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"Kirby Got the Need for Speed!!!"

I was thinking on what game to choose for my first review, and I choose this. Kirby Air Ride, an action packed air machine race game, also one of the best games ever made! Nintendo out done themselves after making this. Now I'm going to sum up why it's so good.

Even though the controls are like NES Mario Bros., you can do so many things. You can charge, drift, spin, glide and copy your way to victory. Also with three very fun modes that will make you come back for more.

Air Ride Mode:9-10
This is pretty mush the main mode in the game(duh...). On Air Ride Mode, you race on an air ride to see who can get to 1st place first. You pick of the wacky tracks, choose your air ride, and start racing. Each air ride has different stats. Foe example, the warp star has all-round stats with decent health, and the shadow star is powerful, but is a little bit slower than the warp star. You can choose if you want to take damage or not. This mode has many pros, but there is a con. The missions. Some make me mad because I can't beat a certain time etc.

Top Ride Mode:8-10
A mode that plays from a top-down view on a mini track... what FUN! This is way different than Air Ride Mode. 1, only two rides are only used. Why? Because there're control types(I prefer Steer Star). Two, The tracks are all much different. They all have a twist to make it challenging and fun. And three, items... and I can't really describe it well but the items are pretty cool(and takes the fun away of copy abilities).

City Trail Mode:10-10
This is the best mode of them all. You are in the city to find patches to upgrade your machine. Crazy events happen in the city to help or ... the opposite. Once time runs out, a screen show how yours and your rivals upgrading went. Then, you go to the stadium to use you machine to determine the winner. You can also jump off to run around the city as Kirby. You can then switch rides or just run around. What's very awsome in this mode are the two legendary ari ride machines. The free run on this mode is the only one that takes 4 players. You pick a machine then you do whatever in the city as long as you want. Bottomline, City Trial IS the bes

The graphics on here fits Kirby in his world. Very colorful, but sometimes gets a little blocky.

Very creative, plus clever to bring back some classic songs. Yet, for some reason, some sounds on here just gets annoying...

Replay Value:VERY HIGH!
It's too fun to ignore. Plus, each of the three modes have a checklist full of challenges that will keep you busy for a while. Also, you can find some pretty cool secerts in the game.

So would you rent or buy? Buy the game because it's no like you will beat all 120x3 missions in a week. Plus, you might go emo after you take it back.(I've been through it.)

Well that's my review. Forgive me if this review sucks it's my first one. Hope you enjoyed! ^_^d

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/15/09

Game Release: Kirby: Air Ride (Player's Choice) (US, 12/31/04)

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