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"Gliding Right Into Your Cart"

Kirby Air Ride is a very unique game for Nintendo's past generation console. It puts a twist to the entire collection of Kirby games. I recently bought a used copy of this at the store, and I already am beginning to enjoy it. This game is an original game, with new things to offer not only in your Kirby games, but in your entire gaming collection.


The story for Kirby Air Ride is fairly interesting. Kirby is now able to ride on different air crafts other than his regular star, and he must complete various trials and modes, revealing the new ships available to him, and completing all the tasks in each mode in order to un-lock everything in the game. This is not the usual Kirby game you would find. The story shows a different way of using Kirby to create a new genre of gaming.


Rather than the usual one mode you are able to play, you are now capable of playing three different modes. The City Trial is a mode in which you collect power-up after power-up and prepare for a mini-game at the very end. The second mode, Air Ride, is a simple race between two to four players, where only one will emerge as the ultimate winner. The third and final mode is the Top Ride, which is similar to the Air Ride, except the stage is smaller, and there are small up-grades for your player to dominate the playing field. Instead of the regular door-to-door levels that Kirby must get through, you are actually able to race, and increase your skills in these new modes.


The graphics are pretty good in this game character-wise. The characters are three-dimensional. There ships and different stars you are able to ride on also look very life-like. There are shadows that appear on the ground, and the enemies seem like they're really coming at you. In the City Trial, there are several boxes and items, each giving your world a whole new look. Though the graphics are very good, the buildings and structures look horrible. Each of the buildings are three dimensional, but their windows and edges look rather flat. It's sort of like a two and a half dimensional structure. The power up items are also flat. There are three different dimensional objects all in the same game, making it confusing, and horrible to deal with.


The sound is very good, though it could be improved a little with variety. The music in the background matches what kind of events you are going through, whether it be a happy scene, or an event of mischief. The sounds Kirby makes when hitting a wall, or attacking a foe, are very good as well. When riding, your ship will make a sound based on what type of terrain you are traveling on.


The control is very easy to learn, and is not too confusing, nor too simple. The Control Stick is used to move your character around. When you are in a ship, your character will automatically go forward for you, thus leaving your left thumb time to relax. Spinning the control stick quickly will allow you to attack opponents and boxes, gaining the proper power up that you need. When getting off a ship, you only need to hold down and the A Button to get off. From there, you are able to guide yourself freely along the terrain. The controls were very well thought out.


The difficulty for this game is excellent. The bosses are easily more difficult than your other opponents. Each mode has 120 different tasks for you to complete. The harder ones to complete will give you the un-lockable items. Since this is also a new twist to the Kirby games, it will also take a bit of practice, and getting used to. The difficulty for this game was truly well thought out as well, and it was meant for gamers who truly are gifted, and will have a good experience with this game.


The re-playability isn't so bad, either. This is one of the games that you might enjoy playing during your spare time. All of the good elements of this game will stand out, and will keep you interested for quite awhile. Once again, you would have to complete all 120 objectives of each mode, and your high scores will have to be put to the test once again. When you don't see any new releases that you are interested in, Kirby Air Ride would be the perfect game to keep you company until that game you're waiting for comes out.


Kirby Air Ride was a very unique game that has done well. The game is almost flawless, and is very addicting. You'll be at it for quite awhile. Those modes will take you awhile to complete, after all.

Rent Or Buy?

I highly encourage you to purchase this game. They shouldn't be too much, since the used games are now pretty cheap. If you're unsure, you could rent it, and see if this new experience will convince you to make a purchase in the future.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/17/07

Game Release: Kirby: Air Ride (US, 10/13/03)

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