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    FAQ/Walkthrough by GavLuvsGA

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    FAQ by GavLuvsGA
    Version 3: 17 February 2004
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    Revision History
    Version 2 (9th November 2003)
    Finished the mini game list; improved some of Sonic's A emblem descrptions and
    added to the chao section; also finished missions section.
    Version 3 (17th February 2004)
    Didn't add a lot, but I added to the Chao section (I forgot to mention how to
    copy chao and eggs).
    						1.	Characters
    						2.	Actions
    						3.	Items
    						4.	Adventure Mode Walkthroughs
    							4.1	Sonic
    							4.2	Tails
    							4.3	Knuckles
    							4.4	Amy
    							4.5	Big
    							4.6	E - 102 Gamma
    							4.7	Super Sonic
    							4.8   Adventure Field Emblems
    							4.9   Sub Game Emblems	
    							4.10	Emblem Summary
    						5.	Mission Mode
    						6.	The Chao Garden
    						7.	Secrets
    							1. CHARACTERS
    Sonic is the main character, and is the world's fastest hedgehog. Enough said!
    Tails is Sonic's best friend; he is a two - tailed fox, who uses his tails to
    fly with. He is also very clever and is able to build things.
    Knuckles is the guardian of the chaos emeralds. He is gullible and is often
    tricked by Robotnik, but is good at climbing and digging.
    						AMY ROSE
    Amy Rose is a hedgehog girl, obsessed with Sonic. She likes to follow him
    around and carries with her her Piko Piko Hammer.
    						BIG THE CAT
    Big is a big cat. This is the first game in which he is a playable character
    (though he makes cameos in Sonic Adventure 2: Battle). He likes fishing and has
    a friend called Froggy, who is a frog.
    						E - 102 GAMMA
    E - 102 Gamma is a robot, built by Robotnik. Although built for evil purposes,
    he is not himself evil, and has a good sense of free will.
    						1.2 NON - PLAYABLE 							                     						CHARACTERS
    						DR. ROBOTNIK
    Dr. Robotnik, also known as Dr. Eggman, is Sonic's nemesis, who is constantly
    trying to take over the world.
    Chaos is a liquid lifeform, who gets stronger each time he eats a Chaos Emerald.
    Tikal is a female Echidna, who guards the Chao and appears frequently in
    flashbacks, visited by all of the characters during the course of the game.
    Zero is the robot who is chasing after Amy.
    Big's best friend ate the lucky charm he keeps (a Chaos Emerald), which made
    him grow a tail.
    Cream, the rabbit from Sonic Advance 2, only appears in brief glimpses in parts
    of the game. See if you can spot her.
    							2. ACTIONS
    						2.1	COMMON ACTIONS
    Walk/Run: Use the control stick (duh!)
    Jump: A button
    Panning the Camera: L and R
    Picking/Carrying Items: Use B or X when standing by them. Press B to put them
    down while standing still, or to throw them while running. Hold B or X to shake
    an item.
    						2.2	SONIC'S ACTIONS
    						2.2.1	Regular Actions
    Spin Attack: Use the A button
    Homing Attack: Press A in mid - jump to home in on enemies
    Spin Dash: One of Sonic's best moves; hold down B or X and then release.
    				2.2.2	Actions Involving Level - Up Items
    						Light Speed Dash
    What it does: Allows Sonic to spin dash at light speed. Do this when near to a
    chain of rings. Sonic will speed through them all and collect them. Release B/X
    when Sonic says "Ready!"
    How to Get It
    After beating Windy Valley, return to Station Square and you can go along the
    road that was previously blocked by Police cars. There is an open hole you can
    jump down; you can use this to access the item. Exit using the button, which
    makes a chain of rings appear. You can exit through a shop. To get a better
    version, go to the hotel lobby and up the stairs. Press both the buttons and
    make some rings appear and open a door, then use the move on the rings. Get
    through the door for the Crystal Ring.
    						Light Speed Attack
    How to Use: Hold down B or X until Sonic says "Ready" to attack enemies fast.
    How to Get: Return to Mystic Ruins after beating Speed Highway and find this
    near the Master Emerald Shrine.
    						2.3	TAILS' ACTIONS
    						2.3.1 Regular Actions
    Flight: Press A twice; press A to go higher and B/X to go lower (you will go
    lower automatically if you don't press A).
    Tails Attack: Press B or X
    					2.3.2 Actions Involving Level Up Items
    						Tail Spin
    How to Use It: Hold down the B or X button for an improved tail attack
    How to Get: When Tails is warped to the ancient temple (following Sand Hill),
    wander around the edges of the area and you should find the Rhythm Badge. Do
    this before talking to Tikal
    						Faster Flying
    How to Use It: This allows you to fly faster!
    How to Get: Go into the water behind the Twinkle Park entrance and go along the
    passage. At the end is a hole in the ceiling; fly into it to find the Jet
    						2.4	KNUCKLES' ACTIONS
    						2.4.1 Regular Actions
    Glide: Press A twice
    Climb: Grab a wall while gliding and then climb using the control stick
    Punch: Press B or X
    					2.4.2	Actions Involving Level Up Items
    How to Use: Press A and B or A and X together.
    How to Get: After beating Casinopolis, go to Mystic Ruins and find the tunnel
    with the caged monkey (near Tails' lab). You should find the Shovel Claw.
    						Maximum Heat Knuckles Attack
    How to Use: Hold down B to store up energy
    How to Get: Glide or climb around in the jungle area and the fighting gloves
    are above Big's house.
    						2.5 AMY'S ACTIONS
    						2.5.1 Regular Actions
    Hammer Attack: Press B or X while walking or standing still to attack with the
    Piko Piko Hammer
    Hammer Jump: Press B or X while running to use the hammer to allow Amy to make
    a high jump
    Jump Attack: Press B or X in mid - jump to use the Hammer in Mid - Jump
    					2.5.2 Actions Involving Level - Up Items
    						Spin Hammer Attack
    How to Use: Hold down B or X while rotating the control stick to make Amy swing
    the hammer in a circle. Don't spin for too long or Amy will become dizzy
    How to Get It: Beat the Hedgehog Hammer Game, and you are given the Warrior
    						Long Hammer
    How to Use: This simply gives you a bigger attack range
    How to Get It: Get a new high score in Hedgehog Hammer, after beating Hot
    Shelter and being rescued from the ship by Tails
    						2.6 BIG'S ACTIONS
    						2.6.1 Regular Actions
    Power Moves: Big is stronger than the other characters; press B or X repeatedly
    to lift, carry and throw large objects.
    Casting a Line: Cast using B or X after facing the water. Press B o X to show
    the cat incicator and move it around with the control stick, then release when
    in the right place. If your lure sinks, you can go into fishing mode. Use the
    control stick to move around the line and press down on the control stick to
    hook a fish (or Froggy). Reel it in carefully and watch the pressure gauge; if
    it turns red there is too much pressure and your line could break, which causes
    you to lose a life. When the line starts to go red, let go of the button you
    are pressing and wait for the pressure to drop. A reels the line quickly, while
    B or X reels in slowly.
    					2.6.2 Actions Involving Level Up Items
    						Lure Attack
    How to Use: Like casting, press B or X and then move the cast indicator around,
    then release to attack an enemy.
    How to Get It:
    You can get four lures
    1) In Station Square, follow the passage near to the entrance to Twinkly Park
    (in the water). You will get the Lure.
    2) In the area where Amy is inprisoned on the Egg Carrier
    3) In the Mystic Ruins Jungle, in the dead end path near to Big's house (use
    the map)
    4) By the dinosaur skull in Ice Cap (yes, that's right - it isn't in the
    Adventure Field). See my guide to Mission 60 for how to reach it
    How to Use It: You do this automatically after getting the Life Belt. Press and
    hold A to dive; let go of A to surface.
    How to get it: You find it outside Ice Cap.
    						Power Rod
    How to Use It: It gives Big a longer line on his rod.
    How to get it: Go to Big's house in the jungle and then lift up Big's bed to
    get it.
    					2.7 GAMMA'S ACTIONS
    					2.7.1 Regular Actions
    Laser Gun: Hold down B and move the control stick around to lock onto multiple
    enemies. Release it and you will fire a homing missile, hitting all locked on
    enemies. Don't try to lock on for too long or you will lose the lock on.
    Locking on to more enemies gains you more time.
    Rolling Mode: Gamma will perform this when he reaches full speed. Pressing A
    returns to walking mode.
    					2.7.2 Actions Involving Level Up Items
    How to Use: Press and hold A while jumping
    How to Get: After you rescue Amy, Eggman will direct you to the armoury, which
    is on the upper area of the interior of the Egg Carrier. Go through the door to
    find the jet booster.
    					Laser Blaster
    How to Use: This improves your firepower
    How to Get: This is in the room opposite where you got the jet booster. You can
    only get it after fighting Sonic, though.
    							3. ITEMS
    Red Shoes: Gives you a temporary speed boost
    Invincibility: Speaks for iteslf
    Rings: Found scattered around the game, and also in item boxes. If you have at
    least one, then taking hits will not kill you (you will lose your rings,
    though). Getting 100 of these will get you an extra life.
    Shield: Will protect you from damage once only. If you get a magnetic shield,
    it will attrack rings to you.
    Extra Life: Selt - explanatory
    Hint Orb: Similar to Omochao in Sonic Adventure 2: Battle; gives you clues if
    you touch them
    Light Speed Shoes (Sonic): Enable the light speed dash.
    Crystal Ring (Sonic): Allow you to perform the light speed dash faster
    Ancient Light (Sonic): Unleashes the Light Speed Attack
    Rhythm Badge (Tails): Enables to Rapid Tails Attack
    Jet Anklet (Tails): Allows Tails to fly faster
    Shovel Claw (Knuckles): allows Knuckles to dig
    Fighting Gloves (Knuckles): allows the Maximum Heat Knuckles Attack
    Warrior Feather (Amy): Allows the Spin Hammer attack
    Lure (Big): Allows Big to perform a lure attack; get all four
    Life Belt (Big): Allows Big to float
    Super Rod (Big): Allows Big to cast his line further
    Jet Booster (Gamma): Allows Gamma to hover
    					4. ADVENTURE MODE
    ********************4.1 SONIC**********************
    						BOSS: CHAOS 0
    This is pretty easy. Keep hitting Chaos' head until he is defeated, avoiding
    his attacks.
    After this little introduction, Sonic will then head to Station Square to check
    in at the hotel. While sitting by the pool, he sees Tails crashing his plane
    and sets out to rescue him.
    Mission C: Rescue Tails
    This is pretty simple and requires little explanation. Run through the level,
    avoiding falling into the water (really easy). Collect rings, and get to the
    end. The main obstacles are monkeys (Kiki) and spiked bars that keep falling,
    which you should avoid. When you reach the long boardwalk,make sure you don't
    stop as a shark will start to smash it up, Jaws - style (you should be able to
    use the boosters here). Also, as you pass the waterfall run up onto the curved
    wall and try and get the speed shoes. These should let you run through a
    shortcut and find a 1 up. When you reach the circle numbered 1, jump and keep
    jumping from disc 2, 3, etc. until you reach the next point. If you are too
    slow, you will return to the start of the disc sequence.
    Other missions can be played if you return to the level or play Trial Mode from
    the main screen.
    Mission B: Get 50 rings and touch the end of stage marker.
    This is pretty easy on this level, so I won't explain further.
    Mission A: Beat the level within 2 minutes
    This can be tough. Spin dash wherever you can and use the shortcut in the
    waterfall area, running up the cliff where the rings are and grabbing the
    shoes. After this, activate the checkpoint and run down the hill, through the
    corkscrew and onto the next island. Here, spin dash up the slope and hold
    right. If you do this correctly, you will skip a lot of the track and land near
    to the numbered pad sequence. Make sure you don't land in the deep areas of the
    sea while attempting this.
    After beating this level, you unlock Tails!
    				  	 STATION SQUARE
    Tails will show you his chaos emerald. Leave the Hotel and enter the Central
    Station. Get the train to the Mystic Ruins
    					 	 MYSTIC RUINS
    Head over to Tails' workshop (that building in the distance) up the stairs.
    However, Robotnik will intercept you.
    						BOSS: EGG HORNET
    This is pretty easy. Avoid Robotnik's attacks and when he dives, he will get
    stuck in the ground, so attack him then. After a few hits, he is beaten.
    However, he takes Tails' emerald and feeds it to Chaos.
    Go to Tails' lab and grab the green statue. Run down the steps and check the
    passageways until you find the pedestal where you can set the Statue. Jump into
    the wind.
    Mission C: Reach the emerald.
    Make your way through the valley. Again, there's not a lot I can say about
    this. Use your homing attack on the windmill platforms to find shortcuts; also
    on some sections you will have to run off cliffs and let the wind carry you. A
    little way in, you will be sucked into a hurricane. Don't worry - make your way
    up through this area and use the numbered discs again. The final section
    features music from Green Grove Zone (Sonic 3D). This mainly involves running
    along long paths, using boosters, and using the wind to blow you. Watch out for
    the spike ball at one point, though (you'll know what I mean when you see it).
    Mission B: Get 50 rings and touch the end of stage marker.
    Even if you hit the spike ball in the third stage, you should make it; straight
    after it is an item box with 40 rings. There is an item box near the marker if
    you end up a little short.
    Mission A: Beat the stage within 3 minutes.
    This shouldn't be too hard; use all the shortcuts you can. Near the start is a
    set of windmill platforms you can break with consecutive homing attacks; use
    these as a shortcut.
    						MYSTIC RUINS
    Return to the station.
    First of all, you should head down the street that was previously blocked by
    police cars. You can jump down the hole there and you will find the Light Speed
    Shoes after searching around. Use the button to make rings appear to exit.
    Then, return to the hotel and go up the stairs, then press the button to make a
    chain of rings appear. Press the other button and use the light speed dash to
    get the rings and enter the doors before they close to get an improved light
    speed dash.
    Go to the casino area and press the button to make rings appear. Light speed
    dash up to the button to open the door.
    Mission C: Get to the emerald.
    This is an unusual level. You can get rings by attacking the fruit machines,
    but the main way to get them is to use the pinball machines. There are two:
    Pinball & Slots
    You can get rings by bouncing around, but you should also activate the pinball
    machine by using the flippers to go straight up. Like with Sonic 2's Casino
    Night, three Robotniks loses you your rings, but three of anything else gains
    you rings. Oh, and if you get three in a row diagonally, it also counts, so
    watch out!
    Pinball & Cards
    This is weird. Go straight up to grab a card and keep doing this until you get
    five cards. How many match determines your score. Also, there is an extra table
    that I've not figured out how to reach yet. If you leave this table, you end up
    in some strange world where Nights resides. You will eventually float back to
    the main table.
    You get three tries at each table. If you finish with less than 100 rings, you
    will go to the sewers. At the start of this, use the light speed dash to get a
    long chain, then follow the path, avoiding spike balls and getting as many
    rings in the fan sections as you can. At the section with many spikes and
    obstacles, use light speed dash to get the rings overhead and an invincibility,
    then use the ladder to exit. When you think you have enough rings, find the
    room with the emerald and press the switch. You will have your rings shaken out
    of you and they form a ramp. If it is high enough (i.e. if you had enough
    rings), you will be able to get to the marker. If not, go back to one of the
    pinball machines. You need to deposit 400 rings. If you fall out of a pinball
    machine with 100 or more rings, you are warped back to the Casino area.
    Mission B: Get 50 rings and get to the end of stage marker.
    This is pretty simple. Get enough rings, lose them, then grab 50 more and go to
    the marker.
    Mission A: Beat the level within 5 minutes
    Don't spend too much time on the pinball tables. Leave them with less than 100
    rings or you will not be taken to the sewers, which are the best way to get
    rings. When you return to the hotel, deposit your rings in the exit area and
    then go back to one of the pinball tables and repeat this.
    When you leave the level, Robotnik will take one of your emeralds (which you
    drop). When Sonic and Tails come round, you will briefly see Cream in the
    distance (not that she's important, I just thought I'd mention it). Find the
    Blue Statue in the Casino Area and take it to the Mystic Ruins.
    						MYSTIC RUINS
    Enter the new tunnel that has opened and  place the blue statue by the ice
    symbol. Enter the door that opens.
    					   STAGE 4: ICE CAP
    Mission C: Get the emerald
    A lot of this level involves climbing and avoiding spikes. You can jump and
    grab the overhead ladders. Also, watch out for retractable spikes. At the first
    bit, run down the slope and use the Light Speed Dash to reach the Disc No. 1,
    then jump from disc to disc to find a short cut. In the second room, you can
    use the icicles to cling on. After you find the switch at one point, it makes
    some platforms apper; run across these and run along the track ahead, round a
    loop. Use another set of numbered discs and at the end, a large icicle will
    fall, forming a platform for you to cross and reach the passage ahead.
    The stage ends in the snowboarding mini game. This is good fun; try and collect
    as many rings as you can and jump at the end of the ramps.
    Mission B: Get 50 rings and reach the End of Stage Marker
    Mission A: Beat the level within 4 minutes
    This is still pretty easy; use all the short cuts described above and you will
    be fine.
    						  MYSTIC RUINS
    When you leave Ice Cap, head over to where the lake is (it is near to the Windy
    Valley entrance). Knuckes is there. He thinks Sonic and Tails are after the
    Master Emerald shards.
    Knuckles is easy. Hit him three times to beat him. After two hits, he'll start
    Knuckles will make Sonic drop the emeralds, where Robotnik takes them. He gives
    them to Chaos.
    						BOSS: CHAOS 4
    Chaos has turned into a fish. Run around, getting rings on the lily pads and
    jump to avoid Chaos' attacks. Attack Chaos when he surfaces. Four hits should
    do it.
    If you haven't done so aleady, you will now unlock Knuckles!
    Sonic and Tails decide to chase Robotnik, but Knuckles says he has some
    unfinished business - namely finding Master Emerald shards.
    Follow Tails to his lab and Tails will appear in the Tornado (the same plane
    from Sonic 2, Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles). After a spectacular cutscene where
    his runway appears, Sonic jumps aboard.
    Simply shoot as many of the enemies as you can. It is as easy as that. Hold
    down A and move the crosshairs over multiple enemies to get more hits. Let go
    of A to fire.
    After this, the plane is hit and goes down. Sonic will land in Station Square.
    Go to the Casino Area and Amy will appear. She wants Sonic to look after her
    If you've not done so already, you will now unlock Amy!
    Go out into the main area of Station Square. Notice that Big will be hanging
    around by the seafront. If you talk to him, you unlock him (if you haven't done
    so already).
    Head over to the weird entrance that you can see, and Amy will rush up and
    point out that cute couples get in free. Zero will appear in pursuit. No time
    to wait - Sonic chases Amy into the next Stage.
    Mission C: Find the end of stage marker
    At the start, ram as many of the bumper cars as you can and jump in one. Now,
    go along the bumper car track, avoiding enemies and picking up rings. Recognise
    the music? It's from the Panic Puppet Zone of Sonic 3D.
    At the end of that, there is a roller coaster ride, which is fun, though brief.
    Now, go through the park on foot. Use the flippers to allow you to hit the pins
    in the bowling alleys before you can get past, and then go through the carousel
    to the next checkpoint. After you pass the castle, use the spring to reach the
    roof and hit the switches on the roof to make lines of rings appear to Light
    Speed Dash along. Then, spring up to the roof and make your way to the exit
    Mission B: Get 50 rings and find the end of stage marker.
    This should be easy; get the rings on the roof of the castle and DON'T get hit
    by the enemies by the marker. Also, if you manage to knock down the skittles
    using the flippers, rings will appear from the crown in the next area.
    Mission A: Beat the level within 3 minutes
    Get through the car section as fast as possible and spin dash wherever you can
    (if you hold forward at the end, you'll shave a couple of seconds off your
    time). Be careful you don't fall as you make your way to the castle roof by
    jumping across the spinning roofs as taking the longer route will make it a lot
    harder to get to the end.
    When you exit Twinkle Park, grab the pass that appears and head to the building
    close to the Twinkle Park entrance. Go in EITHER elevator.
    Mission C: Reach the end of stage marker
    Similar to Radical Highway from Sonic Adventure 2: Battle; speed along the
    roads without falling off. When you reach the helipad, grab the helicopter to
    be carried to the next section. This level also features a long run down a
    building. Careful positioning can get you extra rings. The final bit is through
    a busy street, where you should watch out for cars. Use the fountain to help
    you get to the marker.
    Mission B: Get 50 rings and reach the end of stage marker
    This should be a little hard, as you must look after your rings in the final
    section. Try and get up onto the roof tops to find rings; also, if you're a
    little short at the end, hit the bell to make rings appear.
    Mission A: Beat the stage within 2 minutes 30 seconds
    All you can do is spin dash and light speed dash wherever possible. There
    aren't any real short cuts, except do homing jumps on the line of spinners over
    the area with the rocket that takes you to the second area to skip part of the
    					   STATION SQUARE
    When you leave this area, go to the Casino area. Amy will be carried above you
    by Zero; get the train. When Sonic reaches Mystic Ruins, Zero will be beamed up
    to the Egg Carrier, taking Amy with him.
    						  MYSTIC RUINS
    Go along the passage to Ice Cap, but go past that and you will find Angel
    Island (home of the Master Emerald Shrine). Nearby is the Ancient Light. After
    getting it, use the Ancient Light Attack on the caged monkey close by and you
    open the next stage.
    Mission C: Reach the end of stage marker.
    For the first stage, make your way up the mountain, using springs and rockets,
    and avoiding death pits and lava. If a rocket is locked, look around for a
    switch to unlock it. Then, head through the caverns; try to get the speed shoes
    near the start, then cross the lava pools and you should make it to the end
    with few problems.
    Mission B: Get 50 rings and reach the end of stage marker.
    As long as you don't take too many hits at the end, this should be no problem.
    Mission A: Beat the level within 3 minutes
    There are a few short cuts you can find at the start involving springs, but you
    will need to do this fast and spin dash wherever possible to get through this
    At the end, Tails appears in his new Tornado!
    Again, shoot all the enemies that appear (more this time). When the back of
    Robotnik's spacecraft appears, shoot it. It is easy to beat.
    						  EGG CARRIER
    After a bad landing on the Egg Carrier, Sonic and Tails find Robotnik
    transforms his Egg Carrier. Don't panic - enter the door directly ahead of
    					STAGE 8: SKY DECK
    Mission C: Make it to the end of stage marker
    For the first part, don't fall, or you'll die! You can make your way around the
    hexagonal columns and later on, you should make your way up them by jumping. At
    the end, touch the missile and you will be taken to the second stage.
    Here, avoid the strong winds (either grab something or keep jumping like mad).
    Destroy the gun turrets and near the end, get across the floor as it collapses.
    Fire a rocket at the big gun turret at the end when it turns towards you to
    progress (note: around the base of this are several gun turrets, some of which
    hide 1 ups).
    For the last section, make your way across the deck, which tilts vertically
    halfway up, forcing you to use the springs and horizontal ladders to get past.
    At the top, run down the slope and press the button, then follow the new
    passage to the marker.
    Mission B: Get 50 rings and find the end of stage marker.
    This should be no problem, as the last section has few things that are likely
    to cause you to lose rings. Try and get as many rings as you can at the end.
    Mission A: Beat the level within 5 minutes
    There aren't many places you can do this fast; simply spin dash where you can.
    That's about all I can say. At the end, when the ship tilts, try to position
    yourself, so you get to the top as quickly as possible. The platform has a
    tendency to shake occasionally, so be careful.
    						  EGG CARRIER
    After Sky Deck, get in the round yellow thing at the top of the steps (sorry,
    best description I can give), next to the letter buttons that allow you to
    access the Chao Garden (see Chao section).
    When you exit, head towards the structure that is furthest from you and enter;
    press the button and light dash past the rings, then in the next room (the
    control room), jump on the chair to make it move forward, revealing a button.
    Press it to turn the ship back to normal. Exit and watch Robotnik take Amy's
    bird, and its chaos emerald. Robotnik then sets Gamma on you.
    					 BOSS:E102 GAMMA
    Keep attacking him and avoiding his fire. After three hits...
    Amy will stop you, explaining that Gamma is different. The ship will start to
    lose altitude, so Tails and Amy leave. Head towards the other end of the ship.
    If you've not done so already, you will now unlock Gamma.
    Robotnik calls Chaos, and Chaos has 6 emeralds, plus Froggy (Big is there too).
    						BOSS: CHAOS 6
    Hit one of the bombs that appears you you can pick it up and throw it into
    Chaos mouth, freezing him (his "frozen" position looks SOOOO wrong). Hit him
    again. To make things easier, Robotnik will yell: "I don't believe this" if
    Chaos is frozen. He will also try and suck you up, which occasionally leads to
    him swallowing a bomb, which has the same effect as usual. Four hits and he is
    dead. Or is he?
    If you have not done so already, you will now unlock Big!
    						  MYSTIC RUINS
    After the cinema, go to the minecar near the lake in Mystic Ruins, which takes
    you to the jungle. Head to the temple in the middle and enter the passage.
    					STAGE 9: LOST WORLD
    Mission C: Get to the center of the ruins
    This is a very fun stage. First of all, run along the passages, avoiding
    flames, until you reach the snake room. In the snake room, you can make your
    way up using the stone snake, and use the round buttons to raise the water
    level. Find the three buttons that open the door too. Be careful you don't fall
    to your death.
    The next section involves mirrors. When Sonic grabs one, rotate it until it
    reflects light off the other mirrors, lighting up the room, making it easier to
    You'll then go along a river and down a waterfall; make your way along the
    passage to a scene straigt off Raiders of the Lost Ark.
    That's right, a big rock will start rolling after you. Run to avoid it.
    In the last room, use the switches to move the panels until they light up,
    allowing you to walk on them (really impressive), walking up walls. After this,
    use the switch the light dash across the room and you've made it.
    Mission B: Get 50 rings and find the end of stage marker
    Once you get near the end of the level, getting 50 rings should be easy. I'll
    say no more.
    Mission A: Beat the stage within 4 minutes and 30 seconds.
    What? That sounds impossible! Well, of course it isn't. You will need to spin
    dash a lot (there are some good opportunities at the start) and beat the snake
    area as fast as possible; after hitting the last water switch, do homing jumps
    down the snake's body to the red switch; this saves a lot of time. In the
    mirror room, don't touch the mirrors; in the final room, there is a short cut.
    After you get past the row of spikes that attacks horizontally, you will find a
    ledge with a switch on. You can jump to a nearby one that is set into the wall;
    if you make it, you will find you are on the ledge with the button to make the
    row of rings appear on.
    After this, the hint orb will appear and Sonic will be warped to the master
    emerald shrine. It looks different, but this is because it is a flashback
    (well, Sonic has been transported back in time). Talk to Tikal, and then you
    will be warped back to outside the temple.
    						 MYSTIC RUINS
    Next, head towards the cliff and enter the door into the metal bridge that you
    see. In the next area, press the six buttons that you find if you search until
    each of them is lit. Pressing a switch lights it, but turns off any switches
    immediately by it if they are it (or turns them on if unlit). When you manage
    this, you will access the last level.
    					STAGE 10: FINAL EGG
    Mission C: Get to the End of Stage Marker
    First of all, run along the corridor, breaking the things that are generating
    the lasers. Carefully cross the conveyor belt section; this bit is
    The second section involves a deep shaft, and here, to prevent you from taking
    short cuts, Sonic CAN fall by falling too far within the level (i.e. without
    falling off the bottom) - a Sonic first.
    Make your way across the floating platforms until you reach a tunnel, then make
    your way down and across some more. When you reach the bottom, press the
    switch, opening up another shaft. Cross yet more floating platforms, avoiding
    swinging hammers (expert timing is needed). Then take the elevator down to a
    new area, and cross even more floating platforms to an area with an elevator
    which leads to the last area.
    Now, things are getting tough. If you end up in a room with lots of exploding
    robots heading at you, get out of there fast. Be careful crossing the fans, and
    at the point where you drop down the long shaft, land in the middle and make
    your way up and you should find a way out. At the end of the level, you meet
    Mission B: Get 50 rings and tough the end of stage marker
    The only tip I can give you is - don't get hit by the enemies right at the end.
    You will regret it. If you are a little short, you will make it up with the
    final light speed dash.
    Mission A: Beat the level within 4 minutes 30 seconds
    Umm - spindash a lot. Otherwise there are no real shortcuts; simply practise
    beating this one without any mistakes.
    Sonic will leave using a rocket. Now for the ultimate battle (or is it?).
    The arena consists of two floating platforms. If you fall, you die. Robotnik
    will fly past you three times and try and shoot you, then he will cockily make
    himself into a sitting target. Use homing jumps to get to him. The second time
    he'll fire a laser straight at you before making himself into a target (this
    time, you must use more homing jumps). After three hits, he will appear at one
    end of the platform and shoots you with lasers (be careful).
    After the fourth hit, he changes his attack. He will hover at one end, taking
    out a platform and fire one of his two spiked platforms at you. Jump on it and
    you will be carried back to him, then hit him. Be careful, because if you miss
    he will take out more pieces of the platform. He is even faster after the fifth
    hit, so beware. After the final hit, watch him as he will crash through one of
    the platforms. Don't stand there or you will die. If you survive, you have
    beaten Sonic's game.
    ********************4.2 TAILS**********************
    Watch the cinema, where Tails crashes and is rescued by Sonic. After Tails
    shows Sonic his chaos emerald, head to the Mystic Ruins by train and go to
    Tails' workshop. Robotnik is there.
    						BOSS: EGG HORNET
    This is pretty easy. Avoid Robotnik's attacks and when he dives, he will get
    stuck in the ground, so attack him then. After a few hits, he is beaten.
    However, he takes Tails' emerald and feeds it to Chaos.
    Take the green stone from outside your workshop and  take it to the entrance to
    Windy Valley (same as in Sonic's game).
    Mission C: Find the emerald before Sonic
    This is fairly easy. In all Tails' stages, you must beat Sonic to the goal.
    Jump off to the right to skip the loop in the track, on to the platform below
    for a short cut and then get to the end before Sonic. Use the green rings as
    N.B. If you die, then wherever you restart, Sonic will be in the same place as
    Mission B: Get 50 rings and beat Sonic
    Getting 50 rings is pretty easy, so you should have no problem.
    Mission A: Beat an even faster Sonic.
    Again, this is easy. Using the same tips I gave for Mission C, you should be
    able to beat it. As long as you have the jet anklet, Tails' Mission As should
    be no problem.
    						  MYSTIC RUINS
    Head back to Station Square
    Go to the casino area (go down the stairs from the station). Fly up to the
    switch to open it.
    Mission C: Find the emerald before Sonic
    This takes place in the sewers. Simply run forward and hit the bomb item box to
    kill all the enemies, and then run along, collecting rings and going through
    the fan rooms. You have a good chance to get ahead at the end by flying.
    Mission B: Get 50 rings and beat Sonic
    This is pretty easy, as there are lots of rings on this level. However, make
    sure you avoid getting hit right at the end, by the swinging maces.
    Mission A: Beat an even faster Sonic.
    He isn't THAT much faster, so this should again be easy. Again, fly over the
    last section to get a good lead).
    After Casinopolis, Robotnik will steal an emerald and gas Sonic and Tails. When
    you come round, notice the flying figure appearing out of an alley. A common
    mistake is to think that it is Tails and the game is glitched; it is Cream.
    Enter the alley for the Ice Stone and head to the station and take it to Mystic
    						  MYSTIC RUINS
    Enter the passage that conveniently opens, and place it on the blue slab you
    see to enter.
    					  STAGE 3: ICE CAP
    Mission C: Find the emerald before Sonic
    Beat Sonic skiing. Use the ski jump ramps and find short cuts. This is pretty
    Mission B: Get 50 rings and beat Sonic
    There are plenty of rings on the slope, and - since I've never once taken a hit
    here, you should have no problem.
    Mission A: Beat an even faster Sonic
    If you make as many jumps as you can and take short cuts, this should be a
    piece of cake.
    						  MYSTIC RUINS
    After this, head towards the pond in Mystic Ruins, where you will find
    Knuckles. He thinks you and Sonic are after the pieces of the Master Emerald.
    Knuckles is easy. Hit him three times to beat him. After two hits, he'll start
    Knuckles will make Tails drop the emeralds, where Robotnik takes them. He gives
    them to Chaos.
    						BOSS: CHAOS 4
    Chaos has turned into a fish. Run around, getting rings on the lily pads and
    jump to avoid Chaos' attacks. Attack Chaos when he surfaces. Four hits should
    do it.
    If you haven't done so aleady, you will now unlock Knuckles!
    						 MYSTIC RUINS
    Sonic and Tails decide to chase Robotnik, but Knuckles says he has some
    unfinished business - namely finding Master Emerald shards.
    Go to Tails' workshop and Tails will prepare the Tornado (the same plane from
    Sonic 2, Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles). After a spectacular cutscene where his
    runway appears, Sonic jumps aboard.
    Simply shoot as many of the enemies as you can. It is as easy as that. Hold
    down A and move the crosshairs over multiple enemies to get more hits. Let go
    of A to fire.
    After this, the plane is hit and goes down. Tails will be knocked unconsious
    when he lands in the Mystic Ruins.
    						 MYSTIC RUINS
    When Tails wakes up, head for the minecart and you will be taken to the jungle
    area. If you fly across the jungle, you will see a temple. However, head to the
    left of where you started and you should find an emerald. However, Froggy will
    take it. Chase him, and you should find a path leading into a tunnel. Now, fly
    up to find the switch that opens the passage ahead.
    Use your sand board to get to the end. Try and go through as many gates as you
    can; the more gates you go through, the higher the multiplier at the top right
    will be; watch out, as if you take too long to get to the next gate, this will
    reset to zero.
    Tails will get the emerald from Froggy, only to suddenly be transported back in
    time. You stand before a temple. Actually, it is the same temple that is in the
    jungle. Echidnas are everwhere. Search around the outside for the Rhythm Badge
    (you need it to continue). Then, head to the temple, where you will meet Tikal.
    After talking to her, you will return to Mystic Ruins, where Big appears. Tails
    will drop Froggy in fright, but has the emerald.
    If you've not done so alreay, you will now unlock Big.
    Tails builds a new plane, using the emerald as his power supply, and goes to
    find Sonic.
    Again, shoot all the enemies that appear (more this time). When the back of
    Robotnik's spacecraft appears, shoot it. It is easy to beat.
    						 EGG CARRIER
    After a bad landing on the Egg Carrier, Sonic and Tails find Robotnik
    transforms his Egg Carrier. Don't panic - enter the door directly ahead of
    					STAGE 4: SKY DECK
    Mission C: Reach the end of stage marker before Sonic
    Considering you can fly and Sonic cannot, this stage should be no problem. Use
    the boosters to get through the level. At the very start, you can also take a
    massive shortcut across the stage by flying (impossible for Sonic). At the end,
    make your way to pillar no. 4 and make your way up and the marker is nearby.
    Mission B: Get 50 rings and beat Sonic
    This is again pretty easy; make sure you aren't hit by the missiles at the end.
    Mission A: Beat an even faster Sonic
    This isn't a lot harder than Mission C. You should be able to clear it with
    little fuss. Again, simply fly across the first section of the level. This is
    one of the easiest A missions in the game.
    						  EGG CARRIER
    After you exit, use the transporter thing in front of the letter switches to
    access the deck and head towards the building furthest from you, then fly up
    through the hole in the ceiling. Find the switch by jumping on the chair and
    making it move forward, press it and exit.
    When you exit, head towards the structure that is furthest from you and enter;
    press the button and light dash past the rings, then in the next room (the
    control room), jump on the chair to make it move forward, revealing a button.
    Press it to turn the ship back to normal. Exit and watch Robotnik take Amy's
    bird, and its chaos emerald. Robotnik then sets Gamma on you.
    					BOSS:E102 GAMMA
    Keep attacking him and avoiding his fire. After three hits...
    Amy will stop you, explaining that Gamma is different. The ship will start to
    lose altitude, so Tails and Amy leave.
    If you've not done so already, you will now unlock Amy and Gamma.
    					  	STATION SQUARE
    After you land in Station Square, Robotnik will decide to destroy it with a
    missile, which turns out to be a dud. You must beat him to it. Follow him
    through the door he busts down and enter either elevator.
    Mission C: Find the missile before Robotnik
    At the start, fly towards the right and take the road there, and use the boost
    rings if you can. You should end up on the area with the glass roof and the
    moving platform ahead. Use another set of boost rings to go faster, then head
    to where the shield is. From this point, fly towards the line of rings in mid
    air and fly onto the road ahead of them (this skips a lot of the level). When
    you reach the helipad, use boost rings again, and for the final section, keep
    using the boost rings. If you fly fast enough, you can fly all the way across
    from the last checkpoint to the missile.
    Mission B: Get 50 rings and beat Robotnik
    As long as you don't die near the end, getting 50 rings in here should be
    easier than it seems.
    Mission A: Beat an even faster Robotnik
    You should have the Jet Anklet for this. Take all the shortcuts you can, as
    Robotnik will take these too. Otherwise, the tips I gave for Mission C should
    suffice. Tails' emblems are very easy to get.
    Tails will deactivate the missile. Robotnik isn't finished, though.
    This isn't as hard as it looks. Avoid all of Robotnik's attacks, and then wait
    for him to stamp one of the legs of his Egg Walker. Jump to avoid the
    shockwaves, then hit (Tail Spin) the light that is on the leg, making him fall
    over. Hit him then. After that, he will stamp two legs each time, and the last
    time, he will stamp three. You must get all three, so be ready. As soon as the
    shock wave from the last one passes, run and hit all three legs (the lights you
    must hit will glow).
    You have now beaten Tails' game!
    *******************4.3 KNUCKLES******************
    Knuckles' game starts with Knuckles alone on Angel Island (the floating island
    from Sonic 3). The Master Emerald is shattered by the sudden appearance of
    Chaos and the island falls. Knuckles must find all the pieces.
    Knuckles' game is significantly different from Sonic and Tails' game; when you
    reach Station Square (you go there automatically), you must first of all go to
    the City Hall area, and punch down the yellow cordon which is where Sonic
    fought Chaos 0. Go through the door.
    Mission C: Find all the pieces of the Master Emerald
    There are three pieces, and - unlike in Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, the radar
    will bleep when ANY of them are near. Watch the radar; if you are getting
    close, one of the emeralds will turn blue. As you get closer, it will turn to
    green, yellow, and then red. All the emeralds will be in plain sight at the
    moment, or hidden within bad guys or items that you can smash open. Get all
    three to beat the stage.
    This stage takes place in the last section of Sonic's Speed Highway, and the
    main dangers are vehicles and motorcyclists on the roads. Most emerald shards
    are high up.
    Mission B: Get all the emerald pieces without using any hintballs.
    This is pretty easy, unless you accidentally hit a hintball, in which case you
    should immediatley press restart (you'll keep all emeralds you have, but you'll
    restart from the point where you go the last one).
    Mission A: Get all the emerald pieces in 1 minute
    How you do on this depends on where the emeralds are hidden. If you are taking
    a while to find one emerald, you can always press restart, and you'll return to
    the point just after you got the last piece, and the time on the clock will be
    the same as it was when you got this piece too.
    After beating this, head to Casinopolis (don't say you don't know where it is,
    as you will have to have gone there in Sonic or Tails' story to unlock
    Knuckles) and climb up the wall with rings on, then glide to the button to open
    Mission C: Find all the pieces of the Master Emerald
    You can't enter the pinball machines, but you can use the springs to get to
    places Sonic can't, including the pirate ship (with robot pirates you can kill)
    and a big lion head, which sometimes has an emerald in its mouth). Sometimes
    one will be inside the giant golden Sonic in the middle, in which case you must
    smash it by punching it (the Gold Sonic does not appear in Sonic's game at
    first, until you start depositing rings, then if you look, you can see its legs
    have appeared and you build it all if you get enough rings).
    For Missions B and A, refer to my advice above. There's nothing much more I can
    say to help.
    After you beat Casinopolis, leave and you will be warped back to the temple
    area. You will find Tikal, who is begging her father to listen to her.
    					   STATION SQUARE
    After the flashback, you will see Sonic and Tails unconsious. Cream can be seen
    flying around, though she has no purpose in Knuckles' game. Enter the hotel and
    follow Robotnik into the elevator. You will end up in the restaurant. (This is
    the one and only time you can access this area, so make the most of it).
    Robotnik will call up Chaos, and feed him an emerald.
    						BOSS: CHAOS 2
    Run away from him when he turns into a ball and glide into him to turn him back
    to normal; after that, you must hit his head by either sneaking up behind him
    to avoid him using his shield, or by attacking him just after he uses an attack
    (these include turning into a deadly puddle and seeping over the floor).
    After Chaos is beaten, Robotnik will tell Knuckles that Sonic is after the
    emerald shards too.
    Go to the station and board the train.
    					      MYSTIC RUINS
    Run along towards the steps leading to Tails' workshop, only run past them and
    along the passage; ignore the minecar, run along the other passage, where you
    will be locked in. Get the Shovel Claw. Use it in the area with the Robotnik
    face hovering over it, and get the monkey blaster. Set it under the monkey cage
    to open the door, then take it again. Go to the Master Emerald shrine area and
    use the monkey blaster on the monkey guarding Red Mountain.
    All three missions can be cleared in the same way as before. However, some
    emeralds may be buried. Fortunately, you will now have the shovel claw. Press A
    and B together to use it. The other main hazards on this level are lava and
    falling to your death.
    						 MYSTIC RUINS
    Head towards the pond (the same one where you fought Knuckles as Sonic and
    Tails). Sonic and Tails are there.
    						  BOSS: SONIC
    Yes, the time has come to fight Sonic. Punch him three times to beat him. He's
    not too hard.
    Knuckles will make Sonic drop the emeralds, where Robotnik takes them. He gives
    them to Chaos.
    						BOSS: CHAOS 4
    Chaos has turned into a fish. Run around, getting rings on the lily pads and
    jump to avoid Chaos' attacks. Attack Chaos when he surfaces. Four hits should
    do it.
    						 MYSTIC RUINS
    After Sonic and Tails leave, take the minecar nearby to the jungle area. Glide
    towards the right to find a ledge with the Fighting Gloves on.
    You must also get two statues. One of these is right at the point where you
    enter; the other can be found if you climb down the ladder and head towards
    where Sand Hill is. You should find a cul - de - sac with an eggman face
    appearing out of some soil. The other statue is buried there (if you can't
    follow my directions, use the map). Take both statues to the podiums on the
    side of the temple (they look like the ones outside Windy Valley and Ice Cap).
    				 STAGE 4: LOST WORLD
    This is a pretty simple level; if you beat the last three, you should manage
    this one with no problems. The stage consists of the room where you can run on
    the tiles when they are lit. There are very few places you can stand in this
    level without being close to one of the emerald shards, plus you can glide
    through the level quickly, making it Knuckles' easiest stage in my opinion.
    You are at the Master Emerald shrine. Talk to Tikal again.
    						  MYSTIC RUINS
    The Master Emerald shrine - again. Knuckles realises that he has to restore the
    emerald. There are a few pieces missing. Better get them.
    Knuckles will follow Gamma, who appears from Red Mountain.
    If you've not done so already, you will now unlock Gamma.
    Go back to the jungle area, and go past the temple and you should find the
    bridge leading to Final Egg.
    						 EGG CARRIER
    Knuckles will board the Egg Carrier as it rises. Once aboard, you should find a
    room with a (drained) swimming pool. If it isn't drained, leave the room and
    run across the ship until the Egg Carrier transforms, then go back. Enter the
    door at the bottom of the swimming pool and Knuckles will sense the master
    emerald. Enter the next door.
    					STAGE 5: SKY DECK
    Very different from Sonic and Tails' versions. Here, you must use the lever to
    tilt the ship to get some emeralds.
    If you pull the lever towards you (relative to where you start), the containers
    near the start will open and you can enter them (these may have emeralds
    inside). The ones further down the deck can be opened by pulling the lever to
    the right as you face it the first time.
    Also, it may be under one of the moving platforms, which you can slide across
    the deck by moving the lever. All I can really suggest here is trial and error.
    For a change, you get 2 minutes in which to beat Mission A, meaning you may
    manage that one without even using the restart trick.
    Talk to Tikal yet again.
    						 EGG CARRIER
    Exit the swimming pool and run towards the other end of the ship. Sonic has
    apparently beaten Chaos. However, when Sonic and Robotnik leave, guess who
    				 FINAL BOSS: CHAOS 6
    As with Sonic, throw bombs into his mouth or let him suck them up, but watch
    out as portions of the battlefield are damaged and you cannot tread on them.
    Also, watch out for Chaos' attack where he turns into some sort of laser like
    thing and tries to attack you with an energy beam (jump to avoid this). This is
    a pretty easy boss, though.
    After beating Chaos 6, he is *apparently* dead. You have beaten Knuckles' game!
    ***********************4.4 AMY********************
    After watching the cinema of Amy finding her bird and being chased by Zero,
    before hiding in the Burger Bar, head to the Casino Area which you can access
    from the hotel. There you meet Sonic.
    Now, leave the Casino Area and head towards Twinkle Park. Despite being chased
    by Zero, Amy will encourage Sonic to take her into the park.
    Mission C: Evade Zero and reach the balloon
    You must avoid Zero. You can hit him with your hammer, but do this too much and
    he will become invincible. To start off, press all three switches to open the
    Inside the castle, run along the corridors and be careful in the mirror rooms,
    especially the second one as the camera angle can be confusing. Once you get
    the directions right (for the second mirror room, look at the second image from
    the front and you should get the controls right). Avoid the spike balls, and
    keep ahead of Zero. Then, as you cross the roof of the castle, avoid the
    collapsing floors (to make it easier, these are not visible in the mirror).
    After the castle, avoid more balls and TNT barrels and grab the balloon.
    Mission B: Evade Zero and collect 50 rings
    A good tip here is to get the shield hidden behind the hedge by the castle
    door. Other than that, try and get as many ring boxes at the start as you can
    and try not to lose rings at the end.
    Mission A: Find the balloon within 2 minutes
    At the start, head to Amy's right and round the lake that way, pressing the
    buttons. You waste less time. This level doesn't really have short cuts, so my
    only advice would be to not waste time, especially in the mirror rooms.
    					  STATION SQUARE	
    Amy is kidnapped by Zero!
    					      EGG CARRIER
    Amy will meet E102 Gamma, who has been sent for the bird. Amy manages to
    convince him to free her instead.
    If you've not done so already, you will now unlock Gamma!
    You must beat this to get past. To be precise, beat Robotnik's score of 2000.
    This is kinda disturbing; you must hit the Sonics that appear with your hammer,
    and you get 100 points (Super Sonics get you 500 points). Hitting a Robotnik
    loses you 200 points. Stand in the middle and keep hitting and you should
    manage it eventually.
    You will be awarded with the Warrior Feather.
    After leaving the room, use your hammer to hit the switch by the door next to
    you to open it.
    Mission C: Evade Zero and grab the balloon
    Wow, a level Sonic cannot access! This is Amy's hardest level in my opinion;
    Zero will repeatedly crash through walls in a manner similar to Mr. X from
    Redident Evil 2. A few points to note; when you see a lever, rotate it, usually
    clockwise, to open the door ahead. After the room full of cogs (at the end,
    find a switch to reverse the last two cogs to be able to get to the next room,
    where you must carefully get to the button to press it without falling; you
    will be taken round on the rotating platform; when it stops, make your way to
    the next door.
    In the next room, pick up each of the four coloured blocks and place them in
    the spaces with the corresponding colour; Zero will make a spectacular entrance
    by crashing through the TV screens. You must do the box sequence again at the
    end, this time with Zero chasing you. Here, one of the blocks is on a narrow
    ledge above you, which you must use a spring to reach (careful you don't fall
    to your death).
    The balloon is through the door that opens.
    Mission B: Evade Zero and get 50 rings
    There are plenty of rings in this level, and keeping hold of them is not as bad
    as it seems, as long as you hit Zero if you need to, and get all the shields
    you can. Towards the end, there aren't that many bad guys, and as long as you
    dodge the monkeys at the end (use the bomb item box), this should be easy.
    Mission A: Find the balloon within 6 minutes, 30 seconds
    This is pretty easy really. You should easily be able to clear this level in
    under 6 minutes. When you open the gates, stop doing so when they are high
    enough to lift themselves the rest of the way. This should shave off a few
    Go to the Master Emerald Shrine, where Tikal tells you about Chao. Suddenly,
    Chaos appears from the water.
    					      EGG CARRIER
    Run out of the swimming pool area and you will meet Sonic and Tails, and Gamma.
    Robotnik takes the bird, and its emerald, and Amy stops Gamma and Sonic
    fighting. The ship will start to lose altitude, so Tails leaves with Amy, after
    a touching moment between Amy and Gamma.
    After Tails curtly leaves Amy in Station Square, Amy will decide to find the
    bird's family, and you will go to Mystic Ruins.
    						 MYSTIC RUINS	
    Go to the minecar and get in. In the Jungle, go over to the bridge that has
    appeared on the other side (the one leading to Final Egg) and get into Final
    Egg the same way as you did with Sonic.
    					STAGE 3: FINAL EGG
    Mission C: Evade Zero and grab the balloon
    This is probably Amy's easiest stage! At the start, avoid the lasers (hit the
    pods at the end of the lasers to turn them off) and avoid the robots. At the
    end of the corridor, press the button and wait for the lift. Zero  will appear
    again at the top of the lift shaft. There is also a room with five doors and
    only one of them leads to the next point; whichever one it is is random. After
    this, get space to do a big run up and hammer jump to the next passage (this
    can be tricky), and the balloon is ahead. Kill the robot and get it.
    Mission B: Evade Zero and get 50 rings
    This is actually quite easy! If you're in trouble, run round the side of the
    room with the balloon to find four item boxes with random amounts of rings
    Mission C: Grab the balloon within 2 minutes, 30 seconds
    This is pretty easy, as long as you don't stop for anything and don't take too
    long over the point where you have the option of five doors, or the hammer jump
    before the balloon. Remember, you can restart to return to the last checkpoint.
    						 MYSTIC RUINS
    Go back to the station, but take the door under it. This leads to a raft that
    takes you to the Egg Carrier (now floating in the sea). You will find the
    bird's family, but Zero appears again and attacks the bird. Amy's had enough!
    She attacks Zero!
    Actually, this is Amy's ONLY boss! Keep hitting Zero and attack him again when
    his top opens. This only takes three hits, but watch for his shockwave attacks.
    Also, after two hits, watch for hit attack where he extends his arms and spins
    around. Keep jumping to avoid this.
    The bird looks like he's dead at first, but he's okay. He flies off with his
    family and Amy decides she'll teach Sonic to respect her.
    ***********************4.5 BIG*********************
    Big's story starts with Froggy meeting Chaos and somehow gaining a tail, then
    going off with Big's lucky charm - a Chaos Emerald.
    Big goes to Station Square.
    					  STATION SQUARE		
    Enter the sewers behind Twinkle Park to get the lure; go to the City Hall area
    and you will see Froggy going under a car that is annoyingly, and illegally,
    parked over the sewer. Pick it up and drop into the sewer, then follow the path
    to a door. You can get into Twinkle Park this way.
    Mission C: Fish for and catch Froggy
    Stand at the side of the lake and start fishing (see section on Big's moves).
    Eventually, you should catch Froggy. Carefully reel him in, pressing A and the
    control pad, letting go if the pressure becomes too high.
    Mission B: Catch a 1000g fish and Froggy
    Simple as that. Before you catch Froggy, get a fish that weighs 1000g. If
    Froggy grabs the line when you don't want him to, either restart or somehow
    make him let go.
    Mission A: Catch a 2000g fish and Froggy
    I believe you need all four lures before doing this. This will allow you to get
    a bigger fish in this level. Remember, the 2000g fish will put more pressure on
    the line, so be careful catching it.
    The goal in Big's B and A  missions is always the same.
    Cream will fly past as you leave. If you look around, you will also see Amy and
    you will unlock her (if you haven't already) if you speak to her. Go to the
    area behind Twinkle Park and get the Ice Key, which Cream dropped for you. Go
    to Mystic Ruins.	
    						 MYSTIC RUINS
    I believe you can find Knuckles near the pond, but since you will have already
    unlocked him before unlocking Big (I don't think it is possible not to), it is
    not vital that you speak to him.
    Go to Ice Cap, via the tunnel that opens (as usual).
    Outside, you will get the lifebelt.
    					  STAGE 2: ICE CAP
    Use one of the boulders or jump on the crack in the ice to break a hole. Use
    this to catch Froggy. There's not a large amount of room, but try and you
    should succeed. If you jump into the water and follow the underground passage,
    you will find an area with a dinosaur skeleton. There is a lure powerup here,
    but you need to get out of the ice and find a set of springs that takes you to
    it. For more information, see what I have said regarding Mission 60 (in
    Missions section). There is also a lake in the hidden area that has some bigger
    fish in; useful for your B and A missions (but the main lake here has a low
    ceiling, which makes casting your line a nuisance). However, the area with
    Froggy in does have a couple of bigger fish in that will likely suffice for the
    harder missions.
    						  MYSTIC RUINS
    Big finds Tails has Froggy, but Tails lets go in fright from seeing Big. Now,
    you might as well go to the Jungle using the minecart and pick up one of Big's
    upgrades and the Power Rod (see Big's item section for the locations). Now, go
    to Station Square.
    Go to the hotel pool and enter Emerald Coast.
    Froggy is usually in the area of water to Big's right as he enters the stage.
    Hopefully you should have no problems clearing this one without too many hints.
    This stage also has some bigger fish to help you with the B and A missions.
    There is a secret passage that you can find if you look carefully; head around
    the pool to Big's left as you start, and you should see and area of water with
    an island in the middle. The passage is under the island. I recommend you use
    this for the 2000g fish.
    After you get Froggy, it gets taken by E102 Gamma. Big will follow him to the
    Egg Carrier.
    If you've not done so already, you will now unlock Gamma.
    						 EGG CARRIER
    Head towards the group of three doors. The one on the right will take you to a
    prison area where your last lure powerup is (step on the switches to open the
    doors). The one in the centre takes you to the last stage.
    			   STAGE 4: HOT SHELTER
    This makes a change! You must make your way through the area Amy goes through.
    However, you don't have to open any doors this time as they open by themselves.
    When you reach the switch that drains the water, Big will spot Froggy in the
    tank. When you drain the water, he will end up in the area around you. Fish as
    normal; the shape of the fishing area may make it a little awkward, but it
    isn't too hard. Here, there are plenty of big fish (e.g. sharks) so the other
    missions should be no problem.
    Big's flashback involves Tikal asking Chaos if he trusts her. After this, you
    are warped back to...
    						  EGG CARRIER
    The only way out here is to use the monorail. Step on one of the pressure pads
    on the floor (there is a monitor by it). Once on the deck, make your way to the
    area where you fought Chaos 6. Robotnik will take Froggy, who spits up his
    emerald. After powering up Chaos, Robotnik gets him to eat Froggy, who is
    possessed by Chaos' tail.
    				 FINAL BOSS: CHAOS 6
    Don't get too excited. Big's ONLY boss is very easy. Keep casting your line
    into Chaos' body until you hook Froggy. On my last attempt I managed it in 17
    To finish, take Big to Tails' crashed Tornado, and Big will fly it out.
    You have now beaten Big's game.
    ********************4.6 E-102 GAMMA**************
    The game opens with Gamma meeting his Creator, Robotnik. When the cutscene
    ends, walk over to Robotnik and he will tell you to go to the shooting range.
    					STAGE 1: FINAL EGG
    Mission C: Destroy the Sonic Doll
    This level is very disturbing. If you have beaten Sonic's game you will have
    seen this area. It is full of Tails and Knuckles dolls, which act as targets.
    This level is actually quite easy; make your way along the path and at the end,
    shoot the Sonic Doll three times to destroy it. Shooting the targets also gets
    you extra time; you have a limited time to finish each stage, although in most
    levels it is easy to beat the level without worrying about this.
    Mission B: Collect 50 rings and destroy the Sonic Doll
    What's that? You can't find 50 rings? Well, there are some hidden cunningly;
    about half way through the level are some springs you must use to progress; as
    you use them, turn round and fire in the direction you came from and you'll hit
    a load of ring boxes that are otherwise hard to reach. Don't get hit by the
    robots ahead, though.
    Mission A: Destroy the Sonic Doll with more than 150 seconds remaining.
    Keep shooting the targets to get extra time. This is a dead easy mission.
    Now, Robotnik will get E - 101 Beta and E - 102 Gamma to fight to see who is
    worthy to serve on board the Egg Carrier.
    					BOSS: E - 101 BETA
    You don't really need a guide for this, but - shoot him three times to beat
    him. Desite his hovering moves and firing his gun at you, he is really easy to
    Robotnik takes E - 101 anyway, for spare parts. He will then dispatch you to
    find Froggy, who has Chaos' tail.
    Make your way to the swimming pool (try talking to people and they'll think
    you're in costume promoting a movie). Shoot the targets to knock down the
    Mission C: Capture Froggy
    Make your way along the level, shooting enemies again. This is a very short
    level, which you should have no trouble in beating. Froggy is next to a gang of
    monkeys at the end.
    Mission B: Get 50 rings and capture Froggy
    This is another fairly easy one, as long as you get every ring that you can see.
    Mission A: Capture Froggy with 180 seconds remaining on the clock
    This can be tough due to lack of targets. Get as many multiple lock - ons, and
    take as many shortcuts, as you can.
    Go to the Master Emerald Shrine where Tikal tells you to leave the Chao alone
    before sensing that Gamma is not evil.
    						 EGG CARRIER
    After Gamma brings back Froggy, Robotnik warps the other robots off the ship,
    then sends Gamma to get Amy's bird. Gamma enters the wrong room where he sees E
    - 101 Beta being dismantled. Unable to comprehend this, he leaves, and goes to
    Amy's cell where she convinces him to let them go.
    Leave the area and Robotnik tells you to get the Jet Booster. Go to the upper
    part of the room (use the stairs and enter the door that is on the opposite
    side of where you entered the prison area. Get the booster. After this, use the
    transporter platform (the platform Robotnik stood on when addressing the robots
    earlier) to reach the deck, where Sonic and Tails are. Amy is there too;
    Robotnik has taken her bird. Robotnik tells you to kill Sonic.
    						  BOSS: SONIC
    Simply shoot him three times. He's quite easy to beat.
    Amy will stop the fight, and then the Egg Carrier will start to lose altiutude.
    Tails, Amy and Gamma will make an escape. Gamma now reprograms himself to hate
    Robotnik, and plans to free the birds trapped inside the other robots in the E
    						  MYSTIC RUINS
    Go to Tails' workshop and get the Wind Stone. Take it to to entrance to Windy
    Mission C: Destroy E - 103 Delta
    Windy Valley is an easy level. Shoot the dynamite packs to blast away walls,
    but watch you don't shoot the supports on the bridges as this can send you
    falling to your death if you are not careul.
    					BOSS: E - 103 DELTA
    He is pretty easy to beat. His attacks are only marginally stronger than yours.
    Shoot him about four times to kill him.
    Mission B: Get 50 rings and destroy E - 103 Delta
    Getting 50 rings should be easy. There are a few shields to grab too, so you
    don't need to worry so much about taking hits from Delta (not that it is
    Mission A: Destroy E - 103 Delta with 150 seconds remaining on the clock.
    This is a joke. Since getting multiple lock ons on the Caterkillers (giant
    caterpillars) can get you up to 40 seconds extra time, beating this mission is
    ridiculously easy.
    						 MYSTIC RUINS
    Go through the passage that opens and kill the monkey outside Red Mountain.
    Mission C: Destroy E - 104 Epsilon
    This is only marginally harder than Windy Valley, but only marginally. Make
    your way along the level, avoiding falling into the lava, and then confront
    Epsilon at the end.
    				 BOSS: E - 104 EPSILON
    Slightly tougher than Delta, Epsilon will fire homing missiles at you, as well
    as hovering. He is still easy to beat, though.
    Mission B: Get 50 rings and Destroy E - 104 Epsilon
    Get the shield near the start and try not to lose it. Again, there aren't any
    great tips I can give you other than careful while fighting the boss.
    Mission A: Destroy E - 104 Epsilon with 180 seconds remaining on the clock
    You're going to have to go quickly as possible, and get as many multiple lock
    ons as you can to beat this one. Good luck. It's not that hard, as there a lots
    of spinners and sticks of dynamite.
    						 MYSTIC RUINS
    Head to the station, but go through the passage marked "boat". You will reach
    the Egg Carrier. Go inside the Egg Carrier and enter Hot Shelter.
    Mission C: Destroy E - 105 Zeta
    This is Gamma's hardest level. Most is straightforward until you get towards
    the Cargo Train. Just before this, you must press two switches to activate
    claws that appear from the ceiling and lift you up (the second is in a box you
    must destroy, and the claw lowers nearby). On the Cargo Train, keep moving
    along the carraiges, killing enemies (you can move along the track if
    necessary). Then, after you pass this area, drop down the shaft, shooting
    monkeys, and then destroy all the boxes blocking the boosters and zoom up the
    ramp. At the end is the boss.
    					BOSS: E - 105 ZETA
    He is the first boss who manages to be challenging. A lot bigger than he used
    to be, he sits in the middle of the room and attacks you with small clones of
    himself that you can lock onto like normal enemies. Keep shooting him when you
    get the chance and you should make it.
    Misson B: Get 50 rings and destroy E - 105 Zeta
    This can be tough. You will need to get shields wherever you can (there are
    plenty), and try to get through the level without taking lots of hits. Careful
    with the boss.
    Mission A: Destroy E - 105 Zeta with 120 seconds remaining
    Thank goodness for the low time requirement. Unlike the previous mission, the
    number of enemies will help you considerably in getting extra time.
    Exit Hot Shelter and you will see E - 101 Mk II (a robot made from Beta's
    parts) fly overhead. Head to where you fought Chaos 6 as Sonic, Knuckles and
    Big (and Zero as Amy).
    				FINAL BOSS: E - 101 MK II
    You have just three minutes to do this! The only way to hit him is to get
    behind him; this is easiest if you dodge him when he charges and quickly run to
    him before he turns. After two hits, he will start teleporting and firing
    missiles at you from a distance, so be careful. Four hits and he's dead -
    After he is beaten, E - 101 Mk II will get revenge by hitting Gamma, before
    "dying". The bird that appears is one of the birds that Amy's bird is searching
    for. Gamma will at this point remember that he has a bird inside him (the other
    bird at the end of Amy's game). The game ends with Gamma self - destructing,
    and the three birds being reunited.
    *****************4.7 SUPER SONIC******************
    You unlock this when you beat all Characters' stories.
    This shows the true ending.
    Robotnik will encounter Chaos, who is still alive, and Angel Island will fall.
    Tails will run to find Sonic to tell him what happened. Go to Angel Island, and
    talk to Robotnik and Knuckles. Now, Robotnik realises he has to stop Chaos.
    Sonic will go into a flashback where he witnesses Tikal's father trying to take
    the Master Emerald, which angered Chaos. Tails realises the last emerald is in
    his plane. Head towards Big's house.
    Too late; Chaos will take the emerald. The next cinema shows him using them to
    become Perfect Chaos.
    At this moment, Robotnik will start attacking Chaos (he doesn't succeed, of
    course), and Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Big will appear with the Chaos Emeralds.
    You will also discover that the orbs you have seen are Tikal, who has been
    trying to show Sonic and his friends why they need to stop Chaos.
    Sonic's friends will explain that Chaos only used the emeralds' negative
    powers. Sonic can still become Super.
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!TRUE FINAL BOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Station Square has been flooded, and Super Sonic can only hurt chaos if he runs
    into him at top speed. Run along the flooded streets, grabbing the rings as
    your ring total is depleting (once it hits zero, you die, as in the tradition
    set by Sonic & Knuckles' Doomsday Zone and the Finalhazard from Sonic Adventure
    2: Battle (yeah, yeah, I know - this game came out on Dreamcast before Sonic
    Adventure 2 - just saying that to fend off any fussy types).
    Chaos will protect himself using mini tornadoes and a giant laser. Try and
    dodge the tornadoes and the laser (jumping also works). If all goes well, and
    you don't get stopped, you will enter Chaos (not meant to sound filthy) and
    give damage. After three hits, he is dead - not.
    He reappears with even stronger attacks than before. Another three hits will
    see him off for good.
    Chaos will return to being Chaos 0, and will stop being evil now. Tikal will
    explain to Sonic how he has bought peace to the Chao once more. She and Chaos
    will then ascend to the sky.
    This really is the end.
    ********4.8 ADVENTURE FIELD EMBLEMS***********
    Twelve emblems can be found in the Adventure Field. Here they are:
    Location: City Hall Area
    Obtainable with: Anyone
    Enter the burger bar in the City Hall area for this easy emblem.
    Location: City Hall Area
    Obtainable with: Tails, Knuckles
    In the area where you fight Chaos 0 with Sonic, go to the group of palm trees
    that is nearest to the shop with the golden egg. Dig between them for an
    emblem. Alternately, you can Tail spin with Tails.
    Location: Casino area
    Obtainable with: Tails
    In the area where you found the ice key, fly straight up to get this (Knuckles
    can't climb the buildings in this area making it impossible with him)
    Location: Station
    Obtainable with: Anyone?
    This is on the ledge opposite the station platform. I believe it is possible to
    get round there with all the characters, but it is easiest to simply fly across
    with Tails.
    						 MYSTIC RUINS
    Location: Outside Tails' workshop
    Obtainable with: Tails, Knuckles
    It sits on a ledge near Tails' workshop. Fly or glide to it.
    Location: Angel Island
    Obtainable with: Knuckles (advisable), Sonic?, Tails?, Gamma?
    It is advisable to use Knuckles. The emblem is floating in the air near Angel
    Island. Glide to it. Although I have not tried, it is probably possible with
    Sonic and Gamma, though this will lead to you falling to your death. I've read
    it is possible with Tails, though I don't know how. Either this uses a glitch
    or you can get it by visiting the shrine in Tails' flashback. Knuckes is your
    best bet.
    Location: Jungle
    Obtainable with: Anyone
    Run around near to Big's house and you should find it.
    Location: Near Big's House
    Obtainable with: Tails, Knuckles
    Fly or climb up the hollow tree by Big's house to find this one inside the
    						 EGG CARRIER
    Location: Private Quarters
    Obtainable with: Sonic, Tails
    In one of the rooms near to where you change the shape of the Egg Carrier (you
    can enter it from outside, or from the room under the control room by pressing
    the buttons and going to the doors) is a switch. Press it to reveal an emblem.
    Location: Bridge
    Obtainable with: Tails (advisable), Knuckles?
    This is on top of the highest point of the tower thing in the middle of the
    deck. I think it may be possible with Knuckles, but it is easier to use Tails
    and fly up there.
    Location: Swimming pool
    Obtainable with: Tails, Knuckles
    This is on a platform above the swimming pool.
    Location: Bridge
    Obtainable with: Sonic
    Visit the bridge while the Egg Carrier is in its altered mode (by pressing the
    button in the control room). But how do you visit the bridge? Use the
    transporter to go into the lower deck, and use the monorail (only Sonic and
    Tails can go to the bridge while the Egg Carrier is in this state). Look at the
    cannons on the bridge. Three have metal boxes in front of them; get in one that
    doesn't and you will be fired at the box opposite breaking it; one of these has
    an emblem inside.
    *************4.9 SUB GAME EMBLEMS*************
    Emblems can be obtained in the following sub games.
    						  SKY CHASE
    Emblems 1 & 2: Beat both acts.
    Emblem 3: Get 8000 points in Sky Chase act 1
    Emblem 4: Get 14000 points in Sky Chase act 2
    You can get two emblems on this one. To reach it in the Adventure Field, enter
    the door by the Twinkle Park entrance. If you are playing as Tails, Knuckles or
    Gamma, you can find a circuit pass on the way to the City Hall area.
    The first one can be got by beating a time of ten minutes; beating your
    previous time gets you your second one - I think.
    Emblem 1: Get 2000 points
    Emblem 2: Beat your previous total
    The best way to get these is to simply hit things like crazy. Don't wait for
    Sonic and Super Sonic to show up; you may hit Robotnik a few times, but  I find
    this method often works.
    							SAND HILL
    Emblem 1: Beat the stage in Adventure Mode (Tails only)
    Beat the stage, which is a piece of cake.
    Emblem 2: Get 10,000 points or more
    This is easiest in Tails' version (at least, for me it is). Keep going through
    gates and your multiplier will increase by one. If you take too long reaching
    the next one, however, your multiplier will reset. The higher you get this
    figure, the better your chance of beating this are.
    ****************4.10 EMBLEM LIST*****************
    Sonic's Adventure Mode: 			10
    Tails' Adventure Mode:        	 	5
    Knuckles' Adventure Mode: 		5
    Amy's Adventure Mode:       		3
    Big's Adventure Mode:         		4
    Gamma's Adventure Mode: 		5
    Sonic's Other Missions:    			20
    Tails' Other Missions:  				10
    Knuckles' Other Missions:			10
    Amy's Other Missions:				6
    Big's Other Missions:				8
    Gamma's Other Missions:			10
    Sub Games:							10
    Adventure Field Emblems:		12
    Chao Races:							5
    Endings:								7
    TOTAL:								130
    							5.  MISSIONS
    To get missions for each character, simply beat the game with that character.
    You must find the mission cards before you can carry out that mission! This
    section is currently incomplete. Please do not offer to tell me the locations
    of missions I am missing.
    1 (SONIC): Get the man who is standing in front of the Hamburger Shop
    Location: Outside the station
    Self - explanatory. Go to the City Hall area and take the statue from by the
    burger bar and take it to the station area, and place it in the green circle.
    2 (SONIC): Get the balloon in the skies of Mystic Ruins
    Location: Mystic Ruins Station
    You will see a balloon in the sky by a chain of robots. Kill all the robots
    with homing jumps and get the balloon.
    3 (SONIC): Get 100 rings and go to Sonic's billboard by the pool.
    Location: By the hotel pool
    Get 100 rings in Station Square; you can use the switch in the hotel lobby, or
    the switch near where you got the Light Speed Shoes, or the one outside
    Casinopolis. The rings will keep appearing. After that, go to the billboard by
    the hotel swimming pool.
    4 (TAILS): Weeds are growing all over my place! I must get rid of them!
    Location: Mystic Ruins Station
    Use your tails to cut down all the weeds outside Tails' lab. Easy.
    5 (KNUCKLES): I lost my balloon! It's way up there now!
    Location: Outside Casinopolis
    Climb a wall and glide over and burst the balloon above where you got this.
    6 (AMY): He is going to drown! Help tje man in the water!
    Location: By the hut in Mystic Ruins
    Pick up the man in the pond and take him to the hut.
    7 (GAMMA): Lonely Metal Sonic needs a frined. Look carefully.
    Location: Outside Final Egg
    Simply go down the stairs and pick up the man and place him by Metal Sonic
    (Metal Sonic has a circle in front of him)
    8 (BIG): The medallion fell under there! No illegal parking please!
    Location: Outside the hotel
    Pick up the car that is parked over the sewer and drop into the sewer to get
    the medallion.
    9 (SONIC): Get the balloon floating behind the waterfall at the Emerald Sea
    Location: Behind the Twinkle Park access point
    In Emerald coast, go to the big waterfall (at the start of the second section)
    and use homing jumps on the robots and hit the spring to get to the balloon.
    10 (TAILS): What is that sparkling in the water?
    Location: Hotel lobby
    Go into the Station Square Chao Garden, and get the medallion in the water.
    11 (SONIC): Destroy the windmill and proceed. Find the balloon in orbit.
    Location: The pond in Mystic Ruins
    Go to Windy Valley; neary the start is a sequence of windmills that you can
    destroy with a homing jump; use this technique to reach the balloon.
    12 (KNUCKLES): Who is Chao a good friend with? And what is hidden underneath it?
    Location: Near Tails' lab.
    Two billboards will appear. Go to the Cream billboard and dig under it until
    you find a medallion.
    13 (SONIC): I can't take a shower like this! Do something!
    Location: Outside Casinopolis
    No, you don't see Amy or anyone else taking a shower. Go to the shower room in
    Casinopolis and kill all the enemies in there.
    14 (BIG): I am the keeper of this hotel! Catch me if you can!
    Location: Outside the Station Square Station
    Catch the robot fish in the hotel swimming pool!
    15 (SONIC): My medallions got swept away by the tornado! Somebody get them back!
    Location: Next to the Mystic Ruins station, on the clifftop.
    This is easy. Go to windy valley and get all five medallions in the tornado
    16 (TAILS): Get the flags from the floating islands!
    Location: Near to the Mystic Ruins Chao Garden
    In Windy Valley, get all eight flags, which are on floating islands.
    17 (SONIC): Aim and shoot the medallions with a Sonic Ball!
    Location: The shop where the Gold Egg is located (where you exit from getting
    the Light Speed Shoes)
    Go to the Slot & Pinball table in Casinopolis and grab the five medallions!
    18 (AMY): During hte night, at the amusement park, place your jumps on one of
    the tables!
    Location: Station Square Station, at the bottom of the steps
    Go to Twinkle Park. In the first area, a platform has appeared over the lake.
    Jump to it and jump towards the spring. Press B to use your hammer and you
    should propel yourself into a balloon.
    19 (AMY): What is behind that mirror?
    Location: Near the newspaper stand in Station Square; get it with a hammer jump.
    During the last mirror section, you will see a balloon reflected in the mirror.
    Use the reflection as a guide to grab it.
    20 (SONIC): Get all the medallions within the time limit! It's really slippery,
    so be careful!
    Location: In the water outside Ice Cap
    In ice cap, press the switch and then get the medallions while jumping from
    icicle to icicle. This is really easy.
    21 (GAMMA): Protect the Sonic Doll from the spinners surrounding it!
    Location: Outside Robotnik's base in the jungle.
    Go to Final Egg and shoot all the spinners around the Sonic Doll, without
    destroying the doll.
    22 (BIG): Find the flag hidden in the secret passage under the Emerald Ocean!
    Location: Up the stairs in the hotel.
    Enter the secret passage and get the flag (see the walkthrough for where the
    passage is).
    23 (SONIC): Go around the wooden horse and collect 10 balloons
    Location: In the Twinkle Park lobby area
    Get to the carousel and get all the balloons. Easy as that.
    24 (TAILS): "I hate this dark and filthy place!" Can you find it?
    Location: Where you got the Ice Key
    In Casinopolis, fly towards the ceiling at the start. Towards the left of the
    level, at the top of the second pillar is a Cream billboard. Touch it.
    25 (KNUCKLES): What is hidden under the lion's right hand?
    Location: Outside City Hall, on the ledge on the same side as the Burger Bar;
    climb to get it
    In Casinopolis, get the flag under the Lion's right paw when it is raised (the
    paw that is, not the flag)
    26 (KNUCKLES): What is that on top of the ship's mast that the pirates are
    Location: Outside City Hall, opposite the card for Mission 25.
    Get the flag on the ship's mast in Casinopolis.
    27 (SONIC): Collect 100 rings and head to the heliport!
    Location: Inside the hamburger shop
    Go to speed highway and collect 100 rings before reaching the helicopter (make
    sure you don't get hit), then make it to the helipad with the rings intact.
    28 (SONIC): Use the fountain in the morning traffic to get the balloon.
    Location: Outside the hotel
    Enter Speed Highway and get to the end. Go to the fountain and use it to boost
    yourself to the spring, which you should use to get at the balloon.
    29 (BIG): I am the keeper of this canal! Catch me if you can!
    Location: Outside the City Hall
    In the sewers outside Twinkle Park, catch another robot fish
    30 (SONIC): A fugitive have (sic) escaped from the jail of burning hell! Find
    the fugitive!
    Location: Between the two statue pedestals on the ancient temple
    Halfway through the fire caverns in Red Mountain, you will see a load of
    spinners you can destroy with homing jumps. At the end is the "fugitive".
    31 (TAILS): Get the balloon as you float in the air along with the trash.
    Location: Central Square Station
    In Casinopolis, float with the trash in the second trash section, and you
    should find a balloon if you search around.
    32 (KNUCKLES): Can you get the balloon that is hidden under the bridge?
    Location: The bridge that accesses Angel Island (the Master Emerald Shrine)
    Glide under the bridge; the balloon is surrounded by enemies and springs. Glide
    carefully into it to get it, then glide to a wall to prevent yourself from
    falling to your death.
    33 (SONIC): Shoot yourself out of the cannon and get the balloon!
    Location: Robotnik's swimming pool on the Egg Carrier
    As you leave the swimming pool, jump in the cannon to Sonic's right. It should
    take you to the balloon.
    34 (SONIC): Can you get the balloon that is hidden on the ship's bridge?
    Location: Near to where you fought Chaos 6
    You will see a balloon and a line of rings. Stand with the spring between those
    and yourself, facing the balloon and charge up a light speed dash. When Sonic
    says: "Ready!", move him forward onto the spring and then release the light
    speed dash, and you should get the balloon.
    35 (BIG): I am the keeper of this icy lake! Catch me if you can!
    Location: Next to where you get the Monkey Blaster with Knuckles
    Catch the fish in the lake outside Ice Cap (this one is a heavy one, so be
    36 (SONIC): Fighter aircraft are flying everywhere! Someone get me out of here!
    Location: Above the entrance to Hot Shelter.
    Use the monorail to get the Sky Deck while the Egg Carrier is in its altered
    state (only way possible). At the start of the second section, pick up the man
    and carry him to the next checkpoint and then place him in the circle (watch
    out when the speed increases so you aren't blown off).
    37 (TAILS): Fly over the jungle, and get all the balloons!
    Location: The jungle entrance
    Fly over the jungle and get all 5 balloons - easy!
    38 (KNUCKLES): A message from an ancient people. In the direction where the
    burning arrow is pointing, you will see...
    Location: The ledge where the fighting gloves can be found
    In Lost World, turn round as you enter and run through the passage to reach an
    area with two sets of flaming arrows. Dig right under where the paths of the
    arrows cross to get a medallion.
    39 (GAMMA): Treasure hunt at the beach! Find all the medallions within the time
    Location: Shoot the door above the reception in the hotel and then go behind it.
    In Emerald Coast, shoot the switch near the end and five medallions appear. The
    first is under where the switch is, the second is in the air past the spring
    (if you miss it, you must restart; try hovering). The next two are in plain
    sight, and the last one is behind the area where Froggy is.
    40 (SONIC): What is hidden in the area that the giant snake is staring at?
    Location: Inside Tails' workshop.
    In Lost World, get the water to the highest level and stand on the snake's
    head, and then look out for the line of rings. Time a light speed dash to get
    the rings; press nothing and you will make it to the balloon.
    41 (SONIC): Look real carefully just as you fall from the waterfall!
    Location: On the steps of the temple in the Jungle (outside Lost World)
    In Lost World, after the mirror room, head towards the waterfall. As the camera
    angle changes, as you fall down, hold left and Sonic should hit the balloon. If
    not, restart.
    42 (GAMMA): I can't get into the bathroom. How could I've (sic) let something
    like this happen to me?
    Location: Prison area on the Egg Carrier
    In Hot Shelter, enter the bathroom - to be precise, the one that has enemies in
    it. Shoot the enemies to beat the mission.
    43 (AMY): Fortress of steel. High jump on 3 narrow paths. Be careful not to
    Location: The Egg Carrier's prison area
    In Hot Shelter, make your way to the last section where you must fit bricks
    into the same coloured holes and use the spring to reach the three high paths.
    You will see another springs. Run along one of the paths and do a Hammer jump
    towards the spring, and you should hit a balloon.
    44 (BIG): I am the keeper of this ship! Catch me if you can!
    Location: At the back of the Egg Carrier, to the right of the building with the
    swimming pool (as you face it).
    Catch the fish in the Egg Carrier swimming pool.
    45 (SONIC): Go to a place where the rings are laid in the shape of Sonic's face!
    Location: Outside Sand Hill
    In Final Egg, get to the area where Gamma destroys the Sonic doll. With a
    careful homing jump, you can jump to where the doll was, and use the spring to
    find a set of rings that look like Sonic's face. Get the flag to clear the
    46 (SONIC): A secret base that's full of mechanical traps. Pay attention and
    you might see...
    Location: In the jungle up the dead end path closest to Big's House (use the
    In Final Egg, as you fall down the shaft near the end, try and grab the balloon
    (trial and error is needed).
    47 (TAILS): Get 10 balloons on the field under the time limit!
    Location: Second floor of Tails' workshop
    Press the switch and you have three minutes to get all 10 balloons. One is
    directly above you, and one is at the end of the runway. The others are in
    clear positions.
    48 (KNUCKLES): Can you get the medallion that the giant Sonic is staring at?
    Location: On top of a lamp post by the shop where the golden egg is on sale
    (see Chao section)
    In Casinopolis, get to the Pirate Ship using the springs. You can see the
    medallion in front of the giant Sonic statue. Be careful gliding to it as it is
    surrounded by springs!
    49 (SONIC): Scorch through the track and get all the flags!
    Location: Near where you got the Light Speed Shoes
    Get all the flags in the circuit at the start of Twinkle Park. If you miss one,
    you can turn round (just to make things easier)
    50 (AMY): Select a road that splits into 5 paths before time runs out!
    Location: Near to Metal Sonic (outside Final Egg)
    In Final Egg, press the button in the room where you have a choice of routes;
    this gives you 10 seconds to run up one of them. If there is a Sonic billboard,
    touch it to beat the mission. If not, try again. If you come across the
    checkpoint, restart.
    51 (GAMMA): Gunman of the Windy Valley! Destroy all the spinners under a time
    Location: Outside the temple in the jungle.
    Shoot the target you see (it is at the point where you must drop down, half way
    through). Start hovering and shoot all the spinners, quickly!
    52 (BIG): Get 3 flags in the jungle under the time limit!
    Location: Big's house
    Press the switch and you have three minutes to get the flags. They are all on
    the other side of the jungle, near to Sand Hill. One is on the path leading to
    where Knuckles got the silver statue.
    53 (SONIC): Pass the line of rings with 3 super high jumps on the ski slope
    Location: Where you got the Ancient Light
    I believe you have to do three big jumps on the ramps at the end of Ice Cap to
    pass the really high row of rings. You will need to jump at the last possible
    moment on the third ramp. too late and you'll miss the jump; too early and you
    won't go far enough.
    54 (TAILS): Ski downhill in a blizzard and get all the flags!
    Location: Outside Ice Cap!
    You will have to pay attention here if you want to get all the flags on the ski
    slope. Miss one and you can go back for it, but you must do this BEFORE Sonic
    reaches the marker (and going back is not easy).
    55 (SONIC): Run down the building to get all the balloons!
    Location: Near twinkle park, outside the exit Big takes from the sewers.
    In Speed Highway, as you run down the buiding, try and get all eight balloons.
    This isn't as hard as it sounds.
    56 (KNUCKLES): Relentless erutions occur in the flaming canyon. What could be
    hidden in the area she's staring at?
    Location: Near the station in Mystic Ruins
    Find the Cream Billboard in Red Mountain, then look in the direction it is
    facing. Glide towards the area it is facing at (a small platform with a circle
    of rings). Dig to find a medallion!
    57 (SONIC): Peak of the volcanic mountain! Watch out for hot lava!
    Location: Behind a rock that is to the left of the Master Emerald shrine as you
    face it from Red Mountain.
    When you reach the highest point in Red Mountain (it has a lava pool and an
    exploding rock), find the springs that boost you in the direction of a balloon.
    58 (SONIC): the big rock will start rolling after you! Try to get all the flags!
    Location: Behind the ladder that you climb up to exit the Jungle area in Mystic
    In Mystic Ruins, find the bit where the rock chases you (you will be running
    towards the screen) and get all the flags as you do so. This may take a few
    attempts. There are 36 flags, in groups of three. To help you, here is the
    pattern of the flags (as you look at the screen).
    Don't let yourself be hit. Even with rings, you'll be knocked forward and
    probably miss some flags.
    59 (KNUCKLES): Watch out for the barrels and find the hidden flag inside the
    Location: The diving board of the pool in the Egg Carrier
    Enter Sky Deck and pull the lever to Knuckles' right. Head to the other end of
    the level, where a set of compartments should be jettisoning barrels. One has a
    flag. Glide in and grab it.
    60 (BIG): Something's hidden iside the dinosaur's mouth. Can you find it?
    Location: Jump on top of the train in the Mystic Ruins station and go onto the
    track from there (heading towards Tails' workshop, of course). By the train is
    a Mission Card.
    Go to the dinosaur skull in Ice Cap; to do this, jump into the frozen lake and
    go along the passage. Emerge using the springs, then walk up the backbone and
    go towards another lake. There is a spring nearby; jump to it, press nothing
    and you should be bounced to another lake. Jump on the crack in the ice to
    break it and go into one of the eyes of the skull to get a flag. One of Big's
    Lure Upgrades is nearby, if you still need it.
    					6. THE CHAO GARDEN
    Q. Where can I find it?
    A. There are three of them. Here are the locations.
    Station Square: Enter the elevator on the left.
    Mystic Ruins: Use the minecar near to where Knuckles gets the Shovel Claw
    Egg Carrier: Inside are a set of letters. Press them to spell "EGGMAN" to
    access the garden.
    Q. What is in each garden?
    A: You will find two Chao eggs in each garden, a transporter to move Chao to
    different files, or to your Gameboy Advance (with a Gameboy Advance Cable), and
    some teleporters to access the other gardens (only usable in Mission Mode).
    Q: How do I enter the Chao races?
    A: Enter the door in the Station Square Garden. Your chao must have good stats
    to beat the races, though?
    Q: What do the stats do?
    A: Swimming increases your Chao's swimming skills (at level 10 and above, your
    Chao can swim properly)
    Flying increases your Chao's flying skills, which is useful when running off a
    Power increases your Chao's climbing ability
    Running allows your Chao to run; reaching level 5 for running allows your Chao
    to walk rather than crawl around
    Stamina: The more of this your Chao has, the longer it will take to run out of
    energy and slow down.
    Q: How do I increase my Chao's stats?
    A: All but Stamina can be boosted by giving Chao animals you rescue in the
    levels. Different animals will affect different skills:
    Swimming - Seal, Penguin, Otter
    Flying: Bluebird, Parrot, Peacock
    Running: Rabbit, Kangaroo, Deer
    Power: Lion, Gorilla, Elephant
    Miscellaneous: Mole, Koala
    Q: Where is the Black Market?
    A: In Station Square Garden. You can only buy one item per visit, and you can
    transport them to other gardens using the teleporters. The Black Market sells
    fruit, eggs and toys for your Chao.
    Q: What kinds of fruit are there?
    A: Normal fruits include Cubicle Fruits, Triangle Fruits and Round Fruits. Some
    Chao don't like all kinds, though. Chao Fruit will increase skill levels while
    Hero and Dark fruits will cause Chao to turn into Hero or Dark Chao depending
    on how much of what type you give them.
    Q: Where are the eggs hidden in the Adventure Field?
    A: Black Egg (Egg Carrier): In the prison area; open the cell door by pressing
    the switch (using Amy, Big or Gamma) to get it.
    Silver Egg (Mystic Ruins): If you see it floating in the pond, grab it
    Gold Egg (Station Square): It is on display in the shop, but if you pick it up,
    the security gate will close. The get round this, pick up the rock near where
    the Chaos 0 fight took place, and switch it for the Gold Egg in the shop. Voila!
    Q: My Chao Data corrupted after I collected those eggs! Are they gone forever?
    A: You can retrieve them - sort of. Start another file and collect them, then
    transfer them to your Gameboy Advance (use Gameboy Advance Cable) without a
    game inserted. This will copy the eggs and you cab put them on any file.
    Q: Does that work with Chao too?
    A: You can of course do this with Chao. But when you turn off your Gameboy
    Advance, the Chao copy will be lost so don't turn it off before you put it onto
    other files. If a Gameboy Advance Sonic game is inserted, you will simply
    transfer your Chao to the Tiny Chao Garden and no copy will be made.
    Q: How do I earn emblems?
    A) First of all, beat all the beginner races. When all four are beaten, you
    unlock the Emerald course, and beating that unlocks the Jewel Races. You need
    pretty high stats to beat those,  but you get an emblem for each one you beat.
    Pearl Course: Power is good for this one; your Chao must push a ball along and
    run to the finish
    Amethyst Course: Flying skills are good, but so are running and swimming.
    Sometimes, the Chao will jump off the bridge half way and swim to a later
    point, but this is risky unless your chao are strong swimmers.
    Sapphire Course: Flying, Power and Swimming are both useful. After scaling a
    cliff, the chao must dive off another and swim to the finish.
    Ruby Course: Good swimming stats are the only thing needed to beat this one;
    the Chao swim all the way
    Emerald Course: The Chao run the whole length of the course, so it is almost a
    combination of the other four. Good stamina is recommended, and well - rounded
    Chao are ideal. The ball pushing from Pearl is replaced by shaking nuts down
    from trees (also tests power)
    Q) Why does my Chao fall asleep during the race
    A) He's tired. Go outside and if the chao is asleep in the garden, wait for it
    to wake up and then race it again
    Q) What type of Special chao are there?
    A) See below
    Give your Chao mainly animals that increase running and you should see it
    growing "Spikes". Keep it neutral by not giving it Hero or Dark fruits. When
    ity first evolves, it will turn Green (if a regular Chao). Don't panic, this is
    normal. Keep giving it mainly running items and it will turn blue.
    Same as a Sonic chao only give it dark fruits to make it dark. It will start
    off having green streaks, but eventually they will turn red.
    Keep your Chao neutral and give it mainly flying animals. It will end up
    looking like Nights (the guy in the Casinopolis card & slots shrine).
    You must let your chao make it to its third incarnation (by that I mean, it
    must die and be reborn twice). Then, keep it neutral and give it one, and only
    one of each animal.
    Same as Chaos Chao except you must make it a hero Chao to be an Angel Chao and
    a Dark Chao in order to get a Devil Chao.
    Q) How long can my Chao live?
    A) About five years, in garden time. When it dies, a cocoon will appea over it
    (like when it first evolves). If it was treated well enough an egg will appear
    and the chao will be reborn. I
    							7. SECRETS
    						 METAL SONIC
    You saw him outside Final Egg, and now you can play as him. He is accessible
    when you get 130 emblems.
    With Metal Sonic, you can re - do all of Sonic's challenges (except your only
    goal is a prison egg), and instead of Emblems you get a mark next to the
    mission in Trial mode to show you beat it.
    A second secret is rumoured, but no one knows for certain.
    These are unlocked when you receive:
    20 emblems
    40 emblems
    60 emblems
    80 emblems
    100 emblems
    110 emblems
    120 emblems
    130 emblems
    20 missions
    40 missions
    60 mission
    130 emblems AND 60 missions
    The games (in order) are:
    1. Sonic the Hedgehog
    2. Sonic Drift
    3. Sonic Chaos
    4. Sonic Spinball
    5. Sonic Labyrinth
    6. Sonic the Hedgehog 2
    7. Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine
    8. Sonic Triple Trouble
    9. Sonic Drift 2
    10. Tails' Skypatrol
    11. Sonic Blast
    12. Tails' Adventures
    A FAQ detailing the unlockable games may also be submitted in the near future.
    END OF FAQ. Please write to the address given at the top.										

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