"A classic game remade...Excellent!"

The wait is finally over, and after rumors starting as late as almost 2 years ago, it is finally here, the Metal Gear Solid 1 Remake for the GameCube, originally the masterpiece that came out all the way back on 1998 for the PlayStation. Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes offers the same classic story of Metal Gear Solid, updates the graphics to present day, reworked all the voices, and reworked all the cutscenes with some of the best character physics yet!

Graphics 10/10
Silicon Knights definitely put a lot of time into the graphics, everything is very precisely done, like Metal Gear Solid 2, a lot of things can be interacted with, characters show very realistic facial expressions, surpassing that of Metal Gear Solid 2, making this currently the best graphical game in the Metal Gear Solid series yet. The actual animations on characters are stunning; the remade cutscenes have some of the best physics yet. The cutscenes represent something out of a Hollywood movie, with back flips, kung fu type fights, and plenty of aerobatic eye candy for you to enjoy.

Story 10/10
Enter Shadow Moses, a small island off the coast of Alaska. Here, a group of terrorists, under the name FOXHOUND have used the island as a secret facility for gathering testing data for their prototype, Metal Gear Rex. With this, they plan to launch a nuclear weapon, unless their demands are met. Some including One billion dollars, and the remains of the legendary soldier, Big Boss. Instead of negotiations, the government calls back in Solid Snake, a retired soldier who once fought on Zanzibar Lands to defeat Metal Gear once before. You are given little background information, and you only know that you must stop this nuclear launch, as you play, the story gets deeper, and deeper, and more engaging and shocking as it goes along.

Gameplay 10/10
The Twin Snakes follows the exact same moves and physics as Metal Gear Solid 2. Technically there is no actual new moves added to the game, but Metal Gear Solid 2 had plenty of actions to help defeat and evade your enemies, so there was no need to go overboard and flood you with controls. You can also finally aim in first person mode, changing a lot of the game, since first person shooting was not available in the original version, so you can see how certain things change if you were able to manually aim at them. The overall gameplay is obviously harder, guards are way more alert to noises, and have slightly more intelligent AI than the soldiers in MGS2. However if you are a veteran of MGS, and MGS2, this game will be cakewalk for you. The bosses are not that hard, and many of them remain the same, or even easier since you can manually aim at bosses critical areas. The downside is there is no actual new gameplay, or new areas to explore, like the Resident Evil Remake provided. You are playing through the exact Metal Gear Solid 1, with simply updated graphics, features, and weapons.

Controls 9/10
The controls are very responsive and very smooth, as MGS2's controls were. The downside is this is a completely new system for MGS2, the GameCube. You may be used to the PS2 controller configuration, so mastering the GameCube's controls are a bit more difficult, since the GameCube controller has less shoulder buttons. The GameCube buttons are not pressure sensitive, so to actually let down your gun, you'll need to press 'Y' in addition to 'A' to aim your gun, which takes awhile to get used to. As well as First Person Mode is targeted with 'Z', this sometimes becomes difficult to hold down for awhile. Besides the actual playing controls, the response time is very good.

Sound 10/10+
I was playing this game on my TV and Sound Set, and this game sounded beautiful, probably some of the best special effects in cutscenes I ever heard. The cutscenes support Dolby Digital, and makes full use of it, because it sounds absolutely stunning with it, taking MGS to a new level right there already. Gun shots sound more realistic, and footsteps have been completely redone from MGS2, and sound even more realistic as well.

Replay Ability 8/10
While the Replay Ability isn't extremely high, it has more than the original MGS, and MGS2. After beating the game, you can get things like a bandana for infinite ammo, stealth to remain unseen by enemies, a boss survival to fight all the bosses in a row, to even a new casting theater, and the return of the demo theaters as well. In addition, Dog Tags are back, so be sure to collect them all as well!

Rent or Buy
I own the original Metal Gear Solid for the PSX, as well as MGS2 AND MGS2: Substance for the PS2. As you can see, I’m an MGS freak, so of course I bought Twin snakes. If you own MGS, but are skeptical about if it's really worth your money, then give it a rent, because like all MGS games, it can easily be completed in a rental. If you are a die-hard MGS fan, which can't get enough of Snake, and just love the series, then buying the game is for you, it's definitely worth it.

Final Words
Apparently, a remake can take a horrible game and make it amazing (like Resident Evil 1), and it can take a masterpiece of MGS1, and make it into a fresh new feeling game like Twin Snakes has become. This game is a real treat to all GameCube owners, and any Metal Gear Solid fan should definitely not pass this up.

Overall Score: 10/10 (Not an Average)

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/10/04

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