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Reviewed: 05/22/12

Fun, Fun, For everyone!

The Story line

The rating I am giving the storyline is... There isn't one? But every kirby game just has to have a storyline, doesn't it? There's not a whole ton to work with here. I guess the memo is just to have fun playing it with your friends. I am going to divide my review for this game into several sections: Air ride, Top ride, and City Trial. You must be going "What the heck is he talking about?" in your mind. I am going to give the basics you look for when you buy a game too.

Air Ride:

Ok, AR [Ar for short] Is the racing section of this game. You go along the course to try to get 3 laps completed first before your oppenents. You can suck up enemies along the way to get powers. Such as, suck up a snowman and get freeze power. [Powers are Temporary] I think the racing is fun to do, but it's not my favorite thing to do in this game. Oh, yes, one thing I forgot to say before. If you don't have any friends, don't buy this game. It's really only fun if you have friends you can mess around with. Here are basic guidline ratings for Air Ride.

Single Player: N/A

Multi Player: 8/10


Top Ride:

Ok, TR is my least favorite subject of this game. you look at your character from a blimp view, and then you race 5 laps around a course. The way you get items is to just move over them. They only give you a power for a limited time. If you show this to your friends, they will think that this mode is horrible. There are several different courses, each with their own features, such as jumps or moving gears.
Don't play this mode.

Multiplayer: 0/10

Gameplay: 4/10

City Trial

My absolute favorite aspect of this game! You start out on a simple warpstar, and try to collect patches to upgrade your veichle. There are offense patches, defense, and so forth. After a set time limit, you compete on the machine you made, in one of several various stadiums, such as kirby melee or drag racing. There are 100 [more?] achievements, and some of them unlock new kirby colors, or Legendary air ride machines. What is a LARM? They are super powerful veichles that destroy all. There are 2, Hydra and Dragoon. each can be unlocked in free roam mode by doing the following: Hydra: Destroy all the giant bricks in front of the city. K. O. 1,500 enemies in kirby melee. defeat 150 enemies in destruction derby. Dragoon: Go 1000 feet high in high jump. fly 1300 feet in air glider. and fly through 5 rings in the sky in one City Trial match. Hydra takes longest to get. Hit red boxes to get parts sometimes of the LARM. Use the dragoon to get the objectives for the free run. Events happen in the city and do various things. Unfortunately, events do not happen in free run. My one dissapointment in the game.

The best mode of the game!

Music:8/10 Multi:10/10 Gameplay:9/10

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Kirby: Air Ride (US, 10/13/03)

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