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    FAQ by Nega Elemental

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     __  __  ____     ______       _____                          
    /\ \/\ \/\  _`\  /\  _  \     /\___ \                         
    \ \ `\\ \ \ \L\ \\ \ \L\ \    \/__/\ \     __      ___ ___    
     \ \ , ` \ \  _ <'\ \  __ \      _\ \ \  /'__`\  /' __` __`\  
      \ \ \`\ \ \ \L\ \\ \ \/\ \    /\ \_\ \/\ \L\.\_/\ \/\ \/\ \ 
       \ \_\ \_\ \____/ \ \_\ \_\   \ \____/\ \__/.\_\ \_\ \_\ \_\
        \/_/\/_/\/___/   \/_/\/_/    \/___/  \/__/\/_/\/_/\/_/\/_/
    NBA Jam                        *
    Console: Ps2                   *
    Publisher: Acclaim             *
    Players: 2 (6 with 2 Multitaps)*
    Memory Usage: 58kb             *
    Using the Quickfind Feature in this Guide, hit ctrl+f and enter the Code
    next to the section you want!
     /                   \
    /  Contents - [CON1]  \
    \                     /
    Contents ------------ [CON1]
    Version Updates ----- [VER1]
    Introduction -------- [INT1]
    Review -------------- [REV1]
    Controls ------------ [CNT1]
    Startup Menu -------- [STA1]
    Jam Tournament ------ [JAT1]
    Legends Tournament -- [LEG1]
    Jam Store ----------- [JAM1]
    Team Starters ------- <Coming Soon!>
    Faq's --------------- [FAQ1]
    Contact ------------- [COT1]
    Credits ------------- [CRE1]
    Legal --------------- [LGL1]
    (I need to Write down the starting lineups for each Team on this Game, I've
    done most of it, so the 'Team Starters' section will be up in about a Day or
     /                          \
    /  Version Updates - [VER1]  \
    \                            /
    Just an FAQ to keep everyone going until a better one comes along.
     Version 1.0
      05/10/04 - Saw there was no full Faq's for this great Game! *Jaw Drops*
     /                       \
    /  Introduction - [INT1]  \
    \                         /
    Boomshakalaka! wonderful words of the NBA Jam games. High flying Dunks,
    un-punishible Fouls, and even secret Teams! a great Game for all Basketball
    In NBA Jam, you play Games 3 v 3 with the official teams, and players,
    on the official courts too! You can also make your own Teams, and your own
    players by getting Jam points for beating Exhibition matches, or Games
    in the Jam Tournament. The Teams are as accurate as August 19th, 2003.
     /                 \
    /  Review - [REV1]  \
    \                   /
    This is a Review based on my own knowlege, and expirience of the Game, and
    i will not except e-mails telling me i should change it.
    Graphics: 8/10 - The Graphics are really pretty good, the Players look
                     like the same as they do in real life, and the Detail
                     when you play on an outside Court is amazing. I would
                     give Graphics 10/10, but the Court looks real small.
    Gameplay: 9/10 - Being able to make your own Team, and your own player is
                     a great Element for a Basketball Game. You can also
                     buy things such as Legendary players' Jerseys, Trainers,
     /                   \
    /  Controls - [CNT1]  \ 
    \                     /
    Highlight Option - D-Pad/Left Analog stick
    Action - X Button
    Back - Triangle Button
    Help - Square Button
    -Offense w/ the Ball-
    Move Player - D-Pad/Left Analog stick
    Turbo - L1/R1/L2/R2
    Shoot - Circle Button
    Big Dunk - L1/R1/L2/R2 + Circle Button
    Pump Fake - Tap Circle Button
    Pass - X Button
    Super Pass - L1/R1/L2/R2 + X Button
    Fake Dribble - Square Button
    Spin Dribble - L1/R1/L2/R2 + Square Button
    Call Alley-Oop - L1/R1/L2/R2 + Triangle Button
    Hot Spot - R3 Button
    Steal Ball - Square Button
    Push opponent - Turbo + Square Button
    Switch Player - X Button
    Jump* - Circle or Triangle Button
    Super Jump* - Turbo + Circle or Triangle Button
    (* = Counts for Rebounding/Blocking aswell.)
    Make CPU Shoot - Circle Button
    Make CPU Pass - Square Button
    Put back Dunk - Hold Circle Button when Rebounding
    Jump for Alley-Oop - Turbo + Triangle Button
     /                       \
    /  Startup Menu - [STA1]  \
    \                         /
    At the Startup Menu, you will have 6 Options, Exhibition, Jam Tournament,
    Legends Tournament, Jam Store, User Profiles, and Options.
    Exhibition: Play a normal Game with up to 6 different players, with the
                official Teams. You earn Jam points for playing this mode.
    Jam Tournament: Play in a Tournament against all 29 of the NBA Teams, and
                    work your way up to the top. There is also more Teams
                    after you beat the NBA Teams, such as All-Arizona,
                    All-World, and even Monster, Alien, and Presidential teams!
                    You earn Jam points for playing this mode.
    Legends Tournament: You can take a present NBA Team, and go back in Time to
                        the 50's and the 60's of Basketball and face the old-time
                        NBA Legends, back in the Day where there was no 3-point 
    Jam Store: Here, you can make your own Player, or even your own Team, by
               earning Jam Points from certain Games, such as Jam Tournaments,
               and Exhibition matches.
    User Profiles: Load saved Profiles, view your Career highs, Unlocked 
                   items/codes, and adjust your controls to suit your needs.
    Options: You can change the settings here of Sound, Difficulty, and so on.
     /                         \
    /  Jam Tournament - [JAT1]  \
    \                           /
    When you click on Jam Tournament, you will have to select the Team you want
    to play as. You play against the 29 NBA Teams, and work your way up through
    the Rankings. Like an Exhibition game, you get Jam points depending on how
    many Points(not Game points) you scored on the Jam Meter.
    When you Defeat the 29 NBA Teams, more Teams will challenge you, including
    Priates, Aliens, Robots, Clowns, and much more! Every team you beat in the
    Jam Tournament becomes playable in the Exhibition mode, and the Players
    can be used when creating your own team.
     /                             \
    /  Legends Tournament - [LEG1]  \
    \                               /
    In the Legends Tournament, you play single player in the 50's and the 60's
    of the Basketball World with a current team from the NBA. You play against
    teams from each Decade in a black and white court, with no 3-point line,
    even Buzzer-beaters only give 2 points! Again, each team you unlock in this
    mode is playable in the Exhibition, and the Players can be used on your
    own Team.
     /                    \
    /  Jam Store - [JAM1]  \
    \                      /
    In the Jam store, you get to create your own Player, create your own team,
    and unlock extra stuff, such as new Courts with the Jam points you have
    --Create a Player--
    You can only create one player per User Profile, but you can always edit
    the player you've created. When you have finished him, the player will be
    on any team you choose.
    Decide your Player's full name, a Nickname, a Jersey Number, and a fixed
    position to play on the Court.
    Make your player big or small. Decide his height, weight, body type, skin
    colour, Hairstyle, and facial hair.
    Choose what your Player wears, including different shoes, tattoos, eyewear,
    and much more!
    Here you can buy attributes for your Player with the Jam Points you've earned.
    The higher the attribute level gets, the more Jam Points will be needed to
    increase it, the highest amount of Points needed to increase an attribute is
    64,000. There is 11 different Attribute categories, they are:
    Speed - How fast your Character moves.
    Strength - The Damage a player will cause when he pushes an opponent over,
               and he will also take less Damage, and have more endurance.
    2-Point Shooting - How well a Player will shoot 2-Point hoops.
    3-Point Shooting - How well a Player will shoot 3-Pointers.
    Dunking - How well a Player will slam it Home.
    Passing - Affects how well the Player passes the Ball
    Rebounding - When high, a player will more likely get the rebound over other
    Dribbling - How well the Player will Dribble the ball, and he will not have
                it stolen so often.
    Stealing - Affects how often the Player will steal the Ball when he tries.
    Blocking - How high a player will jump, and he will Block the ball more
    Clutch - The higher this rating, the more often the Player will score 
             Buzzer-beater shots from the floor.
    --Creating a Team--
    To create your own Team, select 'Create Team' from the Jam Store, and then
    choose one of the empty slots. I recommend you have at least 150,000 Jam
    Points before starting a team, as the better Players are quite expensive.
    You must choose the place your team comes from, along with this comes a
    logo, and your very own Home Court!
    You must have at least 3 Players on your Team before you can Save, and Exit.
    --Unlocking Extras--
    You can use the Jam Points you've earned to purchase unlockables, such as
    Cheats, items, and Courts.
    -Unlocking Clothes-
    You can buy retro gear, worn by the NBA Legends, but it's gonna cost you.
    When you buy a Pair of Shoes, A Vest etc, you can press the Help Button
    to view the item's History.
    -Unlocking Courts-
    Here you can unlock different Courts, outdoor, and indoor with the Jam Points
    you have. When you have unlocked the Court, you can make it your Created
    Teams Home Court if you wish.
    -Unlocking Cheats-
    A weird addition, but none-the-less a good one. You can now buy cheats. Just
    choose the cheat you want to buy when you have enough Jam Points, and enter
    it before you start a Game. I would put the cheats from Code's & Secrets from
    Gfaqs here, but i don't know if it's ok.
    -Unlocking Art-
    You can buy the Art that the developers drew when making the Game. Quite funny
    Drawings, take a look at them if you have some spare Jam Points.
     /                \
    /  Faq's - [FAQ1]  \
    \                  /
    Here is a couple of Faq's, and the answers.
    Q: What do i get for beating the Jam Tournament?
    A: 200,000 Jam Points for beating the NBA Teams, 1 Million for beating all the
       secret Teams.
    Q: How do i do the Backboard alley-oop?
    A: Get on a fast break on your own, and run to the net while holding Turbo,
       and press Triangle. You must have at least one 3rd of your Turbo left,
       and hit Triangle at the top of the Free Throw Circle.
    Q: How do i Lock it on one player?
    A: Go to Player switch mode on Pause, and Options, and then switch where it
       says 'Auto' to 'Locked'.
     /                  \
    /  Contact - [COT1]  \
    \                    /
    If you find something wrong in my Faq, or you think something
    should be added in the next Update, Please E-mail me at: 
    Please follow these Guidelines when E-mailing me:
    -Don't even think about sending me Viruses. Your E-mail will be Deleted,
     and your Address Blocked.
    -Do not E-mail me with the Alien Language such as: "uuuhhHM HI I HavE
     FOunD SumThIN RonG WITh Ur FaQkjtgkfklf!!!!11!122!" because I can hardly
     understand it, and it will be Deleted.
    -Please make your Topic include the following Words: NBA Jam PS2 Faq.
     As I already have another FAQ, and I wont be able to tell the difference
     of your Topics, and also I can identify it as a proper e-mail, not spam.
    -I don't mind constructive Critism, but don't Say stuff like "Hello, i
     think your Faq is totally Crap, I hate you, Goodbye." it'll just
     be Ignored and Deleted.
    -And Finally, I wont answer questions that are already answered in this
    Any info you give me that is related to this game, that i don't already
    have here, will be put in, and you will be Credited in the next Update, 
    in the Credits Section, below. Thankyou!
    (NOTE: I have the Spam filter enabled, but i'll still check my Junk e-mail
    box to see if there is anything sensible deleted.)
     /                  \
    /  Credits - [CRE1]  \
    \                    /
    I would like to thank the following people:
    Me: For writing this Faq.
    Mom: For buying me the Game.
    Acclaim: For this great addition to the NBA Series.
    CJay: For Gfaqs.
     /                \
    /  Legal - [LGL1]  \
    \                  /
     This Faq may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
     private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
     publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
     web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
     violation of copyright. 
     It doesn't take anything to e-mail me, and ask for my Permission to use
     this Guide on your Website, as i like my work well-known, and i will
     most likely say Yes.
     If you would like to use this Guide on your Site, please e-mail me,
     requesting Permission. Current sites that can use this Guide -
     If you do not abide by these rules, and do not remove this Faq from your
     Site if you haven't got Permission from the Author, Legal action will be
     My email is Negaelemental@hotmail.com
     (I reserve my right to have this FAQ removed from any Site, for any reason
     if I wish.)
    Copyright 2004 Nega Elemental - All rights Reserved

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