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    City Event FAQ by Smashnuke

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                             (>")>Kirby's Air Ride<("<)
                                  City Event FAQ
                           Created by Smashnuke (10/23/03)
                           Newest version at: GameFAQs.com
    Kirby's Air Ride is Kirby's second game for the Gamecube (Super Smash Bros
    Melee being the first).  Race on over 15 different racing stars, such as the
    Swerve Star and Shadow Star, in Air Ride, City Trial, and Top Ride.
    2)Table of Contents
    2)This :P
    3)What is City Trial?
     B)Air Ride Fleet
     D)The Exalted Dynablade
     E)Boing boing!
     F)Catch that Thief!
     G)Fire at the Stations
     H)Fog of War
     I)The Secret Area
     J)True or False
     K)Blast Off!
     M)Surplus Items
     N)The Pillar
     O)Bring Up My HP!
    5)Version History
    6)What is needed
    3)What is City Trial?
    In City Trial, you race around a city breaking boxes and collecting upgrades
    (aka Patches), new machines, and parts to legendary machines.  Sometimes, a
    siren will go off.  Be prepared, because an event is about to happen!
    Desc: This event is very rare.  When this event starts, 2 or 3 HUMOUNGOUS
    meteors will rain down on the city. After hitting, they explode!
    Damage: These things will cause a lot of damage to anyone that gets hit by the
    inital meteor or the blast.  If you still have the Compact Star when the
    event starts and you get hit, it will kill you unless you got a lot of defense
    patches before (and I'm not even sure that small HP bar can take the hit).
    Time: After the inital rain explodes, the event is over.  Now wasn't that fun?
    Effects: Be ready to swoop in to take any upgrades the opponents may have
    dropped.  Also, when the biggest meteor explodes, a ring of patches pop out.
    Get there quickly, because an ALL PATCH may be waiting for you.
    Checklist: 1, have the event happen 3 times.
    B)Air Ride Fleet
    Desc: Several different Warpstars will fly in and glide over the level.
    Damage: They don't attack.
    Time: They stay on for about a minute.
    Effects: Fly into the machines to make them land. Then land, Down+A, and hop
    on to your new machine! This event is good for getting that Swerve Star.
    Checklist: None <_<
    Desc: A giant UFO will fly in and pass across the city.
    Damage: The UFO won't drop massive lasers or beam you up. Deals no damage.
    Time: It makes one slow pass over the city, so it is a bit short.
    Effects: If you manage to get on the UFO, expect to see a TON of Patches,
    including at least one ALL PATCH!  I've seen 4 all patches on the UFO >:D
    Checklist: Couple of checks, but they aren't what you think.  To get to the
    top, head to the volcano with the station and grind that rail (check 1).  Use
    the jump pad to launch yourself to the Air Garden (check 2). Then glide onto
    the UFO and start taking Patches.
    D)The Exalted Dynablade
    Desc: The screen darkens, and Dynablade lands somewhere in the city. You know
    that you have found Dynablade when you see a rainbow colored bird (think Ho-oh
     except even larger :P)
    Damage: He can swipe you with his wings for moderate damage, and he can land
    on your head for damage.
    Time:  He usually stays in one spot around 30 seconds, and usually lands
    Effects:  Dynablade will drop Patches if you nail him in the head.  Also, he
    drops patches when he exits.
    Checklist: 2 here.  First, fly into Dynablade's head.  This will unlock a
    music track.  Then, wait until he moves, then drive under where he is about to
    land and let him land on your head for a check that gives a free check.
    E)Boing Boing
    Desc: Music changes.  What happens is in Effects :P
    Damage: None
    Time: Not that long, or the music + the annoyance factor would REALLY get on
    your nerves.
    Effects: Whenever an item lands during the music, it bounces! Any items that
    were on the field before the event started won't bounce, but if you break a
    non-bouncing box, its contents bounce!!!
    Checklist: If you collect 500 items, you unlock the music for this event.
    F)Catch that Thief!
    Desc: Music change and the cat-like Tac appears.
    Damage: POSSIBLY the only way you can be damaged is if you run into Tac with
    little speed and no Spin.
    Time: Usually about a minute.
    Effect: If you attack him, he will drop food and Patches.  He may even cough up
    an ALL PATCH, so hit him repeatdly with your Spin.
    Checklist:If you take 8 items from him, the music that plays during this event
    is unlocked.
    G)Fire at the Stations
    Desc: Music changes, background turns reddish, and the stations catch on fire.
    Damage: The fire does a lot of damage. Compact star gets destroyed in one hit.
    Time: Lasts about a minute.
    Effect: The rails can't be used.  If you are unlucky enough to be on a rail
    when the event starts, then expect some damage coming back. The mountain is
    blocked by the fire from the station there.
    Checklist: None
    H)Fog of war
    Desc: Music Changes, and the fog rolls in.
    Damage: The fog deals nothing, but who knows what spikeys or bomb explosions
    are waiting for you.
    Time: Like most other events, expect a minute or 2 of this.
    Effect: You can only see about 10 feet in front of you.  All opponent/box
    indicators turn off.
    Checklist: Getting one of the checks will unlock the music that plays during
    the event.
    I)The Secret Area
    Desc: A message appears saying the secret area in the castle is open. No siren
    Damage: Guess...
    Time: When the area opens, it stays open the rest of the game.
    Effect: The tent in the castle opens, revealing several of a certain food or
    Checklist: Enter the secret area for a check.
    J)True or False
    Desc: Some items that appear during the music will be different! Don't get
    Damage: Depends on the effect of the fake.
    Time: Even after the music fades out, the fakes stay on in the city! They
    dissapear eventually.
    Effect:  When you break a crate, check the shape of the Patches. If it looks
    different from a normal patch, don't pick it up!!! Here are the differences in
    the fakes:
    Glide - Has yellow dots. Normal is solid white.
    Top Speed - Streams at the bottom curve outward instead of inward.
    Boost - Purple things are tilted
    Attack - Top and bottom ends are more rounded.
    Defense - White center
    Charge - Battery thing is empty
    Weight - Looks like a suitcase
    Turn - No pointed arrow (think C)
    HP - None
    Checklist: None
    K)Blast Off!
    Desc:  Drive around at uncontrollable speeds!
    Damage: None
    Time: About a minute of fast-paced out of control action.
    Effect: Remember those items that gave you infinite turbo for a short time?
    Everyone has infinite of that now.
    Checklist: Getting under 21 seconds unlocks the music for this event, and the
    distance you travel can help you get other checks.
    Desc: The day turns to light, and the lighthouse comes on!
    Damage: Negative damage! :P
    Time: Until the sun comes back, which is magically about a minute <_<
    Effect: Drive under the lights to be healed.
    Checklist: You can unlock the music for this event by busting Warpstar with
    Swerve Star.
    M)Surplus Items
    Desc: What you get in one box is what you get in another box...
    Damage: None, mabye negative if it is food.
    Time: Minute, then boxes start spawning normal stuff.
    Effect: All boxes will spawn a certain item, and only that item.  There is
    still different types of items among the colored boxes.
    Checklist: If the boxes spawn Sushi or Maxim Tomatoes, add 1 check.
    N)The Pillar
    Desc: A big pillar spawns somewhere in the city.
    Damage: If a few humans are playing, you might get quick spinned.
    Time: However long it takes for you to bust it.
    Effect: All this piller is is a MASSIVE box. It takes loads of punishment, but
    when it pops, expect a TON of powerups to come.  I don't think an ALL patch is
    possible, but ya never know ;)
    Checks: Destroying the pillar quickly and destroying it 5 times gives checks.
    O)Bring Up My HP
    Desc: A circle of light spawns in the city. No siren.
    Damage: TONS OF DAMAGE, although it's all negative.
    Time: Until you use it up or the end of the trial.
    Effect: Drive over it to be healed.  It's basically the lighthouse except the
    lighthouse is time based and this one is heal based.
    Checks: Did you run the regeneration pad out? Check ++ for you.
    5)Version History
    -0.1: 10/23/03 - Guide made
    -0.2: 11/1/03 - Fake item info added, What is needed section added
    -0.3: 11/3/03 - Info for Air Ride Fleet added, sites updated, some errors
    -0.4: 11/8/03 - Added the pillar and update some other stuff.
    -0.5: 11/9/03 - Updated Meteor event, UFO, fake, and thanks section.
    6)What is Needed
    - Info on the Air Ride Fleet
    - Times, because those minutes... are just guesses :P
    - Some nice ASCII art
    This FAQ is copyrighted 2003 to
    Robbie Smith A.K.A. Smashnuke
    This is for personal use only, you may not put this
    in your site or use it to make a profit. If you wish
    to use this FAQ on your site, contact me at me e-mail
    or IM me and I will consider it.Do not distribute this
    document, or alter it in any way, shape or form.
    It can be printed out for personal use only. You can NOT
    use this document without my permission on your site.
    If you find the FAQ on a site other than
    or have something to add, please contact me at:
    NOTE: Negative damage = healing
    Thanks to:
    Hal - For making the game
    DocDragon - Provided Defense, Charge, Turn, and Weight fake patches
    Phazon Link - For telling me that the biggest meteor drops patches.
    ConkerFanX - For telling me there is no HP patch
    (>")> - If he weren't here, there wouldn't be a game.
    (Others to be added)

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