Review by bradonius

Reviewed: 03/10/04

Wow...just wow.

Thank god for Hideo Kojima. For making what is (in my opinion) one of the best video games of all time, even better. There is not one thing I do not LOVE about this game. My expectations were extremely high, and this well exceeded them. I applaud Silicon Knights and Nintendo for bringing this magnificent experience to our lovely Nintendo Gamecube. Well, here's my review:

Graphics 10/10

If anyone thinks this game has bad graphics, we must be looking at a different game. Everything is crisp, from the character models to the environments, everything is beautiful. Some of the cutscenes in this game are absolutely stunning! You have the option to turn blood off. I highly reccomend keeping the blood on(if you can help it) because it adds to the realism.
Heck, I'd reccomend this to someone who just wants to watch a movie. The cutscenes are THAT good and there are THAT many, one of the reasons it's on two discs.

Gameplay 10/10

Once again nailed on the head by Kojima and company. The controls in my opinion are one of the greatest parts of this game. All layed out perfectly for you to have a good time. The gameplay is the juice of the game. You can interact with so many things and hide in so many places. Plus, they added gameplay elements from MGS2 like First-person shooting(very helpful, sometimes too helpful) and rail hanging. The AI is great for the most part too. All in all, this is what makes The Twin Snakes, The Twin Snakes.

Story 10/10:

The story stands the test of time. It truly is like a movie. So many characters to know, so many plot twists. At times it gets a bit confusing, but you'll figure it out. That's how good the story is.
One of the best things about the story is the way they tell it. The above mentioned production value will immerse you deeper into the story and leave you astonished. You may notice the voice acting is a little bit different though.

Bottomline 10/10:

I reccomend this game mostly to newcomers of the series, because it might be getting a little old for long time vets. But still there are some nice extras even for them. Also, remember dog tags from MGS2? They have been included in this game! All the more reason for vets to pick up this brilliant game. So bottomline: New to series? Buy it now. Not new to the series? Rent it now.

Once again I thank all who made this game. Finally, a good non-kiddie Gamecube exclusive. Rejoice!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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