how do i beat Dark Samus 3rd time?

  1. i have something like 6 minits to kill dark samus again, she is stuffed with phazon and i think i have to attach her in the only time when she isnt attaching me! so, i THINK thats the technique, but i want hints, tips, pattern and stratagy. thanks for your help.

    User Info: thetheofii

    thetheofii - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. The 3rd and final time you face her is the final boss of the game, of course, but thankfully she's not terribly hard. You just gotta figure out what to do. She starts off in the form of Dark Samus 3 (scan her for logbook), and you just need to shoot a couple Super Missiles at her until she disappears, then switch to your Echo Visor to see her. Keep your distance and keep firing Super Missiles, until she moves toward the middle of the room. Switch off your echo visor now, she'll become Dark Samus 4. Dark Samus 4 is indeed a seperate logbook scan, so scan her quickly.

    During this form she's mainly floating in the center of the area, surrounded in a shield of phazon and is invincible to your weapons. The answer here is to shoot her with phazon. Charge up your Charge Beam and hold it, but don't fire it. Move around and dodge her blasts, and wait for her to fire a cluster of small phazon shots. These can be absorbed into that Charge Beam shot you're holding up, turning it bright blue. When this happens, move closer and blast her with it for good damage. Back up, start charging again, and repeat. After a few shots, she'll drop back to ground and start pursuing you again, but just hang back and shoot your gun at her repeatedly until you force her back to the middle. Keep repeating shooting her with absorbed phazon and you'll win in no time.

    Hope that helps!

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