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"The ultimate remake of the ultimate game"

When I first played Metal Gear Solid back in 1998 I was blown away. The Story was amazing the graphics, sound, and gameplay were great. I truly thought that this game could never improve no matter what. I just gotta say I was so wrong. Twin Snakes has taken a perfect game and just made it ultra perfect, this truly might be the best game I have ever played. Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes is a remake of the old Playstation game Metal Gear Solid. Now when you think remake you think the same exact thing only on a different system, well in most cases you are right. BUT NOT HERE, FAR FROM IT. I will explain in detail why.

It's unbelievable what they can do with graphics now a days. This game has the pinnacle of Gamecube's graphics in it. The characters of the game look so real that at first glance you'd think that this is a movie not a video game. I have never seen any better graphics for the Gamecube. So much time was spent on this that the old MGS's graphics don't even tread water against Twin Snakes's graphics. For those who have played Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty or Substance know what I'm talking about. What's really nice about this game is the cut scenes are more action packed than in the original. It's not all dialog. There is a scene when a certain familiar ninja actually slices a bullet that is coming straight for him in half. Truly there is not 1 flaw to be found and believe me I looked.

Wow what a difference the music is so intense. The game even comes with a surround sound feature to it. So much better than any other game's music, even better than most movies' music(no joke). Once again a lot of time was spent on this and not a single flaw could be found. From the time you turn it on until the end of the credits there is no part where the music will seem lame.

When I say sound I mean the voice actors. David Hayter has played Snake so well in this that you'd think he's not even acting. A lot of the old Voice actors game back and the ones that didn't were replaced by better actors. Well maybe not Mei Ling but who cares about her anyway? Aside from the acting everything sounds so clear and precise. You can tell the difference when a character is sad, scared, angry, really angry, or just being natural. Again no flaws to this in any way.

This is the only part that makes Twin Snakes a ''remake''. Sad to say there has been no changes to the original Metal Gear Solid. So why did I give this a 10 you ask? Well that is simple, because MGS PSX's story was so awesome that it would be a crime to give that story any lower than a 10. This game was supposed to be a remake not a new game so it is supposed to copy the story of the original game. It did so if you loved Metal Gear Solid's story then you'll love it again here. From the rescuing hostages to dukeing it out with a ninja you'll love every minute of this great tale again. Oh and for those who haven't played the original before then your in for one outstanding new story that you'll never forget.

What an improvement from the original. It is the same mechanics of MGS2: Sons of Liberty. The rolling attack, 1st person view shooting, the shoving dead bodies in lockers. Taking all that great gameplay and adding it to this game couldn't have gone smoother. The best part is that your all Snake in this game and none of that wimpy Raiden. The only flaw I found was the control. PS2's controller is perfect for MGS, however Gamecube's is quite annoying. In order to pause you have to hold down start and hit B and in order to put your gun down without shooting it you must hold A then press and hold Y then slowly let go of A and let go of Y. There will even be times where your right thumb will have to hold 3 buttons in at once. It takes a while to get used to especially if your used to PS2's control but don't sweat it practice makes perfect. But this ain't Metal Gear's fault it's Nintendo's for designing such a horrible controller oh well you can't win them all I guess.

.....BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY whether your a long time MGS fan or a newbie to the series you'll hate yourself if you pass this amazing game up now. If you like a complex but easy to follow story, secret agent fighting moves and gunplay or if your a hardcore graphics freak you can't go wrong here. Don't even rent it first trust me you'll like it. What more can I say just buy already.

Rare to see a 10/10 but this game deserves it thank you Hideo for another great game featuring Solid Snake. Thank you David Hayter for bringing Solid Snake's character to life for a third time. MGS2's Gameplay, sound, graphics + MGS1's story is the perfect combination. It has the best of both worlds. MGS2's story was a very hard to follow it took me many tires to get it but all the other stuff made that game great, well take away that story and add MGS1's simple yet in depth story and you got one kick ass game that will have you playing for years to come. Thank you for your time and I hope I persuaded you into buying this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/11/04

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