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    Big Boss Rank Guide by Seribicus

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 06/19/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                Big Boss Ranking Guide
                          Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes
                                      Version 1.1
                                     by Seribicus
                                Created: May 30, 2004
                              Last Modified: June 19, 2004
                                 |    Table of     |
                                1. Copyright Info
                                2. Introduction
                                3. The Requirements
                                4. Version
                                5. Walkthrough
                                  5.1 Jail Break!
                                  5.2 Ocelot
                                  5.3 Tank Madness
                                  5.4 Ninja Challenge
                                  5.5 Telekinetic Mantis
                                  5.6 The Wolf's Scratch
                                  5.7 Tower of Despair
                                  5.8 Hind of Death
                                  5.9 Elevator Chaos 1
                                  5.10 The Wolf's Bite
                                  5.11 Elevator Chaos 2
                                  5.12 The Icy Raven
                                  5.13 Sexy Rexy
                                  5.14 The Liquid vs. The Solid
                                  5.15 Jeep Joy Riding
                                6. Contact
                                7. Credits
                                 1. Copyright Info
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited,
    and a violation of copyright.  This guide was created and owned by me
    Daniel Barnes.  This document is copyrighted 2004 by Daniel Barnes.
    The only sites permited to use post this guide are as follows:
                                2. Introduction
    NOTE: This walkthrough is intended for personal or private use and not to be
    used in any acts of violence.
    Before I start. I would like to recommend that you play through Extreme at
    least once before you attempt this, and have experience at making through the
    game in under 3 hour with out special items.
    I'm going to assume that you don't have any special items(you don't need them)
    “A true Master need not Infinite ammo and Stealth camouflage,
    but rather ingenuity and skill.”
    Among other assumptions are: You know how to get by guards(F1 Nuke building)
    Also, This is really intended for the US version,
    but I don't think the differences are that great.
                                3. The Requirements                        
    As I know them here are the requirements for Big Boss rank:
    1. No Kills
    2. No Continues
    3. 1 or No Rations
    4. No more 9 Alerts, 8 is the Min.(I Had 9 and still got it on my first time)
    5. No more than 3 hours
    I'm not sure but I think Game Over if Discovered has to be on,
    you'll want it on any way it makes your life easier
    (not having to die before you restart).
    I'm not sure on the actual limit of saves you can have,
    but the original MGS aloud for 80(I had 23) so i think you're aloud a lot.
    All in all this is as difficult as you think it might it is.
    Moving right along.  This doesn't need to be said but skip all cut scenes
    and codec conversations.
    Also, save wherever you feel like saving 
    I'll just tell you where it's a REALLY good idea to.
                                     4. Version
    version 1.1
    -June 19, 2004
    Clarified weapon use durring Mantis fight, and added sites permitted list
    Version 1.0
    The initial creation awaiting needed updates...
                                    5. Walkthrough
                              *     Cargo Docks     *
    As soon as you can move quickly crawl under the thing in front of you run
    forward and WALK across the puddle before the first set of containers
    (by the rail).  Then run up to the top set of containers.
    A guard should be somewhere in the Northeast corner of the room.
    When he goes away run around the puddle (or roll across it) the puddle
    in front of the elevator, you'll get a call.Then quickly lock yourself in the
    ocker closest to the elevator, and wait for the elevator.
    Immediately after the elevator scene get out of the locker
    and run to the pillar right next to the elevator(on the left side),
    the guard won't see you as he gets off.
    Go up the elevator as soon as he's clear of it.
                               *      Heliport      *
    Now the next part can be simple depending on whether you want to have
    more stun grenades for the M1 tank fight.
    If you don't want the stun grenades skip this paragraph.  As soon as you
    can move run Northeast and then follow the helipad wall North,
    the hug helipad wall.  When you get to the top of the wall roll
    over to the truck and wait.
    On radar you should see the guard in the Northwest is awake briefly.
    When his “vision cone” goes away run toward the Southwest corner,
    roll over the metal grates if you can.  You should see an open room
    with a camera inside; run to the edge of the door
    and snake will do say “Huh!?”.  QUICKLY run to the boxes in the middle
    before it turns in your direction, go to the left edge and get ready to run.
    As soon as it's turned past you run to the locker in the corner of the room
    for the stuns(the left one), and quickly run back to the boxes in the middle
    before it looks it spots you(this should only add 10 to 15 seconds to
    your time, it's done fast).  From here, run back to the truck, grab the Socom,
    and continue until you're at the top 2 stacks of boxes
    (if you do this fast enough the guard on the pad won't hear/see you).
    Now run under the camera and up the first set a stairs, and follow the guard,
    QUIETLY, to the vent shaft.
    If you got the stun grenades then disregard this.
    As soon as you can move run Northeast and then follow the helipad wall North,
    hug the helipad wall.  Jump in the truck and grab the Socom.
    Then wait for the guard to go away.  When you see that he's leaving
    get out of the truck and run up the stairs, Watch for the guard on the 2nd
    floor.  Climb the stairs and follow the guard to the vent shaft.  Simple.
                               *     Tank Hanger F1    *
    Crawl through the vent shaft to the tank hanger. Once in,
    grab the Chaff grenades and run past the camera.  Run into the next room
    and grab the Thermal goggles, then run back out.  When you come to the open
    catwalk crawl to the other side when the guard is in the Southeast corner
    of his patrol jump over the side and drop down.
    Follow the guard around to the elevator, BEWARE of metal grates.
    Call the elevator and hide against the North side of the big crate till
    the elevator arrives.  When it does go to B1.
                           * Tank Hanger F B1 Holding Cells *
    Run out the elevator down the hall around the corner up the ladder through
    the shaft and into the DARPA Chief's cell.  Equip your M9 and save
    (you don't have to but I highly recommend it)
         -----------------------   5.1 Jail Break!   ------------------------
    Immediately after the battle starts shoot the fire extinguisher in the right
    corner next to the guard, and quickly cap the three guards.
    You have to be fast to do this without taking any damage.  More guard come
    and snake tells Meryl to shoot 'em.  When you can move again run into Meryl's
    cell.  You now have 2 options you can either lean up against the wall
    next to the door and use jump-out shot to take out any guards that get by,
    OR run as far into the room as you can turn around and shoot anyone who gets
    by in First Person(I don't recommend this).
    Meryl will take out the majority of the guards,
    that's assuming they don't deck her.  When its over,
    if you're lucky, you should have a little over 50% of your health.
    Which is fine.  When the dust has cleared go down to B2.
                            *    Tank Hanger F B2 Armory    *
    Enter the middle room of the first row and pick up all 4 C4 charges
    (don't bother with the ones in the lockers).
    Blow up the north wall to the left of the elevator
    (it looks a bit different from the rest of the wall).
    Go into the secret room and grab the stun grenades and M9 rounds
    (and maybe the Socom rounds if you want to).  Then go to the Southwest corner
    of the room blow the wall up, and the next wall, and the next wall.
    Equip your M9 and enter the Ocelot fight room.
                                     5.2  Ocelot
    BOSS: Ocelot
    Difficulty: Easy
    When you start out equip your M9 and go into FPV(First Person View).
    Ocelot will be in the Northwest corner, aim at about where his head is.
    When he show himself shoot him in the head(it takes 3 head shots)
    use the R and L buttons to dodge his bullets.
    It's very simple.  Grab th M9 rounds before you leave.
    Now getting out of the Armory is actually pretty simple.
    Turn to your right there will be a guard, run to the pillar that's behind him.
    When he walks(follow him at his heels)
    to the Southeast corner of the room run into the room with the FAMAS.
    Crawl under the lasers to get Box 1.  As soon as you have it back straight
    out(don't turn around), you have to do this fast,
    there is another guard coming from the west.
    Once outside the room immediately run around the corner to the far East wall
    run ALL the way up and over to the elevator,
    watch for the guard looking up toward the elevator when you do this.
    Push the button, equip your box, call Meryl,
    and move right in front of the elevator doors.
    As soon as the doors open run in and get the hell of that floor,
    do this QUICKLY, 2 guards will be 3 seconds away from spotting you.
                               *     Tank Hanger F1    *
    Skip the call from Meryl, and run East.  The guard on level 2 will probably
    see you, but screw him.  If you're moving fast enough you can make it into
    the room with the Socom suppressor before the guard(in there)
    looks in your direction. When hes looking the other way run up right behind
    him and draw your gun.  Snake will say “Freeze” then shoot him in the back
    of the head with the M9(or you can just shoot him in the head).
    Grab the suppressor and equip it now so you don't forget
    when you use your Socom, you might as well grab the chaff grenades as well.
    When the guard from above goes away run out and into to the passage
    with the lasers.  Equip your Socom, MAKE SURE IT'S SILENCED,
    and shoot all the glowing green lights on the ground on the left side
    of the room(this deactivates the lasers) then leave the tank hanger.
                               *      Canyon      *
    As soon as you enter the canyon equip your chaff Grenades
    and pickup the Stun grenades??? by the door.  Equip your thermal goggles
    and pickup 4 or 5 claymores.
    Then head North to have a get it on with the M1 Tank.
                                  5.3 Tank Madness
    BOSS: M1 Tank
    Difficulty: Moderate to Hard
    First I'd like to say that I really REALLY suck at fighting this tank.
    I can down the Hind in 2 and half minutes on the first shot,
    but I cannot defeat this bloody thing in under 6 minutes!!!!!
    Anyway, you should either have 2 or 4 stun grenades and 6 chaff grenades
    (or something close to that).  Pick up the stun grenades
    (left of where you start) and the chaff grenades(by the entrance)
    then throw a chaff grenade and run for the tank.
    When you reach the tank equip your claymores,
    while the tank isn't moving run right next to the tank facing it's tracks
    and plant a claymore.  It'll explode the instant you release it,
    do that 3 more times before you go to work on the gunner.
    In the trench, on the east side, there are some stun grenades grab
    them now or when you need them.(it doesn't matter)
    By the time you finish blowing out the treads the tank;
    it should be somewhere around the trench.  On the bottom side of the trench
    is a large snow pile use that to help you try to throw stun grenades
    into the turret.  When you run out of stun grenades you'll have to finish
    it the hard way, with the M9(that's the reason it takes me 6 minutes,
    no grenades).  Use the snow mounds to your advantage, and do not,
    I repeat DO NOT let him point the main gun at you while you are aiming.
    He won't fire it, but it will block your aim of the gunner
    and the gunner will rip you apart if you stand there trying to hit him like
    that.  There are M9 rounds in the the west side trench.
    Also, You can use the trench to stop any bleeding, you can't be hit in there.
    Notes about shooting:
    -Don't aim where his head is but rather a little bit below that, he is on a  
     revolving turret and while hitting the head does more damage it's also A LOT 
     harder to hit.(aim at the shoulder/neck area it still does good damage there)
    -Don't wait for him to pop back up while aiming in FPV the main gun will end 
     up in your face, also I've noticed that if you do actually wait for him in 
     FPV while you're behind the main gun he won't come up, but the instant you 
     stop looking in FPV he'll come up.
    good luck
                               *    Nuke Building F1   *
    Oh NO!  I'm weaponless, but NOT box less.
    Run forward, when the coast is clear go under the door and run west
    toward 2 lockers.  Open the bottom(left) one and grab the M9 rounds.
    Then get to the elevator and go to B1.
                               *    Nuke Building B1   *
    Run out of the elevator and into the room across from it.
    Shoot the guard across the room grab the Nikitas and the Stun Grenades
    and go down to B2.
    (you can make it back to the elevator before the doors close)
                               *    Nuke Building B2    *
    Equip the Nikitas and run through the air lock.  Fire a missile and guide it
    through the gun cameras(you can do it with one missile).
    Try to aim it so that you won't have to re-adjust the angle.  Once the power
    is out run down the hall equip the Socom, shoot the camera and go through
    the door.
                               5.4 Ninja Challenge
    BOSS: Ninja
    Difficulty: Moderate
    There are a couple of phases to this battle
    The beginning is easy hit him twice with 2 PPK(Punch Punch Kick) combos.
    As long as you hit him before he hits you, he won't hit you.
    Then he puts his sword away and exchanges it for his
    “Flying Twirly Kick of Death”, and be become a lot harder.  Dodging this
    is almost impossible.  A tactic you can use is to get him to
    jump over the wall of the center cubical.  Another thing to help is if you see
    him stop and he's in range of hitting you with his kick.
    Try to roll through before he does his kick.
    I've noticed that if stay “on top of him” so to speak,
    as in you follow him when he moves away you can trick him into trying to hit
    you with his 3 hit combo.  When he hovers over you about to crash down on you
    get out of the “blast area” and then quickly run up to him and hit him.
    If you miss him with the first hit follow him and try to roll through him,
    or close by him.  If you roll close by him he'll do his punch at you
    (after that, you hit him back).  This is the hardest part of the fight.
    After that he'll want to play hide-and-seek equip your thermal goggles,
    if you need to, and search for him he'll be hiding somewhere in the room.
    If you take to long he'll come after you and kick you REALLY hard.
    You can see him coming though, even without Thermal goggles,
    so when you see him running toward you roll through him.
    Do that 3 times and he'll be in his last phase “The Fist of Death.”
    This isn't difficult he'll walk at you really slowly.
    When he gets close hill teleport to behind you(or somewhere close to you)
    and try hit you with his FIST OF DEATH(it isn't called that for nothing).
    Just run by him, he'll teleport and after you see him punch run up
    and PPK combo him(he'll be wearing his stealth after he teleports),
    or you can roll through him when you see him walking.
    Sometimes he'll teleport more than once, just wait for the punch
    and then hit him.
    After you beat him run back to the gassy corridor throw a chaff grenade
    and retrieve the NVG(Night Vision Goggles).  The go back to B1.
                               *    Nuke Building B1   *
    Go into the room across from the elevator shot the guard on the left
    (Snake's left, Your right), or whichever guard that isn't Meryl
    (checking out the buts), run up to her punch her,
    just get her attention quickly, then race her to the women's bathroom.
    Once the guard are gone raid the place for the Pentazem and box2,
    then go to the commander's room.
                                5.5 Telekinetic Mantis
    BOSS: Psycho Mantis
    Difficulty: Easy/Moderate
    As soon as Meryl gets whacked and tries to shoot you run behind the desk and
    through a stun grenade.  Then equip you Nikitas, punch with these(they hurt
    more than your fist), and your Thermal Goggles.
    You can use another weapon like the Socom, M9, FAMAS(If you have it).  The
    down side to it is that Snake will only do his PPK combo.
    One punch or kick, even while holding a weapon, doesn't do as much damage
    as a single powerful blow from the Nikitas.
    After the screen goes black and it says Hideo in the upper right corner,
    pause the game(start + B) and switch to controller port # 4.
    First Mantis will be invisible and throw invisible balls of energy at you,
    these are easily dodged.  Just flank him and hit him with the Nikitas
    NOTE:  If you don't use/have the thermal goggles after you hit him once he'll
    start flashing.  Once he stops, attack again he'll try to fly past you
    but you'll hit. He'll start flashing again, repeat.
    Then he'll throw objects in the room at you usually in this order.
    3 chairs that orbit him
    2 sculptures that'll fly across the room
    2 vases? that will fly at twice(left to right, then right to left, the repeat)
    A suit of armor in the corner of the room will orbit around the room
    3 Animal head will fly at you poorly aimed
    Then he'll throw the 3 paintings behind the desk and some books to the
    left of the desk straight down the screen
    (North to South, also sometimes he'll stand in the middle of the
    three Paintings and the middle one won't fly after you)
    But none of this really hurts you,
    the only real threat here is Meryl's Desert Eagle(now that HURTS).
    You can either beat the tar out of him with the Nikitas
    or lay on the ground and try to shoot him in FPV;
    if you do this you'll have 1 or 2 seconds to aim
    so go for the gonads not his head(it does the same amount of damage).  Another
    thing you can do is roll through but continue to hold the button down
    so you'll automatically lay down and the flying stuff won't hit you.
    After you hurt him enough Meryl will get up and try to shoot you again.
    You have several options at this point:
    -throw a stun grenade
    -throw 2 stun grenades(wait 2 seconds before you toss the 2nd one)
    -or punch her till she falls down
    After she goes down she get back up and put the gun to her head.
    You now have 3 options, if you didn't throw 2 grenades:
    -Punch her till she falls down
    -try to tranq her in the head 
    -or whack her with the Nikitas
    If you throw a stun grenade now it won't explode in time.
    It doesn't really matter which way you put her down.
    After the battle she'll have full health.
    After that Mantis will resume throwing invisible energy balls at you,
    once enough damage is down he will go to his final phase.
    Mantis will throw the room at you,
    literally almost everything in the room at the same time.
    Lay on the ground on shoot him in the legs/gonads.
    After Mantis is defeated go through the door to the cave.
                               *        Cave        *
    Equip your NVG and the M9.  Run to the first obstacle you have to crawl under,
    and shoot the dog before you crawl under it.  Run into the cave, around the
    first bend stop, look South and shoot the second dog.
    Then run to the South wall crawl under the middle of it
    and pick up the Pentazem then go to where Meryl is.  Walk up to Meryl after
    she talks to you.  Get right next to her,
    and press the punch button the INSTANT you do that Equip a box, the little dog
    will come p!ss on the box and the doggies will now like you
    (or rather the Box).  Go through the North door.
                              *   Underground Passage   *
    Equip your Thermal goggles and pick up the 4 claymores on the right side of
    the bottom area and then the 2 closer to Meryl, don't worry about the rest.
    Go over to Meryl.  Meryl will be shot. Run back to B1 of the Nuke Building.
    Go to where you picked up the Pentazem and pick up the PSG1-T and the ammo for
    it.  Return to the Underground Passage, don't forget the Ammo in the cave.
                                5.6 The Wolf's Scratch
    BOSS: Snipe Wolf 1
    Difficulty: Easy
    Collect the PSG1-T Ammo then take cover at either side of the room.  Equip
    either your NVG or thermal goggles and ready your PSG1-T.  Lean up against the
    wall when you see her laser disappear run out a little ways from your
    sanctuary: kneel, equip your rifle, and take some Pentazem.  When you spot her
    Zero in on her, usually she is behind the pillar.  If you get hit don't try to
    re-acquire her(unless she's still in your scope) un-equip your rifle and take
    cover, she'll own you if you try to find her like that.
    Then start the process over.
    After she goes down grab the Pentazem, and run down the corridor hugging the
    right wall.  When you reach the third alcove roll past it, there's a gun
    camera there.  Leave the M9 rounds for now, and go get yourself arrested.
                            *      Medical Room     *
    Ah.  The torture.
    Now you can decide if you want to shave 5 or 8 minutes off your time by
    letting Meryl die or add a little more time to the meter.  If you've been
    hauling A#@ your time right now should be around 50 Min.(+ or – 10 minutes).
    You really have to try to take more than 3 hrs doing this.  Anyway the choice
    is yours.
    You'll eventually find yourself in a cell with a guard watching.  If you're
    taking the pain you'll have to wait until the 2nd time you're tortured to
    escape.  The guard will go off to the bathroom and Otacon will bring you some
    Ketchup and a ration.  YES, A BLESSED RATION!!!!(not that you need it)
    Now is when you do your escaping thing and get your items back.  Don't forget
    to ditch the bomb in your items, this needs to be done where there are no
    guards.  Run past the gun camera into the holding cell area.
    Shoot both the cameras, or use chaff, and call the elevator to F1.
                               *     Tank Hanger F1    *
    Throw a chaff grenade and run halfway up the stairs past the camera.  Pick up
    the chaff grenades in the room by the camera and equip your Socom and
    thermal goggles.  Shoot the camera across the room(by the ladder) then
    switch to your M9 and shoot the guard(2nd floor).  Run around the room pick up
    the Mine Detector, in the office next to the camera, and the stun grenades,
    in th middle locker, then take the vent shaft back to the heliport.
                               *      Heliport      *
    Back at the heliport equip your M9(if it's not already) and wait for the guard
    to come into view.  When he does shoot him in the arse.  Then go jump in the
    back of the truck, and equip Box 2(the nuke building box).
    Yay, a free ride bypassing all the guards and cameras of the Canyon
    (neat little trick huh?)
                               *    Nuke Building F1   *
    When the guards start to patrol jump out of the truck run West.  Go up the
    stairs and down the elevator to B2 for the body armor then to goto B1.
    If you have a cold get the medicine, otherwise just loot the ammo for the
    PSG1-T.  Then head back to the Underground Passage,
    don't forget the ammo in the cave.
    Before you enter the Communications Tower grab the M9 rounds!
                             *  Communications Tower A  *
    Ugh, this is not easy.  Equip your Body Armor and your M9, you are going to
    need all rounds you can get.  SAVE!!!!  You don't want to have to start over
    at your last save.
    Also, if there's is a trick to avoid this I don't know about it.
         ----------------------   5.7 Tower of Despair   --------------------
    Run into the laser and press the shoot button.  As soon as the scene ends
    release the button,you'll hit the first guard, and quickly shoot the next
    guard.  ALL the guards in here will go down with 1 hit from the M9, regardless
    where you hit them.  DEAR GOD DO NOT FORGET THE ROPE!!!
    Commence climbing, as soon as you hit floor 01 turn around and aim down the
    stairs 2 guards shoot be pursuing you, drop both of them.
    Run to floor 05 LOOK up to floor 07 and then aim, you'll auto target the guard
    standing there.  Run to floor 09, as soon as you hit the floor turn around and
    aim back down the stair(in FPV) 2 more guards will follow you.
    Run a little way past the door, if the guard starts shooting run back, and
    shoot the 2 guards on that floor.  Run to the next corner(not by the door)
    turn around and shoot the 2 guards that will come into to view shortly.  Up
    until now it's been fairly easy, here is where it gets hard.
    Run around to the stairs and run up to floor 10 shoot the guard on the stairs
    to floor 11, then aim down the stairs at the 2 guard that are behind you.
    Then do the same thing on floor 11.  Run to floor 13 shoot the guard on 15,
    and then aim down the stairs at the 2 guard coming up behind you.  Run up to
    floor 17 and shoot the 2 guards on level 19, if you are running low on M9
    rounds(2 or 3 rounds) throw a Stun grenade before doing this.
    Once you run out of M9 rounds switch to your stun grenades, and continue to
    run up the tower.  After you hit floor 21 start throwing stun grenade, hold it
    for 4 to 5 second(until it's about to explode) then throw it.
    Try to throw them every 2 floors at the top of the stairs.  You really don't
    need to use a ration to make it to the top, but if you need to go ahead
    (you're about to be healed anyway).  This takes a lot of practice,
    and you will probably be bleeding once you make it to the roof.
    Once on the roof equip the rope(you did remember it right?)
    and head toward the bridge.  Liquid shows up and blows the roof to hell
    and now you get to repel down the wall.
         --------------------------   Repelling   -------------------------
    The good news is that this isn't as difficult as what you just went through.
    The main way I've done this, without taking damage, is to jump only once in
    a direction.  First I'll jump to the right then I'll turn around and jump to
    the left.  If you jump twice in the same direction it slows down your
    momentum, I go for maximum speed across the wall
    and I have yet to be hit by him doing it this way.
                          * Communications Tower Corridor *
    Equip your PSG1-T, Thermal goggles, and take a Pentazem.  Shoot the 3 guards,
    then equip your body armor.  Run down the corridor hugging the left wall and
    into the room with the Stingers.  If you move fast enough you won't be hit by
    the Hind, you might have to roll to achieve this.
                             *  Communications Tower B  *
    Run down the stairs to floor 06 where the stair are destroyed then run back to
    the elevator.  Shoot the first gun camera, it's on level 11, then equip your
    chaff grenades, you should have quite a few.
    Through chaff grenades on these levels: 14, 18, & 22.
    Or you could throw them 1 level below those so it explodes right when you get
    to that floor with the gun cameras.  When you reach the top run past the
    ladder and pick up the chaff grenades and the first box of Stingers.  Then go
    up to the roof ready your Stingers and equip your NVG
    (it makes it easier to see him for the second half) and SAVE!
    If this is your second time fighting this beast then you already know how hard
    it is.
                                  5.8 Hind of Death
    BOSS: Hind D
    Difficulty: Moderate/HARD/EXTREMELY HARD
    You must move as fast as you can during this fight.  Hopefully you should have
    almost full life before you start the fight.
    You start out facing south, in front of the door you came through, turn around
    and equip your Stingers you should see him flying west HIT HIM!
    Then take cover on the South side of the tank holder structure thingy in front
    of the door you came through.  Face East, and equip your Stingers.  If you hit
    him fast enough he should come into view again, as soon as you can lock him,
    fire.  Now run between the 2 structures, and face West(toward the building).
    As soon as you're between the 2 structure equip your Stingers; he'll fly over
    you to the other side of that building.  Target him THROUGH the building then
    quickly turn to the right and fire.  Then run back to the spot you just came
    from and repeat the process(this can be done W/O taking damage).  Sometimes he
    won't go East, but all this part of the fight amounts to is hit him, and
    quickly put something between you and him.  After you hit him 6 times he'll
    say “Nice shot”, when he does this run between the 2 structures fast East.
    He'll fire a missile, immediately after the scene equip your Stingers.  Target
    him through the structure then aim up(over it) and fire.
    Things are about to get HARD.
    Right when the Hind's missile explodes you should see the targeting boxes in
    front of you again.  HIT HIM AGAIN!
    He'll fly over you to the West, CONTINUE TO TARGET HIM.  Once you have a lock
    FIRE and RUN, the missile should hit him.  YOU MUST NOT SCREW THIS UP!!
    This is the easiest way to get your foot in the door.  After the missile hits
    he'll stop firing and go back down when he does this,
    run out(to the top area is best) and equip your Stingers.
    Aim up at about the height he was hovering at and use the radar to track his
    location, this is the best way to fight him.  Track his location on radar and
    wait for him to surface right into your crosshairs.  After you hit him he'll
    fire a few poorly aimed bullets run behind something(or just move)
    and then run back and get ready to do it all again.  Now, if you can keep that
    up until he dies it's actually pretty easy.
    It IS possible to do this without being hit.  After his life is gone run to
    the Southwest corner of the roof, and hit the deck.
    YAY!!!!  You just defeated the most difficult boss in the game.
    If you do lose him take shelter against the center structure and try to target
    him when he appears(aim high).  The first time you hit him after you lose him
    will be your foot in the door again.  Use the radar to your advantage in
    finding him.
    Now, if you miss TAKE COVER!!!  DO NOT TRY TO HIT HIM AGAIN!!!  There's time
    enough for only 1 shot before he opens fire, don't try to hit him twice.
    If you hear him yell “DIE”, and you're aiming in the open QUICKLY equip your
    body armor and RUN FOR COVER, and MAYBE you won't die before he stops shooting
    to hit him as fast as possible every time.  Don't target him like you're
    playing this on Easy or Normal.
    That is the hardest it gets, until the car chase from hell at least.  Grab the
    Stingers and the bandages on the roof before you go back to the Comm. Tower.
    Stock up on the Stingers that are still on the top floor the head down the
    tower.  Throw chaff grenades on levels: 24, 20, & 16.  When you get to the
    elevator equip your body armor and stun grenades, if you've got 'em,
    and go down to floor 1.
         ----------------------   5.9 Elevator Chaos 1   --------------------
    First off, turn around and throw a stun grenade.  Then quickly switch to the
    M9 try to shoot as many people in the head as possible before the stun grenade
    explodes.  If that's not possible, then get medieval on their arses,
    and after the first one gets up from the flash bang shoot him.  Shooting them
    while they're on the ground is also help.  It takes 3 or 4 un-aimed shots
    (not FPV) to get them to go to sleep.  This doesn't hurt too bad, 
    the body armor really absorbs most of it.  You can use multiple stun grenades
    but save a couple for the next elevator ride.
    Once you hit the bottom pick up the PSG1-T & M9 rounds in the upper left
    corner.  Then go down the hall, jam the gun cameras with chaff, and grab the
    Pentazem before you leave.
                                  5.10 The Wolf's Bite
    BOSS: Sniper Wolf 2
    Difficulty: Easy/Moderate
    Start off by grabbing the PSG1-T rounds to the left of the tree.  Then run to
    the lower right corner Equip your Thermal goggles and ready the PSG1-T.  When
    the coast looks clear run up to where the embankment slopes down, kneel and
    equip the rifle.  Then look for Wolf somewhere by the trees in the Northeast
    corner(sometimes she'll be elsewhere).  When you spot where she is, take a
    Pentazem, and zero in on her.  From her it's the same as before try to hit her
    in the head area, and if you get hit fall back and start the process over.
    Hit her whenever you can, but try not to waste ammo you'll want at least a
    dozen PSG1-T rounds for the Raven battle.
    NOTE:  When she heads for the big snow mound zoom the scope out all the way
    and look at the center of the mound, you should be able to see which way she
    actually goes.
    After the battle throw a chaff grenade and run through the door North of you
    and into the Blast Furnace.
                               *   Blast Furnace  *
    Once in the blast furnace equip your M9 and save, there is a high probability
    you will die here.  Run down the stairs & through the door.  Shoot the guard
    in the head while he's over there and then run across the catwalk.  Normally
    you would lean against the wall, etc, etc...  but instead...
             |      1| 
             |       |________
    Stand at point 1 facing West throw a chaff grenade and immediately jump over
    the ledge.  Drop down to the wire below you and then the wire below that,
    even though it's perpendicular to you.  While it might sound hard all you have
    to do is press the X button and as soon you start to fall start pressing the
    Y button rapidly, you'll catch the line(cool feature, huh?).  As soon as the
    grenade explodes head for the area with the gun cameras, then under the pipes
    in the Eastern wall, and out the North door.
                              *   Cargo Elevator   *
    Equip your Stun Grenades(if you have any) and your body armor.  Grab the M9
    ammo behind the crates on the right side, and then save.
    Go onto the elevator and take it down.
         ---------------------   5.11 Elevator Chaos 2   --------------------
    First off throw a stun grenade then switch to you M9 you can either aim for
    the head or shoot in third person.
    There really isn't anything else to say about this, except you can throw more
    stun grenades if you've got 'em(save 1 though).  The body armor will cut most
    of the damage, and Raven won't hurt you too much.
    When you reach the interchange get by the gun camera however you want
    (you won't come through here again) and go down to the bottom.
    NOTE:  If you attack the crows, they will attack you(it's unwanted damage).
    So live and let live.
                                  5.12 The Icy Raven
    BOSS: Vulcan Raven
    Difficulty: Easy/Moderate
    Raven is slightly unnerving when you first fight him, but he isn't so bad.
    If you have a stun grenade turn around and throw it.  Then equip your M9 and
    lean against the North side of the first or second crate.  Raven will round
    the corner right when the stun grenade explodes this is when you attack him
    with your jump-out shot, he won't hit you despite he constant firing.
    When he gets close to you run left, and then down into the Southwest corner,
    as soon as you're there HIT THE DECK, and equip your PSG1-T, take Pentazem,
    and equip your thermal goggles.  If you were shooting at him from the second
    crate you'll have maybe 10 seconds before he shows up on the South side.
    When he does show up shoot him in the head till he dies(like Vamp in MGS2).
    Again try not to waste ammo, you'll want to have at least 4 bullets left.
    As long as you are prone on the ground and are aiming through your scope
    he won't hit you.
    He should go down quick.
                             *   Warehouse North   *
    Equip your M9 and ready a box.  Grab the M9 rounds in the right corner and run
    down the right side of the corridor.  Knock against the wall, when you see
    that the guard is coming to investigate return to where the M9 rounds were and
    lean against the wall.  When you see him knock against the wall again,
    when you see he's coming your way equip a box and run to the corner opposite
    you(the one by the door).  When he starts to walk away run up behind him point
    your gun at him, then shoot him in the back of the head.  One guard down.
    Move his body to in between the 2 trap doors and then run down to the edge of
    the wall and lean out until the other guard say “huh?” and comes to
    Now quickly equip your box and run out by the catwalk railing
    (don't block his path or he'll pick up the box). When the guard runs past you
    run past him and through the door.
    NOTE: If the cameras spot you as you go through the door it will count as an
    Alert, but you can get away with 9 Alerts.
                              *   Underground Base   *
    At last, the final room you have to dodge guards.  YES!
    Run forward.  You need to be careful here there are 4 guards and nothing but
    metal grates.  Also, try to take the guards out with single shots,
    it'll make your life easier when you're down to your last bullets.
    If you have any PSG1-T rounds left use all that ammo before you use your last
    15 M9 rounds.  Once you're standing in front of Rex run to the right and aim
    up at the top of the stairs If the guard is there nail him.  Else wait for him
    to show up then take him out, the guard on the 3rd floor(by Rex) will probably
    hear this if you use the PSG1-T.  Climb to the top of the stairs and stop.
    If you still have PSG1-T rounds do this:
    Equip the PSG1-T and aim up at the pillar on the next floor.  Wait for the
    guard to walk into your scope.  Then hit him, if the guard by Rex's cockpit
    doesn't come to investigate the sound turn around and aim up in that direction
    If he is coming to investigate then aim up at the top of the stairs.  As he
    nears them he should notice the other guard you shot and will wake him up,
    take him out before he does that.
    If you have no PSG1-t round:
    Turn around and aim up at the catwalk to Rex's cockpit, take the guard when
    you see him.  Then aim up at the top of the stairs, there should be another
    guard behind Rex, drop him.
    Go up the stairs.  Run behind Rex to the next set of stair aim down and take
    out the guard.  Now run all the way around to the control room.  After the
    cut scenes run back to about midway of the Western wall, you should be between
    2 platforms.  Jump over the edge then drop down to the level below you and
    then to the wire below you and then to the bottom(not by the water).
    Equip the mine detector and run toward the white dot on the south side
    (not in the water) of the platform, you should see the white blip move away
    from you.  Run halfway back to the Northwest corner you should see the rat.
    Go prone equip your Socom and shoot it(it doesn't count as a kill).  If it
    goes back into the hole go back to where you originally start and then return
    to the Northwest corner and try again.  After you have the PAL key run back to
    the control room, shoot the cameras, and enter the PAL code.
    SHOOT THE GUARDS AGAIN!!  You don't want them to wake up so shoot them all
    To freeze the key run to the East wall, and hang over the ledge by the big
    pillar.  Look down and drop to the platform below you.  With your Socom shoot
    the pipe that's label: Liquid Nitrogen.  The card will freeze.  Jump over the
    ledge again drop to the wire below and go enter that PAL code.
    BEWARE OF GUARDS, If you didn't shot the on your way to freeze the key
    they start to wake up.  The do the same thing but with the Steam pipe this
    time.  When you enter the last code the room fills with gas call Otacon, equip
    your body armor, and ready your Stingers.
                                  5.13 Sexy Rexy
    BOSS: Metal Gear Rex
    Difficulty: Easy/Moderate
    This fight is pretty easy.  
    His Vulcan cannons are easily dodged by running right or left
    Run either into or away from Rex to dodge the laser
    When he's about to stamp his foot Roll, you have to time it right though.
    To dodge the missiles simply run at toward him.
    Equip your body armor, and wait for Rex to make his first move.  It'll either
    be the belly laser or his Vulcan cannons.  Dodge it then shoot the Ray Dome,
    he'll then shoot his missiles at you dodge those and shoot him again.
    Dodge and shoot thats all you have to do.  You should be able to get through
    this with out being hurt.
    After it's life has been depleted and you've skipped the cut scene run back
    and left to dodge the Vulcan cannons, and continue the process,
    dodge then shoot.
    skipping right along
                            5.14 The Liquid vs. The Solid
    BOSS: Liquid Snake
    Difficulty: Moderate
    *sigh*  This fight ain't what it used to be...
    The bottom line to this fight is hit him first.  In the beginning you'll
    notice that when he's closest to the center he won't try to parry your attack.
    He'll only do that when he's near the edge, to counter it simply move away and
    once he's kicked, run back up to him and PPK him.
    After he says “Is that all you've got” he'll start doing his charge attack.
    You can easily dodge this though, and you can prevent him from doing it by
    hitting him with a PPK.  After you hurt him some more he'll start to punch you
    back if you don't finish you PPK, or if you're just close to him.
    The kick is your main driving force as long as you hit him with your kick he
    shouldn't try to punch you back.  If you can knock him off side of Rex, stand
    in front of where he's fallen(just a little ways) and as soon as he's up PPK,
    as long as the kick hit he'll fall back off.  You can do the majority of the
    damage to him this way.
    Once you beat his life meter to a little below his name he'll fall down after
    your PPK.  Use this to your advantage knock him down,
    then get behind him, and then knock him down again,
    repeat until he stays down.
    Pretty simple.
                               *    Escape Route    *
    My kingdom for a ration.
    Would be a good idea to save here.
    After Meryl or Otacon trips the alarm run behind the jeep on the right and
    duck.  When you see a guard come between the 2 jeeps roll through him.
    Duck behind the jeeps to avoid being shot, and roll through any guards that
    try to come between the 2 jeeps.  Once you're on the jeep
    DO NOT SHOOT ANY GUARDS(it WILL count as a kill) only shoot the barrels.
         ----------------------   5.15 Jeep Joy Riding   --------------------
                                or more commonly called
                                The Jeep ride from Hell
    You should have a decent amount of health(above 50%)
    or somewhere around there.  Aim off to the right at about a 45 degree angle.
    At the first checkpoint shoot the barrel on the left first then the right.
    Same thing at the second checkpoint.
    If you shoot the guards a little it stops them from shooting,
    but BECAREFUL not to kill any.
    When Liquid shows up try to take out his headlights while shooting at him,
    shoot in a somewhat circular motion.  Once he's behind you use the right
    headlight as a guide on where to shoot at.  When he starts going all over the
    place just keep your sights trained on him.  When he starts driving parallel
    to you aim at him and swivel the back and forth slightly.  After that he'll
    come somewhat next to you aim at the back of his seat/his head.
    The main trick to getting through this,
    is not taking a lot of damage before liquid shows up.
    If you survive that without killing anyone you should acquire
    the Big Boss rank
    your time should be around 1 hr 47 min(give or take 13 minutes).
    Don't ask me how this can be done in 1 hr 7 min.
                                    6. Contact
    If you found this useful or if something needs to be clarified contact me
    and let me know. My email address is Seribicus@Yahoo.com.
                                    7. Credits
    Agent FoxDie and Dark Angel: For their strategies on how to climb the
    Communications Tower and take Raven out in their Extreme Difficulty
    MagicKat16(my good friend): For showing me the fast way to freeze
    and warm the PAL key.

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