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"Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes is an impressive remake of the 1998 PlayStation version"

Introduction - Back in 1998, we were all wowed by the impressive Metal Gear Solid. It's plot and gameplay were unrivaled. Sure, Final Fantasy games have great stories, but their gameplay isn't always too exciting. MGS brought a deep story, fantastic gameplay, and some of the best voice acting the gaming world has ever seen. Then, MGS2 came along, it too had a great story, but it's gameplay was far more impressive than the originals. Combining the graphics and gameplay of MGS2, and the story and setting of MGS1 has created one of the most perfect games to ever grace the console world.

Gameplay - The gameplay is essentially the same as MGS2's. There are no new moves to do really. The only new thing is the control setup. I won't lie to you, the controls are very awkward, but only for a little while. By the time you reach the first boss, you should be proficient in aiming your weapon and putting it away if need be. You can even alter the controls slightly. You can make it so that you don't have to hold down the FPS aim button, you can just tap it to go into FPS, and tap it again to turn off FPS.

Story - What can I say? Brilliant? Yes. The same as before? Yes. Nothing new to say here. You are Solid Snake, an ex-member of FOXHOUD sent to shadow moses to rescue hostages from your former unit. The story unfolds from there with all sorts of neat little twists and turns.

Graphics/Sound - I've heard people say the graphics aren't that great. Lies. The graphics are more brilliant than anything MGS2 had to offer. I found the graphics of MGS2 to be very bland and way too bright. The setting this time around is perfectly lit and greatly animated. The character models are by far much better than the MGS2 characters. It'll be hard to spot any ''jaggies'' here. The sound is also very good. The music is outstanding, and new. I like the music they use, very fitting. The VAing is also still just as good. Even though they re-did it all, it's still very impressive. I like the fact that Naomi and Mei Ling dont have accents anymore, they sound less hokey. And Ninja's new VA rocks.

Play Time/Replayability - It doesn't take very long to complete, but with loads of extras, kickass cut scenes, multiple endings, and addicting gameplay, you'll be back more than one.

Final Recommendation - I would highly recommend this game to anyone that likes the MGS series. It is a true highlite of the GameCubes year lineup. If you don't buy this game, a puppy will be gutted alive in your name!


Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/09/04

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