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"The Star Warrior hits the Track."

Over View:

Kirby Air Ride went outside of the regular side scrollin' Dream Land experience we've all grown accustomed to while still beholding the beauty of Dream Land. This game has breath taking graphics, and has plenty to do. The Mission like activities on the checklist are almost necessary to fill if you are going for the excellent machines you can use to race with, and even go as far as to unlock MetaKnight and King Dedede! There are even ''Legendary Machines'' You can unlock, which are great fun to use. My only complaint was the speed most of the machines go. An average of 30 MPH isn't necessarily fast... But meh, I guess it can't be helped.

Graphics 10/10

The graphics are simply beautiful. They really helped show the beauty of Dream Land and it's many creatures. They really didn't take full advantage of City Trial, which was somewhat of a bummer, Since it could've looked breathtaking... Either way, they really took advantage of the GameCube's Processors for the Tracks. Even Nebula Belt, the most empty of the tracks, looks breath taking.
I must warn you though, these are somewhat simillar to the cel shading graphics of Wind Waker, which some people didn't like.

Sound 10/10

The Back Ground Music fit the Dream Land surroundings very well indeed, bringing back some classic Kirby tunes to some new BGM. All the sounds for the game fit it very uniquely well, unsurprisingly. All the Music was orchestrated to fit perfect with Dream Lands many racing enviroments, and they all show the enchantment of it as well.

Controls 10/10

Not much can be said. The control configuration is so simple, my little sister, who is of the age of 6, was able to do it. The only buttons truly used are the Control stick, the A button, and the C stick. The R and L buttons can be used as an alternate for the A button, which is used to charge up and boost your machine. The game handles beautifully, and really takes advantage of tight turns with the Charge --> boost feature.

Replay value 10/10

I can safely say that for myself, this game was addicting. The 3 modes will keep you busy for quite some time, especially City Trial, which is unbelievably fun. You can battle it out with 3 other friends or 3 CPU's to see who can collect the most Items to raise machine points in varying categories, including:

Top Speed
Hit Points

You also collect different Machines, Special attacks, and Parts to the two legendary machines(Three parts each!)and go extremely fast or fly really high(The tip Top of the City!), Finally competing in a final event, which can be either randomly chosen or chosen by yourself. There is also Stadium mode, to compete with friends and hone your records with areas already completed through City Trial. You can also do Free Run, which allows you to hop on your favorite machine, or use King Dedede or MetaKnight, Which are both somewhat entertaining to use.

Closing Statements

This game really brought me back into Dream Land. Sure I used teh Kirbz in Super Smash Bros. Melee, But this is the first game he's really had in a while. I'm glad they took it out of the Side scrolling style they've used for every Kirby game I've yet played, and this is possibly a step closer to a completely 3-D Kirby game. I'd say this game is a must buy if you are into the whole multi-player frenzy that's been sweeping the gaming community since the Days of the first Smash Bros. and Perfect Dark, Since it offers an excellent glimpse into what Dream Land would look like in complete 3-D, A chance to race Kirby on his WarpStar, And a chance to really feel Dream Land.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/12/04

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