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"Wacky Racers all over again?"

Tube slider is a very good, under-rated, racing game. I first put it in not expecting much but this game was really fun, and hard. So every race is a tube it's all just 1 really long tunnel and you can drive along the bottom, the sides or the roof the whole race, have fun trying to tell which side is which (Not like it matters). Anyways, there a bunch of different vehicles to race and each vehicle is good for different levels don't expect to beat every race with the same vehicle it's probably impossible or darn near close. I kept trying to beat 1 race and could not do it, it took a billion tries and eventually I changed my vehicle and beat it first try. I guess some vehicles just work better for some reason, with all the turns, drops, loops, spins and all that during the race some cars are just better at some things. This game has a bunch of different vehicles some with 1 wheel, others with 4, some with no wheels, others that hover, you have wide ones, long ones, ones that look upside down just a lot of different vehicles. So you choose a vehicle and race all the others and the only way to move on to the next race is to come in 1st place. Some levels are really easy some are really hard, but this game is really cool!

Graphics: 7/10
This games pretty awesome looking just imagine blasting down a tunnel with windows in it looking out at the world fly by at whatever speed to travel in this game, somewhere in the hundreds of miles an hour, through a tube I might add! Yes, this game is pretty sweet.

Music/Sound: 8/10
The music pretty cool once you hear the songs enough you'll hum along with the tune probably, even when you know it'll break your concentration and cause you to lose the race. Most racing games have really cool music look at The F-Zero series

Gameplay: 7/10
This game has awesome game-play, as I said before during the game the tunnel and world zooms by you. The controls are simple you have drive break slide left or right and a button you push to use boosts and thats about it and you can ram into other racers preventing them from leaving you in the dust maybe wiping them out so you can let them eat your dust!

Replay Value: Medium
You think you'll have fun racing in the single player game and whipping bots to take first place? Well, with 4 player multi-player you'll love coming back to this game to whip your friends and take first place too! And since you love rubbing it in their face keep playing!

Extras: 4/10
There aren't any awesome extras but hey, something is better than nothing. You do get to unlock some more vehicles and even a bonus track after you beat the toughest racer around known as... well I won't spoil that for ya.

Overall: 8/10
Overall Tube Slider is a pretty sweet racing game. If you love racing games you have to get this one, if you don't like racing games you have to get this one, you know because this one doesn't disappoint.

This is definitely challenging
4 Player Multi-player

Nothing really

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/02/06

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