What are the locations of all the Sky Temple keys?

  1. Well I'm almost done with the game but now my problems is finding the keys for the last temple. I have no idea where they are at and I've been looking by finding 2 already but I don't even know where the others are at. Any one know?

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    kecave - 7 years ago

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  1. All of the keys are found in the Dark World, by using the Dark Visor to see the invisible Flying Ing Caches, shooting them to make them visible, then killing them to reveal the key. Several of them are found inside Dark Water, meaning you'll need the Light Suit. I'll list all of them for you here now:


    KEY #1 - Enter Battleground from the upper black door of Judgment Pit. Do not jump off the ledge. Kill the Warrior Ing and use the Dark Visor to spot some invisible platforms and navigate across them & the walls of the room until you reach the spot with the Ing Cache.

    KEY #2 - In the center of the Dark Oasis (Main Reactor in Light World) is a weak Denzium wall. Destroy it with a Power Bomb and drop into the dark water (you need the Light Suit). The Ing Cache is underwater.


    KEY #3 - Poisoned Bog (Torvus Lagoon in Light Aether). Drop into the dark water and follow a passage to the right of the ramp back out. The Ing Cache is underwater here.

    KEY #4 - The lowest level of Dark Torvus Bog, called Dungeon (Catacombs in Light Aether). Drop into the dark water and navigate a network of hallways, using Light Beacons to scare the Watchdrones. The Ing Cache is found after the second (I believe) drone.


    KEY #5 - In the Hive Entrance (Sanctuary Entrance in Light Aether), Screw Attack across the huge chasm, then ride the beam of light at the end to reach a higher ledge. Screw Attack back across to a ledge with the Ing Cache.

    KEY #6 - In Light Aether, go to Sanctuary Temple and enter the maze where you fought the Spider Guardian. Roll all the way to the end where you got the Spider Ball, and Power Bomb a yellow door to reach a dark portal. Use it. This room features a series of moving magnetic spheres that you must use the Spider Ball & Boost Ball to navigate across. At the end is a ledge on the far side with the Ing Cache.


    KEY #7 - Use the dark portal in the Sacred Path, then make your way to the Reliquary Grounds (Communication Area in Light Aether), where there's a storage room containing an easy Ing Cache.

    KEY #8 - Use the dark portal in Hall of Eyes, then navigate your way to the Dark Aether version of the Landing Site for another easy Ing Cache.

    KEY #9 - Use the dark portal in the Temple Assembly Site, then navigate your way to the dark version of the Industrial Site. The Ing Cache is on the far side of the lake from the door.

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