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    FAQ by AstroBlue

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     T  A  C  T  I  C  A  L      E  S  P  I  O  N  A  G  E      A  C  T  I  O  N
    @@  @@O @@@@ @@@@ @@@  @@     @@@  @@@@  @@@  @@@@    %@@@%  @@@  @%  @@ O@@@
    @@O%@@O @%    @@  @%@  @@    @@ @@ @@    @%@  @@ @O   @@ @@ @@ @@ @%  @@ O@ @@
    @O@O@@O @%    @@  @ @  @@    @@ @@ @@    @ @  @@ @%   %@o%% @@ @@ @%  @@ O@ @@
    @%@@%@O @@@@  @@ %@ @% @@    @@    @@@@ %@ @% @@@@     %@@  @@ @@ @%  @@ O@ @@
    @ @@ @O @%    @@ @@@@@ @@    @@ @@ @@   @@@@@ @@ @%   @@ @@ @@ @@ @%  @@ O@ @@
    @ @@ @O @%    @@ @@ @@ @@    @@ %@ @@   @@ @@ @@ @O   @@ @@ @@ @@ @%  @@ O@ @@
    @ @@ @O @@@@  @@ @O O@ @@@@   @@@@ @@@@ @O O@ @@ @@   %@@@%  @@@  @@@ @@ O@@@
     ___         ___    ___                      __          __          ___   __
      |   |__|  [__      |   |  |   |   |\ |    (__`  |\ |  [__]  |_/   [__   (__`
      |   |  |  [___     |   |/\|   |   | \|    .__)  | \|  |  |  |  \  [___  .__)
                Metal Gear Solid : The Twin Snakes for Nintendo GameCube
                         W A L K T H R O U G H   Version 1.0
                  Written by AstroBlue (tetsuwan_blue(at)yahoo.com.au)
                            Last Updated: May 23rd, 2004
    Okay... I'm not going to misrepresent myself. This is essentially a rewrite of
    my clean and simple walkthough (released January 2001) for the 1998 classic,
    Metal Gear Solid. But it is a VERY extensive rewrite... I've cleaned up the
    grammar and devised strategies to bring the walkthough in-line with this
    Nintendo backed remake. The Twin Snakes plays like a dream, but it has sadly
    lost a lot of the charm that the original had... mainly because of the cinemas.
    -                              IMPORTANT NOTE!!                               -
    This walkthrough was covers the game on the NORMAL Difficulty Setting.
    So please, don't email me asking about the location of the M9 or something
    if you are playing the game on VERY HARD, okay? This walkthrough was written
    using the PAL (European/Australasian) version, but it seems that the only
    difference is the Yoji Shinkawa artwork on the cover.
                                D  I  S  C    O  N  E
    Shadow Moses Island, a nuclear weapons disposal facility, has been captured by
    a special forces group called FOX-HOUND. As Solid Snake, a previous member of
    FOX-HOUND, you must eliminate this threat _alone_ . Solid Snake arrives by
    SDV to the underground dock of the facility. After a short briefing with
    Colonel Campbell you will take control of Solid Snake.
     Cargo Dock
    Head down the stairs and into the water. There is a Ration amongst the barrels
    to the left, and on the steps to the right you will find the AP Sensor. Head
    back up the stairs on the left and use the Action Button to climb up to where
    you started. Crawl under the large pipe on your left and sneak due north
    through the cargo. Watch out for the guards patrolling this area, you do not
    want to be spotted by them. Be careful, stepping in puddles will alert the
    guards to your presence.
    In the north east corner you will find some lockers. In the one closest to the
    western wall you will find the M9. Great for putting guards to sleep in
    stealth. Once you near the elevator your Codec will beep, answer it and follow
    the Colonels orders. You could hide in the locker by running into it, but you
    won't be able to see your radar, and you can only see directly in front of you
    through the slits; so it's hard to determine when the coast is clear. Just hide
    behind the forklift near the elevator (there is a Ration is behind it as well).
    You may have to move around the forklift a little to remain out of sight.
    Eventually, after a long wait, a guard will come down in the elevator. Once he
    starts walking down (and there are no guards in the vicinity) run to the
    elevator. Now you will see a cut scene of Solid Snake stripping down to his
    Sneaking Suit while the elevator travels to the surface.
    Once up on the surface, the Colonel, Naomi, and Mei Ling will brief you further
    regarding your mission and equipment. At the same time a Hind-D is taking off
    from the nearby Heliport. Anyway, what happened to Mei Ling's cute Korean
    accent? After your briefing, head up to the Helipad, there are some search
    lights trained on it so you must avoid them to remain undetected.
    Once the search lights are facing opposite directions, not once they have
    crossed over (use the First Person View mode to check if you are unsure). Run
    up through the gap to the other side, collecting the Chaff Grenades on the way.
    Quickly run down the ramp and jump in the truck up ahead, while of cause being
    careful to evade the patrolling guard. Inside the truck, behind the box covered
    with the green tarpaulin is a Semi-Automatic SOCOM Pistol, collect it. Once
    everything is clear, jump out of the truck and crawl under it to find M9
    Ammunition (or an M9 if you failed to collect it in the Cargo Dock). Now you
    can go one of two ways, either Via the Ground Level Duct or the Raised Level
    Duct. Here are walkthroughs for both courses of action:
    Via Ground Level Duct:
     Once the coast is clear, crawl out from under the truck. Use your M9 in FPV
     to send the guard in front of the duct on your left to sleep... well a deeper
     sleep. There is a surveillance camera also guarding the vent entrance, so stay
     close to the wall in its blind spot, and then get on your belly and crawl into
     the air duct.
     Crawl forward through the ducting, at the first T-Section head right. Master
     Miller will call you by Codec. After your little chit-chat take his advice
     and follow the mice. The duct dips into water just ahead, but don't worry.
     Just continue on and you will resurface with one-third of your air. Anyway,
     continue to follow the mice through the duct until you exit into the Tank
     Hangar. But watch out when you exit the Duct, it's rare to have a guard just
     outside the Duct when you exit but it's still a possibility. After walking out
     a bit, the Colonel will call you, answer it.
     Head to the stairs in the north-west corner of the Tank Hangar (watch for the
     two guards patrolling around the Tanks). There is a camera in the north-west
     corner above the stairs. To evade it, once it's facing down, run over to the
     blind spot just under it; then when it's pointing right, run down. You can get
     past most surveillance cameras this way; by running under it when it's not
     looking at you, then by running in the direction you want to go when it's not
     looking in that direction. Anyway, follow the walkway down and around to the
     eastern side of the hangar. There is an open cargo door there, enter it and
     evade the camera like before so you can get to the Thermal Goggles. Exit this
     cache and head back to the lower level of the Tank Hangar.
    Via the Raised Level Duct:
     Once you can't see the guard patrolling around truck, crawl out from under it
     and head right between the stacks of boxes. From here throw a Chaff Grenade
     and then once it activates head right and up the flights of stairs. Hide
     behind the stone "rectangular" column to your right once you reach the raised
     level. Wait patiently until the guard gets very close to you, and then when
     the guard begins to walk away, run out and put him to sleep with a M9 dart to
     the head, aimed in FPV mode. Head left and answer the Colonel's call and then
     crawl into the nearby Air Duct.
     Start crawling through the air duct. Soon Master Miller will call you by
     codec. After your chit-chat continue crawling through the duct, up ahead you
     will overhear a conversation between two guards. Once you reach the end the
     Colonel will call you. Crawl over the opening and press the Action Button.
     Once you finish climbing down from the ladder answer another call from the
     Colonel. To the left you will find some Chaff Grenades. Go right and avoid the
     camera by running under it when it's not looking at you, then by running in
     the direction you want to go when it's not looking in that direction. You can
     avoid being spotted by most cameras this way.
     Keep following the walkway. A little further on is an open cargo door, enter
     it and avoid the camera like before so you can get to the Thermal Goggles.
     Exit the small cache and head down and around to the lower level of the Tank
     Hangar using the stairs in the top-left corner (watch out for the camera).
     Tank Hangar
    Go to the elevator (keep a look out for guards) and use the Action Button to
    call the elevator down. Enter it and take it down to B1 (Holding Cells).
     Holding Cells
    Answer Mei Ling's Codec call once you exit the elevator. Flatten against the
    right wall to see the DARPA Chief. Head down the corridor and then right to a
    ladder that will take you up to more air ducts. You can also crawl into the
    small hole in the right wall for a Ration. Answer the Colonel's call once
    you're near the ladder, then press the Action Button to climb the ladder into
    the air ducts.
    Crawl through the ducts and go forward at the first junction. If you take the
    first left you will look through the grate to see the famous Johnny Sasaki,
    continuing on from there will take you to some M9 Ammo and a dead end.
    Anyway, just crawl forward. Snake will look through another grate to see a
    woman doing exercises (she is a pivotal character later on). Crawl a little
    further and Solid Snake will jump down into the Chief's cell. Now watch the
    meeting of Solid Snake and the DARPA Chief Donald Anderson.
    After he gives you the Level 1 Key Card, Anderson will suddenly "buy the farm".
    After Solid Snake contacts Naomi and the Colonel, you will hear some commotion
    outside and then suddenly the cell door will open. Exit the cell. A female
    soldier will ambush you, pointing a rifle at your head. After a stand off the
    guards will be alerted and will come barging in. Use the FPV mode, face the
    doorway, and as the soldiers come running in cap them in the head with your
    M9 or SOCOM. The female soldier will help you quite a lot. Shooting the fire
    extinguisher on your right will fill the room with fire retardant, hindering
    the view of the guards. Pick up as many Rations and SOCOM Bullets as you can
    that are dropped by the dead/incapacitated guards. After a couple of waves of
    guards, one will throw a grenade at you. Quickly run into one of the cells and
    wait for it to explode.
    After the guards stop coming, the female soldier will run to the elevator (and
    the game will zoom in on her arse O_o). After some trippy cut scenes and a
    talk with Naomi, you should take the elevator down to level B2 (Armory). But
    not before you collect some supplies; under the bed in the DARPA chief's cell
    is a Ration (although you probably have enough), in the locker behind the
    guard's station are some SOCOM Bullets, and in the toilet is a "book" and
    some M9 Bullets.
    Watch out for floor traps in this area, refrain from running down the centre of
    passageways. At the moment, with your Level 1 Key Card you can only access the
    top middle cache, filled with C4; the bottom left cache, containing Grenades;
    and the open bottom middle cache, containing SOCOM Bullets. Now in order to get
    to Baker you must explode passageways that have been concreted over, there are
    three of these in the Armory. They look smudged, and if you tap them they
    sound hollow. Two of them take you to chambers full of supplies and one leads
    the way to Baker.
    The two secret supply chambers are in the north-west and north-eastern corners
    of the northern wall. Tap around and use the FPV mode to find them, then
    place and explode C4 on them to gain access. The north-west chamber has Stun
    Grenades, C4, M9 Bullets and SOMCOM Bullets in it; and the one in the
    north-east has Stun Grenades and SOCOM Bullets, but it is also guarded by floor
    traps. Anyway, make your way to the south-western corner of the armory and tap
    the southern wall to find the hollow spot. Blow it open with C4 and then head
    on through.
     Armory South
    Run down to the end of the corridor. Place and explode C4 on the hollow white
    section of the right wall near the end of the passage. Go through the hole you
    made and run to the end of the corridor, place C4 on the northern wall at the
    end of this corridor. You can also explode the end of the corridor with C4,
    but it only leads to a Ration guarded by the gun cameras. Regardless, head up
    through the hole you made. You will find the ARMSTech President Kenneth Baker
    wired to shitload of C4. A gunslinger will suddenly appear, called Revolver
    Ocelot. After you talk with him, the old man and you will dual. From the sounds
    of Ocelot's sexually charged gun foreplay, he seems to have a love of guns
    second only to ol' "Moses" himself, Charlton Heston.
    R e v o l v e r  O c e l o t
    For god's sake don't touch the wires around Baker; or you will all go BOOM!
    SOCOM Bullets will appear in top corners of the room, and M9 Bullets will
    appear amongst the C4 wires... Ocelot is one hell of a pushover in this
    version. Just be aggressive and chase Ocelot; holding the B Button so you can
    fire when running. Shoot Ocelot whenever you come around a corner. Once you hit
    him he will balk in pain, allowing you to catch up. Stay just behind Ocelot and
    keep shooting him after he has been running for a couple of seconds. This is
    fast, clean, and extremely cheap. The poor old bastard won't even be able to
    even get a single shot in.
    If you feel like a god'damn dirty dog for bushwhacking him like that, there is
    an alternative "bushido-friendly" way of killing him. Run after him, but stop
    just before a corner and fire diagonally across through the C4 wires at the
    running Ocelot's head. It takes more skill, but you can take him out with a
    mere four bullets to the head. Shooting the pipes around the perimeter of the
    room will release hot steam that will blind Ocelot momentarily. Note that there
    is no way to hide from Ocelot, he's a regular Ricochet Rabbit when it comes to
    reflecting slugs off walls.
    After the gunfight, Ocelot will go to shoot you but his arm will suddenly
    sever off in a spurt of blood like it has been chopped off. The wires and
    frames around Baker will suddenly slice in two, and the C4 will go off sending
    Baker into the ground and Ocelot against the wall. The stealth apparition will
    reveal itself as a Cyborg Ninja. After Revolver runs off un-armed (haw haw),
    the cyborg Ninja will malfunction and an impressive cut-scene will ensue.
    Baker will begin to have a very long talk with Snake explaining many things.
    He then gives Snake a Magneto-Optical Disk with the launch data of Metal Gear
    Rex and a Level 2 Key Card. But... Baker suddenly has a strange heart attack,
    errily similar to Anderson's. Baker's last words raise many questions...
    After the Codec conversation with Naomi, the Colonel, and Mei Ling; make your
    way back to the main area of the Armory.
    There are now guards around so be careful. Since you have the Level 2 Key Card
    you can enter the bottom right cache, inside it is a FAMAS Assault Rifle,
    FAMAS Bullets, and Cardboard Box 1. They're guarded by infrared lasers, so use
    your Thermal Goggles or Cigarettes to see them, then get on your belly and
    crawl under the lasers. If you want to max out your FAMAS Bullets, you can find
    some if you flatten against the wall and creep behind the boxes in that cache,
    and there are a lot of bullets in the chambers you blew up the walls to access.
    Anyway, make your way up to the elevator. Call the elevator and then use your
    Codec to call Meryl. If you're confused what they mean by "her frequency is
    written on the back of the package", check the back of your Metal Gear Solid
    GameDisc Case (the bottom screenshot). After you're finished getting acquainted
    with Meryl, take the elevator up to Level 1 (Tank Hangar).
     Tank Hangar
    Meryl will now contact you and open the Cargo Door. Once you exit the elevator,
    head right and enter the Level 1 Door near the opened Cargo Door. Inside is a
    dozing guard. If he is not sleeping, hide behind the boxes until he snoozes
    off. Quietly collect the SOCOM Suppressor and Chaff Grenades and then exit this
    room. Head over to the stairs in the north-west, just avoid the patrolling
    guard as he gives constant feedback. The command will get suspicious if he
    doesn't report back after knocking him out. Run up the stairs to the camera's
    blind spot once it begins sweeping over to the right, otherwise just take it
    out with your Suppressed SOCOM. You can now open the nearby door with the Key
    Card, there are some Chaff Grenades inside. Exit and keep following the walkway
    over to the eastern end of the hangar. Be careful around here, as there is a
    patrolling guard, and because of the grated floor he can easily be made aware
    of Snake's presence from resonating footsteps.
    Once the guard is in the top corner (near the ladder that takes you to the air
    ducts) and the camera up there is facing towards the guard, run up and enter
    the door on your right. Inside this room is the Mine Detector, and you can find
    some Stun Grenades in the middle locker. Once you have collected everything,
    carefully exit. It might be best to knock out the patrolling guard with your
    M9 and then flip over the railing with the Action Button and then drop down to
    the floor below by pressing the X Button.
    Head back down to the area with the elevator and head through the Cargo Door
    Meryl opened. Meryl will call you and warn you of the sensors, equip your
    Thermal Goggles or Cigarettes, or shoot the Fire Extinguisher so you see the
    lasers. Walk under the lasers when they are higher then Solid Snake. If you are
    lazy you could just use your Suppressed SOCOM to take out the control units
    along the bottom of the left wall. Once you get past them head though the Cargo
    Door to the snowy Canyon.
    Go ahead and a mysterious informant called "Deepthroat" will suddenly contact
    you, do what he says and equip your Mine Detector. Now get on your belly and
    craw over all of the Claymore Mines to pick them up (the apexes of the yellow
    cones on your radar are their locations). There are also some Chaff Grenades to
    the right of the cargo door, and a Ration behind the rocks to the west. Head
    north and you will be confronted by an M1 Abrams tank being driven by the
    FOX-HOUND member Vulcan Raven.
    M 1  T a n k
    Get on your belly and crawl to the western edge of the Canyon to the Stun
    Grenades. Then crawl up and stop just short of the small hill all the tank
    shells will be exploding into. Quickly stand up then kneel, and then throw a
    Chaff Grenade to scramble the tank's electronic tracking. Once it detonates run
    over to the trench just in front of the tank and crawl down into it, the tank
    will not be able to hurt you down here, it will just keep circling over you.
    You will also find some Stun Grenades and M9 Bullets down here... not very
    helpful to say the least.
    Firstly, you want to disable the tank's caterpillar treads. To do this climb
    out of the trench, plant Claymore Mines nearby, and then quickly retreat back
    into the trench. The tank will roll over the mines, severely damaging the
    treads. If you're game you can get reasonably close and safely plant the mines
    directly onto the undamaged parts of the treads. After damaging the treads in
    four places (a maximum of three times per tread), the tank will be almost
    completely immobilised. Allowing you to begin attacking the gunners that man
    the machine guns.
    Snake will automatically aim at the hatch, so just stand on the side closest to
    the hatch, hold the Weapon Button down for a second or two, and then release it
    to throw the Grenade. If the grenade lands directly in the hatch and onto the
    gunners lap you will cause heavy damage. Fire in the hole, indeed! But if the
    grenade lands near the hatch you will still inflict damage. There are Grenade
    and Chaff Grenades behind the structures in the north-east if you get low.
    After killing both gunners the battle will be over.
    After throwing a Grenade into the spout of the turret.. you heard me. Snake
    will get the Level 3 Key Card from the body of the second gunner and head
    into the Nuclear Warhead Storage Building.
     Nuke Building 1F
    The walkway on your left takes you to a Ration and a viewing platform
    overlooking the facility. Anyway, head down the ramp. If there are no guards
    lurking on the other side, crawl under the slightly raised roller door. The
    Colonel and Naomi will brief Snake about how he has been blocked from using
    weapons by the nanomachines in his body. Getting spotted in this area is not
    an option, as the area will fill with noxious gas and the guards will take you
    out with shotguns. In the south-west corner of this floor are lockers
    containing M9 Bullets and Grenades, and there are some Chaff Grenades amongst
    the warheads, but we are going to go another way.
    Make your way over to the back of the truck, hugging the right wall to evade
    the camera, and flattening yourself in the nook near the camera to find some
    FAMAS Bullets and remain undetected by the guards. You will find SOCOM Bullets
    behind the box in the back of the truck. Once the guard circling the truck is
    coming up the right side of the truck, jump out and run up the staircase on
    your right. There are more FAMAS Bullets hidden under the staircase if you are
    Now evade the camera (running under it once it faces down, then running down
    when it faces right) and then flatten against the box ahead. Don't worry,
    you're beyond the camera's field of vision. Now wait for the patrolling HazMat
    guard to come breathing down your neck, and then once he begins walking away
    from you, sneak behind him to the elevator. Quickly call it, hop inside and
    take it down to B2 (where Dr. Emmerich is located).
     Nuke Building B2
    Exit the elevator. If you press against the eastern wall, you will be able to
    see Dr. Emmerich. Head through the air lock to the gas filled corridor leading
    to the doctor. If you haven't already surmised from the cut-scene, you must
    somehow destroy the switchboard supplying power to the electrified floor.
    Deepthroat will contact you confirming this. You must now find a remote
    controlled missile. So quickly head back to the elevator and take it to B1.
     Nuke Building B1
    ¿Dónde está el sanitarios? The computer room across the corridor is patrolled
    by a lone guard, but luckily he has a bladder infection or something. So head
    down the corridor to the right and enter the Men's Toilets. You will find a
    guard already "draining the lizard", creep up behind him and use your M9 to
    send him to sleepy town. Open the cubicles (one has a "book") and drag the
    guard into one of them. Hide in the other cubicle, but don't close the door as
    you will not be able to see your radar. Just flatten against one of the
    cubicle's sides. Once the patrolling guard come bursting in and begins
    relieving himself. Knock him out with your M9, and then drag him into the
    other cubicle.
    Exit the Men's Toilet's and enter the computer/storage area across the corridor
    from the elevator. In the north-east corner you will find the Nikita Missiles.
    There are also M9 Bullets and a Ration in the nearby lockers, Stun Grenades in
    the very north-east corner, and SOCOM - FAMAS Bullets amongst the computers.
    Head back to the elevator and take it down to B2.
     Nuke Building B2
    Go through the air lock back to the long gas filled corridor filled with the
    electrified floor. Equip your Nikita Missile Launcher and shoot a missile down
    the corridor, steer it down the corridor then take a right into an office-like
    area. Keep it to the right side of this long room and don't touch the
    controller so it boosts past all the gun cameras. Manoeuvre it through the
    opening at the end of this room (between the frosted glass panels), and then
    steer it right and past the supplies into the switchboard. If your O2 Gauge
    gets really low while trying to do this, head up through the door behind you
    to the air lock and stay in there until your O2 gauge is full again.
    Now that the floor is un-electrified, head down the corridor and access the
    first door on your right to find a Ration. And then the 3rd door on the right,
    which leads you to a room with a Gas Mask guarded by a gun camera. It's easy
    enough to evade the camera, but if you want to be especially careful throw a
    Chaff Grenade. Head down to the bottom of the corridor, then when the gun
    camera is facing down, head right and through the door to another clean room.
    Once in the clean room, you will hear strange zephyr-like voices. Head to the
    next room and you will see a complete massacre at the hands of the Cyborg
    Ninja. Follow him into the next room.
    You will find Dr. Emmerich being confronted by the Cyborg Ninja, what a pussy
    assed honky cracker. The Ninja will now confront Snake and you will have to do
    battle with him.
    C y b o r g  N i n j a
    Don't use any weapons against the Ninja, because he will just block them with
    his sword. Use fists and feet only. You can use Chaff Grenades to immobilise
    him so you can bash him up without a chase, but you will only be able to get
    one hit in, so it's best to keep them for later. After a couple of punches and
    kicks the Ninja will put away his Katana Blade (which is an extremely good
    thing). Now as long as you dodge his flying roundhouses and two footed stomps,
    he can't cause you major damage. To be safe, wait behind something then when he
    comes around to get to you run towards him and give him the standard left jab,
    right jab then kick. If you are low on health you can always shoot the Mario
    figurine to get a 1UP (some health). After you get him down just a little more
    then half way, he will turn on his Stealth Suit and will start to play
    Hide & Seek (and Destroy) with you. So put on your Thermal Goggles and look for
    him in specific hiding places, they are:
     * In the top left corner of the room between the glass room full of super
       computers and the lockers Dr. Emmerich is hiding in.
     * In middle of the room between two office dividers.
     * In the top right corner between a book case and a work station.
     * In the bottom right corner of the lab.
    Once you find him each time, run over to him and bash him. After a couple of
    hits he will say that "He's been waiting for this pain". He will now stalk
    around slowly, performing teleport punches whenever he comes in range with
    Snake. Simply get close, evade the teleport punch, and then punch the living
    crap out of him. It's possibly the easiest part of the fight. After revealing
    himself as Grey Fox he will malfunction and run off.
    Now Snake will contact the Colonel, and Naomi will explain why/how the Ninja is
    Grey Fox. After that Snake will go and retrieve Dr. Emmerich from the locker.
    Snake and Dr. Emmerich will talk about Metal Gear Rex, and after realising the
    error of his ways he will vow to destroy Metal Gear Rex. Snake will contact
    Meryl but it seems she has been spotted by guards. Emmerich will give Snake a
    Level 4 Key Card and will tell you to call him Otacon, he then will run off in
    stealth... Policenauts is so much better than Anubis.
    Collect the supplies strewn all across the laboratory. Exit the Laboratory and
    make your way back to the room full of gas.
     Nuke Building B2
    Equip your Gas Mask. Head to the office area in the east when the camera is
    facing the opposite way. You can evade the cameras in the office with clever
    sneaking... or you could just throw a Chaff Grenade. Flatten against the
    southern wall and creep under the camera in the bottom left corner. When both
    cameras are facing to the right, stay close to the left wall and run under the
    gun camera ahead, near the office chair.
    When the gun camera above is facing down, quickly run through the Level 3 Door
    up ahead on your right. Collect the C4 and Grenades inside. Once the gun camera
    outside swings over to the left, carefully exit the room and enter the next
    room. You'll find Nikita Missiles inside. When the camera just outside the door
    is swinging down, quickly exit, crawl under the desk on the other side of the
    office. Enter the last Level 3 door on the right. Quickly collect the Night
    Vision Goggles inside and exit. Head up through the opening at the top of the
    room and collect the Ration near the switchboard. Your oxygen is probably
    pretty low, so throw a Chaff Grenade, collect the Chaff Grenade nearby, and
    then quickly run to the elevator. Take it to B1.
     Nuke Building B1
    Exit the elevator and head into the room across the hallway, let the patrolling
    guard see you then follow them into the Women's Toilets. Meryl will sneak up on
    Snake. After their catch-up and Meryl's emotional self awakening, she will give
    you a Level 5 Key Card and the PAL Key. Now follow her, head into the room she
    spotted you in and head into all the small rooms you can around the perimeter
    of this section. You should collect: Cardboard Box 2, Pentazemin, FAMAS
    Bullets, SOCOM Bullets, and a Ration. Go back to Meryl and head up the corridor
    to the left of her and through the Level 5 Door up ahead.
     Commander Room
    Meryl will clutch her head and fall to her knees in pain. She will then begin
    to act really strangely, walking like a marionette puppet. Enter the lavish
    office ahead. If you go in FPV mode... it will strangely cut to the perspective
    of Meryl in black and white. After walking to the middle of the room, Meryl
    will begin to act strange again, acting like she wants to jump Snake's bones
    *ahem* In embrace she will pull her Desert Eagle on Snake. Answer the call,
    Colonel and Naomi will call you to explain that Psycho Mantis is controlling
    her mind telepathically. So quickly knock Meryl out with a good punch before
    she fills you with lead.
    Psycho Mantis will now reveal himself, and will "read into your soul" i.e. he
    will look at the data in your GameCube Memory Card and talk about the Konami,
    Nintendo, Silicon Knights games you have been playing, and certain things about
    your Metal Gear Solid saves. He will then proceed to show you his telekinetic
    powers by making your GameCube Controller move if you placed it on a fairly
    flat surface. Now he has shown you his powers and Snake has shaken off his
    psychic mind games. It's time for a battle.
    P s y c h o  M a n t i s
    During the HIDEO screen, unplug your GameCube Controller from Controller
    Socket 1 and plug it into Controller Socket 4. That way Mantis will not be
    able to read your mind and thus pre-determine your every move. Snake must be
    a Calcutec or something....
    Do not use any explosives to hurt Mantis, or he will detonate them before you
    can use them. Mantis will toss balls of pure psychic energy at Snake. But he
    will laugh whenever he does so, so it is easy to anticipate and run out of the
    way before they hit. Get out your FA-MAS Assault Rifle and shoot Mantis
    whenever you get the chance. You can find ammo and Rations in the corners of
    the room.
    Mantis will also telekinetically control objects to attack you. He will make
    the paintings flip down at you, the chairs encircle him like a shield, the suit
    of armour pirouette around the room, and the baskets slap you around like
    boxing gloves. Get on your belly and out of their reach. Equip your SOCOM and
    attack Mantis in FPV mode. If you're a good shot, aim for headshots. Avoiding
    staying in FPV mode for too long or Mantis will take over your mind, so be sure
    to get out of FPV as soon as you start seeing from Mantis's perspective.
    After you get Mantis a little further then half way he will start to use Meryl
    again as a puppet, so knock her out again. Mantis will now get her to point
    the Desert Eagle at her head. She will stay still... so quickly shoot her in
    the head with your M9 before she does the same... but with her magnum. Mantis
    will now mainly attack with balls of psychic energy. Once you get Mantis down
    to no health he will fly back and land with a big thud.
    Mantis will proceed to tell Snake how to get to Metal Gear Rex. Once Snake
    takes Mantis's Mask off he will reveal many things about himself, Snake, and
    even Meryl. After Snake puts Mantis' Mask back on at his request, Mantis in a
    kind act will open the way to Metal Gear Rex. After Snake and Meryl's
    conversation, plug the controller back into Controller Socket 1. Now head up
    through the secret passage (there are SOCOM Bullets, FA-MAS Bullets, and a
    Ration to the right of the staircase) and up through the Level 5 Door into
    the Caves.
    Meryl will run ahead. I doubt you're low on supplies, but if you head right you
    will find a Ration and SOCOM Bullets in the dark section. You can see Meryl
    through the crack in the northern wall of that section. What you want to do is
    head north via the snowy path and crawl under the rock arch at the end of it.
    Use your M9 to knock out the Wolf-Dog pacing around in the open area... awww...
    how cute does it look curled up in slumber?
    Head over to the rocky section on the other side of the open area. To your left
    you will find FAMAS Bullets. Head to the right, there is another Wolf-Dog
    stalking around in the chamber south from here. Knock it out with your M9 and
    then head down. crawl through the small hole at the bottom of the southern
    wall. Inside this grotto is a Ration, FAMAS Bullets, and Pentazemin.
    Crawl back through the hole then crawl through the small hole to your right.
    Head up to Meryl. She's cocky because the Wolf-Dogs love her. So get in
    Cardboard Box 1 and then press the L Button lightly to unequip it. Now punch
    Meryl (in no way condoning abuse towards women) and then tap the L Button
    really soft, but fast. Meryl will whistle and the Wolf-Dogs will pee on the
    box you're in. The Wolf-Dogs will love you whenever you're in Cardboard Box 1
    now, because it is now covered in the scent of the pack. Head up through the
    Level 5 door above using your Key Card to enter the Underground Passage.
     Underground Passage
    There is a mine field ahead but Meryl will show you the path through them. You
    supposed to follow her footprints through the minefield. But instead, equip
    your Thermal Goggles and crawl over all the Claymore Mines to collect them.
    You will now go to the view of a Sniper who is targeting you and Meryl. Like
    a rabbit in the headlights Meryl will freeze, and the sniper will blast her
    knee caps. Meryl and Snake will have a heartfelt moment and then the Colonel
    and Naomi will call Snake and discuss the situation with him. They come to the
    conclusion that Snake will need a Sniper Rifle to kill Sniper Wolf and save
    Meryl. If you contact Otacon he will tell you there is a Sniper Rifle located
    way back in the Armory. Time for some backtracking. Head back to the Caves.
    If you stay in your "marked" Cardboard Box 1 the Wolf-Dogs will not attack
    you because you smell like one of their own. Make your way over to the door
    leading to the Commander Room.
     Commander Room
    Head to the main lobby of this basement floor.
     Nuke Building B1
    Enter the computer/storage area opposite the elevator. Knock out the lone
    guard patrolling this area with your M9 in FPV. Enter the Level 5 room in the
    south-western corner of this area to find a PSG1-T Sniper Rifle and some
    bullets. You can use this tranquillising Sniper Rifle to defeat Sniper Wolf,
    saving you a hell of a lot of time. So by all means head back to the
    Underground Passage to defeat Sniper Wolf (skip to the strategy below), but if
    for some strange reason you want to defeat her with the "proper" PSG1...
    continue with the walkthrough. Take the elevator up to the first floor.
     Nuke Building 1F
    If the guard patrolling near the elevator is off to the right. Quickly run left
    and down the stairs. Inside the lockers at the base of the stairs you will find
    M9 Bullets and Grenades. If no guards are in sight, run to the right and crawl
    under the roller door. Head up the ramp and out into the Canyon.
    Since your last visit they have installed gun cameras everywhere and ordered
    three new guards to patrol the area. Act quickly so the timing works. Stand
    under the left gun camera, and then once the right camera faces the other
    direction, start heading south along the western wall until you get to the
    camera tower. There's a burrow with a Ration inside nearby. Continue heading
    south, but be quick, there should be another guard coming in your direction
    shortly. There is another guard patrolling in the southern area, if you were
    fast enough he should be heading south. Stay behind him until he changes course
    and then head through the cargo door into the Tank Hangar.
     Tank Hangar
    There's only one guard patrolling around the lone Tank in the hangar. Sneak
    over to the elevator and take it down to Level B2 (Armory).
    You want to head over to the most north eastern cache in the armory. There are
    two guards on patrol in the armory, with an extra sentry pacing outside the
    cache containing the sniper rifle. Exit the elevator, run to the left and head
    down the first path on Snake's left. Watch out for the trap door, and stop
    short of the next intersection, flattening against the left wall so the pacing
    guard cannot see you. As soon as he turns and starts walking to the right, slip
    by him into the cache.
    Make sure the auto-door closes behind you. This room is filled with infrared
    lasers, so equip your Thermal Goggles (or Cigarettes) then carefully crawl
    between the infrared lasers to collect the PSG1 Sniper Rifle and Bullets.
    The Colonel will contact you. Head back under the lasers, and then make your
    way to the elevator once all is clear outside. You must now backtrack all the
    way back to the Underground Passage via the Canyon, Nuke Building and Caves.
    Use the same evasion strategies as before. However, in the Canyon, hug the
    western wall, but evade the southern guard by heading due north from the cargo
    door and then slip behind his back to the western wall.
     Underground Passage
    Because you now have a PSG1 Sniper Rifle, you can battle Sniper Wolf.
    S n i p e r  W o l f
    Stay behind the outcrops on the sides of this area for shelter against Sniper
    Wolf's "deadly" accuracy. Get on your belly and crawl out a little into the
    fray, face up and select your Sniper Rifle. Use Pentazemin periodically to cool
    your nerves, thus keeping your target reticule steady. Look up at the lookout
    under the Communications Tower to find Sniper Wolf's "nest". Make sure you
    shoot her before she shoots you, because getting shot by Sniper Wolf will
    completely knock off your aim.
    When she is prone, you have a very good chance of shooting her head as it is
    the largest part of her that you can see. Head shots cause severe damage, but
    don't be too worried about them. It's more important that you dominate the
    battle and keep her running by shooting her before she can shoot you. If you
    have a clear shot, take it. She likes to hide behind the column on the left
    side of the platform; so if you can't see her, look for her frosty breath
    coming from behind the column. Don't worry about running out of supplies, as
    bullets and Pentazemin will reappear in this area. After a couple of good shots
    she will be down.
    Follow the passage up to where Sniper Wolf was sniping from; there is a gun
    camera hiding in the last alcove on the right, so throw a Chaff Grenade before
    doing so. You can find heaps of supplies scattered around in this area. Head
    right and walk up to the door to the Communications Tower. A bunch of guards
    will rappel down. After the following stand off, Sniper Wolf will appear... it
    seems you didn't kill her. Isn't she cold with all that skin showing? After she
    gives you what is essentially the kiss of death, the guards will capture Snake.
    Delayed reaction to a rifle butt? What a badass... hehe.
     Medical Room
    Snake wakes up to the sounds of Revolver Ocelot, Sniper Wolf, and Liquid Snake
    talking and to the sight of surgical lamps. After they crap on for a while,
    Revolver Ocelot will realise you're awake and rotate your "bed" up. After
    receiving a call and more dialogue, Liquid and Wolf will leave to let Ocelot
    torture you alone. Ocelot will torture Snake by passing a high voltage
    electrical current though his body.
    So hence it's time for a button bashing mini-game. When Ocelot runs the current
    through Snake's body his energy will drain, to counteract this you must tap the
    A Button really fast to refill Snake's Life. So get a pen and wrap it in cloth,
    or cover your knuckle with your shirt sleeve (not recommended) then when the
    buzzer sounds get your pen/knuckle and rub it back and forth over the A Button
    really fast. This will register as many button presses and you will loose
    relatively no life.
    SPOILER NOTE: If you press Start and the A Button to Surrender to Ocelot's
                  torture, Meryl will be killed and the ending will change.
    After three courses of electric shocks, Snake's tired body will be dragged into
    a cell. Inside the cell is the DARPA Chief's maggot infested rotting body. Call
    Otacon for help. After a while the Colonel and Naomi will call you, a little
    after you conversation you will be taken back to be tortured again. After you
    go through another three courses you will be taken back to your cell.
    Now the Colonel and Naomi will call you again. Naomi will give you a massage
    via the GameCube Controller's Rumble feature. After your conversation, the
    guard (Johnny Sasaki) will run to the toilet holding his arse. I guess that's
    why they call it the runs... hawhaw. Now Otacon will suddenly appear and he
    will give you a Ration, some Ketchup, a Level 6 Key Card, and Sniper Wolf's
    Handkerchief. Figures... Otacon will speak of his relationship with Sniper
    Wolf before running off. There are three ways in which you can escape the cell:
    Playing Possum:
     While Johnny Sasaki is on the toilet or sleeping: Get on your belly, select
     the Ketchup and then press the Action Button to squirt it like you are
     bleeding. Stay completely still. When Johnny comes back he'll think you're
     dead and rush to your "body", opening the cell door on the way. Get up and
     knock him out. Johnny sure loves that pose...
    Hide & Seek:
     While Johnny Sasaki is on the toilet or sleeping, crawl under the bed in the
     cell. Once Johnny comes back he will think you're missing and open the cell
     door to look for you. Come out from under the bed and beat the living crap
     out of him.
    Ninja Rescue:
     If you endure five torture sessions in total, the Cyborg Ninja will slice the
     cell door in two allowing you to escape. Quickly run to the torture room.
     Johnny will give chase but his explosive diarrhoea will get the best of him.
    Head around behind the torture bed to collect all your items from the box to
    the right of it. That way you will avoid the gun camera. Check your items for
    a Bomb, select it and then press the A Button (like you are using a Ration) to
    throw it. Throw a Chaff Grenade then head right and through the door. Evade
    the gun cameras and take the elevator up to Level 1 (Tank Hangar).
    Now begin the long journey back to the Underground Passage. The Level 6 Key
    Card that Otacon gave you will allow you to collect the Cold Medicine from the
    Level 6 room in the Nuke Building B1 computer area, and Body Armor from the
    Level 6 room in the gas filled office area of Nuke Building B2. Use Sniper
    Wolf's Handkerchief in the Cave to avoid being attacked by the Wolf-Dogs, as
    you can't crawl under ledges when in your scented box.
     Underground Passage
    At the pool of Meryl's blood, Snake will have a flashback of when Meryl got
    shot. The Colonel & Co. will call you and provide emotional support. Head up
    to the Communication Tower, use a Chaff Grenade like before to evade the gun
    camera in the last alcove on your right. Head through the Level 6 Door you got
    captured in front of earlier to enter Communications Tower A.
    You have completed the events of Disc 1. Now follow the on screen prompts to
    begin playing Disc 2.
                                D  I  S  C    T  W  O
     Communication Tower A
    Follow the passageway, There are FAMAS and SOCOM Bullets amongst the stacked
    boxes. Head through the Level 6 door.... shit... Snake set-off an infrared
    booby-trap. Some guards will come running in from behind. Don't move, switch
    to your FA-MAS Assault Rifle and then mow them down in FPV. Collect the Rope
    and Stun Grenades nearby and then head down through the door ahead. Begin
    climbing the flights of stairs. To survive this long climb you can do a couple
    of simple things: equip the Body Armor, it will halve the damage you receive
    from the gun fire; clear the guards following you by holding the Stun Grenade
    for 3-4 seconds and then releasing it just before it explodes; and kill any
    guards in your way by holding the B Button so you can fire your FAMAS at them
    while running. Note that an M9 dart in any part of the guards' body will put
    them to sleep instantly in this area.
    After climbing eleven flights of stairs you will find a Level 6 Door that won't
    open. Otacon will call you and tell you that it's frozen and you can only open
    it from the outside with a C4 blast. Climb eighteen more flights and you will
    reach the top floor. Follow the path up there to the ladder that leads up to
    the roof.
     Communication Tower Roof
    Head outside and you will find a large satellite dish between the two towers.
    Continue over to the other tower and missiles will suddenly rain down from the
    sky and destroy the dish. They presumably came from Liquid Snake's Hind-D that
    will fly into view. Quickly select the Rope. Snake will tie it to the railing
    and after doing his best Neo impression will begin rappelling down the tower.
     Communication Tower A Wall
    The Colonel will brief you on how to rappel. If you weren't listening, it's the
    A Button to kick off the wall, the B Button to put your feet on the wall, and
    the Control Stick to move while you have bounced off the wall or to walk around
    while holding the B Button. The Grip Gauge will decrease as long as Snake is
    not standing, so make sure every now and then you stand on the horizontal or
    diagonal beams to recover your Grip Gauge. Your main priority while rappelling
    down is to avoid the Hind-D's gunfire, however you can also receive damage from
    the hot steam coming out of vents in various places on the wall. There is a
    Ration on every horizontal beam. After descending a very short distance you
    will come down to the Connecting Bridge.
     Connecting Bridge
    You can find a Ration, C4 and M9 Bullets in this immediate area. It's not
    really of use, but planting C4 on the door behind you will unfreeze it,
    allowing you to re-enter Tower A. Anyway, walk up so you're just on the
    walkway, face up and get out your PSG1-T Sniper Rifle. If you zoom in as much
    as you can, directly ahead you will see three guards. Knock them out with head
    shots going from left to right. You can then cross the bridge's walkway.
    As you near the other end, Liquid in his Hind-D will suddenly appear and open
    fire upon you. Run left and through the door ahead post haste. Collect the
    Stinger Missile Launcher and missiles nearby and then go through the Level 6
    door to Tower B.
     Communication Tower B
    Head down and then right to the elevator, call for it. It seems like it's out
    of order. So head back around and down the flights of stairs... near the
    bottom you will find that the staircase is damaged. So head back up to the
    elevator, Snake will hear someone and Otacon will suddenly appear. He will ask
    Snake a question, and then will go off to fix the elevator's panel.
    The boxes have been stacked out of the way on your right (there is a Ration
    hidden behind them), so you can start climbing the flights of stairs; up ahead
    there is a gun camera on the 11th floor, disable it with a Chaff Grenade or a
    precisely aimed bullet from your PSG1, then quickly run up a couple of flights
    of stairs. There are two gun cameras on the 15th floor, three gun cameras on
    the 19th floor, and finally four gun cameras on the 23rd floor. Make sure you
    disable them before continuing on with your climb. Collect the supplies up on
    the top floor before climbing the ladder up to the roof
     Communication Tower Roof
    Go through the Level 6 door to battle Liquid in his Hind-D from the rooftop.
    H i n d - D
    In the middle of the roof are two octagonal tanks held in a large steel
    rectangular box, this is your cover. Keep your "cover" between you and the
    Hind-D at all times to avoid the machine gun fire. Also, having your Body Armor
    equipped at all times will provide extra protection. Equip your Stinger Missile
    Launcher then lightly tap the R Button; now whenever you need it you can just
    tap the R Button bring it out and then tap the R Button again to put it away.
    Whenever the Hind-D is circling the tower (and its nose isn't facing Snake)
    lock a Stinger Missile on to the Hind-D and launch it. Liquid will open fire on
    you every time a Stinger hits the Hind-D, so take cover and be careful. Once
    at 50% power, Liquid will fly out and fire a missile at the tower roof. Stay
    away from the southern edge of the roof, as it will get blasted.
    After you bring the Hind-D down to 30% power, Liquid will regularly dive below
    the level of the roof so you can't fire at him. Keep tracking him, and then
    when he ascends get ready to fire a Stinger. If you miss, keep the "cover"
    between you and the Hind-D until it stops firing, then pop out and blast it
    quickly before it dives down again. You can actually lock-on to the Hind-D
    through solid structures, so do so while taking cover and then fire the
    Stinger directly into the air so it curves over the structure and into the
    Hind-D. After completely crippling the Hind-D, Liquid will fire another missile
    at the roof. Quickly head to the southern end of the roof, the missile will hit
    your "cover" dead on. Before the Hind-D spins out of control, Liquid will fire
    more missiles at Snake, another over the top cinema ensues.
    Otacon will call you and tell you the elevator has "mysteriously" began to work
    again. So go through the door and climb down the ladder into Tower B.
     Communication Tower B
    Continue down the flights of stairs to the elevator (if you didn't take the
    gun cameras out permanently with your PSG1, use Chaff Grenades to get past them
    again). Call the elevator and get in it. Strangely the maximum load buzzer will
    sound (Snake should lay off those fatty rations or Meryl won't find him so
    hot ^_^ ). Now choose the 1st Floor. Otacon will call you and will come to the
    conclusion that there are four guards wearing stealth suits in the elevator
    with you.
    You could put on your Thermal Goggles to see the guards more easily, but it's
    probably best to just keep your Body Armor equipped. Roll around and punch the
    living Christ out of the guards until you knock them out. You could also just
    whip out your FAMAS and mow them down. Once the elevator reaches the ground
    floor step out. Collect the supplies in this area then go though the Level 6
    door. Throw a Chaff Grenade to disable the gun camera then quickly run through
    the next door, collecting PSG1 Bullets on the way. Run down the corridor and
    then throw another Chaff Grenade to disable the gun cameras up ahead. Quickly
    run past them and through the door leading to the Snow Field.
     Snow Field
    Outside Snake will dodge some pot shots taken at him. Otacon will tell you
    via Codec that it must be Sniper Wolf and you shouldn't kill her. She will
    intrude on your Codec conversation and it will become quite apparent that it's
    a clear cut case of you or her; and you best believe it ain't going to be you.
    The second and final battle with Sniper Wolf will now commence.
    S n i p e r  W o l f
    Run out a little bit and get in the prone position. Take some Pentazemin to
    steady your hands, and then get out one of your PSG1 Sniper Rifles. Across the
    other side of the field are a line of coniferous trees, Sniper Wolf will use
    the trunks of those trees as cover. It's then simply a case of tracking Sniper
    Wolf and sniping her whenever you get the chance. If you lose her behind the
    snow drift, put down your rifle for a second and use your Binoculars (Scope) to
    spontaneously survey each side of the drift to see what side she will come out
    from. In the PSX version you could easily kill Sniper Wolf with Nikita remote
    controlled missiles. But in this remake the damage caused the missiles is
    unsubstantial; you're better off just fighting her conventionally.
    After their duel at 1000 paces, in which Snake is of course the victor, run up
    to her body. Sniper Wolf tells Solid Snake that she is lung-shot. After the
    humanising life story, she will ask Snake to euthanise her. Otacon will appear,
    very distressed and will take the Sniper Rifle to her on request. Snake then
    finishes her off. After Snake puts her Handkerchief over her face and a small
    exchange of words, Otacon will run away.
    Before heading into the secret base via the door ahead (N-A1), you should
    collect supplies from the storage sheds around the perimeter of the snow field.
    Go anti-clockwise, starting from W-A2 in the north west. W-A2 is guarded by one
    gun camera and contains Cardboard Box 3 and Nikita missiles; next, W-A1 in the
    south west is guarded by two gun cameras and contains a Ration and a Bandage;
    and the Snow Truck has a Bandage in the back. Make your way across to the
    eastern side of the field. Look at the trees over the fence in the south east
    corner; there's a parachute caught in the trees, so maybe Liquid survived?
    Anyway, E-A1 in the east is guarded by two gun cameras and contains Grenades
    and Chaff Grenades; E-A2 in the north east contains FAMAS, SOCOM and PSG1
    Bullets; N-A3 in the north east is guarded by Claymore Landmines, so equip
    your Mine Detector, and contains a Ration and Stun Grenades; and N-A2 in the
    north is a Level 7 door so you cannot open it. So now it's time to head into
    the hidden base via N-A1. Throw a Chaff Grenade to disable the gun cameras
    inside and then run through the boxes to the back of the area and down the
    stairs into the base below.
     Blast Furnace
    Run down the stairs and through the door ahead. Hide behind the right side of
    the boxes nearby; then when the patrolling guard walks close by, creep out and
    put him to sleep with your M9 in FPV. Cross the walkway over to the western
    wall, press against the wall and shimmy across the small path to the other
    side. Crouch to pass under the crane's counter weight.
    Follow the walkway on the other side to the north wall. Sneak over the grated
    sections to prevent alerting the guard patrolling below. Run right, down the
    many stairs to the large door leading to the Cargo Elevator. But before going
    to the Cargo Elevator, head down through the opening below.
    The opening leads to a corridor filled with steam. So take it carefully, as the
    steam will cause damage to Snake. Throw a Chaff Grenade and then crawl below
    the pipes on your left. Quickly collect the M9 Bullets, Stinger Missiles,
    Chaff Grenades, and the Body Armor (if you didn't collect it before in the Nuke
    Building) then crawl back into the steam room. Head back to the opening and if
    the coast is clear, head through the large door to the Cargo Elevator.
     Cargo Elevator
    This area is packed to the brim with supplies, look around behind the cargo.
    Get on the cargo elevator and press the Action Button near the controls on its
    right side to activate it. Suddenly some heavily armed troops will jump onto
    the elevator with Snake, ambushing him. Equip your Body Armour and unarm
    yourself. Dispose of the guards by rolling and punching around, or stand
    between the guards and the edge of the elevator and throw them over the side.
    After they are dealt with the elevator will reach its destination.
    Sneak past the gun camera to the other cargo elevator. Note there are Claymore
    Mines and a Ration in the corners. Activate the Cargo Elevator. On the way down
    ravens will swarm and Master Miller will call you; he suspects Naomi of being
    a spy because her story about her grandfather doesn't add up. After your chat
    the elevator will reach its destination. Collect the C4, Ration and Nikita
    missiles behind the crates. Head through the Level 6 door into the Warehouse.
    Vulcan Raven is waiting inside the warehouse. After some trippy spiritual
    effects, the Raven incarnation of Mills Lane will call the start of the fight.
    V u l c a n  R a v e n
    He looks scary because he's built like a brick shit-house and carrying around
    a F-16 Gun Turret, but he's really quite easy. Just equip your Mine Detector
    and plant Claymore Mines in the middle of the paths between the cargo,
    especially at the cross-sections. After you have done that, seek shelter and
    fire Nikita Missiles and manoeuvre them through the cargo into Raven's back.
    Raven has a very large field of vision, if he spots Snake or a Nikita missile
    he will shred them apart with his chain gun. Also try attacking him with
    Grenades: flatten against the edge of a crate, hold the corresponding shoulder
    button (L or R) to peek around the corner, then hold and release the Weapon
    Button to throw Grenades around the corner at Vulcan. After you completely
    drain his energy, he will give you a Level 7 Key Card and reveal to you that
    the DARPA Chief it was actually Decoy Octopus. The ravens will them begin to
    consume him until only the gun turret is left... and a dog tag.
    Master Miller will call you; the Colonel overhears and Miller explains to him
    his theory about Naomi. Head up through the Level 7 Door to Warehouse North.
     Warehouse North
    Collect the Chaff Grenades and M9 Bullets nearby. If you put on your Thermal
    Goggles you will see there are two trapdoors in the corridor ahead.
    Understandably this area is heavily guarded: two gun cameras guard the door to
    the Underground Base, there is a guard patrolling the walkway, and there is a
    guard on lookout above. Stand just short of where the floor changes from
    concrete to metal and use your radar to watch the movements of the patrolling
    guard. When he walks away, sneak out, knock the guard on the platform high and
    to your right, and then quickly knock out the patrolling guard. When the gun
    camera is facing away from the bridging walkway, cross it and sneak under the
    cameras and through the door to the underground base.
     Underground Base
    This base houses the enormous and very impressive Metal Gear Rex. Head up the
    stairs on the eastern side of Rex. Otacon will call you, he is hacking into
    Baker's secret files to figure out the trick to the PAL Keys. Be careful around
    here, as there is a guard patrolling the walkways. Knock him out with your M9
    in FPV mode. Go up the next set of stairs to the perimeter walkway. Otacon will
    call you again, he's past the 3rd Level of Security. Head to the eastern side
    of this perimeter walkway and Otacon will call you again, he has hacked into
    Baker's files and found the secret behind Metal Gear Rex's nuclear warhead
    capabilities. There is another guard patrolling this side of Rex. Use your M9
    if he is nearby, or snipe him with your PSG1-T if he is far away.
    Make your way over to steps leading the control room in the very south. On the
    way Otacon will call you yet again to communicate more uncovered information.
    Snake will eavesdrop on Liquid Snake and Revolver Ocelot's plans of world
    domination. Otacon will call you, he has finally found the secret to the PAL
    Keys and he will explain everything. However, Revolver Ocelot sees Snake in the
    monitor and shoots the PAL Key out of his hands.
    The PAL Key fell into the drainage ditch. Quickly run over to the western
    walkway, flip over the railing, press the X Button to let go and then tap the
    Y Button rapidly to grab onto the line below, this manoeuvre is called the
    Hanging Catch. Press the X Button to drop to the walkway below. Equip the Mine
    Detector, run into the poisonous drainage ditch and follow it the whole way
    around until you find the PAL Key. With the Mine Detector equipped the PAL Key
    will be visible as a medium-sized white blip on the radar. If you were too
    slow it will be another Time Bomb. Quickly toss it out of your inventory before
    the one minute fuse runs out. It seems a large rat has eaten the PAL Key.
    The rat lives in an extremely narrow venting system on the 1st floor. One end
    opens up near the north-west stairs of the drainage ditch, the other end opens
    up near the SOCOM and FAMAS Bullets to the right of the southern drainage
    ditch stairs. Place a C4 outside one of the openings, and then detonate the C4
    when the rat shows itself to get back the PAL Key. If you don't have any C4,
    wait in striking distance of the hole and cap the rat with your SOCOM or PSG1.
    Head back up to the Control Room once you have the PAL Key. It might be a good
    idea to re-tranquillise the sleeping guards on your way up. From the Control
    Room doorway take out the surveillance camera with your SOCOM. If the camera
    spots you the security system will trap you in this room and release poisonous
    gas. Don't worry about the camera on the far wall. Stand in front of the first
    laptop, get out the Room Temperature "F" PAL Key, and then press the Action
    Button to deactivate the first lock.
    You must now freeze the key. Classically you would had to have gone back to the
    Warehouse to freeze the PAL Key. But good ol' Dennis Dyack, in his time not
    spent worshipping Mantorok, has provided a way of freezing and heating the keys
    without backtracking... Of course, you could still go back to the Warehouse if
    you like, but beware the three guards that now patrol it.
    Anyway, make your way over to the eastern perimeter walkway. Flip over the
    southernmost part of the railing and perform a hanging catch to reach a
    seemingly inaccessible platform below. Equip the PAL Key and fire at the pipe
    marked "LIQUID NITROGEN - CAUTION". Bathing in the Liquid Nitrogen should
    almost instantaneously transform the PAL Key... and weaken Snake a little.
    Hanging catch again to the line below then drop down to the walkway.
    Once you freeze the key, head to the Control Room and insert the Frozen "W" PAL
    Key into the second laptop. Now you have deactivated the second lock you must
    warm the key. You can either backtrack all the way to the Blast Furnace or
    drop down to that platform with the pipes again. If you use the shortcut, shot
    the pipe marked "STEAM - CAUTION" and bathe in the steam to transform the Key.
    During the cargo elevator ride or after heating the PAL Key, Master Miller will
    reveal information about FoxDie and Naomi that will lead to her arrest, later
    Naomi will call Snake in secret and reveal her identity and relationship to
    Frank "Grey Fox" Jaeger.
    Once you have the key warmed, head to the Control Room and insert the Heated
    "Z" PAL Key into the third laptop. With the last lock deactivated the threat of
    nuclear winter is no more. What... you've been tricked and actually activated
    Metal Gear Rex! Master Miller will call you; he's a traitor and will reveal
    that the terrorists have been using you all along to enable Metal Gear Rex.
    The Colonel will then tell you that Master Miller has been found dead and that
    you're talking to an impostor. The impostor then reveals himself to be Liquid
    Snake. The Control Room will close up and fill with poisonous gas. Put on your
    Gas Mask and call Otacon. He will hack into the security and open the door
    remotely for you. Snake will follow Liquid. After the moving family reunion,
    Liquid will jump into Metal Gear Rex's cockpit and begin to launch it.
     Supply Route
    You will now have to battle Metal Gear Rex, hombre y tiranosauro rey.
    M e t a l  G e a r  R e x
    You know what they say, "The bigger they are, the harder they fall!".
    In preparation equip your Body Armour or Rations, then get out your Stinger and
    tap the R Button lightly so you can whip it out fast like in the Hind-D battle.
    Stand at a decent distance in front of Rex, dodge its attacks and then get out
    your Stinger and fire a missile at the Radome (looks like a shield) on Rex's
    left shoulder (your right). Dodge Rex's machine gun fire by running either left
    or right; if Rex begins to shoot missiles, run towards Rex to avoid getting
    hit; and to avoid its sweeping accelerated laser beam, run either away from or
    towards Rex. Throwing a Chaff Grenade will scramble the radome, leaving Rex
    blind and giving you a few moments of peace to destroy the radome.
    After you damage the radome severely, a long cut-scene will play in which
    Grey Fox appears out of the blue and goes RockMan on Metal Gear's arse.
    Of course, "A cornered Fox is more dangerous then a Jackal". After a stand off,
    Liquid will leave fox streaks on the floor via Rex's foot... now for Act 2.
    Liquid, in the now exposed cockpit, has to rely on his own vision. Use the same
    strategy as before, but this time fire at the opened cockpit. However, if you
    want to exploit Liquid's field of vision: stay behind Rex, in the shadow of the
    missile module on its back, until it stalls. When it does this, get out your
    Stinger and fire a missile at the underside of the cockpit. Be very careful
    after each blast as Liquid will attempt to crush you with Rex's feet. After
    you shoot enough missiles into the cockpit, Metal Gear Rex will explode in an
    extremely satisfying fashion. The force of the explosion is so large that it
    will throw Snake against the wall.
    Snake will black out as Liquid is coming for him. He will then find himself on
    the top of Metal Gear Rex's remains with Liquid telling him about war and the
    "Les Enfant Terribles" project. Snake then calls the Colonel and learns of the
    government's plans for Shadow Moses... but that bastard Jim Houseman cuts your
    conversation short. You must now defeat Liquid in a fist fight in less than
    three minutes to have any chance of saving Meryl.
     "This is your life, and it's ending one minute at a time." - Tyler Durden
    L i q u i d  S n a k e
    Just give chase and hit Liquid with as many punch/kick combos as possible.
    Watch out for his bull rush tackles and roundhouses, as they cause quite a lot
    of damage. Also if you knock him to the floor, stay away or he will kick you
    when he does his Bruce Lee style recovery. Once you drain him off his stamina,
    Snake will uppercut him over the edge of Metal Gear Rex. Pit Fatality!
    Now if you got through Ocelot's torture without surrendering, Meryl will be
    alive; if not, she'll be dead and Otacon will appear to comfort you. As you
    descend Metal Gear Rex the Supply Route will begin to collapse. You must make
    it out of the facility fast.
     Escape Route
    Collect the Ration in the rubble of the Supply Route and then head in the
    direction Meryl/Otacon did. Collect the Ration beside the stairs ahead.
    Meryl/Otacon is spotted by the surveillance camera and sets off an alarm. Throw
    the resulting guards around, or hide behind a jeep until Meryl/Otacon can get
    a jeep started. There is a Ration in the bottom left corner. Hop in the working
    jeep with Meryl/Otacon, and hold the FPV button to aim the machine gun easier.
    Shoot the barrels to the left of the security shutter to open up an escape
    route. At the first checkpoint, shoot both of the barrels on either side to
    clear the guards; and at the second checkpoint, shoot the barrel on the left
    side to kill both of the guards, and then simply shoot away at the guard on the
    right side. It might be a good idea to pre-emptively aim the machine gun to the
    right side of the jeep before the checkpoints, as Meryl will drift left.
    Liquid by name, Liquid by nature; it seems the bare knuckled boxing was the
    third time he seeped through Solid's fingers. Keep shooting at him until reach
    daylight... I won't spoil the ending. All I will tell you is that it's one of
    the best video game endings ever and it has: twins finishing off each others
    sentences, self discovery, Snow Mobiles, and images of Kodiak Bears to cool
    Japanese music with Celtic lyrics.
                                A  P  P  E  N  D  I  X
    * Guards will not only go into Alert Mode if they see you. Using your
      un-silenced SOCOM Pistol, FA-MAS Assault Rifle, or throwing Grenades will
      also initiate Alert Mode.
    * To run while shooting with the SOCOM Pistol or FA-MAS Assault Rifle, hold
      down the B Button.
    * Because the GameCube Controller does not have Analogue face buttons like the
      PS2's Dual Shock Controller, you cannot release the Weapon Button slowly to
      not fire your gun after cocking it. Instead you must use the Action Button
      to enable the safety, allowing you to release the trigger without firing.
    * If you want to choke a Guard to death, you must press the Weapon Button while
      you are standing. If you press it while running, you will throw the guard.
    * To get Dog Tags from guards, you must hold them up and coax the tags from
      them. To do this, get behind a guard with a M9, SOCOM, or FAMAS equipped and
      hold down the Weapon Button to cock your gun and yell "freeze". Now hold down
      the B Button, run in front of the guard, let go of the B Button and then hold
      down the Z Button to get into FPV Mode. Aim the gun at the guard's head or
      crotch. Most of the time they will whimper and then shake the Dog Tag loose.
    * Whilst in Hanging Mode, your Grip Gauge decreases at a rate determined by two
      factors: your Health and your Grip Level. If you have full life, your gauge
      will decrease much slower then when you have say only 1/3 of your Life Gauge
      full. A higher Grip Level means a slower Grip Gauge. You can increase your
      Grip Level by one for every 100 pull-ups you do in hanging mode (hold the
      L & R Buttons). The maximum Grip Level is 3.
    * The fastest way to increase your Grip Gauge requires you to not even do one
      pull-up. Instead you have to do a "Hanging Catch" 5 times to increase your
      Grip Level once. To do a Hanging Catch: if there is a railing directly below
      you while in Hanging Mode, let go with the X Button and then press the Action
      Button when you're near the lower railing. You will grab onto it. The only
      places to do this (Blast Furnace and Underground Base) are in the second half
      of the game.
    The Codec
    The advice given to Solid Snake via the Codec is indispensable. Here is a list
    of who you should call for specific information:
     140.85 - Roy Campbell & Naomi Hunter
     They give out some advice to Solid Snake, but their main use is to brief Snake
     on various aspects of his mission; propelling the storyline forward. Naomi can
     also give you advice and background information on every boss, as she knows
     them well because she is also a member of FOX-HOUND.
     140.69 - Mei Ling
     She gives some advice to you about your Soliton Radar, but other then that
     she will record you mission data (i.e. Save your game to your Memory Card).
     She is the only source of Chinese and Western proverbs in the game.
     141.52 - Natasha Romanenko
     She is a military analyst. Equip a weapon and call her, she will explain and
     tell you about technical information about that weapon. Basically call her
     whenever there is weapons, contraptions or things nuclear in nature.
     141.80 - Master Miller
     Basically gives you psychological advice that may or may not help you through
     Metal Gear Solid. He also knows Alaska intimately.
     14?.?? - Meryl Silverburgh
     Call her for help or to do stuff in certain sections, she also knows the
     base fairly well.
     141.12 - Otacon
     Knows the base and Metal Gear Rex very well, so call him for advice if you
     need help in those areas. He also can do some odd jobs for you.
     140.48 - Deep Throat
     You cannot call him, but when this mysterious fellow calls you he usually
     gives you pretty important information.
    Special Items
    Bandana        - Complete the game on any difficulty level, escaping with Meryl
                     in the events at the end of the game.
    Stealth Suit   - Complete the game on any difficulty level, escaping with
                     Otacon in the events at the end of the game.
    Digital Camera - After collecting the PSG1 Rifle from the Armory, head to the
                     room where you duelled with Revolver Ocelot. From there, head
                     down through the hole you made in the wall and go to the
                     right. You may have to explode the wall with C4 if you haven't
                     already done so. Throw a Chaff Grenade and head through the
                     door nearby. Crawl through the hole in the fence to collect
                     the Digital Camera.
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