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"My, Snakes "Solidness", just keeps growing..."

Metal gear...A name unknown by most until the first 3D instalment was released in 1998. Dubbed as ''Metal Gear Solid'', it was one of the first games that had hours worth of cutscenes and voice acting, although being extremely short, but had quite a bit of extras to replay it. Then, in 2002, the most antisipated sequel, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty was released for the PS2, an amazed many for it's life-like visuals, top-knotch voice acting and music, and a, while confusing, storyline that was full of plot twist and revealing some of the past of Otacon and Solid Snake.

Then, fastforward a year to 2003, where rumors were going around that the next metal gear game would come to the Gamecube. Later, it was confirmed at E3 that it was, indeed, a remake of the Playstation favorate. Although many were pleased, just as many were mad that it was comming to the Gamecube instead of the beloved PS2, since Silicon Knights (Deleoper of Eternal Darkness), was the developer of The Twin Snakes.

So, how does this remake stack up to the origional, and better yet, how does it stack up against other remakes, such as the Resident Evil Remake? Read the review to find out.

What many people will knotice when they look at a screenshot of the game, that it is somewhat blurry and dull looking compared to MGS2, but the truth is, the game is on the same level, graphically, as MGS2. Although not as detailed (AKA: Objects being flat, hair pieces look like they are a wig, etc), the game is extremely beautiful, and runs about the same speed as MGS2 did. Although there is some slowdown in bigger enemies, and places with lots of water, the game's true beauty comes from the different character models. Although the hair looks fake, the rest of the body looks just like something out of MGS2, which is a great feat to pull off.

The Sound and voice acting both has changed dramaticly. Although the script is largely the same, everything has been re-recored to match the lip-synching of todays version, and a higher quality to boost. Although the Ninja's voice has been changed, everyone else has the same voice actor, although there are a few differences. Naomi, Mei Ling, and Master Millers accents are gone, and Natasha doesn't have it as much, but otherwise, the voice acting is top knotch.

The Music has been both changed, remixed, and improved, along with additional themes and sounds from Sons of Liberty, remixes of old music, and completely new music. Personally, I think is really sets the mood, and is better then the origionals, which is good.

The controls, however, is the biggest problem. Due to technical issues, some of the things have been toned down and harder to do from the Playstation/Xbox controler. The codec and map can now only be activated by pressing B or A, and Start at the same time, which is annoying if you press the B or A first. You can now only go at two speeds now, due to the lack of pressure sensitivity in the GCN controler, and you now have to press A and Y to lower your weapon. There is actually many things that could have been done to improve the controls, but unfortunatly, it was never implied.

In terms of how accurate it is to the origional, it is sadly mainly the same. Although there have been a few additions to the bosses, Tranq. darts, and new little visual easter eggs, everything is pretty much as you remember it, including sequences, and guard routes. Due to this, vets will sweap the game in less than 6 hours, and new comers will spend around 12-15 hours, which is a bit small for a remake. Although the Dog Tag, extra skin, and alternate endings are a bit draw, it is somewhat hard to get back into it if you played the origional multiple times.

In closing, Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes is exactly how you remember it, which is both a blessing and a curse in mens clothes that will shoot you in the ass later. Fortunatly, due to the improved music and graphics, it is much easier to get into then the Playstation/PC/Dreamcast versions/mods, but offers little for returning vets at the beginning.

Graphics: 10/10
Sound: 10/10
Voice Acting: 9/10
Control: 6/10
Length: 5-10 Hours
Improvements: 9/10
Replay: 8/10
FINAL: 8.67, rounded to 9.0

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/11/04

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