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"Hey you! *ALARM*"

Having never played the original Metal Gear Solid before, I'd have to say that this game has left a really good impression on me. Never have I played a game so intense as this one, it's so intense that I get startled when the guards spot me. If only all stealth games could be like this one.

Gameplay: 9/10- Very close to perfection. The AI is brilliant in this game. For example, if you step in a puddle of water they'll hear you and notice your footsteps on the ground and they'll proceed to follow it. Then you have to avoid them, but that's not an easy task since there is usually more than one guard in a room. You can really only play this game stealthily because if the guards hear your gunshots, they'll sound the alarm and then an attack team will hunt you down unless you hide in a locker or behind a shelf. Also, you can't kill all your enemies because they radio in their findings to their leader, and if you kill them the leader will send in more guards to see what happened (I hope this isn't confusing you). You can look in first person mode and attack in first person mode, which is a great advantage since you get more accurate shots on your enemies. You can do a lot of other things to avoid getting caught too, like hanging off a rail or crawling into a ventilation shaft. Overall, very fun and very intense.

Graphics: 8/10- While it's pleasing to look at the guards and all the characters in first person view, they really didn't use the GameCubes power to its full extent. Still, there is a lot of detail in your surroundings but it could have been a lot better.

Music/Sound: 10/10- The music is fits the mood of this game very well, and it changes from place to place. There is also your regular battle music, which makes things a lot more intense and exciting for the player. The weapons sound good, not great but good. I really liked the sound of the SOCOM pistol, the sound it made was very pleasing to my ears. Voice acting is usually done horribly in most games, but in MGS:TTS it's the best I've ever heard since Eternal Darkness. Very pleasing to listen to.

Story: 9/10- To me, the story is very confusing and complex but I found it to be very interesting. I guess this rating is not valid because most people will understand it. But I'll try to explain it anyway. A terrorist group called FOXHOUND, has stolen nuclear arms and threatened to use them on Washington D.C. within 18 hours unless their demands are met. You (Snake) are sent in to see if they can have a successful nuclear strike and to save a hostage whose name I forget...was it Mike?? Ah, never mind.

Replay: 7/10- The games only downfall. I can't really see myself completing this game over three times. Once on normal, once on extreme, and one Dog Tag campaign. Or you can just fool around with the guards, and unlock some items. But replay value varies from people to people, so I guess this rating isn't really valid.

Rent or Buy- Buy it if you are a Metal Gear fan or if you like to play really exciting and intense stealth games. Rent if you are unsure about the series or if you aren't a big fan of stealth games.

Overall, I found this to be a very good game and I hope this review helped you make your decision.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/10/04

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