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    Test Guide by Wolf Feather

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    Superlicense Tests Guide for F1 Career Challenge
    by Jake Davis (Jesbian4Ever182@netscape.net)
    AKA YourWorstNightmare
    First Version started: Thursday, August 14, 2003
    Latest Version completed: Thursday, August 14, 2003
    -Table of Contents-
    Spacing and Length
    Legal Information
    Superlicense Tests
       -Basic Driving
    Final Thanks
    -Spacing and Length-
    To ensure that this guide may be read, printed, and downloaded (for personal
    use) without difficulty, please make sure that the letters below line up:
    If they do not match up, your browser could be outdated.  Do not print this
    guide if that is the case, and printing it even if your browser isn't out of
    date is not advised for this guide's length.
    -Legal Information-
    This guide is not to be posted on sites other than here at GameFAQs, please
    contact me if this guide is posted anywhere else.  Printing this guide is
    perfectly legal as long as it is used by the one who printed the guide and no
    other.  Do not attempt to post this guide anywhere else on the internet or any
    other source that is broadcasted to the public without specific permission from
    myself.  Remember, plagarism is illegal and can result in severe consequences. 
    And hey, if you just stick by the rules, there will never be a problem.  Only
    the following sites may use this guide:
    V.35 - All the basics are in, from Spacing and Length to Closing.
    V.95 - The main part is in, the Superlicense Tests section.  Only some
    finishing touches and then I'm done.
    V1.0 - Finishing touches are in, first complete version of the guide.
    Simply some questions regarding this guide...
    Q. What's a 'Superlicense'?
    A. A Superlicense is a license required of a Formula One driver to have every
    year in which he races.  The license expires at the end of the season, and a
    new one must be obtained if the driver desires another year in Formula One.
    Q. How do you get a Superlicense?
    A. Well, first, start a career as a Karting champion and then build your way up
    to Formula One.  Once you're there you can get your Superlicense and race.  But
    don't hope that you'll be given the oppurtunity otherwise :-)
    Q. What do you have to do during a Superlicense test?
    A. To be entirely honest, I'm not 100% sure.  But I can assume that you have to
    do several tests regarding overtaking, cornering, accelerating, braking, etc. 
    You might have to do some physical tests too.
    While I am sure that the controls should be easy for you and any other person,
    I am going to give a brief explanation of the controls anyways.
    X - Accelerate
    Sqaure - Brake
    Triangle - Nothing
    Circle - Reverse
    Left/Right - Turning
    Up/Down - Nothing
    R1 - Change View (4 different views)
    L1 - Look behind
    R2 - Shift Up (only in Quick Race mode)
    L2 - Shift Down (only in Quick Race mode)
    Do take note that the controls can be changed in the options screen.
    -Superlicense Tests-
    Here goes, you're about to test for your Superlicense.  You cannot continue
    Career Mode without first doing this, so be prepared!  You should compare this
    to getting your IB license in Gran Turismo 3.  Some things can be difficult,
    some are quite easy, it just depends on the driver.  So let's go get ourselves
    a Superlicense!
    ||Basic Driving||
    Basic Driving takes place in Monza, a high-speed track with little need for
    cornering ability.  I'll post my time up too, but do be aware that I have lots
    of experience with this game so don't be disapointed if your time is lower. 
    And yes, celebrate if you go faster, you truly must be good if you beat me on
    your first try!  I'm saying that only because of experience, not bragging
    rights or anything :-)
    The first test is a test of accelerating, much like the very first test on the
    B License in GT3 as a matter of fact.  You must wait for the five lights to go
    out and then accelerate all out until you reach the line.
    Ace - 0:09.750
    Pass - 0:11.000
    You fail if:
    -You run out of time
    -You take a short cut
    My time - 9.655
    The second test involves what you did in the last test but adds a twist.  You
    must brake and stop your car in between the lines in order to recieve a passing
    Ace - 0:07.750
    Pass - 0:10.000
    You fail if:
    -You run out of time
    -You take a short cut
    -You enter the pit lane
    -You overshoot the braking zone
    My time - 6.273
    Test number three is the first time you'll take a corner on F1 Career Challenge
    (assuming you started with Career Mode).  You must take the Parabolica turn at
    Monza, which is one of the fastest corners in Formula One, at a high speed and
    then cross the finishing line within the time limit
    Ace - 0:15.000
    Pass - 0:18.000
    You fail if:
    -You run out of time
    -You take a short cut
    My time - 0:14.145
    That concludes the Basic Driving part of the Superlicense tests.  Now, on
    This section of the Superlicense test is in Imola, or San Marino, a pretty much
    all even course that does not need more of one thing than another (at least,
    not by much of a margin).
    The first test will be a test that takes place in Imola at the Variante Alta,
    one of the most famous chicanes in Formula One.  It is a right-left turn and is
    very sharp, though can be taken at full speed without leaving the track if you
    take it at the right angle.
    Ace - 0:12.000
    Pass - 0:15.000
    You fail if:
    -You run out of time
    -You take a short cut
    -All four of your wheels are off the track
    My time - 0:11.685
    The next test is a hairpin, or turn that is or is almost 180 degrees.  This is
    the sharpest turn in Imola, so be ready.  Brake early and ride your left tyres
    right on the rumble strips, and accelerate all out about halfway through the
    turn to achieve an Ace.
    Ace - 0:12.250
    Pass - 0:14.000
    You fail if:
    -You run out of time
    -You take a short cut
    -All four of your wheels are off the track
    My time - Well, I didn't even get to restart and I would have, but I got
    That concludes the Cornering section of the Superlicense test, let's go on
    This section takes place in Silverstone and works on your ability to overtake,
    along with pit stops and driving in wet weather.  Let's get started, this is
    the final, and hardest part of the Superlicense tests.
    Test one is the wet weather test.  This can be a doozy especially on your first
    try.  You will need to get used to going a tiny bit slower on each corner or
    else you will never pass.  Just take it slow, brake early and accelerate out of
    corners early to get the best time.  If you can't pass this one, watch the
    Ace - 0:23.500
    Pass - 0:27.000
    You fail if:
    -You run out of time
    -You take a short cut
    -You enter the pit lane
    -All four of your wheels are off the track
    My time - 0:22.468
    The next test involves overtaking.  This can be challenging, or easy, depending
    on the aggresion/conservativeness of the one driving.  You must watch out to
    not hit the other cars but also to pass them in the quickest way possible, make
    sure you stay on the track though!
    Time limit - 0:30.000
    Ace - Overtake 3 cars
    Pass - Overtake 1 car
    You fail if:
    -You run out of time
    -You take a short cut
    -All four of your wheels are off the track
    -Not enough cars are overtaken
    Cars passed - 2
    Time - 0:21.689
    This is your final test, and then it's all over.  This test is also the most
    frustrating.  You must go into the pits and then complete the pit stop in an
    appropriate amount of time.  Oh and one catch, you have 5 jobs to do.  So let's
    take this step-by-step.  First there is 'Brake to Limit', you must press Square
    until your car is going 50 MPH or slower.  If you go below about 45, then you
    might consider starting over, though above 40 is still possible to make it. 
    Then, we have 'Brake to Pits', you must brake to 12 MPH or slower, it doesn't
    really matter if you brake really low on this one, because you turn in
    immediately after, so don't sweat it if you are going 6 MPH.  As I said above,
    next is turn in, so you must press right (do take note that Interlagos [Brazil]
    and Montreal [Canada] both turn to the left, not right) as soon as possible so
    as to actually turn into your pit stall. Once you do this, the guys will move
    around a bit, and then you will see an overhead view of your car.  When you are
    about directly over the driver, it will say "Gear up Now", you must press R2
    the INSTANT it says that, but not before, or it will take about 10 seconds
    extra, which is an automatic fail.  Finally, you will see the guy with the jack
    move to the side and the lollipop man (man with the pole that has the circle on
    the end) will lift up the lollipop.  Shortly after that happens (about a
    quarter of a second), it will say "Accelerate", press X and you will leave the
    pit stall.  Yet again, make sure you don't press it too early or your car will
    stall.  You will watch your car drive out of the pits automatically, and the
    test will end.  If you have less than a second of time lost in the pits, then
    you have passed. Above that could quite possibly be a failure.  But don't give
    up until you read your final time.
    Ace - 0:28.000
    Pass - 0:37.000
    You fail if:
    -You run out of time
    -You miss the pit lane
    -You do not complete all the tasks
    My time - Almost had it, I hit 50 MPH on the dot, but the game claimed I didn't
    brake to 12 MPH, so I ended up getting 0:29.318
    Congratulations!  You have obtained your Superlicense, and now can move on to
    actual racing against other drivers!
    ||License Complete||
    License complete, that simple!  Congratulations! You can now compete in the FIA
    Formula One World Championship, starting in 1999!
    -Final Thanks-
    My deepest thanks go to the following:
    GameFAQs - For posting this guide
    CJayC - For maintaining the site that's posting this guide
    EA Sports - For making this game
    Myself - For writing the guide
    You - For reading the guide
    If you want to contact me, simply e-mail me at the address at the top. I truly
    hope you found this guide either helpful, interesting, or some nice thing like
    that.  Please tell me if a site other than GameFAQs is using this guide for
    whatever purpose because at the moment, GameFAQs is the only site that should
    be using it.  I thank you again for reading this and I hope you enjoyed it!

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