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"Pink fun for everyone!"

Kirby FINALLY makes his own debut on the GameCube! Something I have been waiting for, for a LONG time. I tell you I am not disappointed! The graphics, sounds, everything bring back old memories and make way for new ones!

Wow. Just wow. I have played many many racing games before and I think this competes easily with MarioKart. First there is the Air Ride Mode. Which is your basic racing. Although this is probably the most coolest looking part of the game, you will be wanting more. Luckily you have the ultimate multi player modes. City Trial Mode and Top Ride. Top Ride you have a birds eye view of the course. Although you don't get to choose your vehicle it is still VERY much worth playing. If you have even one friend, you will be laughing so hard that you'll have to go to the bathroom and let all your gas out so you don't poop your pants. You don't even have to race in that mode. You can just run around in circles and beat the snot out of each other with items. Gaming bliss. And then we have City Trial Mode. Fun alone, but better with others. You all start out on the ''Compact Star'' and drive around collecting power-ups for the Stadium event where you are put ahead against other vehicles in a ''Drag Race'' or ''Destruction Derby'' or something else. Sounds dumb, right? This is actually where you start hitting your friend for messing you up. Well, while in City Trial mode, you can get off your car and get on others! You cane even BLOW UP YOUR OPPONENT! There is nothing more satisfying then watching your opponents Kirby fall on the ground while his cart goes BOOM! Also you can assemble the Legendary Stars, which kick so much butt, it should be illegal.
Some bad things: They controls are a little TOO basic. You have a boost mode, which is also a brake. So you brake, and then boost when you finished turning. Sounds good right? But when you are also holding a bomb, and you don't want to throw it and you have to turn, you can't! The R and A button are the Brake/boost/use ability! And some of the abilities could use some work. Also, me and my friend spent two hours trying to unlock Meta-Knight and King DeDeDe only to find out that they can ONLY be used in free mode. That really stinks. Some of the objectives make you play a lot more. Like one is ''Play Free Mode for two hours or more''. It means in total but still.

Graphics: 9/10
The first thing I noticed is how much it looked like Super Smash Bros. Melee. Then I realized they were made by the same company.
The Air Ride Mode has the greatest graphics for people with wild imaginations. You will wish you had a camera for some of the things you'll see! All of Kirby's games say he's in Dreamland, and it is amazing that it isn't a dream!
All of the ''stars'' have their own and unique models, making even cooler just to watch your Kirby kick butt in it. Although, City Trial mode just seems to lack any really impressive graphics.

Storyline: Who needs a story line? They probably had one but Kirby ate it.

Unlockables 10/10
OK. Get this. 360 objectives. 120 for each mode. Holy. Crap. Those are so fun to get! They're much easier to get with a friend, but it's still HARD.
Me and my friend can get quite a few in City Trial Mode, and Top Ride. But Air Ride? Forget it. That's where you seperate the boys from the men! ...IN PINK! In Air Ride, there is so many objectives dealing with Time attacks that seem impossible. You have to get it JUST right. Or AAUGH! START OVA! Tally of how many Time Attacks I beat: 1 How many hours have I been playing: 12.

Overall 9/10
I tried viewing this with a critical eye, not with my Kirby-happiness. But playing this is just too much. It is hours of fun in a mini-disc.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/27/03

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