Review by Kirbymasta549

Reviewed: 10/15/03

The BEST of the BEST of Kirby!

It's here, it's finally here! Kirby's Air Ride is here! Ever since I saw the video clip for this game, I've been wanting this game so badly for 4 months! Now then, a little history lesson here folks. This game was actually announced 7 years ago for the N64. It was going to be a game where kirby and all of the other dreamland characters would be skateboarding. Turns out that the project wasn't going too well, and they decided to just throw the game folder in a room. 5 years later, one of the producers at Hal Lab. found that file and took it into consideration for the Gamecube. They had ideas that it would work, so they began on Kirby's Air ride. 3 years later, they put all of their ideas and hard work into a beautiful hand-made computer-developed game! Except this time, it's not skateboards, it's warpstars!! Let me explain the hand-downs of the game, it's pros and cons, rent or buy, and so on and so forth.

The gameplay here quite easy and simple. You are Kirby(duh), and you race on your warpstars to get to finish line. BUT, that's not all folks. You have to do various things in order to unlock all sorts o' neat things. Pretty plain and simple right?

Controls? What controls? All the buttons to push and do stuff with is the joystick, and A. It takes an hour or so to get used to everything. Trust me, this game has the easiest controls EVER! Period.

The best graphics I have seen since soul calliber 2. They are so smooth and textured. There isn't much too say more about them. The backgrounds of the courses still show some detail when you look at them from far away.

This music is pretty cool to listen to. The music is more of the old style kirby music just modified a little bit to make it more easy to listen to.

Replay value-10/10
The replay value of this game is so endless, that you could play this game forever! There is so much to unlock in this game, it'll make your head spin! City mode is endless because of the stadiums and secret vehicles. There is also that LAN play that is cool. So in other words, the game is fun, that you won't care about anything except the saftey of this game.

Rent/buy/don't mess with

I strongly suggest people buying this game because of the fun that it holds inside. RENT ONLY if you don't like racing games OR you don't like kirby. IF you don't like either ,then don't take this game.

Well in the end, the people who have read my review and went out to go and buy this game did the right choice. Anyway, this was my review and I hoped that it helped someone.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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