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"Awesome sequel to a good game."

When 2004 came, a sequel to Metroid Prime had to be made, we got it later that year, thing is... It plays just like Metroid Prime... But does it hold up to the previous installment? The answer is yes.

The story is great, it starts out with Samus locating missing GF Troopers on the Planet known as Aether, her ship gets struck by Lightning, forcing her to land on the planet, since she can't fly off the planet due to the damage her ship took. She must explore the Planet.

She does find the Troopers, sadly, they have all been killed by some kind of mutated enemy. Which you will later know as a Darkling. After getting a strange item, she finds U-Mos, a member of the species known as the Luminoth.

U-Mos tells Samus about the Ing, creatures made of darkness that want to take all the light from Aether, you must recover the stolen light so that Aether can be safe from the Ing threat, the story expands as you find Lore throughout the game, which allows you to piece together the entire story.

But the Ing are no pushover, they have all kinds of challenges waiting for you. They have strong members like the Boost Guardian, who will give you trouble on your first run. So you will need the help of the new weapons that this game offers.

The Dark & Light gimmick is what the game is based off of. There are two worlds, one is Light, one is Dark. The Light world is simple & easy to learn... Not the same for the Dark World, Dark Aether's atmosphere is poisonous, when you first enter it your health will drop like a rock, there are some new suits in the game that help you survive this atmosphere. The enemies in Dark Aether are stronger than the ones in the Light half. They can certainly pack a punch...

The new weapons as I said earlier are a great addition to the Metroid series. Heck, some of them return in later installments! There are two new Beams, the Light & Dark Beams, there IS a third beam... But it's best for you to find out what it is yourself. The Light & Dark Beams use Ammo... One of the games flaws.

Why add an Ammo system to Beams? They are fine without it! You will run out of ammo if you don't know how to use these beams right, the new Beams work like this: The Dark Beam is a great way to defeat enemies in the Light world, and the Light Beam is a great way to defeat enemies in the Dark world.

There is also a new rival in this game, she is simply known as Dark Samus, for those who 100%ed Metroid Prime, you know who this is, Dark Samus will either fight you or hinder your progress. She makes a great rival.

The gameplay remains the same, unchanged. We have new & old items. But... Charge Combos return, not saying that's a bad thing. The new Charge Combos are... Meh, they don't do a whole lot.

The music in this game is incredible! It fits perfectly for this games dark tone. Once you reach Torvus, listen to the music it has to offer. It is simply amazing, the sounds are just as good as they were in Metroid Prime.

Overall, this game is in my opinion, better than Metroid Prime, it does everything Metroid Prime did right & adds new things that help make it a great game. The only thing I don't like about it are the ammo system & Charge Combos. This game is a must have for anyone who owns a Gamecube.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/15/13

Game Release: Metroid Prime 2: Echoes (US, 11/15/04)

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