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"Kirby zooms on to the gamecube and is lookin' good."

Well our little pink friend has finally arrived on to the gamecube in his new racing adventure titled Kirby's Air Ride, and I must say that I like what I see. Allot of the Kirby's adventures in the past have been great and I was expecting great things from our good friends at HAL when they were developing this game. Let's just say that they didn't disappoint.

Graphics: 10/10
Kirby's Air Ride really out does itself in this category, the graphics and environments for the many racing courses this game offers look stunning. Whether you like cruising through nice, grassy fields or roaring through a sandy desert you will be pleased with what this game has to offer in terms of graphics. If you are at all like me you'll be blow away when you are riding on your warp star through lava caves and spotting a huge magma dragon appear close to you. All in all I have to say when it comes to graphics, Kirby's Air Ride will not let you down so I'm giving it a ten.

Music/Sound Effects: 10/10
One of my favorite aspects about the whole Kirby series was the great music and I was really pleased to hear the great job put into the music score in Air Ride. The music composed fits very well with the many courses Kirby can go through and is very clear and soothing. Listen closely and you may even hear some remixes of some of your old favorite Kirby tunes. Are you more of a sound effects type of person? Then Air Ride has got you covered once again with the clear sounds of many different elements put into the game whether it's the roar of your machine's engine or the sounds of the many different powers Kirby can acquire.

Control: 9/10
Air Ride has some pretty basic controls but some of you might find that they may take a bit of getting used to. Once you have mastered the simple controls you'll be leaving your opponents covered in dust in no time.

Fun Factor: 10/10
With different items and characters to unlock in Air Ride you will find yourself sitting in front of your gamecube for a while wanting to get them all. Already unlocked everything? No problem, just add more controllers and friends and see who actually is the top Air Rider in four player racing and battle modes. When it comes to multiplayer, this game delivers and will leave you happy (especially after you crush your friends in battle mode).

Rent or Buy?
I would really have to say you go with a buy on this one. Only renting Kirby's Air Ride will just having you coming back for more. So rather than deal with traffic on trips to the video store and paying late charges just go to your nearest game store and pick yourself up a copy of Kirby's Air Ride, you'll be glad you did.

Like racing? Like Kirby? Then you will have both in Kirby's fastest adventure yet and have loads of fun with it (I know I have). I can't wait to see what great things Kirby has in store for us in the future so I'll close with these four words.....I love you Kirby!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/15/03

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