How do I beat chykka?

  1. He's the temple guardian of Torvus Bog and he is hard and i used the best faqs

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Accepted Answer

  1. Phase 1 - Chyyka Larva - In this phase she'll be swimming all around the platform, occasionally going to the air. Be sure to avoid damage, and follow her movements. When she jumps in the air, she'll expose her stomach. This is when you blast her with the Light Beam, preferrably a Charged Shot. This is the best way to wittle down her HP at this stage. When the Dark Shredders fly toward you, kill them with the Dark Beam to get Light Ammo. Don't let them explode on you.

    Phase 2 - Chyyka - This happens after you beat the Larva. Now the battlefield is 3 platforms. Stand on one of them as she faces you, and start blasting her with the Power Beam. Don't waste your Light Ammo or your Missiles. Used Charged Power shots while dodging her attacks, and eventually she'll become stunned. When she's stunned, you'll notice her back will be facing one of the other two platforms. Use the Grapple Beam to swing over to that platform, then look at her wings. Use your Seeker Missiles to hit the 5 glowing points on her wings before she recovers. That'll be your main source of damage. She also has a wind-like attack that's meant to blow you backwards into the poisoned bog. If you see her charging it up, use the Grapple Beam to move to a different platform quickly.

    Phase 3 - Dark Chyyka - After some shots to the back, she'll plunge into the dark water, and come back up as Dark Chyyka. Her attacks will be somewhat stronger, but she's not any harder to take out. Switch to the Light Beam and start unloading on her like crazy, while dodging her attacks. Do as much damage as you can, and eventually she'll revert back to normal Chykka, so Phase 2 will be repeated. She also has this little swarm she'll send out in Dark form, but it's usually only if you let her. They're called Chyyklings, and they're relatively harmless and easy to kill. If you have the Darkburst for your Dark Beam, fire one into the Chyyklings to kill them all and get a ton of Light Ammo.

    Repeat Phase 2 and Phase 3 until she's dead, and congrats, you beat her. Honestly she's probably my favorite fight of the whole game. Just keep calm and follow the strategy. Also, if you're going for Logbook Scans, do note that her fight has 5 unique scans you need to get: Chyyka Larva, Dark Shredder, Chykka, Dark Chykka, Chykklings.

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