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"I can suck up opponents in a racing game! What else could I possibly ask for?"

I am NOT, a complete Kirby fanatic, and doubt I ever will be. I don't buy everything with kirby in it, but some of his better games like Super Star have really been on my top 10 list. This game, though not revolutionary or top of the line caliber, has still managed to make my top 25.
There is, as a lot of you may know, a lot of history to this game. Seven years ago I believe it was announced for the now old N64. When I first saw some screenshots I was amazed and was prepared to buy this game o the day it came out. Well... The N64 died out and the project was scrapped to my huge dissapointment. But now, it has finally returned from the dead, into a new fantastic racer for the cube!
There have been tons of hatred about the one button controls of this game, and of course just plain Kirby haters. DO NOT LET THEM FOOL YOU. This game is awesome!Sure I have a gripe with the control system, but it really isn't THAT bad. My biggest complaint though is that this game was in the making for 7 years, and I think that much more could have been done. I mean 7 years is quite a long time, I was atleast expecting a wider variety from the tracks.
Anyways, I think its time to start with the review!

Story: ?/10

Story? What story? There's a story to this game? No I guess not. I thought that there might have been SOMETHING but I guess not. But I guess that no story is better than a crappy story, so I won't count if against this game.

Control 6.4/10 (rounded to 6/10)

The controls were made to be easy to pick up and play. But I think it was WAY overdone. 1 button and the analog stick is ALL you use. Its not THAT limiting, but it is pretty dissapointing. Alot more could have been donne with a better control system. There are some problems with the 1 button control system. A is to inhale, Exhale, Use power, Slide, Hit swtiches or speed boosts, and also to charge. So when I want to exhale, I usually use the power instead. When I want to inahale, I break, slide and/or charge. Sometimes this is really annoying. The fact that there is no button to ''go'' makes this control system work a little better, but I think that the no ''go'' button can sometimes make things WAY to easy. You can put down the controller, go to the washroom and come in third. (Providing the computer isn't set on a higher difficulty). Some more buttons would have been helpful, but maybe in the next KAR (if one ever happens).

Graphics 8.6/10 (rounded to 9/10)

If you liked SSBM you'll like this. Its the same kind of style, reaat character models, and huge variety in tracks. The graphics in some tracks made me a bit dizzy but it added to the game almost. The water in Top Ride mode (more on that in game play) on one particular track I thought was just AWESOME, and the magma track had excellent graphics. The game runs at 60fps and lags on rare occasions down to 10fps almost. But these are rare so don't worry. I was pretty impressed with the variety and detail of these graphics, with the exception of city trail (more on that later), which features cartoony graphics, rather than serious ones like the tracks.

Sound/Music 8/10 (Music 10/10, Sound 6/10)

A lot of old toons are there, some new ones and remixes are all together. Again, it resembles SSBM a lot. The music is great! But my complaint is the sound. Not much noticeable here. It’s just... It felt like the sound could have been a lot better than it was.

Game play 9/10

Air Ride- This mode is where you go in the air on nine different courses. The variety is amazing and some tracks, especially the fire one, are just awesome. There are no breaks, and you’re always moving. You can suck up bad guys, use cool powers, and even fly a bit too! Depending on your vehicle many things can change, and it’s just loaded with shortcuts. There are 120 challenges in this mode, some really crazy like “Come in first with the fire ability in your possession”, or they can be simply “beat the track in X amount of time. Either way its great fun. Multiplayer made me a bit dizzy at first but… Its great multiplayer fun!

City Trial- This is probably the most fun of the game. You control Kirby as he wanders a huge city in search of a cool car to ride on, and some powerups to help the car move faster. You can get a bunch of WEAPONS (not abilities but actual weapons) in this mode as well, even a cool gun! Many events can happen, and there is tons to do. At the end of a certain amount of time, you go into a really neat challenge. These range from destroying everyone in sight, to lunching yourself into targets (reminded me of monkey ball a bit). Also 120 challenges.

Top Ride- I’ll admit, I haven’t played this mode that much at all. Sure, I’ve raced the tracks a bit but never that much. I didn’t find it AS fun. You race around seeing the action from above. You race on small tracks and collect powerups and things. Its great fun on multiplayer. The challenges again total up to 120. This mode is more for the people that liked those old school racing games before the 3D racing games came in.
Replay Value 10/10

This game will last you a long time! It had great multiplayer, ad the challenges are just like the trophies in smash! Its simply so much fun to race again and again!

Challenge 7/10

The game has adjustable levels like smash, 1-9, so you can set the difficulty according to your own pace.

This game, though not revolutionary is certainly worth buying, or at least renting. DO NOT LISTEN OT GAMESPOT OR IGN OR ALL OF THE HATRED GOING AROUND THIS GAME. It’s not true. See for your self.
Rent or Buy

I say buy. If you’re really not sure then rent…. But you will probably wind up buying in the end.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/17/03

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