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    Game Script by jaguar23

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                           _____ __                  __
                          / ___// /_____ ___________/ /____  __
                          \__ \/ __/ __ `/ ___/ ___/ //_/ / / /
                         ___/ / /_/ /_/ / /  (__  ) ,< / /_/ /
                        /____/\__/\__,_/_/  /____/_/|_|\__, /
                                          ___         /____/
                                         ( _ )
                                        / __ \/|
                                       / /_/  <
                                 __  __      __       __
                                / / / /_  __/ /______/ /_
                               / /_/ / / / / __/ ___/ __ \
                              / __  / /_/ / /_/ /__/ / / /
                             /_/ /_/\__,_/\__/\___/_/ /_/
                             Starsky & Hucth Game Script
                                 Created by jaguar23
                               Email: faqs@dodo.com.au
                                     Version 0.66
                             Copyright 2003 Joel Mansell
    Version History
    Version 0.20
    18/09/2003 - Set up the main format of the script. Finished up to Season 1,
                 Episode 3.
    Version 0.45
    19/09/2003 - Finished up to Season 2, Episode 1.
    Version 0.66
    22/09/2003 - Finished to the end of Season 2.
    List of Characters
    In order of appearance (I have only included those that talk):
    Narrator - actually Huggy Bear.
    Starsky - the wheel man.
    Hutch - the sharp shooter.
    CB Radio - I know, not really a character, but the person doesn't have a name.
    Suspect 1 - car stealer.
    Huggy Bear - Starsky and Hutch's informant. Owner of Huggy's Bar.
    Louie Apgar - Owns Nu Auto repair. Repaints stolen cars.
    Carlton Breezy - Middle man is a car stealing racket.
    Tami - Hutch's girlfriend.
    Radio News Flash - I know, not a character, but needed to name it something!
    Paolo "The Pig" - Head of a car stealling racket.
    Kidnapper - Works for Paolo.
    Food Attendant - Teenager who sells food at sporting events.
                                   ~~ SEASON 1 ~~
    Season 1 Intro
    Narrator: Bay City ... normally a busy and dangerous place. Perfect for keeping
              two detectives jumping who like to play the game their own way. Now,
              Starsky likes his burgers. And anytime things get quiet - he's
              looking to eat.
    Starsky: Sure you don't want one Hutch?
    Narrator: But today, they sure didn't stay quiet for long...
    Season 1, Episode 1 Intro
    CB Radio: All units Area 1, 480 in progress, suspect in blue sedan travelling
              East on 4th Street.
    CB Radio: All units, suspect now heading towards Central.
    Starsky: That's our guy.
    Hutch: He's in flight - get him!
    Season 1, Episode 1 Outro
    Hutch: In some kind of hurry, punk?
    Narrator: It seems like this punk was just stealing cars. For who, he wasn't
              saying. Maybe a visit to the court house will help him remember.
    Season 1, Episode 2 Intro
    Narrator: Something big was going down at the Bay City Bank ... an after-hours
              withdrawal of other people's bread.
    CB Radio: All units, 211 in progress at the Bay City Bank. Suspects believed to
              be armed. Exercise extreme caution. The suspects must be stopped.
    Hutch: Let's get to the bank partner.
    Season 1, Episode 2 Outro
    Starsky: Ok, read him his rights Hutch.
    Hutch: Anything you might wanna say, loser?
    Suspect 1: I ain't saying nothing to you cops. I know what happens to
    Narrator: While Starsky wrapped up the business of arresting the suspect, Hutch
              spotted the van. It had a fresh paint job, and it was bad. Something
              about that paint job told our heroes that their troubles were just
    Season 1, Episode 3 Intro
    Narrator: Now Starsky and Hutch were getting real hungry for their next slice
              of action. And they didn't have long to wait.
    CB Radio: Zebra 3, there's a 211 in progress at the Gas n Go on 7th. Get your
              butts down there now!
    Hutch: We're on it Captain.
    Starsky: Our butts are in mo-tion.
    Season 1, Episode 3 Outro
    Starsky: Another paint job. Where'd the car come from punk?
    Narrator: Another badly painted set of wheels, and another crime. The clues had
              to be connected. But this time our two cops get lucky, the driver
              squeals a name. He says he got the car from a guy named Little Louie.
              Whoever that was, his days were numbered.
    Season 1, Episode 4 Intro
    Narrator: Starsky and Hutch had only half a name ... so they came to their
              number one cat for help.
    Hutch: Hey Hugg, know any Louie's in the chop shop biz?
    Huggy: Yeah, check this out - he's a real shifty dude ... Little Louie Apgar.
           The cat pulls a lot of painted wheels from his joint downtown.
    Starsky: Time to pay Apgar a visit, huh Hutch?
    Hutch: Yeah, let's roll!
    Season 1, Episode 4 Outro
    Louie Apgar: Alright, alright don't shoot. I'm clean!
    Starsky: What's with the cars Louie? Been to any gas stations lately?
    Narrator: After running like a scared rabbit, Little Louie is ready to talk.
              Figures he can save his hide by squealing to the cops. But man, he's
              so scared, he's not saying nothing until he's safe from the dude he's
              going to rat on. Looks like Starsky and Hutch have a new job ...
              babysitting one big squealer.
    Season 1, Episode 5 Intro
    Narrator: So now our guys in the Striped Tomato had to escort Little Louie's
              car all the way to the safe pad. And some of Carlton Breezy's boys
              aren't so happy to see Little louie get there in one piece, if you
              dig what i mean.
    Hutch: I've got a bad feeling about this.
    Starsky: Yeah - I know what you mean.
    Season 1, Episode 5 Outro
    Louie: Some house man!
    Starsky: You said you wanted safe, well this is safe. Now what's on your mind?
    Narrator: Just like the rat that he is, Little Louie is only thinking of his
              own neck ... so he drops the name - Carlton Breezy. Says the guy is
              in the auto body business - runs the Nu Auto repair. Man, that cat's
              a bad wind blowing. Just how bad, Starsky and Hutch would soon find
    Season 1, Episode 6 Intro
    Narrator: So this Carlton Breezy used the Nu Auto repair as a front, all nice
              and legit. Sweet deal, 'cept, this time Starsky and Hutch are waiting
              to pounce.
    Hutch: Starsky! Hit it! Stay tight on Breezy's limo!
    Starsky: Like glue - too bad we gotta take the creep alive.
    Season 1, Episode 6 Outro
    Carlton Breezy: You ain't got nothing on me. The cash is mine!
    Starsky: Can it Breezy, you're nailed!
    Narrator: That Breezy wiggles like a worm on a hook, but the pile of bucks in
              the trunk is all Starsky and Hutch needed to put him away for good.
              Seems like Breezy was nothing but a load of hot air after all!
    Season 1 Outro
    Narrator: As our main men relax with Breezy behind bars, they share a drink and
              shoot the breeze with yours truly.
    Starsky: So Huggy, you ever heard of this Breezy?
    Huggy: Not on my beat man. He's a new name to me.
    Hutch: Let's hope he sings some more new names, hey Huggy?
    Huggy: Hey, excuse me gentlemen, I've got some important business right over
                                   ~~ SEASON 2 ~~
    Season 2 Intro
    Narrator: Saturday night catches our fellas at the Star Casino. Not that they
              had any gambling in mind.
    Hutch: Hey Tami - what time are you quitting tonight?
    Tami: 10:30 - you stickin' around?
    Radio News Flash: This just in - Carlton Breezy has today been denied bail on
                      charges of armed robbery.
    Starsky: There's our man Hutch.
    Tami: Breezy? There sure have been a lot of people asking about him recently.
    Hutch: I heard a rumour he had bread tied up in this place?
    Starsky: Let's hope someone's keeping it safe for him, hey partner?
    Season 2, Episode 1 Intro
    Narrator: Downtown, things were getting hot at the Pork Factory, and we ain't
              talking sweet and sour here ... this guy's a real low life, by the
              name of Paolo, calls himself the Pig. So this little Piggy has
              decided to help himself to a slice of Breezy's action, while Breezy
              is in lockdown.
    CB Radio: All units! Explosion at Bay and 5th. Suspects riding a custom yellow
    Starsky: A yellow trike? Now that's somebody who should be stopped.
    Hutch: Hit it, partner.
    Season 2, Episode 1 Outro
    Narrator: This biker found out that three wheels just ain't enough to evade
              Zebra 3.
    Starsky: Out for a joy ride, punk?
    Narrator: There was no joy in what Starsky had to say to this guy, especially
              when he wise cracks about his boss, The Pig. Starsky and Hutch didn't
              know any pig, but they sure could smell something was cooking.
    Season 2, Episode 2 Intro
    Narrator: Looks like Starsky and Hutch need some help finding The Pig. So they
              come to the Hugster.
    Huggy: Pig? You mean that dude Paolo the Pig? No man, but I do know about his
           shady money man, Eddie Swann. He hangs out down at Luigi's every day. I
           guess you'll find him there.
    Hutch: Starsky, those are Breezy's guys!
    Narrator: Lunch is over for Eddie. Looks like a nice drive to see Breezy for
    Starsky: Breezy must want Swaan as much as we do.
    Hutch: Believe it or not, we gotta save Swann. Hit it!
    Season 2, Episode 2 Outro
    Narrator: See, just like the little rat that he is, Swann figures he can save
              his own neck by being a snitch. Yeah, he's only going to talk if he
              and his little bambinos are safely off the street.
    Starsky: OK Eddie, you tell us what you know and we'll organise a nice little
             vacation for everyone. Now talk!
    Narrator: Eddie sang to our guys about The Pig's plan to take out one of
              Breezy's joints. He wasn't sure which one, but he gave our guys
              enough to put The Pig right in the frame.
    Season 2, Episode 3 Intro
    Narrator: So the team are playing babysitters again. But this time they need to
              be a little incognito. Nothing better than red to get attention, so
              they decide to use Hutch's wheels instead.
    Starsky: Sheesh, what's this! Just don't tell anyone OK?
    Hutch: Quit complaining and just drive. Keep up with Swann, Starsky.
    Season 2, Episode 3 Outro
    Hutch: There goes the Eddie Swann gang, safe and sound.
    Narrator: Now Starsky and Hutch had to be on their toes. The $64,000 question
              was - which one of Breezy's joints would be hit, and where?
    Season 2, Episode 4 Intro
    Tami: Place your bets, gentlemen.
    Kidnapper: No lad, we're cashing in, all of it - just put the bread in the bag
               nice and easy.
    Tami: Hey! Put me down.
    Kidnapper: Let's get out of here.
    Narrator: Looks like Hutch's lady is being taken for a ride.
    CB Radio: Starsky! Hutch! Report of an armed robbery at the Star Casino. The
              gunmen have taken a blonde croupier hostage.
    Starsky: Hey - that's Tami's place.
    Hutch: I've got a bad feeling about this, kimosabe.
    Season 2, Episode 4 Outro
    Hutch: It's her Starsky. This is Tami's scarf. Those creeps have taken her.
    Starsky: Yeah, but where'd she go? Someone's making fools outta us, my friend.
    Narrator: Our guys had seized the money, but Hutch's little lady was gone. Now
              both sides have aces to play. The Pig wants his bread, and Hutch
              wants his lady back. Looks like a little trade might be the order of
              the day.
    Season 2, Episode 5 Intro
    Narrator: That creep Paolo set up Tami as bait, in a little game of cat and
              mouse. Now there's no time to lose - or Tami is on a one way trip to
    Paolo: Shame, such a pretty face.
    Tami: You freak!
    Paolo: I've got your girl, Hutch. I want my money, ya hear? Now listen
           carefully, or she gets minced. Get to the phone booth outside of Huggy's
           Bar and listen real careful to the next instruction.
    Season 2, Episode 5 Outro
    Hutch: Are you OK Tami?
    Tami: I think so.
    Narrator: They saved the little lady, but suprise, suprise, The Pig was nowhere
              to be found. Hutch arranged a ride home for Tami, while Starsky
              combed the joint for something that might lead them to The Pig.
    Season 2, Episode 6 Intro
    Narrator: Starsky searched the warehouse and turned up nothing but pork, lots
              of it. They decided to split back to the Precinct. But one of the
              Piglets was still hiding. He figured his best chance was to sneak
              away, real quiet like.
    Hutch: Hey - what's that!
    Starsky: Looks like one of the Pig's guys. Wonder where he's going? Back to the
    Narrator: So they decide to follow this Piglet all the way home.
    Hutch: Let's be cool, don't spook the truck driver.
    Starsky: Smooth as ice, partner.
    Season 2, Episode 6 Outro
    Narrator: So now Paolo The Pig was headed for his own private pen. And boy, did
              he go down squealing.
    Paolo: Nothin's gunna stick, ya hear me. And when I'm out, it's going to be
           payback time!
    Starsky: Hey Hutch - I do believe we're being threatened.
    Hutch: By a pig? Not a chance Starsky, not a chance.
    Season 2 Outro
    Starsky: I tell ya Hutch, they gotta pull this pitcher. He couldn't throw a
             strike if his life depended on it!
    Hutch: Be nice if they had, before the home run.
    Starsky: Think we should worry about The Pig's threats?
    Hutch: The Pig? He's history - let's watch the game.
    Food Attendant: Sodas! Peanuts! Popcorn! Red Hots!
    Starsky: Hey! Hotdog here! Want one Hutch?
    Hutch: No thanks. I've had enough pork for one day.
                                   ~~ SEASON 3 ~~
    5 - Thanks and Acknowledgements
    First of all thank you to my wife who has put up with me spending heaps of time
    in front of the box. Thanks to GAMEFAQS for producing a great site where real
    gaming help can be found. Thanks Microsoft for creating the Xbox, and Empire
    Interactive for making this game. Last but not least, I'd like to thank myself!
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