Reviewed: 07/12/05

The Gamecube was built for this game!

When this game first came out a while back, many wondered how it was going to turn out. This game, Kirby Air Ride was unlike any other Kirby game that had ever been released. Kirby had never before been in a racing game, only in adventure games. The question that was on everyone's mind was, would it work?

This game not only worked, but it was one of Kirby's best games ever!


From what i gathered, the story to this game is Kirby is trying to get away from some enemies, and gets wound up in this game... I know, it's not much of a story, but the poor story doesn't hinder the actual game, so don't worry! My mark...



There are so many options in this game! You can play three different types of game play, each one with many settings, and missions to accomplish. The three modes are Air Ride, Top Ride and City Trial. In each of the three modes, there are an amazing 120 goals/ missions to beat. For some mission, you can get prizes, some of which make the game even more fun, and make even more options! You can do so many things with this game, that is will keep you entertained for a long, long time. My mark...


Game play-

The controls for this game are so easy to use. It takes only one games in all three modes to understand how it works. The controls are so easy, that you can't make a mistake. Another new feature in this game is the ability to glide. Gliding is fin and exciting and it is fun to try out new vehicles and see what ones glide, maneuver, and travel the best. While gliding in the air, you can easily maneuver and take a the lead, in a position where nobody else can attack you. There are many copy abilities well, and they make the game even more fun. My mark...


Time Spent-

I have had this game for a long time, and I play it often. I have many many more missions to beat, and secrets to find. To beat this game completely would take forever. This game probably takes the longest time to completely complete ever. It is amazing how long it takes to do some of the missions. You will be kept entertained for a life time. My mark...



This game is just like any other racing game. You can play it forever since each race is different. You can set the computer's level higher for more of a challenge, or lower for less of a challenge. You can play with up to four people, which in itself could be played forever. There is no limit to this game. I still play it, with an eager face each time I turn it on. My mark...


Copy abilities-

There are many copy abilities, which most of you remember from every other Kirby game. You can get abilities in more than one way. There are some old abilities, and some really neat new ones. There are lots of them, and all of them are unique in their own way. You can use many different abilities to make the chances of a win more in your favor. My mark...



This part of the game is so good, it deserves it's own section in this review! Gliding in this game is like a fish in the sea... it needs it! I have probably had more fun in this game gliding than any other part of it. I often play free runs in City Trial, just to glide. It is so fun, and unique that this game wouldn't be even half as good without it. Gliding can be used in many ways. To reach secret shortcuts, to get in front of other players for a victory, to get abilities, or to hit speed boosts. While gliding, you move very quickly and can control yourself very easily. However, you need to be careful! Some vehicles don't glide very well! My mark...


Rent or Buy?

If you see this game for sale, buy it! Even if you aren't a big fan of Kirby, you need to get this game! You and your friends wil be kept entertained for hours, and you have a really fun time playing it. If you really hate Kirby games, but want to try this one, you can rent it, but you will be waisting five or six dollars, because you will buy it afterwards! Get this game NOW!!

Total Score for Kirby Air Ride- 10/10

<('.'^) KIRBY_YOSHI (^'.')>

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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