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"Suck it up!"

Intro - I got this game as a gift awhile ago, and I think its a great game. The game is simple and clean. You can just sit back and race on these crazy machines. If your thinking about getting a simple stress releiving game get this.Please consider this: I hate racing games but, Kirby Air Ride brings something new to the table. There is hardly any violence in the game so people of all ages can play this game. Its simple fun and casual, so you don't need to be a hardcore gamer to play.

Gameplay - The controls are very simple.There are three modes you can play in: Air Ride,City Trial and Top ride. The gameplay in itself is easy and not competitve like other racing games. During races you can suck up enemies and copy their abilities. So as an example if you sucked up a knight foe you would turn into a weird combination of Link and Kirby and slash a sword around while racing. There are many different foes to suck up and many different abilities you can obtain. In Air Ride you race againt the CPU or another person, with another controller. In Air Ride if you achieve certain records you may unlock new machines, or new player colors or new music and such. In City Trial you are placed in a city like setting and you must collect boosters that will make you better, because right after the City Trial is over you enter the Stadium and compete.There are boosters that give your machine better control, or better speed, increased weight, etc... When you start City Trial you have a compact star, a basic machine but in the city you may find a better ar to use!The stadium is a competetion of some sort. There is drag racing, Destruction Derby, Kirby Melee, target flight and others. So this is why its important to get booserts and raise you r stats. You can play any of the stadiums by just celecting stadiums also.There is also a free run for no boundaries exploring the city map.Then last we have Top Ride. Top Ride is racing but from a top view,(birds eye view) and the courses are much simpler and shorter than air rides courses. Top Ride will appeal to the younger crowd.

Graphics- The graphics are not realy special but they realize the Gamecubes full potential.

Sound/Music-The music varies course by course and is sometimes realy nice! It's nothing like Final Fantasy(obviously) but some of the music is realy enjoyable. The music is in no way repetive or annoying which is good. As you achieve records on the checkboard you may unlock alternative music for courses and your sound checker.

Play Time-The play time is good and I never get bored of this game there's always more to do, more machines to unlock, records to break and music to enjoy. Always more to do. It will last you awhile.

Rent or Buy?- A definite buy, there's no way you can enjoy all of the feautures if you do not own this game.

Final Recommendation - This game is easy, casual and a happy setting. I would recommend this game to anyone. It will please the general audience. I hope my review has been helpful to you and I hope you buy this game! (8/10)

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/10/08

Game Release: Kirby: Air Ride (US, 10/13/03)

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