Review by nintendofan50

Reviewed: 12/27/03

Kirby returns to suck up his enemies in his own action pack racing game Yahoo!

Kirby returns to suck up his enemies in his own action pack racing game Yahoo! Kirby's Air Ride is Kirby's newest game and it sure is a good one. New and Old Kirby fans from 1992, they will both enjoy this game a lot. For those who don’t know let me introduce Kirby is a warp star knight in training who is able suck up his enemies and when he swallows them he gets their abilities. For those who think the game is simply just pressing the A button to boost and suck up your enemies at the same time, well just keep on reading.

Graphics 9/10
The graphics for Kirby's Air Ride are almost flawless. There detailed pretty well, there bright, colorful and cheerful like most Kirby games. They could have made it a little more detailed otherwise there is not much to say about it except that they look great.

Sound 10/10
Most of your favorite Kirby songs such as Green Greens, are back along with some new ones. You'll definitely enjoy the music for this game. The sound effects are splendid, from the movement of a formula star to Kirby’s sucking noise, and it just sounds great.

Control 9½ /10
The control is simple just like most of Kirby's games. Control stick to move, A/L/R to break, charge, then boost. There you go, I just told you the controls. Just because you only use the A button and control stick does not mean the game stinks.

Game Play 9½ /10
You will love this game's game play. The game has 3 game modes. Air Ride, Top Ride, and City Trial. Air Ride is your action packed racing sucking up enemies getting their abilities and finishing in first. Top Ride is a game where you view the Kirby’s at a birds eye view and you race them around a simple track getting items and trying to finish in first. City Trial is a game where you try to improve your vehicle by searching the city for power ups and better vehicles, and attacking your opponents and stealing their power ups so you can beat them in the stadium event. Plus in City trial you can form the legendary vehicles. And for every game mode you get a checklist of things too do. Doing things on the checklist will get you stuff you will need, or just to enjoy. The only bad part about the game play is that there no story at all. None what so ever.

Multi-player 10/10
You'll have a blast with your friends in this game. Your friends can help you clear things off the checklist (because you were too lazy to do them on your own.) or you could just have TOTALLY AWESOME NONSTOP ACTION PACK FUN! YAHOO!!!! you will be spending hours with your friends having a blast. The game can use LAN so each player has there own personal screen, but the games still fun when everyone is on one TV. This game is definitely one of the greatest multi-player games ever.

Rent or Buy
I say you should definitely buy the game, but if you can't do that rent the game, but before doing that do anything I mean anything even if it injures you try to buy the game at all costs.

Overall 9½ /10
This is action pack game that is definitely one of my favorite games. I hope I have convinced all those who think the game is simply just pressing the A button to boost and suck up you enemies at the same time to get the game, but if you don't it's your loss, not your gain.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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