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    Vehicle Guide by bsktbllgenius

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 07/25/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

              ___                   __   _   _____   ______    _____   _    _
             /   \                 /  \ / \ |_   _| /   _  \  /  _  \ | \  / /
            /\____\_    ___        |  |/  /   | |   |  (_) |  | (_) |  \ \/ /
            \/       \.^   \       |     <    | |   |      /  |  _ <    |  | 
        ___ /         \__  /       |  |\  \  _| |_  |  |\  \  | (_) |   |  |
       /   |      \ \ _\ \/        \__/ \_/ |_____| \__/ \__| \_____/   \__/
      (    |    -  __  /_/                    ___  _     _  ___  _   __
      /`----\      \/ /_  `.              /\   |  |_)   |_)  |  | \ |_
      \      \_______/  \   `.           /--\ _|_ | \   | \ _|_ |_/ |__
       `------      `---^     )
              \     /--------^               Air Ride Machines FAQ
               \   /
                `-^                    By: Brooks Golden (skoorbnedlog)
    <*+++< Table of Contents >+++*>
    1.) Update Information
    2.) Introduction
    3.) Air Rides
        -Air Ride Machines
        -City Trial Machines
        -Top Ride Machines
    4.) Contact Info
    5.) Copyright
    (To find a specific Air Ride right away, hit Ctrl+F and search for it.)
    E-mail: bsktbllgenius@yahoo.com
    <*+++< 1.) Update Information >+++*>
    My Air Ride FAQ is rejected one account of "Duplication"
    Upon receiving much positive input from the Kirby Air Ride message board, I 
    decided to make a few small updates to the guide.  Took out a lot of spelling 
    and grammatical errors (thank goodness for Word) and added a suggestion from 
    arcticwolf17 on a much quicker way to unlock King Dedede (Defeat over 1,000 of 
    your enemies).  Thanks arcticwolf17!
    <*+++< 2.) Introduction >+++*>
    	This FAQ is a comprehensive list of all the air ride machines, 
    information on them, and how to obtain them.  You should definitely use this if 
    you just started playing Kirby's Air Ride, so you can get all the machines and 
    know what they do and how you use them.  This will make completing checklist 
    boxes much easier.  Updates will provide more sections and increased detail in 
    <*+++< 3.) Air Rides >+++*>
    	Each machines' information will have ratings given by me, what the Kirby 
    Air Ride instruction booklet has to say about it, what the game's description 
    of it is, what I think of it and it's any uses, how to obtain the vehicle, and 
    my best strategy for unlocking it.  All the ratings are out of 10, 10 being the 
    best, 1 being the worst.  The ratings work like this:
    A= Acceleration
    M= Max Speed
    T= Turning
    C= Charge
    G= Glide
    O= Other
    	To gather some actual fact, I charted each vehicles top speed (M) and 
    acceleration (A) by timing them on Drag Race 1.  Their Top Speed was based on 
    the highest speed they reached by the time it stopped increasing.  Their 
    Acceleration was based on how long it took them to reach their top speed with 
    no charge help.  There were a few exceptions, though.  The Bulk Star's 
    acceleration and top speed were based on a fully fueled Boost tank.  King 
    Dedede and Meta Knight were timed on Nebula Belt.  Dragoon and the Flight 
    Warpstar were timed in the City on the long, flat, uninterrupted strip of 
    cement between the Green Canvas and the City Wharf.  The Hydra's could not be 
    timed because of its insane top speed and endless acceleration.
    	The Turn rating is based off of how well I think it turns.  This accounts 
    how tight or wide the machine turns and if it slide at all.  The Charge is not 
    based on how much boost you receive from it, but how long it takes to 
    completely charge up.  I did not time this. It is just an estimation in 
    comparison to other vehicles.  The glide is also estimated by me in comparison 
    to other vehicles.  Other means does it have good offense of defense.  If 
    neither applies it is marked N/A.
    	All the air rides are in random order so if you're looking for one in 
    particular, I suggest using Ctrl+F to find them.  Although some of the 
    objectives for unlocking various machines are very easy, I gave them strategies 
    anyway.  Most objectives don't need a strategy.  Therefore, some of my 
    strategies are very cheesy, but I made them for even the most under experienced 
    player.  Just because these are my best strategies, it doesn't mean there's not 
    a better way.  In fact, I'd appreciate it very much if you could give me your 
    strategies if you think they're better than mine.
     /\  /       -       \  /\
    <==- Air Ride Machines -==>
     \/  \       -       /  \/
    A: 5/10
    M: 5/10
    T: 5/10
    C: 4/10
    G: 7/10
    O: N/A
    INSTRUCTION BOOKLET: This machine has a good balance of basic capabilities.
    GAME: Great for cruising and gliding.  No real flaws.
    ME:  The Warpstar is the entire basis of Kirby Air Ride.  It dates all the way 
    back to Kirby's first game, Kirby's Adventure for NES.  You start off with this 
    in Air Ride.  It's an all around machine and is good for beginners.
    HOW TO OBTAIN: You start with it.
     Wagon Star
    A: 6/10
    M: 6/10
    T: 8/10
    C: 0/10
    G: 1/10
    O: N/A
    INSTRUCTION BOOKLET: This machine cannot Boost, but it makes up for it with 
    other strengthened attributes! It's a very easy machine to control.
    GAME: Can't charge up but... has good points.
    ME: For an ice cream truck, this thing kicks butt.  The Wagon Star is one of my 
    favorite air rides.  It has a great combination of acceleration and top speed.  
    And although it cannot charge, its excellent turning compensates for it easily.
    HOW TO OBTAIN: In any mode other than Free Run,
                   reach the goal a total of three times!
    STRATEGIES FOR OBTAINING: If you have never had any knowledge that video games 
    ever existed and out of the blue a controller is thrust into your hands, you 
    MIGHT need help with this.  In which case, all you have to do is complete three 
    random races in Air Ride mode or Time Attack mode.  I know this may be 
    challenging so if you really have trouble completing a race track just follow a 
    level 1, handicap 1 computer around the course.
     Swerve Star
    A: 10/10
    M: 8/10
    T: 3/10
    C: 7/10
    G: 3/10
    O: N/A
    INSTRUCTION BOOKLET: This special Machine has two speeds: fast and stop!  It 
    can change direction only during boost, but can accelerate to its top speed 
    GAME: Cruise! Stop! Cruise! Stop!
    ME: Something about this machine makes it seem Egyptian.  When racing just for 
    fun, I highly dislike the Swerve Star.  Having to stop whenever you turn, use a 
    copy ability, swallow an enemy, or even use a boost panel takes the fun from 
    racing, I think.  Nevertheless, it's a great machine for breaking checklist 
                   Finish 2 laps in under 02:05:00!
    STRATEGIES FOR OBTAINING: This is very easy too.  Pick a decent air ride (I 
    just used the Wagon Star) and it shouldn't be a problem.  Remember to use the 
    shortcut through the falling sand on the right side of the cave at the 
    beginning of the race and the short cut after the zigzag area where there's 
    some sort of picture on the ground.  Press "A" when going over the picture and 
    a secret tunnel with a boost pad will appear.  If you are very unsure with 
    yourself you could also handicap the computer you're facing or turn off the 
     Winged Star
    A: 4/10
    M: 4/10
    T: 4/10
    C: 4/10
    G: 9/10
    O: N/A
    INSTRUCTION BOOKLET: This machine has excellent flight ability, allowing you to 
    glide through the air with the greatest of ease!  Mastering this ability will 
    be key if you want to win on this machine!
    GAME: Slow on the ground, but a great glider.
    ME: (I think the instruction booklet uses WAY too many exclamation points...) 
    The Winged Star is very fun to ride.  I like driving better when you can fly a 
    lot.  Unfortunately, it goes painfully slow on the ground, rarely topping 21 
    mph (23 mph is its max speed).  It's very good at Celestial Valley.
    HOW TO OBTAIN: Air Ride: Finish in 1st place
                   while flying through the air!
    STRATEGIES FOR OBTAINING: Simple.  Fantasy Meadows, Celestial Valley, Sky 
    Sands, Beanstalk Park, and sometimes Machine Passage have jumps right at the 
    end for when you cross the finish line.  If your hands are physically 
    challenged, play a 2 player Air Ride race at Beanstalk Park and have the 2nd 
    player drive a Bulk Star so it can't move.  With those settings it's very hard 
    not to unlock.
     Shadow Star
    A: 9/10
    M: 3/10
    T: 6/10
    C: 7/10
    G: 8/10
    O: N/A
    INSTRUCTION BOOKLET: This machine has equally high levels of offense and 
    acceleration.  You can do serious damage to your rivals by hurling yourself at 
    GAME: One hit punishes foes! Fly on evil wings!
    ME: The Shadow Star is like the dark clone of the Winged Star.  It almost flies 
    as well as the Winged Star, but has better acceleration & turning and a slower 
    top speed.  It also turns fairly well but occasionally slides a bit.  I have 
    conducted research to see if this machine really does have a very high offense. 
    I answers point to no.  If you think otherwise, please tell me and give me 
    HOW TO OBTAIN: Defeat 10 or more enemies
                   using the Quick Spin!
    STRATEGIES FOR OBTAINING: Just pick any course and spin any enemies you see 
    using hard <- and -> on the control stick.  Go backwards to quick spin more 
    enemies before you finish the race if you have to.
     Bulk Star
    RATINGS: (with a fully charged fuel boost tank)
    A: 3/10
    M: 8/10
    T: 3/10
    C: 3/10
    G: 1/10
    O: High Offense and Defense
    INSTRUCTION BOOKLET: This machine races using charged-up Boost power as fuel.  
    It's very sturdy and can hit a very high top speed, so learn how to fill your 
    Boost Gauge and give this machine a try!
    GAME: Charging gives it fuel! It can take a beating.
    ME: Is it just me, or does this thing really stink?  It is, by far, my least 
    favorite machine.  In fact, when I want the computer to go really slow so I can 
    unlock something, I give him the Bulk Star.  I've tried to get the hang of 
    driving it, but not only do I do extremely bad, I get real frustrated too.  If 
    someone could advise me in proper usage of the Bulk Star I'd appreciate it.
    HOW TO OBTAIN: Time Attack: Celestial Valley 
                   Finish in under 03:20:00!
    STRATEGIES FOR OBTAINING: Unless you're very bad at this game, this should be 
    another easy challenge.  I prefer to use the Wing Star and just stay in the air 
    throughout the whole course.  It also helps to swallow bird enemies whenever 
    possible because they have an average speed of about 30 mph without even having 
    to fly.
     Rocket Star
    A: 8/10
    M: 1/10
    T: 7/10(normal) 2/10(after boosting)
    C: 2/10
    G: 7/10
    O: N/A
    INSTRUCTION BOOKLET: The machine's normal race speed isn't very fast, but if 
    you hold down "A" to completely fill your Boost Gauge and the release it, this 
    machine will do a massive charged-up Boost.
    GAME: Charge all the way then get a super Boost!
    ME: Another bad air ride.  The Rocket Star has the lowest top speed without its 
    charged boost.  Kirby can almost run as fast as it.  It can be good in some of 
    the Drag Races, though.
    HOW TO OBTAIN: Free Run: Machine Passage
                   Finish 1 lap in under 01:05:00!
    STRATEGIES FOR OBTAINING: This is very easy to obtain.  Any decent ride should 
    get you it on your first try pretty easily.  In the beginning where the course 
    splits into three paths, the fastest one is the one on the right (it's 
    immediately when you turn the corner) but if my air ride has poor turning, I 
    tend to choose the one on the outside, all the way to the left.  In the area 
    with the bumpers, I take the bridge against the right wall because it takes you 
    right over the bumpers.
     Jet Star
    A: 6/10
    M: 3/10
    T: 9/10
    C: 3/10
    G: 6/10
    O: N/A
    INSTRUCTION BOOKLET: This machine doesn't have a great deal of surface speed, 
    but when you hit one of the jumps along the course, it'll get an unbelievable 
    burst of speed!
    GAME: Speed increases while it's in the air.
    ME: Beside the Dragoon and Hydra, this is the coolest looking air ride in the 
    game.  In my opinion this machine has the best turning.  The only problem is, 
    if there aren't many jumps in a level, this thing will go rather slow.  I've 
    noticed that getting in the air isn't the only thing that gives the Jet Star a 
    big boost.  A full charge or a boost panel gives this an unnaturally large 
    HOW TO OBTAIN: Air Ride: Machine Passage
                   Race over 4,500 feet in 2 minutes!
    STRATEGIES FOR OBTAINING: This may pose a challenge if you are new to the game 
    or haven't gotten very good yet.  For as much as I hate using it, the Swerve 
    Star is one of the best air rides for this course.  If you choose to use it, 
    try and catch some air as much as possible because it allows you to change 
    direction without losing your speed.  At the beginning of the course when it 
    splits into three paths, I always try to use the first one that's immediately 
    when you turn that corner because it's fastest and it gives the Swerve Star 
    some air time going over those jumps.  In the area with the bumpers, I take the 
    bridge against the right wall because it takes you right over the bumpers.
     Turbo Star
    A: 2/10
    M: 7/10
    T: 3/10
    C: 4/10
    G: 4/10
    O: N/A
    INSTRUCTION BOOKLET: The Turbo Star's acceleration and top speed are very 
    advanced, but it has a unique control style that takes some getting used to.
    GAME: One speedy ride! But...steering can be tough.
    ME: Everything the Turbo Star does is affected by its top speed.  If it's going 
    fast (e.g. 27, 28 mph) it charges faster and even glides better.  Either way, 
    though, its turning is only good if you use the boost while changing direction.
    HOW TO OBTAIN: Magma Flows: Use all the volcano rails
                   and finish in 1st place!
    STRATEGIES FOR OBTAINING: Just to clear up any confusion, the volcano rails are 
    the rails right after the conveyor belt that leads upward.  It is essential 
    that you set the laps to at least three when trying to complete this.  The 
    easiest way is to just race a low level computer that has a bad machine so you 
    know you'll come in first.  Also, be sure your air ride has good turning, the 
    last thing you want is to accidentally ride the wrong rail.  Just ride each one 
    once throughout the race.
     Slick Star
    A: 5/10
    M: 7/10
    T: 2/10
    C: 5/10
    G: 6/10
    O: N/A
    INSTRUCTION BOOKLET: There's very little friction between this machine and the 
    ground.  It has tons of individuality, so try it out for a different racing 
    GAME: Slippery handling makes for tough control.
    ME: Is this anyone's favorite air ride?  Its sliding annoys me so badly.  This 
    is like if you were trying to drive an ice cube.  The only way to drive the 
    Slick Star well is using its charge a lot.  It barely loses speed when it 
    HOW TO OBTAIN: Air Ride: Checker Knights
                   Finish 2 laps in under 03:05:00!
    STRATEGIES FOR OBTAINING: I've found that a lot of the checklist objectives 
    that involve Checker Knights are usually very hard.  I have also found that 
    this one is an exception.  Like the objectives for getting most other air 
    rides, this is very easy.  Just pick a decent ride and it's pretty simple.  The 
    only shortcuts are at the beginning, there are breakable walls that open a 
    shortcut but they take to long to break so I skip them.  The second short cut 
    is towards the end where there are three consecutive boost pads that lead right 
    to a castle wall that you have to go around on the left.  If you notice, there 
    a small bump on the right side of the path immediately after the boost and if 
    you hit it, you can fly over the wall, saving some time.
     Formula Star
    A: 1/10
    M: 9/10
    T: 1/10
    C: 3/10
    G: 1/10
    O: N/A
    INSTRUCTION BOOKLET: This machine is incredibly powerful when touching the 
    ground and boasts a very high top speed.  When racing this machine, you should 
    try to maintain its top speed! 
    GAME: The best top speed of all! Keep moving...
    ME: Honestly, this pile of junk is only worthwhile in Drag Races.  The control 
    stick is almost useless with the Formula Star and because of it atrocious 
    acceleration, its top speed is rarely met without a boost panel. 
    HOW TO OBTAIN: Time Attack: Frozen Hillside
                   Finish in under 03:14:00!
    STRATEGIES FOR OBTAINING: Again, extremely simple.  Pick a decent ride (I 
    suggest you use the Swerve Star if your video game skills are challenged) and 
    it should be simple.  I sound like a broken record don't I?
     Wheelie Bike
    A: 4/10
    M: 5/10
    T: 5/10
    C: 6/10
    G: 3/10
    O: N/A
    INSTRUCTION BOOKLET: This motorbike only has one wheel!  It always races along 
    the surface so its handling takes a bit of getting used to.
    GAME: Only has one wheel. Control is unorthodox.
    ME: All the bikes, including when you have the wheel ability, automatically 
    activate boosts, switches, and spin panels because they are already touching 
    the ground, just so you know.  The Wheelie Bike is well rounded for the most 
    part.  I think it's pretty good.  It gets a small boost when it goes off a 
    HOW TO OBTAIN: Race all of the standard
                   Air Ride courses!
    STRATEGIES FOR OBTAINING: Just do as it says.  Simple as that.  The fastest way 
    to do it is to race on each course and only do one lap or one minute per 
    course.  You don't need to race on Nebula Belt, though.
     Wheelie Scooter
    A: 9/10
    M: 3/10
    T: 7/10
    C: 10/10
    G: 7/10
    O: N/A
    INSTRUCTION BOOKLET: This machine has great acceleration but poor top speed.  
    You can get healthy boosts of speed on it by using the rails and jumps along 
    the course.
    GAME: Jumps very high. Charge up a quick rotation.
    ME: This air ride is quite unique.  Its charge meter fills almost instantly its 
    control is bizarre.  As surprising as it seems, the Wheelie Scooter really 
    soars.  It's great for Air Glider and High Jump.  It also gets amazing boosts.  
    Off jumps, on rails, or by using boost panels this thing briefly clocks close 
    to 100 mph.
    HOW TO OBTAIN: Air Ride: Start the final lap in
                   4th place and move to 1st to win.
    STRATEGIES FOR OBTAINING: This could occur inadvertently in any race.  If you 
    need a strategy, though, just set up any course with two laps, set three 
    computers to level 1 on any machines, and lower their handicap if necessary.  
    Then, beat them back to the starting line after the first lap and stop.  Once 
    they all start their second lap, start yours and beat them to the finish line. 
     Rex Wheelie
    A: 2/10
    M: 8/10
    T: 1/10
    C: 3/10
    G: 3/10
    O: High Offense and Defense
    INSTRUCTION BOOKLET: Because of its heavy weight, real concentration and 
    technique are required to race this machine.  However, its sturdy nature gives 
    it an advantage when it comes to attacking and defending.
    GAME: A sturdy ride if you can handle the speed.
    ME: Second only to the formula star in acceleration, this thing really reeks.  
    What really kills it are hairpin turns since it can't turn well and it takes 
    forever to charge.  It has good top speed but what good does that do if you're 
    always crashing walls.  Jumps also give the Rex Wheelie a small boost.
    HOW TO OBTAIN: Defeat 100 or more enemies
                   with exhaled stars!
    STRATEGIES FOR OBTAINING: Really all I can do is define this.  When you suck in 
    an enemy that doesn't have a copy ability, you exhale a star, hence the name 
    exhaled stars.  When you suck in two non-copy enemies you exhale a powerful 
    star that kills all enemies it hits until it leaves the screen.  I guess if you 
    want to accomplish this quickly (easier said than done) just fly backwards on 
    Fantasy Meadows since it has a lot of non-copy enemies.
     King Dedede
    A: 3/10
    M: 6/10
    T: 3/10
    C: 5/10
    G: 3/10
    O: N/A
    GAME: King Dedede on a bike. Is he really a king?
    ME: If you noticed, King Dedede rides a Wheelie Bike.  It's almost identical 
    too, but with a few very slight tweaks:  worse acceleration, better top speed, 
    worse turning, worse charge, and worse glide.  The only major difference is 
    that King Dedede always wields a hammer.  My favorite part of King Dedede is 
    his charge meter.  Its uniqueness makes it cooler.
    HOW TO OBTAIN: Defeat over 1,000 of your enemies!
    STRATEGIES FOR OBTAINING: This is another one that just takes time.  I have no 
    real strategies for this except that the Mike (microphone) enemies copy ability 
    kills many enemies quickly.
    arcticwolf17 suggests: "If you have Meta-Knight and more than one controller, 
    then go to Fantasy Meadows with 99 laps, be Meta-Knight [on all four 
    controllers, I assume], and then let your game sit. It may take a while, but
    you don't have to do anything. His sword will automatically kill any nearby 
    enemies. Actually, it seems to work better with 50 laps. It will take multiple 
    tries, though." 
     Meta Knight
    A: 9/10
    M: 5/10
    T: 4/10
    C: 0/10
    G: 7/10
    O: N/A
    GAME: Meta Knight with wings spread. Fear the sword!
    ME: Meta Knight is fun to control.  He has super acceleration, so he appears to 
    constantly go at 26 mph.  His turning isn't all that great but who cares when 
    you only need him for recreational play.  I think Meta Knight's sword is better 
    than King Dedede's hammer.  It seems to have a wider range.
    HOW TO OBTAIN: Glide for more than 30 minutes!
    STRATEGIES FOR OBTAINING: Race on Celestial Valley with the Wing Star a lot and 
    you could unlock this in no time.  Otherwise, you could just wait a while and 
    eventually you'll unlock Meta Knight.
     /\  /        -        \  /\
    <==- City Trial Machines -==>
     \/  \        -        /  \/
    (Note: In Free Run, all the Air Rides can be found underground.  If you destroy 
    a machine it will regenerate underground.)
     Compact Star
    A: 7/10
    M: 2/10
    T: 8/10
    C: 7/10
    G: 4/10
    O: N/A
    INSTRUCTION BOOKLET: While this machine is slightly slower, it's easy to 
    control.  This machine is the first you'll ride in City Trial.
    GAME: Good acceleration, good cornering, but a tad slow.
    ME: Although I'd never use this in a race, it can only be used in City Trial.  
    I use this throughout all of City Trial.  With its effortless turning and how 
    well it comes to a stop while charging, this serves as the perfect machine for 
    gathering power-ups.  Chances are you'll want to switch this at with a better 
    machine at the end, but make sure you do it with ample time because it takes a 
    few seconds to re-gather the power-ups that are dispelled from your machine.
    HOW TO OBTAIN: You start with it.
     Flight Warpstar
    A: 5/10
    M: 5/10
    T: 5/10
    C: 4/10
    G: 10/10
    O: N/A
    INSTRUCTION BOOKLET: You can ride this machine only in the Free Run of City 
    Trial.  It's really just a Warpstar with flight ability.  
    GAME: A prototype with upgraded gliding capabilities.
    ME: After you've been messing around with the Dragoon and then switch to this, 
    the flight control seems very poor and it's like you're stuck in mud.
    HOW TO OBTAIN: You start with it.
    A: 7/10
    M: 10/10
    T: 4/10
    C: 1/10
    G: 8/10
    O: Very High Offense and Defense
    INSTRUCTION BOOKLET: This legendary machine was born to battle.  It consumes a 
    great deal of Boost power during races and has no rivals to speak of.
    GAME: A legendary machine with extra battle power.
    ME: This is one of the two Legendary Air Rides.
    HOW TO OBTAIN: Unlock Hydra Parts X, Y,
                   and Z on the Checklist.
    The three parts are can be obtained as follows:
    |Part X:      |City Trial: Destroy all                  |
    |             |of the dilapidated house!                |
    | ------------------------------------------------------|
    |Part Y:      |Stadium: Destruction Derby (All)         |
    |             |KO enemies over 150 times!               |
    | ------------------------------------------------------|
    |Part Z:      |Stadium: Kirby Melee (All)               |
    |             |KO over 1,500 enemies!                   |
    Part X: As surprising as you might find it, the Swerve Star worked best for me
            when I completed this objective.  It's because unlike all other
            machines, it has no rebound when it hits something so its repetition
            destroys it faster.  By the way, the dilapidated houses are all those
            low flat breakables structures in the southern central part of the
            city, in case you didn't know.
    Part Y: Keep playing Destruction Derby in the Stadium with level 1 computers.  
            I always use the Compact Star in Destruction Derby.  Its turning makes 
            it a suitable fit.  The best weapons are the Bomb ability, the Spike 
            ability, the Mike (microphone) ability, the Sword ability, the Panic 
            Spin, the Sensor Bomb, and the Gold Spike.
    Part Z: Out of the two Kirby Melee arenas, the 1st one gets you more kills.  
            Just use the Sword ability and fly into groups of enemies to rack up 
            almost 80 KOs per round.  If you absolutely insist on using the second 
            arena, get to the chain-link ring that's high above the arena and 
            repeatedly suck in and exhale the mushroom enemies and you can get 
            almost 50 KOs per round.
    A: 5/10
    M: 9/10
    T: /10
    C: /10
    G: 11/10
    O: High Offense and Defense
    INSTRUCTION BOOKLET: This legendary machine rips through the sky like a hot 
    knife through butter
    GAME: A legendary machine that cuts the sky!
    ME: That's right there was no mistake on the glide rating.  This thing can stay 
    in the air for over 35 seconds which blows away its competitors the Flight 
    Warpstar at 20 seconds and the Wing Star at 15 seconds.  I LOVE the Dragoon.  I 
    can just fly it around in Free Run for hours.  It's the coolest looking, too.  
    It goes very fast on the ground with little acceleration time, but in the air 
    it goes almost twice as fast in the air.  I've even made games with the 
    Dragoon; like tag and other things.  In Air Glider and High Jump it can go 
    about 4,000 ft. with power-ups.
    HOW TO OBTAIN: Unlock Dragoon Parts A, B,
                   and C on the Checklist.
    The three parts are can be obtained as follows:
    |Part A:      |Stadium: High Jump                      |
    |             |Jump higher than 1,000 feet!            |
    |Part B:      |City Trial: During 1 game, fly through  |
    |             |the rings in the sky five times or more!|
    |Part C:      |Stadium: Air Glider                     |
    |             |Fly more than 1,300 feet!               |
    Part A: You're probably thinking that the Wing Star would be the best choice 
            for this, but it's not.  It's actually the Wheelie Scooter.  As 
            surprising as it is, this baby packs a punch when you go off jumps.  If 
            you just try it in the stadium, the Wheelie Scooter will get around 831 
            ft.  Therefore, you need to do a City Trial first to boost your stats.  
            Try to get a lot of Glides and as much negative weight as possible.   
            About 5 or more Glides will do the trick.  You don't need to hit "A"  
            when going over the boost pads since it's a bike because it does it  
            automatically, just make sure that you hold down before the jump or   
            you'll take a nose dive.
    Part B: If you noticed, above the city there are rings just sitting there.  
            When you fly through them you'll get a brief speed boost.  If you have 
            trouble finding them.  I have a few you can't miss and you can reach 
            them with any bike with zero glide.  In the northwest part of the town 
            there's one of those glowing squares that transport you upward.  Hop on 
            it and it'll take you to the top of a building.  Go straight after you 
            land so you fly down to the next building.  Make a right and fly to a 
            grey and green ledge that is held up between two towers.  Straight  
            ahead you should see a pair of rings followed by a star.  Just fly off  
            the ledge and you'll go through two rings.  Since you can fly through  
            the same rings more than once, just fly through those two more times.
    Part C: The same as the strategy for Part A.  Do a City Trial, grab a Wheelie  
            Scooter, get 5 or more glides with as much negative weight as you  
            can and you should take off.  If you try the Wheelie Scooter in the  
            stadium, you'll only get around 955 ft.  Just remember that you don't   
            need to press "A" when going over the boost pads and to hold down   
            before you take off.
     /\  /       -       \  /\
    <==- Top Ride Machines -==>
     \/  \       -       /  \/
     Free Star
    All the same in Top Ride.
    INSTRUCTION BOOKLET: Your machine will go in whatever direction you tilt the 
    Control Stick.
    GAME: Go wherever "control stick" is tilted.
    ME: The controls work like this: left is west, right is east, up is north, and 
    down is south.  The machine you use in Top Ride depends on which comes more 
    naturally to you.  Just try them both out and one should feel obviously more 
    HOW TO OBTAIN: You start with it.
     Steer Star
    All the same in Top Ride.
    INSTRUCTION BOOKLET: Tilt the Control Stick Left or Right to make your machine 
    revolve that direction.
    GAME: Steer right or left with "control stick".
    ME: This is the machine I use for Top Ride.  Its only difference from the Free 
    Star is the controlling.  Up and down do nothing.  Right makes the machine turn 
    clockwise and left makes it turn counterclockwise.  If you are strongly 
    compelled to choose one of the two stars for reasons other than control, it is 
    possible to master the controls of the machine you're uncomfortable with.
    HOW TO OBTAIN: You start with it.
    <*+++< 4.) Contact Info >+++*>
    Email: bsktbllgenius@yahoo.com
    GameFAQs screename: skoorbnedlog
    	Any comments, suggestions, corrections, or strategies are highly 
    appreciated and if you could tell me of any typos or grammar errors.  If I get 
    enough of contributions, I will make a credits section which will include you 
    if you added something.  I am also happy to answer any questions you have to 
    the best of my ability.  Please tell me if there's something I can do to make 
    this FAQ easier to read, too.
    	Right now I am having a vote on which border is the best for the name of 
    each air ride.  I have a few of my own so you can either vote on those or 
    contribute your own.  Just e-mail me telling me which one you like or to show 
    me one of your own.  In my updates I will keep a running total of votes.  Here 
    they are:
    (1.)----------      (2.)*---<^>---*      (3.) ~~~~~~~~~~     (4.)/--------\
         Warpstar             Warpstar           # Warpstar #        |Warpstar|
        ----------          *---<^>---*           ~~~~~~~~~~         \--------/
    (5.)<><><><><>      (6.)OOOOOOOOOOOO    (7.) ........       (8.)@##########@
        !Warpstar!          O Warpstar O        |Warpstar|          # Warpstar #
        <><><><><>          OOOOOOOOOOOO         ''''''''           @##########@
    <*+++< 5.) Credits >+++*>
     Legal Stuff
    	This document is protected by U.S. Copyright Law, and may not be 
    reproduced under any circumstances except for personal and private uses. This 
    document may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly 
    without advance written permission. It is a free document that cannot be used 
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    gift. This guide cannot be altered. It was created and is owned by me, Brooks 
    Golden. All copyrights and trademarks are acknowledged and respected that are 
    not specifically mentioned herein.
     Other Things
    	First of all, I don't mean to be a jerk in saying all of this, but I 
    wrote this FAQ so I get the credit for it.  Webmasters you may make a link to 
    the Kirby Air Ride FAQ/Walkthrough section of GameFAQS.  You may not link this 
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    e-mail me requesting it and give me anything else I might need to know about 
    your site.  Chances are I will let you host this FAQ.
    Kirby Air Ride, the Kirby Air Ride instruction booklet, the Air Ride machines, 
    and the Air Ride machines' game descriptions are all copyright and trademark of 
    Nintendo and HAL Laboratories, Inc.
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                                  ~ End of Document ~
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                                                   (c) Copyright 2005 Brooks Golden

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