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    FAQ by nerex

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                \  \  /  /  /  /""""     | |   /  /     /   \
                 \  \/  /  /  /          | |  /  /     / /\  \
                 /  /\  \  \  \    __    | | /  /     / /__\  \
                /  /  \  \  \  \___\ \   | | \  \    /  ____   \
               /  /    \  \  \________\  | |  \  \  / /      \  \
               eXtreme G Racing Assosiation    \  \ (c)2003 
               -------------------------------- \  \-----------------
               Review & FAQ - nerex
         Table of Contents:
         -How to use this FAQ
          >To jumps to certain points use the search function of your browser 
           and enter the bracketed codes to jump to the point of the FAQ
           example: Type "XG02" to jump to the "Comparison" section.
          >Until the final version sections will be added, 
           the currently undone sections are marked with a "v" in the quick reference code
          What’s next?
           > Rundown on race series and cups.
           > Exact bike stats per class.
           > Secondary objective list / FAQ
           > Cheats FAQ
          What's new?
           > Series and Cups list updated.
           > Pickup list completed.
           > Bike reccomended.
    ______________________________  \__[XG00]___________________________________________
                     Index        \_____________________________________________________
          -[XG01] Review                         -[XG07] First Races
          -[XG02] Comparison                     -[XG08] Choosing a Team
          -[XG03] Controls                       -[XG09v] Leagues / Cups
          -[XG04] Getting Started                -[XG10] Breaking the Sound Barrier
          -[XG05] Options                                Sonic League & Ultra Sonic 
          -[XG06] Disabling the annoying stuffs
           [XG00] Index / [XGCD] Credits and Legal Info.
    ______________________________  \__[XG01]___________________________________________
                     Review       \_____________________________________________________
     XGRA is the follow up to XG3 a high speed futuristic racing game featuring the
     Most extreme courses and second highest speeds seen in racing games till now.
     XG (Extreme G) had it's place in the futuristic racers ever since its first game
     For N64 was released. Sadly up to now the series never was too well known or
     popular and often highly underrated.
     Now to the Review.
     If you expect a classic racer where you can silently race about completing your
     Laps without much work and trying to skim off a millisecond here and there to
     Perfect your time, this game is not for you.
     XGRA Goes back to the basics of Extreme G racing, Reintroducing Pick-Ups and
     Laying more weight on speed arrows and arcade Style gameplay. 
     The Game gives you a controllable start at medium fast speeds and fairly
     undefined gray bikes; once though you complete the first 3 races and get a sponsor
     the game looks muchly different, with well designed, recognizable differentiated
     and full depth colored bikes its up in speed and out for the contract.
     unlike the first extreme g's this time you have zero choice for a bike until you
     complete the first series of races, and then - depending on your performance
     in those first races - two sponsorship teams, and therefore 2 bikes become
     The game starts out slow to give new players a chance to adjust to the high
     speeds and the game's controls, then there is a raise in speed but the 
     difficulty stays fairly low. - once however the sonic & ultra sonic classes open
     the difficulty becomes fairly hard to, on some races, almost insane.
     (varies on choice of team / bike)
     The graphics are stunning, detailed and sometimes it feels there's almost too
     much stuff on screen. there _is_ slowdown at some parts, but that mostly only 
     very short when too many bikes and complex objects are on screen and/or the
     drawing distance maxes out.
     the visual effects are great and always up for a surprise as more and more fx
     are added as the player progresses in the game.
     Definitely a Downgrade here, the effects are much less realtime active
     and the nice futuristic XG racing sounds were replaced with more
     commercial, motorcycle style sounds.
     the other sfx are good but some extras that were found in XG3
     (For example the swooshing sound of big objects passing near the track
     at high speeds) were taken out. Also the motor sounds of your and
     your opponents bikes no longer are 3d phased according to your / their
     position and the speed. the sound is good; but not stunning.
     also after passing the sound barrier the music is no longer fully blended
     there also now is race commentary which is done in a medicore / ok way
     but it does get annoying after a few races - especially the
     intro announcements and course description because its mostly quite 
     repetitive especially if u have to race the same set of tracks
     a few times in a row.
     For some it will be an upgrade; for some a downgrade.
     Definitely on the good side: music options were introduced to the series
     and the player has now the option to choose between a set of rock songs
     and a set of dance songs. Sadly though, most songs are less extreme
     and more commercial, an the rock sounds very European mtv style.
     The Dance / techno side has been replaced with more commercial Trance
     / Dance and only a few oldstyle XG, vocalless techno / hardcore
     Tracks are to be found. 
     If you liked songs like "c90 - Hey Dj(Gimme a phat beat)" you
     will miss that style. If you like vocal Trance and/or Commercial
     Rock / Spacemetal you will enjoy this change in the game.
     Speed Feeling:
     At first you will miss the extremeness in feeling of XG3 in this part;
     but the more extreme track designs make up for that.
     Later in the game though, when you cross the sound barrier for the first time, 
     the sound(not music) kicks out and the almost overdone speed
     effect kicks in you'll most likely find yourself saying "whoa" with your eyes
     glued to the screen, trying to recognize the blurred world thrusting by. 
     Major changes here: the "lean into curve" or "side airbrake" buttons known
     from previous XG's and Series like wipeout, fzero and hsx were taken out.
     else then that, once you get used to the HIGHLY responsive analog stick
     (like in the n64 release of XG1 but almost even more responsive) the'
     Game becomes very well controllable even in extreme sections.
     Also the new system forces you to use the brakes from time to time
     what adds more to the almost missing classic racing element in this game.
     weapons and accel + brake are easy accessible in this game (especially on the
     second button preset) and not even all
     buttons are used.
     A bit more hectic, a bit less classic, a bit more arcade and returning
     pic ups and non-optional weapons(only turned off in some races in 
     career mode) give this game quite a hint back to the arcade / fun style
     roots. latest when you reach sonic class this game gets its flare
     and will keep you glued to the screen for quite a bit.
     (often it gets you in the "just one more cup" time loss mode)
     most of the classic racing elements of xg3 were taken out, and most of
     the arcade style elements from xg1 & 2 were brought back in.
     multiplayer & singleplayer are stabile, long enough and the difficulty curve
     is fitting. definitely worth at least a look for non-sim-racig and futureistic-
     high-speed-racing fans.
     Some additions to the game are quite "ahem". For example during the race
     when u attack / pass or are attacked by an opponent a "video transition"
     of the enemy racer will appear on-screen with him saying something
     (more or less, mostly on the less side) fitting to what’s happening.
     sounds good in theory but isn't well done ingame at all.
     the only really likable and fitting CG / voice of those transitions is
     the transition of your own race team's info guy.
     most other transitions get annoying quite quick and the style of
     the game is put down a few points by pointless use of cursing and
     taunting at inappropriate times. 
     luckily you can turn off the voice's volume completely in the options
     and pause menu and make the game somewhat more enjoyable.
     I recommend renting this game first before buying if the first XG you
     played is XG3 or if you are more into simulative/ realistic future racing.
     On the other hand for arcade racing fans, weapon racing fans and ppl
     who enjoy highly extreme track designs or ppl who have played and
     enjoyed XG1 & 2 this might be a good instant buy.
     Difficulty and bonus unlockables are stabile but not too plenty but
     the speed feeling and multiplayer mode will have you coming back to this
     game quite a while. also the non required secondary objectives are a fun
     thing to
     reattempt if not completed the first time through the game.
     All in all 9/10 minus 0.5 for steps in the more commercial direction.
    ______________________________  \__[XG02]___________________________________________
                     Comparison   \_____________________________________________________
     Extreme G Racing Association Comparison
     XG1             XGRA
      Graphics XX---   Graphics XXXXX  ==============================
         Sound XXX--      Sound XXX--  =  XG1 was definitely        =  
         Music XXXX-      Music XXX--  =  the most fun racer in     =
      Controls XXX--   Controls XXXX-  =  the series so far         =
    Fun Factor XXXXX Fun Factor XXXX-  =  but the graphics and      = 
    Sim Factor X---- Sim Factor X----  =  controllability           =
      Gameplay XXXXX   Gameplay XXXX-  =  cannot quite compete.     =
         Total XXXX-      Total XXXX-  =============================
     XG2             XGRA
      Graphics XXX--   Graphics XXXXX ==============================
         Sound XXX--      Sound XXX-- =  XG2 lacked the fun factor =
         Music XXX--      Music XXX-- =  of XG1 but the graphics   =
      Controls XXX--   Controls XXXX- =  were upgraded. it has     =
    Fun Factor XXX-- Fun Factor XXXX- =  the most downtempo music  =
    Sim Factor X---- Sim Factor X---- =  of the series so far.     =
      Gameplay XXXX-   Gameplay XXXX- =  Some Xtra modes were fun. =
         Total XXX--      Total XXXX- =============================
     XG3             XGRA
      Graphics XXXX-   Graphics XXXXX =================================
         Sound XXXXX      Sound XXX-- =  Where XGRA is the Arcade     =
         Music XXXXX      Music XXX-- =  XG for recent consoles       =
      Controls XXXX-   Controls XXXX- =  XG3 is the XG Simulator      =
    Fun Factor XXX-- Fun Factor XXXX- =  A lot of steps away from     =
    Sim Factor XXXX- Sim Factor X---- =  The arcade elements and      =
      Gameplay XXXX-   Gameplay XXXX- =  more accessible courses make =
         Total XXXX-      Total XXXX- =  this a very decent excursion =
                                      =  in the XG series             =
    ______________________________  \__[XG03]___________________________________________
                     Controls     \_____________________________________________________
    As stated in the Review, the controls are muchly different from 
    this games predecessors. Side controlled Air braking has been replaced with
    One Central Airbrake.
    Controls are Left Down to Steering, Camera, Accell, Brake, Primary Weapon
    and Secondary Weapon.
    Control Type A(unrecommended) 
                                   [_](Square) Dump Weapon   
         L1 Brake                          R1 Thrust
          \   L2 Nothing                   |  |    R2 Nothing
           \__\_ ___ _    Select View     _|__|____/__
          /         \__\___|_____________/ |       \  \
         |    /\     |     |           |   |  ( )----------  /\ (triangle) Nothing
         |  __||__    |    |S o n y   |    |         |  |
         | <--  -->   |    |          |   ( )   ( )----------- () (o) Secondary Weapon 
         |   |||      |  [___]   [___> |             |  |
         |   |\/     |  . " .      |. " .|   ( )-------------------- X (X) Primary Weapon
          \__|_______/ (     )[___]|     )\________/  /
         /   |      /  /"._."      |"._." \         \  \
        /    |     /  /    \       |   \   \         \  \
       /  Digipad Nothing   \  Start Pause  \         \  \
      /         /  /         \           \   \         \  \
      \________/_ /           \           \   \________/__/
                               \           \
                                \           \
                        Left Analog Stick Control Bike
                                        Right Analog Stick Nothing
    Control Type B(highly recommended) 
                                   [_](Square) Brake   
         L1 Secondary Weapon             R1 Primary Weapon
          \   L2 Dump                      |  |    R2 Nothing
           \__\_ ___ _    Select View     _|__|____/__
          /         \__\___|_____________/ |       \  \
         |    /\     |     |           |   | ( )----------  /\ (triangle) Nothing
         |  __||__    |    |S o n y   |    |         |  |
         | <--  -->   |    |          |   ( )   ( )----------- () (o) Nothing 
         |   |||      |  [___]   [___> |             |  |
         |   |\/     |  . " .      |. " .|   ( )-------------------- X (X) Accellerate
          \__|_______/ (     )[___]|     )\________/  /
         /   |      /  /"._."      |"._." \         \  \
        /    |     /  /    \       |   \   \         \  \
       /  Digipad Nothing   \  Start Pause  \         \  \
      /         /  /         \           \   \         \  \
      \________/_ /           \           \   \________/__/
                               \           \
                                \           \
                        Left Analog Stick Control Bike
                                        Right Analog Stick Nothing
    Control Type C(best control over accell/braking but to get used to) 
                                   [_](Square) Nothing   
         L1 Secondary Weapon              R1 Main Weapon
          \   L2 Dump Weapon               |  |    R2 Nothing
           \__\_ ___ _    Select View     _|__|____/__
          /         \__\___|_____________/ |       \  \
         |    /\     |     |           |   | ( )----------  /\ (triangle) Nothing
         |  __||__    |    |S o n y   |    |         |  |
         | <--  -->   |    |          |   ( )   ( )----------- () (o) Nothing 
         |   |||      |  [___]   [___> |             |  |
         |   |\/     |  . " .      |. " .|   ( )-------------------- X (X) Nothing
          \__|_______/ (     )[___]|     )\________/  /
         /   |      /  /"._."      |"._." \         \  \
        /    |     /  /    \       |   \   \         \  \
       /  Digipad Nothing   \  Start Pause  \         \  \
      /         /  /         \           \   \         \  \
      \________/_ /           \           \   \________/__/
                               \           \
                                \           \
                        Left Analog Stick Control Bike
                                        Right Analog Stick Thrust/Brake
    Personally I highly recommend control style B which is fairly oldschool and easily
    Accessible. More info to the Controls and hints for them will come in the
    ingame hints.
    ______________________________  \__[XG04]____________________________________________
                     Getting Started_____________________________________________________
     As stated before in the review,
     At the VERY beginning of the game, you have no option of choosing either a bike
     or a teams.
     however you DO have the option of choosing a driver to your liking.
     *note* this cannot be changed later in the profile whatsoever,
     so be sure to choose a driver you will feel comfortable with for a while.
     the introductionary class will open up two different teams depending on your
     performance in those races.
     the speed is somewhat pitched down and primary weapon is limited.
     also there are only four pickups available at the very beginning.
     Pickup controls:
     the symbols at the top of the screen indicate the current secondary weapon.
     this weapon can be "collected" and upgraded as you pick up more pickups.
     press the secondary weapon button(L1 in recommended setting) once
     to lock the weapon; the pickups you drive over until firing are then ignored,
     this keeps you from accidently firing the wrong thing in the last second
     because you accedently picked something up.
     the locking can be canceled and the pickup downgraded by one by pressing 
     the dump button L1 (recommended setting).
     the basic pickups are:
    > vampire - collects energy from opponents on target
     once activated for a set amount of time. 
    [effective when need for recovery is there and not in
     1st position]
    > mines - drop a set of mines behind you. 
    [more effective either when directly tailed by opponent,
     or in places where the track width is low.
     can also be placed even more effectively by "sweeping" to the side while 
     mines are being thrown off.]
    > speed up - provides a high speed boost for a set amount of time
    [well timed can be essential, especially if you take
     one of the slower bikes for better handling.]
    > ammo refill - refills weapon energy to max
    [nice at the beginning especially if you like the primary weapon a lot, but
     as the game progresses better lay more weight on the other pickups.]
     _______________________[advanced pickups under: breaking the sound barrier]___
     once you complete these first races, which is fairly easy you will 
     have the selection of a few teams.
     it's up to the player then but this will essentially set the difficulty
     for coming races, also depending on your racing style.
     my personal recommendation is the vixen team.
     the speed is with the top and the good handling makes it possible
     to put the downforce on minimum(in the workshop menu)
     to maximize speed even more.
     once a team is selected you can choose one of the various cups
     of the subsonic class, the lowest speed official XG class
     (in this game, that is ^_-). choose one to your liking
     I will detail these in a later chapter.
     after selecting a cup you will come to the pre race window again
     you might want to adjust the bikes setting in the workshop
     but this is not a must.
     this class will be a lot faster than the introductionary class;
     and a lot less gray *gg*
     also, in the pre race window you will for the first time be confronted
     with secondary missions. 
     secondary missions range from "beat this driver" over "destroy 5 specific
     billboards" to "reach a minimum of 800mph".
     these missions are a fun thing to try for more experienced drivers 
     but must not be completed; so it might be easier for a beginner at
     the XG series to just ignore these for the time being.
     the missions do although play a role in unlocking bonuses
     such as extra bikes and gallery features.
     so if you're on a hunt for those things, pay good attention and
     try to complete as many as possible at all times.
     after you get used to the full colored high detail environment
     you will eventually finish the class and proceed to the sonic class.
     be sure to get a good grip of the basic controls, and
     try deactivating the crosshair and aiming by vision, because
     in the later classes you'll be wanting every bit of screen you can get.
     also try having a good 1st place in this cup because the difficulty is
     going to go up quite a notch.
    ______________________________  \__[XG05]____________________________________________
                     Options      \______________________________________________________
     The Game's Options:
     Option Menu                                     Pre Race Menu
     - Controller setup[the obvious]                 -Race [starts the race]
     - The Cheat Menu[input cheats]                  -Workshop [adjusts the bikes setting
     - Graphics setup[adjust screen                     steereing and accel to an extent]
                     and cross hair]                 -Save [manually save game]
     - Sound Setup[adjust volume/music]              -Quit [quit]
     Pause Menu                                       Player Menu
                                            Season 2080 [race season mode]
     Continue[continue race]                     Arcade [race classes and courses unlocked
                                                                           in season mode]
     Restart   [restart race]                Time Trial [race alone for records]
     Vibration [vibration on/off]               Gallery [view concept art]
     Sound     [adjust volume]                  Options [go to options menu]
     Quit      [quit]
    ______________________________  \__[XG06]____________________________________________
                     Disabling    \______________________________________________________
            the Annoying stuff.
      Now if you've actually come to like the voices and ingame CG and the commercial
      rock music just ignore this section and proceed to the next.
      If however the commentary, the other bikers constant video messages
      and the step in the very commercial music direction have started going on 
      your nerves I suggest you adjust the following things.
      Ingame CG video messages
      From time to time, actually quite often in the game, the enemy
      will send you a video broadcast of them talking to you
      into your HUD.
      Mostly this are senseless comments or just plain rude
      and cursing commentations on your actions or just
      pointless warnings that they're "out to get you".
      the way it's done it seems to lower this games style quite a bit
      but luckily you can turn off their voices completely in the
      volume control, just go to the pause menu or the options
      and set the voice volume down completely.
      the cg blends sadly won't stop but without the voices
      and not hearing what they’re babbeling they are somewhat more
      bearable and at times sometimes even fitting..
      bust best part is they are much more easy to ignore that way.
      Overly Commercial POP / Spacemetal music feeling
      Now this definitely is a personal preference but some others may
      also dislike mainstream music to a big bit so this is why
      I’ll post it here.
      Since the Dance / Trance tracks in this game seem a lot less
      commercially produces and a lot more bearable for the non 
      mainstream preferring ear I suggest going to the sound
      options and turning the music settings on "Dance"
      if however even that is unbearable for you or you come to
      dislike commercial vocaltrance you might want to
      just turn down the music volume completely instead and
      boost up your own music in the background.
      in the last case I recommend turning up the sfx volume
      a bit depending on how loud your music is going to be.
      Too much HUD
      The HUD (heads up display) may seem very overly filled at
      the beginning and it can take up quite a big bit of the 
      screen, and latest when you reach the point in the game
      where you break the sound barrier it will mostly
      get in the way. I suggest turning off the crosshair in
      the graphics menu since it is quite big and always seems
      to come into your sight at the wrong spot when you're
      not using it for aiming.
    ______________________________  \__[XG07]____________________________________________
                     The First Races_____________________________________________________
      Now to the actual racing
      Since you've finally left the pre race screen and the loading screen
      to get to the track introduction, you're probably just waiting to
      kick down the gas pedal, aaahm gas control thingy on the
      steering part of the bike and race off at highspeed.
      then all of the sudden, when you finally see the bikes you think
      GRAY? why is everything gray.
      that’s what you get for not listening to the commentary ^_- j/k
      in the first race you are still in the sub extreme g class
      you are a normal non-pro rider who is about to have the
      chance to grasp a contract and advance into the real XG racing
      The bikes are gray, standard model, slower, limited in handling
      and weapons and ideal to get used to the controls.
      don't worry about the placing too much yet since the difficulty 
      is still so low at this point that you can literally loose
      the first race in the worst possible way, make a weak 4th to 5th
      place in the next race and if you get a halfways decent position
      in the last race you will still have 2 contracts to choose from.
      take your time to get used to the bike and the very sensitive
      analog stick since the shoulder buttons (side airbraking)
      have been taken out of the game and even if this is your first
      step into XG you will probably be used to them from games
      like fzero, wipeout and hsx.
      also note that in the higher speed classes you will even
      from time to time have to do the odd odd uncommon action known
      as braking to make some of the sharper curves.
      try to get all of the speed arrows after you get used to the
      bike a bit since these can make a major difference in track times
      and gives you a preview of how fast the later classes / cups
      will feel.
      there are few subtle curves in the game but for the few there
      are and for all the other non-max curved I have to give a hint
      to the controls and to the players who do not often use the
      analog stick.
      the analog stick is NOT digital, do NEVER at NO times let go of
      the analog stick even if it is the end of a curve or you want
      to return it to middle position instantly.
      leave your thumb on the stick at ALL times, I mean when 
      driving in real life do you normally let go of the steering wheel
      completely from time to time when in the middle of a curve?
      mastering the correct usage of the analog stick may be different
      at first but it will, when completed gives you an unbelievably
      great control over your vehicle.
      in subtle curves, when passing or when in slight curves at low 
      speeds try moving the analog stick only a little bit,
      it is very responsive and will catch even the slightest movements.
      this will also keep you from crashing into the nearest borders 
      all the time when simply trying to pick up a pickup.
      when racing try to concentrate always more on the course, 
      its obstacles, side paths and sections more than the other
      racers and the weapons.
      in the end the faster racer will win not the one who shoots
      also this is a good point to start memorizing the first tracks
      since they are quite complex and will have to be in good
      memory later on the higher speed classes.
      once adjusted to the steering and completing the races,
      select a team and move on to the subsonic class.
    ______________________________  \__[XG08]____________________________________________
                     Choosing a Team_____________________________________________________
      Depending on your performance in the first races and your progress
      in the game more and more teams will be unlocked.
      here's what tea, you should look at if you are looking for a certain
      === Vixen ===(recommended)=============     
       all rounder and yet still in the top
        speeds. ideal for beginners with good
         shielding, decent handling and ok
          primary weapons.
                                    All Round      
      === Terranova ==========================
       good speed, good accell but lower
        shielding and weapons.
         definitely the most regenerating bike
          but handling to get used to.
      === Scarecrow ==========================
       Top handling, awesome acceleration
        but a quite a bit slower then most
         bikes. choosing this bike will make
          the later races a bit more difficult.
      === Manta ==============================
       Top speed and weaponry, good
        acceleration but not too good in the
         regeneration department.
          Weapons Choice #2
      === Talon ==============================
       Great Acceleration, good shielding
        and handling. but is a bit slower than 
         some of the other bikes.
          Will raise the challenge later ingame.
      === Starcom ==============================
       Top speed maxed but lacks accell, good
        regeneration and handling. but the
         shields are quite low.
          One of the fastest bikes.
                             Top Speed/Handling
     ==Extra Bike==                    
      === Templar ==============================      = The trick to aquiring this = 
       The typical extreme g super bike               = awsome bike has yet to be  =
         superior speed, good handling and            = discovered. my current bet =
          good primary weapons.                       = is game time + 1st place   =
       =========================================      = and contracts completed    =
                             Superbike/Everything     = ratio.                     =
    ______________________________  \__[XG08]____________________________________________
                     Leagues / Cups\____________________________________________________
      Once the introductionary sequence is completed you will come to
      be enabled to get more different pickup upgrades, your speed will
      raise, your primary weapon will be upgraded and the shield /
      weapon energy recharge will become faster.
      The Leagues (Classes) and their cups(unfinished):
      Introductionary Class            Sonic Class
       - SINN open challenge            - Heel (burn off)
                                         - Inoca (extreme weather
                                          - Jentor (endurance)
                                           - Patriot (fall out)
      Subsonic Class                   Supersonic Class
       - Fobos (all stars)              - Fobos (championship)
        - Inoca (burn off)               - Twilight (endurance)
         - Twilight (all weather)         - Jentor (extreme weather)
          - Jentor (pure race)
           - Denser (exotic)              | limited speed: all stars, 
            - Fobos (destruction)         | weapons off: pure race, championship
                                          | extra laps: endurance
      Ultrasonic Class                    | less laps ex speed: burn off
          - XG Global(multiple)           | track weapons active: destriction, fall out
                                          | normal racing: all weather
                                          |_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
     Secondary Objective FAQ:
     Introductionary Class 
     Subsonic Class
      > Vixen Team
    ______________________________  \__[XG10]____________________________________________
                     Braking the Sound_____________________________________________________
      Once the Sonic class has been reached you will more and more encounter the
      occurance of speed barrier braking. If you are wondering if you have done so 
      before I assure you  have not... once you’ve breached the sound barrier
      you will know.
      after awing at the awesome effect you’ll ask yourself how to control the
      bike at these speeds with the view distortion.
      there are a few things you can do to keep control of your bike.
      > Be Prepared: once you’ve broken the barrier once you are very likely
      to break it again, memorize the spot it happened last time and
      try to remember the maneuvers you did the navigate through the section.
      > Memorize the courses: this is VERY important since speeds increase
         progressively as the game proceeds you’ll need to have a good memory
         of all the tracks to keep up in the later classes.
      > Raise your reaction level: minimize response times as much as possible in
         as many ways and with as many games as you can. try keeping track of the
         drones on some tracks for example and try to count them as you race.
         you can later confirm the numbers of the groups in the replays.
         if you can see a group of drones passing by at 800+ mph navigating around
         opponents at those speeds should not prove too much more of a problem.
      > Time the Sonic barrier breaks: as far as possible time when you enter 
         supersonic speed, try using speed pickups only on parts of the track
         you know well or can easily maneuver through. use speed arrows and
         the speed up pickup in combination only when u think you can bear the
         speed thrust
      > Practice Sonic Barrier Breaks: the more often you drive over supersonic
         speed, the more you will get used to the effect and the more you will be able to
         see. grab your best bike and fastest class and race on the track where
         it occurred to you the most.
       With these countermeasures the sonic barrier break will become greatly enjoyable
       most wanted and well controllable after a while. just keep on racing and you’ll
       eventually get the hang of it.
      As you advance through the game you will encounter and ear more advanced pickups
      make good use of these as you will need some of them to complete the higher 
      difficulty classes, especially with the slower bikes
      *note* the two most essential ones are speed up and vampire(for shield recharge)
             mines can also keep bikes tailing you on distance, but most essential is 
             defenetly speed up(speed boost).
      Here's complete rundown on the pickups:
    Basic Pickups (in order of cost)
     Vampire [align ray with enemy bike to drain shiel energy]
     > recommended when low on shields and not first place
     Mines [drop a set of mines behind you]
     > effective when trailed closely or when one 
                                sweeps a little while placing]
     Speed Boost [limited time speed boost]
     > essential in later races on slower machines
    Avanced Pickups (in order of cost)
     Invunerable [provides invinchable shield 
                                   for a short amount of time]
     > only usefull if low on shields close to the finish
                                 a speed boost will do more...
     Ammo Refill [refills ammo to max]
     > best way to refill ammo quickly if u use the 
                                                primary weapon
     Rapier [launch sideward lasers for a set amount of time]
     > good for keeping enemys from passing you, 
                                         but not too effective
     Shield Refill [refills shield to max]
     > depending on how low your shields are vampire 
                                        might be a better idea
     Double hit [doubles weapon fire speed]
     >if u have a lot of ammo and a target in range thats low 
             on shield you might be able to get him with this
     Overlord [fire HUGE exploasion forward]
     > a must see, but sadly not as effective as it looks
     Death strike [automatically chooses one 
                               onscreen opponent and destroys]
     > now this one just feels like cheating since the
                         opponents NEVER use it, its up to you
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