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"The Perfect Racing Game!"

My, my, my, my, my. I do NOT know where to start on this most perfect racing game that just TOUCHED my heart! ( Well not really but I hope you get the point. ) This game was GREAT. And you are hearing this from a person who does NOT enjoy many racing games at the least. This game, oh it DOES add a whole new exciting twist to that old boring car racing. You now, in this game, get to race on all brand new stars, some which aren't EVEN stars, including the Wagon Star, Slick Star, Formula Star, and Meta Knight. Yes, you heard me, META KNIGHT. That really cool dude from the old Kirby games. Well I'm getting side tracked here so lets get back to the game.

First of all, I should point out that this game has 3 different game modes. Each Game mode, City Trial, Top Ride, Air Ride, has 120 ''blocks'' that you fill in to win various prizes. You also use the checklist to check how many goals you have accomplished. So if each mode has 120 blocks, that equals a whopping 360 goals. Wow. Now onto the explanation of the game modes.

City Trial is basically a run-around a ''city''. You break open boxes, to get power-ups, and random things will happen. At the end of the long five minutes, you go Face to Face with three other opponents. Some of the random events are: Meteors Falling, Dynablade appearing from the high sky, a UFO that does nothing comes by, all the same power ups appear in the boxes, a BIG GIANT box appears, and when destroyed, drops LOTS of items. Not to mention that there is Stadium Mode where you either fight, do other events, such as High Jump, Target Mode, Single Race, Drag Race, and many many others.

Top Race is a fun old game that involves running around a birds eye view track, like a old fashioned racing game. You don't get powers, but it's a faced pace game, with several tracks to race on, each with it's own advantages and challenges. This mode has 2 stars, one that you accelerate by yourself, and the other where you just move the left and right on the control stick. Once again, the blocks to get from this game are possible, but you have to know the courses terrain before you should even THINK about trying to get some blocks. This is probably the easiest of the 3. And my personal favorite.

Finally, the meat of it all, AIR RIDE. Air ride is where it is 2nd or 3rd person, and you race around as Kirby, King Dedede, or Meta Knight. If you are Kirby, you have over 7 different powers to choose from, which can hurt and stun enemies. There are quite a few tracks to choose from, where you once again can get 120 blocks to add to your ever - growing collection. The time trials in this mode are hard to beat, so you must practice to beat them.

Now to the NEXT part. Powers, and Music. The music of this game is GREAT if you are a old Kirby fan ( Like Me ), even if you have not played a Kirby game before, you will enjoy this music just as well, as it includes many remixes, and old songs you can listen too. The powers Kirby can get, I will only mention 5, as I do definitely not want to spoil the fun. There is my favorite power, still here: the Plasma.
TO use this, you tilt the stick back and forth then hit A. There are many others, such as Needle, Wing, Wind, Fire, Ice, etc. Hopefully you like these power as they are really fun to use.

I really hope you know all this good stuff about this game now, and will purchase it. If you do, I guarantee you, you will NOT be disappointed. My promise. Goodbye!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/13/03

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