fruit it's in the process of
    Lobbing your Chao into walls is going to be quite painful,
    and lobbing a Chao that can't swim into a Swimming Pool is 
    bound to annoy - waking up a sleeping Chao is hardly kind
    either. Bear in mind the lovers of Chao reading, it is possible
    for Chao to go to sleep sitting down, instead of lying in the
    floor. O_o You can tell the difference of being awake to being
    asleep because the Chao appear in some kind of trance...
    And that's really all of the ways to torture Chao, but why
    would you?!
    ii) A Chao's Lifecycle.
    Chao live for 5 "years" at a time. Each Chao year consists
    of about 3 hours and a half human time. First evolution usually
    takes places at age 1, second evolution gradually over age 3
    and 4 (at age 4 the changes will be more evident that before),
    and your Chao will either die or re-incarnate at age 5 - for
    another go at a lifetime.
    There are many ways to start off a Chao's life (i.e. hatching
    its egg). You can simply wait for the egg to hatch by itself,
    which takes around 10 minutes, or you could let the Chao know
    someone's there by picking up the egg and cuddling it for a
    while. Jumping around while holding the egg will also effect
    the outcome. An instant (rude) awakening to a Chao could also
    be done by lobbing the egg against the wall... The way you
    hatch your Chao effects the permanent expression on your Chao's 
    face, some of the expression you can get are listed below;
    o Cute smile. (:>)
    o Depressing mouth. (:<)
    o Toothy, manically insane/evil grin. (:Z)
    o Evil, arched eyes.*
    o Evil, arched eyes* with toothy, manically insane/evil grin.
    This expression is by FAR the scariest...
    o Half asleep eyes. (Eyes only ever half-way open).
    *- If you raise your Chao into a Dark Chao and it re-incarnates,
    these eyes will automatically be "hatched onto" your Chao.
    I do not yet know of any other faces your Chao could develop.
    First evolution is where things really start to change, as 
    not only will your Chao's attribute really develop, but his
    alignment too. What I mean by alignment is that your Chao will
    either develop into a Neutral, Hero, or Dark Chao.
    What the differences are between these alignments are listed
    o Eyes.
    o Chao ball - it will either remain a ball, turned spiked for
    dark or turn into a halo for hero.
    o Hero Chao turn white, Dark Chao turn black, where-as Neutral
    Chao keep the usual greenish colouring and simply get pudgier.
    o Wings - they will remain pinkish for Neutral Chao, turn spiked
    and red for Dark Chao, or turn into large, blue wings for Hero
    o Tail - it will just get podgier for Neutral Chao, get white
    and ever-so-slightly shorter for Hero Chao, and will turn into
    a Devil's Tail for Dark Chao.
    There are a total of 15 differentiations for first evolution
    Chao. You will know when your Chao goes through first evolution
    via many ways. A cocoon will form around your Chao, and if
    your Chao turns into a Hero or Dark Chao a jingle will play.
    If you enter the Chao Races, the stat screen will state its
    alignment and type, rather than just "Child". Or, you could 
    just look at your Chao, as the changes really are massive...
    apart from Neutral Normal Chao who remain exactly the same as
    when they were a child...but that's just 1 out of 15. ^_^"
    To raise Hero or Dark Chao, things are a quite harder from
    the SA2:B Chao system, but then, it's quite easier to raise
    Neutral Chao from the SA2:B Chao system - so it's hardly an
    un-fair trade. To raise Hero or Dark Chao, things couldn't be
    simpler. Just buy a Hero or Dark Fruit from The Blackmarket,
    and keep feeding them to your Chao until the changes listed
    above are extremely evident in your Chao. I once gave my Chao
    a lot of Dark Fruits, but it obviously wasn't enough as in the
    end it still turned out Neutral. I would recommend, if you want
    a Hero or Dark Chao, feeding it on a diet solely of Hero or Dark
    Fruit, to make sure it does go the way you want it. Your Chao
    will still get the same Stamina boost from the fruit, it will
    just cost you a little more.
    To clarify a few things, Chao evolutions are affected by time
    and the amount of animals only. Many people try to make out
    that many other things affect your Chao's evolution but they
    Now onto second evolution. Second evolution is the adult-hood
    of Chao, even MORE differentiations arise here. There is about
    a staggering 75 differentiations for you to experiment with.
    However. Unlike first evolution, now your Chao is either Neutral,
    Hero, or Dark, its alignment cannot be changed. So for example,
    you can't go from Neutral to Dark. Also unlike first evolution,
    second evolution starts at about age 3, and slowly develops
    with no cocoon over the period of the rest of its life. These
    changes are never really evident until age 5, and so second
    evolution isn't as ground-breaking as first, but then again
    second evolution offers so many more choices...
    If your Chao hasn't been through its first Mating Season though,
    second evolution won't start. For some reason, your Chao needs
    to have been through its life's Mating Season before it can
    start to evolve again. Mating Season is when a small bed of
    flowers appears around your Chao, and this will last for as
    long as about half an hour, or until another Chao mates with
    it. A Chao cannot mate with another Chao unless they have gone
    through first evolution, no matter where they are in their
    If a Chao mates with another Chao, the Chao will rub their
    heads together (no, really, it's not an excuse for not saying
    they kiss), do a little dance, make a little love, and get down
    tonight, before an egg pops out in between the both of them.
    Mating certain colours of Chao can produce some interesting
    results...(see ix) Special Chao).
    Once your Chao has been through second evolution completely,
    it will only have another two hours or so to live. Sad, isn't
    it? But wait! If you've been nice to your Chao, loved for it,
    cared for it etc, it will morph into a cocoon and re-appear
    as the egg it first hatched from. Hatch the egg to start all
    over again with following similarities;
    o Some animal parts the Chao had.
    o All the Chao Races records the Chao had.
    o Starts at Level 1.
    o Has 10% of its final stats.
    o The same name it had.
    o If it was a Dark Chao, it will have arched, evil eyes as
    mentioned before.
    If you've been mean and horrible to your Chao though, it will
    morph into a grey cocoon and die, never to be seen or heard
    again. If you wanted your Chao to re-incarnate, I suggest you
    brush up on i) Caring For Your Chao!
    iii) Chao Descriptions.
    If you have absolutely no idea what you want your Chao to turn
    out looking like, these descriptions of all Chao evolutions
    should help! ^_^
    PLEASE NOTE: All Chao descriptions have evolved from a normal
                 egg. If you are using a coloured egg, some changes
                 will obviously not apply.
    First Evolution.
    Round one...evolve!
    POWER - This Chao gets very fat arms and feet, and grows three
            spikes from its head. This Chao also turns orange with
            a red belly, with yellow tips on its arms and yellow
    FLYING - This Chao grows large green wings, and has purpley-
             pink stripes on the two spikes that grow sideways
             from its head. The body turns purple with an orange
             belly, orange feet and blue tips at the end of its
    SWIMMING - This Chao turns green and yellow, which is equally
               divided between bits of its body - although, its feet
               are completely yellow. It has one, long, main spike
               which runs down from the back of its head.
    RUNNING - This Chao turns completely green, with only small
              brown tips on the end of its feet. It has one large
              spike directly on the top of its head. This is Stage
              1 of a Sonic Chao.
    NORMAL - This Chao looks exactly like a normal child Chao, just
    POWER - This Chao develops three small bobbles with red tips
            on them at the top of its head, along with red-tipped
            hands, red feet, and a red "neckline" on its body.
    FLYING - This Chao develops two small feather quills on the
             top of its head, along with purpley-blue arms and a
             purple belly.
    SWIMMING - This Chao develops two thin, long spikes that curve
               around head with green at the tip. Most of the features
               on this Chao is a aqua/green mixture.
    RUNNING - This Chao develops one, small spike at the top of
              its head, and has a blue belly with blue tipped arms.
    NORMAL - This Chao develops two small bobbles with blue tips
             on them at the top of its head, along with blue-tipped
             arms and a yellow belly.
    POWER - The back of this Chao's head curves upwards slightly.
            The body is completely brown, with red stripes. Different
            shades are everywhere...
    FLYING - Two reasonably sized spikes develop from the sides
             of this Chao's head and curve downwards with light-
             purple tips at the end. Light-purple tips are also
             at the end of the arms and feet - with the whole body
             being a dark purple.
    SWIMMING - This Chao develops one, small spike at the top of
               its head, and the whole body is coloured evenly
               between black and dark-green.
    RUNNING - This Chao develops many quills that protrude from
              the back of its head with a green lining. Green
              lining is also evident in the "neckline", arms and
              the feet. This is Stage 1 of a Shadow Chao.
    NORMAL - This Chao's body is completely black with a red crest
             a la Knuckles' white one - this Chao also has red-
             tipped arms and feet.
    Second Evolution.
    All 75 of 'em.
    POWER - This Chao hurts my eyes. It is bright purple, with a
            red belly and red hands that look like boxing gloves.
            It also has purple stripes on the quills.
    FLYING - This Chao has quills with aqua stripes that tilt up.
             They are light-purple, have a brown belly and hands,
             and have big feet.
    NORMAL - A light blue Chao that has a green belly and feet.
    RUNNING - This is the Sonic Chao. It is dark blue and has quills
              that slope downwards. They have black hands and a
              black belly.
    SWIMMING - This Chao is aqua with green hands and a green belly.
               The quills slightly join together and a point sticks
               out of his back. A fully evolved version has the
               back and quills merged.
    POWER - This Chao is fat. Really fat. It has orange feet, yellow
            ears, belly, hands, and upper jaw. The rest of it is
            lime-green with green "V"'s on the head.
    FLYING - This Chao is colourful. Its head goes up and has aqua
             "V"'s. It is dark lime-green and has orange feet and
             hands. The belly and lower jaw are a peach colour.
    NORMAL - This Chao is just a taller, slimmer version of the
             normal Swimming Chao, except it has a cone-shaped head.
    RUNNING - A lime-green Chao with brown feet. The hands, "V"'s,
              ears, belly, and lower jaw are aqua.
    SWIMMING - My, what big ears you have! The lower jaw is pale-
               blue as is the belly. The feet are yellow and the
               "V"'s are aqua.
    POWER - MAGNET MAN CHAO!!! I am serious, this Chao looks a
            lot like the old Mega Man Robot Master, Magnet Man.
            The body is pure red. The hands and tips of the "magnet"
            are black. This Chao can grow to be as tall as Sonic!
    FLYING - This is a Chao based off of the main character of a
             popular Sega Saturn game. This is the NiGHTS Chao.
             He has big yellow wings and light-purple jester rolls
             that darken as they go down. He has light-brown feet
             and a light-brown belly. His hands are striped also.
    NORMAL - This is a purplish-pinkish Chao. It has striped arms
             and spikes. It has an orange belly and orange feet.
    RUNNING - This is a pink Chao with peach feet and a peach belly.
              It has big spikes that are striped. Some call this
              the Ram Chao.
    SWIMMING - This Chao is basically all orange with red stripes
               on its spikes.
    POWER - A BIG red Chao with 3 spikes that go straight up. 
    FLYING - A red Chao with purple striped feet and a wide spike
             that goes up.
    NORMAL - Just like the Neutral/Power Chao, except for the rounded
    RUNNING - Orange, red belly, tiny feet, and long, skinny arms.
    SWIMMING - Fat feet, red, purple stripes on ears and feet. It
               also has a huge spike on the back of its head.
    POWER - Curly tip.
    FLYING - The tip sticks outwards.
    NORMAL - Like a Child Chao, but podgier...again.
    RUNNING - Tip goes straight back.
    SWIMMING - Tip goes straight back and curls.
    POWER - This Chao has purple and orange striped hands, a brown
            belly, and the tip of this Chao goes up and forms a
    FLYING - Everything except the main body is purple. It has 
             tiny arms and feet. The head goes up and then widens.
    NORMAL - This Chao has a blue belly, blue and yellow striped
             arms, and a tip that goes straight up.
    RUNNING - This Chao has icy blue colours and a tip that looks
              like water coming out of a fountain.
    SWIMMING - Similar to the Hero/Running/Running, except for the
               colours. The fountain tip is taller and splits out
               two ways.
    POWER - A fat Chao with HUGE ears.
    FLYING - This Chao, when transparent with no legs (the bat
             effect - SA2:B only), looks like a ghost. The two
             tips go towards the back of the head and then curve
    NORMAL - A fatter version of the Hero/Swimming.
    RUNNING - An icy blue Chao with webbed feet and long ears.
    SWIMMING - Like the Hero/Swimming/Running, but with purple,
               blue, and yellow colours. The ears go behind the
               head and are quite long.
    POWER - Basically, all you need to know is that the top of the
            head looks like an old TV antennae.
    FLYING - Purple parts with big, blue wings. The tips shoot out
             from the head in four directions. Very elegant...
    NORMAL - Again, this one basically looks like TV antennae.
    RUNNING - This Chao has dark-purple arms and two small, but
              wide, ears.
    SWIMMING - This Chao has blue parts and a squiggly head piece.
    POWER - Another BIG Chao with red parts.
    FLYING - This Chao has purple parts and medium sized blue wings.
    NORMAL - The tip of this Chao goes up and then curves back.
    RUNNING - This Chao has a three-part headpiece. The parts 
              on this Chao are peachish.
    SWIMMING - This Chao looks like the Hero/Power/Flying, but
               has maroon parts.
    POWER - This is one freaky Chao. Its headpiece is two blue
            orbs, has a yellow belly, and blue and purple striped
    FLYING - This Chao has dull purple parts and two orb-shaped
    NORMAL - Like a Hero/Normal Chao but bigger.
    RUNNING - This Chao has icy blue parts and a zig-zaggy head
    SWIMMING - Looks like another "TV Chao" except the antennae
               are thicker.
    POWER - This Chao is dark blue and has quills that curve up.
    FLYING - Looks just like the Dark/Running but has yellow stripes
             on the quills.
    NORMAL - This Chao looks like a darker version of Sonic.
    RUNNING - This is the Shadow Chao. Its quills should be red
              rather than green now which is what makes it look
              like Shadow.
    SWIMMING - Dark-blue Chao with quills that curve down. Peach
               markings are on the quills.
    POWER - A dark-green fat Chao.
    FLYING - This Chao is dark and light blue with a huge spike
             coming up from its head.
    NORMAL - No real change, just taller.
    RUNNING - Just like the Dark/Swimming/Flying only with ice 
              blue colours.
    SWIMMING - This Chao looks like an evil fishy! He has light-
               green, light-yellow, and brown colours.
    POWER - This Chao looks a lot like the Chaos Devil Chao.
    FLYING - This Chao resembles the NiGHTS Chao.
    NORMAL - No real change, just longer tips.
    RUNNING - A dark purple version of Mickey Mouse. I'm serious...
    SWIMMING - This Chao basically has big ears coming from the
               side of the head.
    POWER - This Chao has a fat, red and black, curvy head piece.
    FLYING - Has a light-purple stomach that is longer than usual.
    NORMAL - No real change, but has more purple colours.
    RUNNING - This Chao is a dark-green with a tall, red striped
    SWIMMING - A dark-teal Chao that has a head like a shark.
    POWER - Looks just like Dark/Normal.
    FLYING - No real change, just a purple colour change.
    NORMAL - No change.
    RUNNING - DARK-purple with a big, purple spike.
    SWIMMING - Has a fully rounded head.
    iv) The Chao Transporter.
    In all three Gardens, there is a large machine with a GBA and
    a large, red button just begging to be pressed. Make sure you
    have a Chao in your hands when you press on the switch though,
    otherwise the Chao Transporter is essentially rendered useless.
    Upon pressing the button you are presented with the following
    Drop Off: Here, you can send your Chao to a Tiny Chao Garden.
              If you don't have a game that is loaded up with the
              Tiny Chao Garden on screen, the game will download
              one onto the GBA for you. Of course, it's much harder
              to raise rings if you don't have a compatible game...
    Pick Up: This option allows you to pick up your Chao, some rings,
             some fruit, and eggs from the Tiny Chao Garden.
    Name: Here, you are able to name your Chao. Fairly straight-
          forward, really...
    Good-Bye: This is where you effectively erase your Chao. Saying
              good-bye to a Chao will send it to a "faraway forest".
              But those with a keen eye will also have noticed
              that the first text box says "faraway mountains".
              Hehe. Bear in mind, once your Chao is gone, that 
              Chao can never be exactly remade ever again.
    Quit: Surprisingly, this quits the Chao Transporter Screen.
    v) The Tiny Chao Garden.
    The Tiny Chao Garden stems from the option "Drop Off" (see
    above) in The Chao Transporter. You can either drop your Chao
    off into a Tiny Chao Garden in Sonic Advance 1, Sonic Advance
    2, or Sonic Pinball Party - or, it is possible to just download
    a temporary Tiny Chao Garden onto your GBA. There are many 
    different "versions" of the Tiny Chao Garden, depending on 
    where you play or download it from.
    The Tiny Chao Garden is pretty much what it says on the tin,
    it's tiny, can only hold 1 Chao and 1 egg at the same time,
    and only has a small store. There are also two mini-games which
    you can play, but these also differ between "versions".
    vi) Porting Your Chao From SA2:B.
    Quite possibly the most frequently asked question for Chao
    lovers was: "Can I port my Chao from SA2:B to SA:DX?". Well,
    yes, yes you can. Sadly, it's not as simple as being able to
    use some kind of "Move" option, like you used to be able to
    on SA2:B.
    To port your Chao you will need the following extra equipment:
    o A GC-GBA link cable.
    o A GBA.
    o Preferably a copy of Sonic Advance 1 or 2, or Sonic Pinball
    Now, follow these instructions to port your Chao. If you don't
    have Sonic Advance 1 or 2, or Sonic Pinball Party, then just
    download a Tiny Chao Garden from SA2:B.
    1. Have all the necessary leads connected, with your GBA on
    and in the Tiny Chao Garden.
    2. Go into the SA2:B Chao Garden and pick up the Chao you want
    to port - take it over to the GBA machine and send it to a 
    Tiny Chao Garden. Save & Quit for those using a game, for extra
    3. Leave the SA2:B Chao Garden, and save. Load up SA:DX, and
    go into a Chao Garden.
    4. Re-enter the Tiny Chao Garden for cartridge users. If anything
    did go wrong during the process, your Chao should be safe.
    5. Step on the Chao Transporter in SA:DX and use the "Pick
    Up" option. Save and exit the Chao Garden VIA A DOOR immediately,
    again, in case something should go wrong.
    6. Once you've saved, save and quit the Tiny Chao Garden, and
    go back to admire your SA2:B ported Chao. ^_^
    Of course, you will notice something is now different about
    your Chao, that of course being that any animal parts on it
    have completely vanished. Oh dear. This is because the code
    of the animal parts in SA:DX and SA2:B differ slightly, so even
    something the same, like Parrot wings, will not show up.
    If you want to return the animal parts to your Chao, you will
    have to send your Chao back to its "original" game, and leave
    it there, or simply put them back on in SA:DX. Of course, only
    some animals can be put back on because of the differences in
    vii) The Black Market.
    Something that makes the Station Square Chao Garden better than
    the others is a door which leads to a shady joint run by a
    Chao and a Half-Fish animal. Here, you can buy fruits, eggs,
    and items. More items, and rarer items, appear for sale as
    you gain more emblems. Obviously if you have 130 emblems you
    should have access to almost every item in the Black Market.
    Although. It is no use asking me at what number of emblems I
    got a certain item at, as it varies in between games. So for
    example, I could start off with a Red Egg item, while you don't
    see it until you get around 80.
    Here's as good a list as I could get for the Black Market items;
    the list is made so the name is shown, the amount of rings it
    costs and the description the item is given.
    Hero Fruit - 120 - Hero trait fruit.
    Dark Fruit - 120 - Dark trait fruit.
    Heart Fruit - 300 - Egg-fertility fruit.
    Round Fruit - 80 - Delicious round fruit.
    Triangular Fruit - 80 - Delicious triangular fruit.
    Cubicle Fruit - 80 - Delicious cubicle fruit.
    Chao Fruit - 200 - Skill fruit.
    Mushroom - 300 - Very nutritious mushroom.
    Aqua - 600 - Slightly rare egg.
    Brown - 800 - Slightly rare egg.
    Gray - 1000 - Slightly rare egg.
    Light Green - 1500 - Slightly rare egg.
    Pink - 600 - Slightly rare egg.
    Purple - 800 - Slightly rare egg.
    Red - 500 - Slightly rare egg.
    White - 400 - Slightly rare egg.
    Yellow - 500 - Slightly rare egg.
    Shiny Aqua - 6000 - Moderately rare egg.
    Shiny Brown - 8000 - Moderately rare egg.
    Shiny Gray - 10000 - Moderately rare egg.
    Shiny Red - 5000 - Moderately rare egg.
    Shiny White - 4000 - Moderately rare egg.
    Apple - 2000 - Huge apple!
    Bucket - 6000 - Worn out bucket.
    Cardboard Box - 2000 - Cardboard box.
    Empty Can - 4000 - Empty fruit can.
    Flower Pot - 6000 - Big flowerpot.
    Pan - 2000 - Worn out pan.
    Paper Bag - 4000 - Grocery store paper bag.
    Stump - 4000 - Big tree stump.
    Watermelon - 6000 - Large watermelon.
    Wool Beanie - 10000 - Warm stripes (Blue and light blue).
    Wool Beanie - 8000 - Warm stripes (Red and yellow).
    Wool Beanie - 20000 - Warm stripes (Light grey and dark grey).
    viii) Chao Racing.
    Another extra in the Station Square Chao Garden is a large,
    brown door opposite the Exit door. Going through this brown
    door will result in you entering the Chao Races.
    A list of races for you to enter will then be displayed:
    o Beginner Race.
      o Pearl Course - Power Chao will be good on this course.
      o Amethyst Course - Flying Chao will be good on this course.
      o Sapphire Course - Power and Swimming Chao will be good on
                          this course.
      o Ruby Course - Swimming Chao will be good on this course.
      o Emerald Course - All-around Chao will be good on this course.
    PLEASE NOTE: The Emerald Course is only unlocked once the Pearl,
                 Amethyst, Sapphire and Ruby courses have been
    o Party Race.
      Here you can race another person's Chao, via using a different
      Memory Card with an SADX Chao Garden save on it, or race
      four of your own Chao provided you have more controllers.
    ix) Special Chao.
    Special Chao... what makes them so "special"? Well, by special
    I mean that they resemble some characters in games, are quite
    rare, and can only be raised by doing certain things and so
    A well-known special Chao would be the Sonic Chao (see below),
    because of its uncanny (surprisingly) resemblance to Sonic
    Here is a short layout guide for the Special Chao descriptions:
    Alignment/1st Evo/2nd Evo.
    Egg colour.
    Any animal parts needed to add to the effect.
    Here are some "recipes" for you to try:
    ~Sonic Chao~
    Neutral/Running/Running Chao.
    Normal egg.
    No animal parts.
    ~Super Sonic Chao~
    Neutral/Running/Running Chao.
    Gold egg.
    No animal parts.
    ~Metal Sonic Chao~
    Neutral/Running/Normal Chao.
    Shiny sky blue egg from Tiny Chao Garden.
    No animal parts.
    ~Shadow Chao~
    Dark/Running/Running Chao.
    Normal egg.
    No animal parts.
    ~Super Shadow Chao~
    Dark/Running/Running Chao.
    Shiny brown egg.
    No animal parts.
    ~Amy Chao~
    Neutral/Running/Running Chao.
    Pink egg.
    Skunk parts for hair.
    ~Knuckles Chao~
    Neutral/Power/Flying Chao.
    Red egg.
    Red egg mask, only slightly resembles.
    ~Metal Knuckles Chao~
    Neutral/Power/Flying Chao.
    Shiny red egg from Tiny Chao Garden.
    Red egg mask, only slightly resembles.
    ~NiGHTS Chao~
    Neutral/Flying/Flying Chao.
    Normal egg.
    No animal parts.
    Some other Special Chao are the famous Chaos* Chao. There are
    3 of these types of Chao, the Angel Chaos Chao, the Devil Chaos
    Chao, and the Chaos Chao. These Chao require a lot more time
    and patience to raise, but the effort is well worth it. Here
    are some steps to follow to raise a Chaos* Chao:
    1. Hatch a Chao and get it to its third life.
    2. Collect all 15 animals in SADX. You may want to use the
       small checklist below - it is recommended you keep track
       of what animals you have, because even the smallest error
       will stop it from turning into a Chaos Chao.
    3. Give the animals to your Chao.
    4. Decide whether you want it to be an Angel Chaos Chao, a
       Devil Chaos Chao, or just a Chaos Chao.
    5. i)   For a Chaos Chao, feed it normally.
       ii)  For an Angel Chaos Chao, feed it solely, and lots of,
            Hero Fruit.
       iii) For a Devil Chaos Chao, feed it solely, and lots of,
            Dark Fruit.
    6. Wait and care for your Chao until it evolves. If all these
       steps have been followed exactly, you should now have a Chaos
       Chao! Congratulations!
    |Attribute.       |Animal.  |Found At:     |Got?|
    |Swimming (Yellow)|Otter.   |Emerald Coast.|[  ]|
    |                 |Penguin. |Emerald Coast.|[  ]|
    |                 |Seal.    |Emerald Coast.|[  ]|
    |Flying (Purple)  |Parrot.  |Windy Valley. |[  ]|
    |                 |Peacock. |Windy Valley. |[  ]|
    |                 |Swallow. |Windy Valley. |[  ]|
    |Running (Green)  |Deer.    |Speed Highway.|[  ]|
    |                 |Kangaroo.|Speed Highway.|[  ]|
    |                 |Rabbit.  |Speed Highway.|[  ]|
    |Power (Red)      |Elephant.|Red Mountain. |[  ]|
    |                 |Gorilla. |Red Mountain. |[  ]|
    |                 |Lion.    |Red Mountain. |[  ]|
    |Blue (All-around)|Koala.   |Emerald Coast.|[  ]|
    |                 |Mole.    |Windy Valley. |[  ]|
    |                 |Skunk.   |Hot Shelter.  |[  ]|
    But Chaos* Chao are different from other, evolved, or Special
    Chao...very different. Chaos* Chao are immortal - they live
    forever unless your Chao file gets deleted or you say good-
    bye to them via the Chao Transporter.
    Another thing different about Chaos* Chao are that they can't
    mate. Once Chaos* Chao evolve into what they are, they stay
    like that exactly for the rest of their life. Animal parts
    will not affect your Chaos* Chao's appearance, but obviously
    you'll still need to feed it, and raise its stats by giving
    it animals if you wish.
    * Chaos Chao are called many things, another popular name for
    it is a "Light Chao" - but I myself prefer Chaos Chao.
    And then, of course, for Phantasy Star Online (GC) owners,
    there's another nice Special Chao for you to obtain. That 
    Chao would be the Official Tails Chao. This Chao resembles
    Tails almost exactly, right down to the two tails. The Official
    Tails Chao cannot be raised yourself (hence, "official"), and
    is like the Chaos Chao in the fact that it is immortal etc.
    To get the Tails Chao, you will need to play a certain quest
    in PSO, that quest is "The Fake In Yellow". Complete the
    quest and head through the Telepipe provided. Now, instead
    of going to collect your reward as you usually would, go back
    through the Telepipe and you will notice that there are three
    Rag Rappys assembled. They are all staring in the same direction.
    Walk over to where they are staring, and when you get to the
    right position, a scene should play which shows a Chao dancing
    to Mexican music. Once you've stopped laughing, and have received
    the "TINY CHAO GARDEN" key file from the Chao, return to Pioneer
    2 once again. Now run to the Hunter's Guild, but just near 
    the entrance is a Chao Transporter look-a-like. Step on it and
    follow the on-screen instructions - you should have a GBA connected
    to Slot 4. Once you are finished, quickly collect your reward,
    save and quit from PSO, load up SADX, step on the Chao Transporter
    and pick up your shiny new Official Tails Chao! :D
    x) Special Eggs.
    In SADX there are also "Special Eggs" hidden in the Adventure
    Fields. There is one egg per Adventure Field, and some only
    appear with certain characters. To get another of these eggs,
    you'll have to die enough times so that you face the "Continue?"
    screen. Once you see that, the eggs will re-appear. You can
    get one of each egg per character, also.
    The three eggs are the:
    Gold Egg: Found in Station Square, this egg is in the Antique
              Store's shop window. The Antique Store is the store
              which you come out into after getting the Light Speed
              Dash upgrade. Anyway, the egg is on the windowsill,
              but when-ever you try and take the egg, the store
              locks down in a security mode. So, to fix this go
              to City Hall, and on the left patch of grass, when
              you enter, there should be an egg-shaped rock. Pick
              up this rock and switch it with the Gold Egg. Go to
              the Chao Garden and hatch your new egg!
    Silver Egg: Found in the Mystic Ruins, this egg is very easy
                to get. Run down to the large pond by the waterfall,
                and look to your right. You should see a large,
                odd looking rectangle thing. Run up to it and push
                it. This will result in the Silver Egg being pushed
                from a similar rectangle thing above, hidden by
                the waterfall. Wait until the Silver Egg floats
                to the land, and then pick it up.
    Black Egg: Found in the Egg Carrier, this egg can only be picked
               up by Amy or E-102. Go the cell area, where Amy
               once escaped. The middle cell, should have the Black
               Egg in it. Jump up onto the switch and the cell will
               open. Take the egg to a Chao garden and celebrate!
    5) Chao FAQ's.
    You should look here for easy and quick reference. Here, I
    have listed some frequently asked Chao questions. 
    Q: How do you pronounce "Chao"?
    A: Ch-ow.
    Q: How many Chao can you have in each garden?
    A: 8.
    Q: Can I port my Chao over from SA2:B?
    A: *sigh* Yes.
    Q: How do I name my Chao?
    A: Step onto the Chao Transporter with the Chao you want to
    name in hand, then select "Name".
    Q: How long is a Chao year?
    A: About three and a half hours long.
    Q: I want another normal egg, but I hatched them all. How do
    I get another?
    A: Move all your Chao to other gardens so at least one is
    empty. Then go the empty garden. Two new normal eggs should
    be there.
    Q: When will my Chao go through first evolution?
    A: In its first year - so after about three hours or so.
    Q: When will my Chao go through second evolution?
    A: When it has gone through first evolution, mating season,
    and has been given a number of animals to help it along. The
    age is usually about 4.
    Q: When will my Chao go through mating season?
    A: When it is ready, at about late age 2 to early age 3.
    Q: When will my Chao re-incarnate or die?
    A: When it has lived for about 17 and a half hours (5 years).
    Q: What the?! My Chao died! Why didn't it re-incarnate?
    A: You were obviously too mean to it. If you beat it a lot,
    starved it, and constantly ignored it, it was bound to die.
    Be more careful and NICE next time.
    Q: So... can I get my dead Chao back?
    A: Well, no. You could exit without saving, but there probably
    would be only minimal time to change things and be nice. It
    probably wouldn't make a difference, so, no.
    Q: How do I get a Hero/Dark Chao?
    A: Feed your Chao on a sole diet of Hero or Dark fruits, depending
    on which you want, from the Black Market and your Chao is bound
    to evolve to your alignment choice.
    Q: Can I force my Chao to mate?
    A: Yes. You can buy a Heart Fruit from the Black Market, and
    feed it to your Chao. If your Chao has gone through first
    evolution, it should immediately go into a mating season. Pick
    up another Chao which has been through first evolution and
    put it in the bed of flowers around the Chao you fed the Heart
    Fruit too. If the Chao don't mate, you can always give the
    other Chao a Heart Fruit too.
    Q: So, by giving a Chao a Heart Fruit and forcing it into a
    Mating Season, will this then hurry along its second evolution?
    A: No. The Mating Season for second evolution to start has to
    be a natural one.
    Q: My Chao keeps sleeping, dammit! Why?!
    A: Well...why do you keep sleeping? Let it sleep! I'm sure
    YOU wouldn't like to be woken up in the middle of your slumber.
    Q: What does <insert evolutionary pattern here> look like?
    A: See Section 4) iii).
    Q: What does <insert item name here>('s) cost/description say?
    A: See Section 4) vii).
    Q: How do I get the Gold/Silver/Black Egg?
    A: See Section 4) x).
    Q: How can I get an Amy/Knuckles Chao?
    A: You can use the un-official recipes listed above, or to get
    the official ones, you needed to have gone to a special event
    in Japan. Some people have managed to "hack" these Chao, and
    have put up a European Gamesave of it on a wesbite somewhere.
    I do not know where.
    6) Special Thanks.
    YOU - For taking the time to browse this FAQ.
    ConfusedGuy - So generous. This here is the guy who let me use
    all of the Second Evolution descriptions, which are in his
    FAQ. Brilliant stuff, thanks man.
    CJayC - For hosting this FAQ, and being the brilliant
    brain of GameFAQs.
    All The Chao Research Squad staff past and present - You guys
    really made TCRS work, and we all helped so many people 
    together. Cheers.
    All people who asked questions at the TCRS - I love to help,
    and I hope I helped all of you. Of course, TCRS would be nothing
    if you hadn't asked...;) 
    Sega and Sonic Team - For giving us Chao!!! Oh, and Sonic, I
    Robert ‘SuperSonic67’ James - He also has his own Chao
    FAQ on GameFAQs, click "Back" and look up for a good read,
    but don't forget to come back here! ;)
    DuelingKing93@aol.com - For his kind, information giving e-mail.
    www.geocities.com/saveme_jebus - Thanks to the boss for giving
    be permission to use some recipes that can be found
    End file.

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